Spirit Animalscopes for December 2020

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Welcome to WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com’s Spirit Animalscopes! This is your unique monthly forecast that’s part astrology, part tarot, and lots of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals! I’ve combined these three modalities to give you a broader overview of the energies for your zodiac sign, month by month. Make sure to bookmark us or sign up for the newsletter so you get this deep insight each and every month!

December Overview: Peacock Spirit Animal (9 of Pentacles Tarot Card)

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This month brings dramatic shifts in energy that will continue to have important bearing on events large and small for months to come. Though Astrological events this month trigger questions and lessons related to society and the larger community, White Peacock is also guiding you to investigate how your personal and unique traits play into the larger dynamic.

White Peacock reminds you that all the stability and security you seek to create may take you on an unconventional path. Abundance may be on the horizon and this is an important time to trust your unique vision even if others don’t easily relate to your personal goals and aspirations.
White Peacock and the suit of Pentacles corresponds to this month’s ingress of the Sun going into the sign of Capricorn, on December 20th, bringing more personal focus to business, money, security and stability. This is also the sign of Karma and personal responsibility. No wonder we feel a sense of time speeding up at the end of the year as Capricorn energy also relates to Divine timing and the sign’s ruler Saturn or Chronos.

You may be called to make time for comfort amidst a rush to secure your foundation now. How can you still bring joy, happiness and pleasure into your life? The Winter Solstice or Yule occurs at or around the same time as the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn each year. This is a celebration of the official kickoff of winter. It is also the longest night of the year, a time for deep reflection and reconnection with your inner light and warmth. The days will start to get longer again, but it will be a while before people in the Northern Hemisphere once again experience long warm days.

What lights your fire? You may need to spend more time lighting that very spark within yourself. At almost the same time, Saturn and Jupiter will be making a grand conjunction, having just left Capricorn, in the sign of Aquarius.

And what can scream Aquarius energy more than a White Peacock?

This month will begin an important trajectory which will beg the repeated inquiry: What is most important for my personal growth and what is most important for my contributions to society at large?

Even going well into 2021, you may be asked to explore the answers to these questions again and again. White Peacock encourages you to flaunt your unique and fabulous style. This may include your physical beauty and appearance but is also much more than that. When you walk into a crowded room, what is it about you that makes people stop in their tracks and recognize that a very special, unusual and talented person is now in their midsts?

Whatever those talents and gifts may be, you are now given the opportunity to try to bring these talents and gifts out not only to satisfy your own aspirations, but because the world needs you now.

The larger community and society needs the exact unique and magical perspective, wisdom and gifts you have to share, so don’t hold back. White Peacock is a reminder that when you have a rare or unusual perspective, you may be ahead of your time (Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) and it may be years before others catch up with the wisdom you share now. Don’t let this discourage you.

Shine your unique light and continue to spread your important message. Others may not understand or be ready to adapt yet, but don’t let that discourage you. Find those unique gems who are truly on the same page as you and nurture these friendships, but give yourself permission to get outside of your comfort zone. That is where your unique gifts are needed most.

Aries Spirit Animalscope: Nautilus (Ace of Cups)

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This is time to celebrate, and not just because many holidays occur in December. New love or a renewal of love and devotion is likely for you now. Notice the shape of Nautilus, Aries.

This is a reminder of sacred geometry embedded right in your very DNA as well as in all life around you. The sacred spiral shape is a reminder that things come full circle and that we are all interconnected. As much as you strive to be independent, this month it will serve you well to focus on how connected you actually are to those around you.

Nautilus represents growth, evolution and advancement. From the shape to the shell to the ability to float through life on the waves, Nautilus can be a great reminder of both your innate defenses and the ability to let momentum carry you rather than fighting your instincts.

Pay attention to opportunities to show your love and compassion. Are you being asked to “marry” some aspect of yourself to a special love or interest? Outpourings of love, devotion and emotional connection may be on the horizon. Don’t let this overwhelm you but instead allow this watery energy of compassion to quell your sometimes fiery nature.

Go with the flow, you’ve already put in the effort and now the blessings you’ve hoped for are likely to come to pass. Be open to spontaneous opportunities to connect with new people now. An existing relationship may beckon you to go deeper into your inner compassion and empathy as well now.

As your sign is ruled by Mars, the planet that usually loves to take action and run full speed ahead, this is an even more important time to pay attention to the energy of Nautilus, who doesn’t fight to swim against the tide. Mars is in your sign which gives even more power to this feisty passionate nature of yours.

This, in addition to a square between Mars and Pluto, which is a powerful planet in Capricorn now, may challenge you to face the natural limitations of your willpower. Just keep thinking about how smooth sailing things will be when you let Nautilus remind you to go with the flow.

Taurus Spirit Animalscope: Frog (4 of Cups)

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Frog represents the 4 of Cups, Transformation, & Leaps of Faith! Discover Frog’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

This month, dear Taurus, you are an ambassador traversing across realms. How does that sit with you? You have a reputation for enjoying your comfort zone and not really wanting to embrace change unless you absolutely have to.

Well, this month, your journey can include travel in an unusual sense. By keeping watch over the practical realm as well as delving into the emotional world, you’re embarking on an adventure. Frogs can spend time on land and under water and just as Frog can switch back and forth, you may now be called to spend more time and energy submerged in the realms of emotion. Don’t worry, you can always come up for air and resume your connection to terra firma when the emotional dealings become too overwhelming.

