The Coronavirus Spirit Animal Is…

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When the Coronavirus hit the news I immediately began asking the Animal Allies to send me the Spirit Animal(s) that would offer the world the support, hope, peace, and healing it already needed. Intuitively I knew that in coming months we would all need much more. I got Crickets – not as the Coronavirus Spirit Animal but as in complete silence. Not one critter of note showed up – not in meditations, prayers, lucid dreaming, journeying…nothing!

I was like, “Hellloooooo? Guys? Goddesses? Help a sista’ out!”

Then, after two months of hush-hush from the Animal Allies, at the craziest moment the most unlikely Animal Spirit Guide showed up in the strangest way and an even stranger place.

Below you’ll find a video about the experience and what this Coronavirus Spirit Animal has to share with the world. Below the video is a written article (it’s the abbreviated version of the video).

The Coronavirus Spirit Animal Magically Appears

So my ex-husband is installing a light fixture in my home. We’ve been able to stay dear friends, for which I’m eternally grateful. He’s gabbing about politics (his favorite subject) and I’m tuning him out (my least favorite subject). I’m standing at my front window thinking “Hey! All you Spirit Animal types! I’ve been looking and asking for you for almost two months! You’ve ghosted on me and the world. WTH? Where are you? When you do show up the story better be good!”

Whammo! Out of the corner of my eye I see something BIG moving on my neighbor’s roof. I look and there’s one of the biggest Tom Turkeys I’ve ever seen! Shocked doesn’t even begin to cover it! Now, y’all. I live in a residential neighborhood so WHAT was a TURKEY doing in my neck of the non-woods and where did he come from?

Well the very first thing I do is run outside. Idiot that I can be (and having a Savior Complex to boot) I’m thinking this MUST be someone’s pet that got away and I MUST rescue it! Why? Because why would a TURKEY be in my residential neighborhood and it’s my job to save everything and everyone!

Yeahhhhh… LOL

Well by the time I got outside the Turkey was nowhere to be seen. But there was a big ol’ Bubba in a pickup truck stopped in front of my house looking like he just saw the Abominable Snowman! I asked, “Did ya’ see the Turkey?” “Yeah”, he replied. “And it was a bigun! He’s in your backyard.”

Now I go flying back into my house toward the backyard, whap my ex-husband in the face with the door because he was meandering out while I was barging back in, and all the while repeating “There’s a Turkey in my backyard!” We look out the window at the back of my house and funny man flashes me with a news alert, “Hey. There’s a Turkey in your backyard.” Stop. My sides. 😏

At this point we’re both standing at the window with our heads turning back and forth like we’re watching a tennis match because Mr. Tom and running back and forth at my back fence presumably trying to figure out how to get over it. In short order the “bigun” hops the fence and off he goes, leaving me to feel like a complete fool. Duh. There’s a protected wetland in the back of my house. Gee. Do ya’ think THAT’S where he came from? LOL

Still, I’ve lived here for several years and the only wildlife I ever see are Birds, Squirrels, and the occasional Snake. Further, said Turkey showed up on my street, in my awareness at the precise moment I was calling on the Animal Allies! And, oh, BTW, my ex-husband was over and when we were married we lived on ten acres and used to watch the flocks of Turkeys all the time. It was one of our “things”! It took a minute but that’s when I realized the Animal Spirit Guides finally sent an emissary about the Coronavirus!

Turkey Symbolism & The Coronavirus

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If you want to discern for yourself what Turkey has to do with the Coronavirus situation read Turkey Symbolism & Meaning. What the Animal Allies asked me to share with you is the following:

1. Turkey Saved The World

In Native American lore, Turkey helped create the world, showing humans how to raise corn and fight off evil spirits. But Native American Turkey hero legend goes much further.

Once upon a time Turkeys could talk just like humans. When a great flood threatened to destroy the earth came, all the four legged and two legged peoples ran to the highest ground. Each tried to carry something the world would need when the flood subsided. Turkey helped everyone get on their way to safety and was the very last creature to flee. Nobody saw that Turkey also stashed hundreds of vegetable and flower seeds and pods within its feathers – wisely knowing all vegetation would need to be replanted so the world could eat. But carrying so many seeds had weighed Turkey down and it couldn’t run fast. The waters caught up to it and Turkey began to drown. Turkey screamed for help. The people who saw Turkey thought it wasn’t carrying anything. They yelled at the bird that it only cared about saving itself and was so selfish it deserved to die. Turkey kept on swimming as hard and fast as it could, craning its neck farther and farther to stay above the water. Finally, exhausted and covered with mud and debris Turkey made it to the top. The people surrounded Turkey still accusing it of only being out for number one instead of pitching in as the rest of them had. With what little energy it still had Turkey stumbled to a standing position and shook its feathers. The vegetable and flower seeds and pods cascaded from under Turkey’s feathers. When the people saw how wrong they had been about Turkey, the heroic bird had almost died trying to save the world’s food supply they begged for forgiveness. When Turkey tried to answer a strange sound came from its throat. That’s when everyone noticed how long Turkey’s neck had become. Turkey had to stretch its neck so far to keep from drowning it ripped its vocal cords. That’s why Turkeys today have such long, skinny necks and speak by gobbling.

