Hawk Dream Meaning

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What Does a Hawk Dream Mean?

Hawks are such majestic creatures to look at, whether they are perched on a tree hunting or whether you happen to catch one in flight. These creatures seem almost magical with the “hawk-eye sight” and impressive wing spans as they soar through the skies effortlessly. With great vision, they bring the dream message that teaches you how to see things to seek out clarity and to view things from a higher or elevated perspective. But what else can these majestic creatures convey to you as you dream?

Hawks are sometimes associated with aggressive action, and they can bring this same message into the dream scenario if another dream context supports it. For example, the phrase “hawks and doves” refers to those who prefer military action over those who prefer peace.” Given the latter saying, it may shed some light on the meaning of the dream, particularly if you are involved in a situation that requires action on your part to achieve a resolution.

The appearance of the hawk could suggest aggressive action is necessary, or the dream message might call for you to look at your stance and how you plan to solve the issue: Will you approach it in a nonviolent, peaceful way or do you intend to force a resolution? Hawk may be visiting your nighttime visions so you will reflect on the best response.

Shakespeare had an interesting way with language and as such, he too, created a saying involving the hawk: “I know a hawk from a handsaw…” appears in one of his best plays ever, “Hamlet.” And, really, the saying is quite clear as it suggests one should be able to tell two separate things apart from one another. If you have ever had a chance to read Hamlet, this little phrase might be revisiting you in your dreams now begging the question as to just how clear you are about the differences between two things in your life that are under comparison. For instance, what if you are applying for two jobs … do you really know which one will be the better offer? The dream message of the hawk might mean you need to do a bit of footwork, research, or homework, so you are clear on all pros and cons involved in making a decision between two or more things.

Of course, the Hawk’s keen eyesight also comes into play if we consider the saying “to watch someone like a hawk.” This message of the hawk is one in which you will want to keep a keen eye on the people you interact with to ensure they have your best interests at heart or that every detail that requires your attention is attended to accordingly so that you can avoid calamity.

The hawk is sometimes warrior, sometimes an omen of good fortune, and sometimes a warning …dream tone will direct you on what message is relevant to you. Hawk does promise the potential for enlightenment, illumination, growth, and the expansion of consciousness is one is willing to see things from new angles and to seek out the meaning in all things, both complex and simple in nature.

Now that you have some idea what the message of the hawk might convey to you in your nighttime visions, please feel free to learn more about the animal dream messages from other creatures: You’ll find plenty information here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com?

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