What if You Dream About a Giraffe?

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Dreams About Giraffes Meaning

Did you ever hear the joke when you were a kid about why it seems that a Giraffe will take literally forever to say, “I’m sorry?” And …we’d all get a great good chuckle when we heard the answer about just how difficult it is for the Giraffe, with such a long, lovely neck, to swallow its pride, right? Well, this message also comes through when you dream of the Giraffe and so much more. Let’s begin to explore just some of the possibilities below!

Giraffe’s definitely “hold their head, high,” and that is a matter we can certainly agree on! Thus, they convey the dream message of keeping your head up and remaining proud. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of pride as long as you have the humble behavior to back it up! Pride and arrogance don’t mix well together, but being proud of who you are and what you do to be a positive and contributing member of humankind, now that’s something to be proud about, and Giraffe says “Let it be known! Let the whole world see!”

Since the Giraffe is so brazen about “being seen” by others and standing out from everyone else, when a Giraffe shows up in a dream narrative it might be a deep desire you have to break free from introversion, to be seen, and to be noticed. It is possible during your waking hours you feel you are not being acknowledged or appreciated as much as you would like. Giraffe dream messages say it is time to up the ante and to get out there in the world so we can be acknowledged by other members of our community.

At the same time, Giraffe dream messages might suggest you are “all in your head” or your mind, body, spirit connection has some kind of imbalance or disconnect going on … you, therefore, likely feel out of sorts and will want to work on achieving a balance.

Giraffe has an elevated perspective. Just climb a tree and look all around: Look how much more you can see and how far. Now consider the giraffe as a dream message to alter your perspective by viewing the larger picture and the long-term effects of any actions you take when you are awake. An elevated perspective or new angle can help you in identifying any missing elements you might not be aware of that can lead to a resolution of a situation as well. To that end, Giraffe is nonviolent and the creature’s approach to life, in general, is non-aggressive. Keep this perspective during your waking hours and face challenges with a calm, cool, peaceful, and loving nature, and you’ll be listening to the message of the Giraffe.

A giraffe can reach things that are seemingly out of reach for others. The dream message here is to continue to reach high to achieve your dreams and goals! Being such a lofty creature, Giraffe has no trouble keeping “it’s head above water,” so consider this if you have been struggling in your waking hours; you might struggle now, but you have the ability to be okay if you remain strong and hold your head high!

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