Turkey appeared to let us all know the world will be saved and we can be a big part of it. Have the courage and confidence to help even if others tear you down by saying “You can’t do anything. You’re too young, old, naive, dumb, lazy, etc.” Remember, what we do to and for others we do to and for our self. So go do good things in this world!

2. Tom Turkey For President

A wild turkey’s home territory often exceeds 1,000 acres. Turkeys have an incredible knack for remembering locations. They have been known to recall a location they’ve visited only once.

Turkeys form incredibly strong social bonds. They will sometimes travel in groups of 200 or more. So, I’m thinking we can all learn to take care of each other.

Further, Turkeys are amazing communicators. They can be heard over a mile away and make a large variety of sounds, including greetings!

Please don’t make me start singing We Are the World. You get this, right? 1,000 acres IS a whole world to a Turkey and that’s an enormous area for an animal to consider its “home”. I’m pretty sure we can consider the whole world our “home” and everyone in it our brothers and sisters – with whom we can successfully communicate if we will all just be willing to speak at least some of each other’s language.

3. Up On The Roof

Of alllll the places this Turkey could have been it was on top of my neighbor’s house. Houses represent our internal self – our thoughts, emotions, shadow self, etc. While you’ve got time at home – really GO “into” your own “house”. Get on top of things. What thoughts and emotions are no longer serving you and which ones do you want to take their place – especially as regards the current world situation with the Coronavirus? Start at your basement (Root Chakra) and work all the way up to the roof (Crown Chakra). Ask Turkey to support and guide you on this journey.

4. Stupid Is As Stupid Does

People mistake Turkeys for being stupid. They are anything BUT. When they’re going all crazy running back and forth – looking like they don’t know where they’re going or how to get there what they’re really doing is zig zagging to confuse predators and throw them off the trail. If everyone around you is zigging – is it time for you to zag?

Also, Turkeys eat nuts and acorns – both associated with hidden wisdom. What magic and metaphysics are you supposed to be learning or practicing?

5. “Everything Has Beauty But Not Everybody Sees It” ~ Confucius

Most folks would likely not refer to Turkeys as beautiful birds. But have you ever seen a Tom with all his feathers displayed and his comb a brilliant jewel red? Those irridescent feather glisten in the sun like a treasure chest that’s just been opened. And Turkeys are not like Peacocks. Yeah we all love the colors of a Peacock but when a Peacock struts its stuff it’s kinda like watching a ballet dancer. When a Tom Turkey struts his stuff you almost feel like you want to bow and say, “I am not worthy, your highness.”

6. Tom The Psychic Turkey

As are many animals, Turkeys are terrific weather prognosticators. Turkeys show agitation prior to poor weather conditions. We’re living in a time where the “weather” ain’t so great and the storm is only going to strengthen. BUT, by tapping into your psychic senses you can avoid more drama. Need toilet paper? Stop. Instead of going to the store you normally go to ask Turkey if there’s a better choice – a store that’s actually stocked and the line isn’t 3 hours long! You might be surprised what “bad weather conditions” you’ll be able to avoid by heeding Turkey’s advice and trusting your own innate intuition!

7. I Believe I Can Fly

Many mistakenly believe Turkeys can’t fly. That’s not true. They can take off in the blink of an eye and fly up to 50 miles per hour – just not for long distances. Being a feathered critter and a flyer Turkeys are associated with reaching for the stars and the ability to see the big picture. Who cares they can’t fly long distances? They CAN FLY! Maybe you just need the courage to the get wind up under your wings so you can achieve your dreams. You might not need to fly across the world. You might need to just allow yourself get lift off. If you do need to fly across the world – OK. Just take it one flight at a time and you’ll get there eventually.

8. Benjamin Franklin – Turkey Advocate

Finally – Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding forefathers, wanted the Turkey to be our national bird instead of the Eagle. In his opinion, Turkey was far more magnificent, courageous, and moral than the Bald Eagle. To be sure, Eagles are brave and fierce warriors. However, for those who’ve been around Tom Turkeys…ack! They are relentless and scary in their aggression. The average Tom can easily reach four feet tall and carry some hefty weight. When they’re angry or in protection mode they puff up like a Sumo Wrestler and head straight for you. While it may seem like Turkeys are addle headed and big fraidy cats, nothing could be farther from the truth. Turkey believes in his ability to conquer. He believes in himself. Call on Turkey as your Power Animal when you need help standing up, having more confidence, and conquering your fears.

For the countless, selfless volunteers and essential personnel who are on the front lines of this global pandemic, I offer so very much love and gratitude. I call on the power of the Animal Allies to keep us all safe and healthy. Turkey appeared at a critical moment to show me the world will be OK. I wholeheartedly trust in this. Through Turkey medicine and messages I hope you find peace, healing, and wisdom.

Stay wild,

3 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Spirit Animal Is…

  1. Rev. Valerie says:

    Thank you. I needed your Turkey words of wisdom. Blessings to you and your work.

  2. Diana L Powers says:

    Thank you Bernadette. Feels powerfully accurate to me too.

  3. Kelly says:

    This is perfect! A couple weeks before your post I had a dream filled with turkeys! In it me & my family were self quarantined, and outside there were turkeys everywhere. Walking down the street there were baby turkeys running all over and an adult pair making more There was a baby that stood out missing his beak, we decided he was getting by okay and to let him go. That part was a bit odd.

    Collective unconscious dream it seems to me. Love it! Thank you for sharing!

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