Koala Bear as a Dream Symbol

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Koala Bear Dream Meaning

Ahh … come on, admit it now … every single one of us wanted a Koala Bear we could take care of when we were little kids! That’s right, we swore to one or both of our parents up, down, and sideways that if we could just have this one thing … a Koala Bear … we’d NEVER ask for another thing again! We’d be good. We’d do our homework. We’d keep our room clean (because, hey, we could train the Koala to give us a helping hand, right?), and we’d NEVER bug them again as long as we could get that adorable Koala Bear in our hands!

Then … reality slaps us in the fanny when our parents instruct us about how “even cute creatures can prove dangerous,” or we got the lecture about how irresponsible we are and the likelihood we’d starve the little guy, all as they hand us a couple of new notebooks with Koalas on them.
Remember those Sitter Critter notebooks – Yes, with droopy eyes and tears? I imagined the koala was crying along with me because we couldn’t be together. But alas …

Yes, adorable, cuddly looking, curious creatures that tear at the heartstrings, that is a koala bear. It is a creature one would swear inspired the teddy bear’s creator. When it comes to the animal world, Koalas are pretty relaxed animals. They like to hang out in trees, eat eucalyptus, and relax (snooze) on and off. They are quite curious and like to check things out, sometimes being a bit raccoonish in their behavior. Thus, when Koala enters your dreams it suggests that you take things in stride and to keep your curiosity about the world around you (just do not let it get you into mischief.)

Sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep: If you are having trouble sleeping and you do get a few winks of shut eye, only to find the koala visits your nighttime visions, the koala’s message, ironically enough is that you are sleep deprived. This creature can sleep up to 75% of the day or more, and while that’s not human nature it is a hint that more sleep is required so you can heal, recuperate, regenerate, and revive yourself. If you continue with little sleep, you are likely to become ill.

Since the Koala is a marsupial, it is associated with the notion of protecting its young, and being a constant nurturer. These are attributes you might want to focus on in your waking hours if koala comes into your life. Are you nurturing enough for others? Are you self-nurturing? Do you have a tendency play mother to other people other than your children like your siblings, spouse or even your parents? Your dream may be suggesting a need for nurturing or a need to pull back on how much you nurture, depending on the tone and context of your nighttime vision.

Now that you know about some of the potential meanings the Koala Bear brings to the dreamtime narrative, why not find out about other species and what they convey as well? Find out more here at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

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  1. Chantelle says:

    Koalas are not bears. So you lost me already.

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