I Really Screwed Up With My Spirit Animal

I really screwed up with my spirit animal. 1200x630

I really screwed up with my spirit animal. 1200x630

Wow. Sometimes I can be really, well, dumb. When the Coronavirus Spirit Animal finally appeared to me. It was a hugemongous Tom Turkey! He gifted us all with some of the most important and powerful messages I’ve ever received from the Animal Allies. Click to read the story of The Coronavirus Spirit Animal or watch the video posted below.

You can’t believe how many emails and FB messages I got from you Wild Ones! In the couple weeks before ol’ Tommy boy perched himself on my neighbor’s roof, dozens of you had an unusual Turkey experience or sighting. Thanks for writing in and sharing your stories. They are truly amazing!

So, this past weekend I just couldn’t stop wondering why it took so long for the Turkey to present himself. I understand divine timing. I really do. But when I asked the Animal Spirit Guides to present with messages about the Coronavirus I got two months of complete silence. This time, when I asked the Animal Allies the question of “Where were you? Why didn’t you appear?” I kept being shown a vision of my beloved orange tabby, Simba.

Simba 720x960

At first I was frustrated because I just didn’t ‘get’ it. My Simba? What’s he got to do with the Coronavirus and Spirit Animal messages? But, he kept appearing in my awareness so I knew he was the key to understanding. I centered and opened up all my Chakras so I could download the wisdom from the Animal Allies.

In a flash it hit me! Are you ready for this?

By not showing up the Animal Allies did show up!

To fully understand what “By not showing up the Animal Allies did show up!” watch the video posted below. I explain how the Spirit Animals were doing exactly what animals do and I completely missed it! But the Animal Allies are always there for us and they NEVER give up on us – even long after we’ve given up on ourselves. As I share in the video, when I finally “got it” it was a WOW spiritual moment and lesson. It’s a hugely important message for us all and and an experience I’ll never forget.

Thanks for watching. Hope you found it helpful!

Stay wild,

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