What Does an Insect in a Dream Mean?

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Insect Dream Explanation

Bugs! Yikes! I don’t even like them when I am awake, well… okay, with the exception of a few like the butterfly, ladybug, dragonfly, and bumble bees (as long as I am not in stinging proximity). Then there are spiders … Yikes and Gross! Except, of course, Charlotte from E.B. White’s “Charlotte’s Web.” Such an adorable little cartoon spider, and Wilbur too … a tear jerker for those who mourned the death of Charlotte, that sweet little spelling spider! Oh, and there’s the cricket and grasshoppers, and lightning bugs, I can live with all of those insects! So yeah, a few bugs I can deal with, but bugs in my dreams! Yuk!

Of course, when insects come into the Dreamtime narrative the most obvious question is “So, what’s bugging you, kiddo?” So …what is it? Are you living your life, following your dreams, and pursuing the very things you are dreaming about, or are you letting things “bug” you, or is a situation making you brood or stew away in frustration? Your dream of insects is calling on you; the message it conveys suggests it’s time to give real attention to your feelings.

Perhaps the dream about insects is telling you that you are worrying too much over something, “bugging out,” to an extent, and stressing over incessant thoughts that buzz around in your mind as if you are trapped in a beehive. A dream about bees might suggest this as well, and it may point to your anxiety during the day.

Dreams about bugs also call to question what might be getting under your skin? Just as bugs illicit the creepy crawling feeling, troubling issues can rub you the wrong way, irritate you, or make you downright mad. That being the case, look to situations when you are awake that might be causing you trouble, irritating you or angering you – seek out a resolution so your nighttime visions won’t be filled with images of bugs crawling about uncontrollably.

Dreams of insects are, of course, defined by the bugs you see. For example, to see a butterfly is to dream of change, metamorphosis, transformation, and evolution or the state of becoming something. To dream of the bee foretells of sweet things, fertility, and being a busy worker or busied by things in your life. To dream of a spider web weaving, you might be getting a dream message about building something beautiful and complex. Spiders signify different types of communication are coming your way as well. Crickets and grasshoppers speak of movement and progress forward, with the grasshopper, in particular, representing moving in leaps and bounds or taking a giant leap of faith. Ants might signify hard work or excellent teamwork during your waking hours.

To dream of swarms of insects is suggestive of the plague of locusts and illness or disaster. To dream of the swarm attacking you, it could mean you will “get bitten by a bug” or “get the bug” in the near future. because the illness is bound to enter your small part of the way into the project.

So, now you have a good sense of what different insects bring to the dream narrative, let’s explore some more! For more information about other animals, insects, and pets, feel free to examine all of the insightful information here on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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