Yet if you give yourself permission to venture just a little further outside of your comfort zone now, Taurus, you may find yourself embarking on a surprising adventure with unexpected twists and turns that actually ends with good fortune and growth.

Frog symbolism represents balance not only in your own emotional state, but also a balance in the attention you give to your inner and outer life. Your mental and spiritual interests, your emotional and physical needs. Frog reminds you to keep an eye on how events take shape based on past events. Like a Frog, you may need to keep an eye on what is happening all around you rather than cutting off your connection to the past or neglecting plans for the future.

This is an important time for growth and with it, adaptation. Keep all four feet… or, ok, two, planted on the ground now. Are you stunting your own growth and development? Are you shrinking away from chances to blossom because of fear of change and of the unknown? Let yourself shapeshift by embracing physical and spiritual transformation this month.

Your sign’s ruling planet, Venus, enters Sagittarius this month and so your desire for pleasure and pampering mixes with your love of philosophy and idealism. You may pull out all the stops and go for a full on bingefest of all your favorite creature comforts, but remember, Frog is guiding you to strive for balance. And if you need a reminder to not get carried away, the square between Uranus transiting your Sun Sign, Taurus and the planet of discipline and responsibility, Saturn which is entering Aquarius this month, will occasionally rein you in. No one is trying to put a damper on your plans, it’s all about moderation now.

Gemini Spirit Animalscope: Dog (Oracle Card)

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Dog represents Friendship, Loyalty, & Pathfinding! Discover the Dog’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Across many cultures, Dog is associated with a consistent archetype of faith, loyalty and unconditional love. Dogs cuddle with us, work alongside us, and follow us through thick and thin. Dog symbolism represents loyalty, unconditional love, devotion and instinctive connection to those you care about. There are stories of Dogs who not only know when their people are coming home before they pull into the driveway, but even remarkable tales about Dogs finding their way to a previous home after being adopted.

Dogs are deeply connected to their families and even after long periods of time, will instinctively know how to find their people. This month may be the perfect time for you to find your people, or your pack, Gemini.

This kind of faith, devotion and loyalty is likely to be rampant in your life this month, Gemini. Who are your most loyal friends? Your core pack? Even if you’re the Alpha Dog in this group, this is an important month for you to show your love, affection and loyalty.

A devoted friend or loved one may make their dedication obvious now. You may also have reminders of just what a lucky Dog you are to have so many great friends in your pack. You’ll be likely to be reminded of your many faithful fans this month.

Your playful side and goodhearted nature leads the way this month and after a long and bumpy road, you may bring inspiration and optimism to your friends and loved ones which can bring a much needed change or burst of new energy. Loyalty is important now. Though you have a reputation for knowing how to charm those around you, this month its best to emphasize loyalty, honesty and transparency than to try to please everyone by telling others what you think they may want to hear.

Celebrate your long standing bonds with friends and family now. Not just because of the holidays, but because you’ve worked hard to nurture and solidify these important connections.
Your sign’s ruling planet, Mercury, starts out in holly, jolly, Sagittarius, which makes you feel extra festive and social, but also transits into Capricorn later in the month, following the Sun. You may end the month on a more somber, nostalgic note but remember you have the guidance and influence of Dog energy to remind you that it’s not all cuddles and peanut-butter filled Kong toys, sometimes you have to heel and work for what you really want. But if you sit and stay long enough, the results will be worth it.

Cancer Spirit Animalscope: Raccoon (Page of Wands)

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The last month of 2020 brings you a message from the animal that many have joked has “won” 2020, Cancer. But before becoming meme-famous for being ahead of the game when it comes to wearing a mask and washing hands, Raccoon is a messenger, trickster and thief.

This month, you may be called on to use subtle and stealthy means to achieve your goals. Your natural intuition and perceptions as a Cancer relate well to Raccoon energy because like Raccoon, you know instinctively what moves you need to make now.

Though this year may have been challenging for you, December reminds you to not forget to have a sense of humor. You may need to lighten the mood for others too with some holiday pranks or practical jokes. Your trickster side may be empowered now to the delight of those around you.

Be clear about your message now and you may look for opportunities to share your wisdom in creative, flexible and unusual ways. You are naturally protective of family and home, and Raccoon can help you discover ways to adapt your goals and ambitions to the benefit of your loved ones. You can be shrewd and nurturing, though Raccoon may now remind you to not take everything so seriously.

Some say it takes a thief to catch a thief, and this month, you may begin to think more deviously so you can anticipate ways to protect yourself and your family. Your intuition can alert you to changes on the horizon so you can secure your foundation. Working with your hands- in crafts, the arts, woodworking and the like- can be a great outlet for your intense emotional energy now.

A young or youthful person may have an important message for you this month. You may also play an instrumental role in the life of a clever young person this month. You are teaching them, Cancer, but they are also teaching you. Are you paying attention?

You can also become more in tune with your own inner child now. Embrace the holiday season and take some time to play and joke. Your best wisdom can now come across through childlike enthusiasm. You may be called to take risks and explore new opportunities now as well.

Your sign’s ruling planet, the Moon, is taking a yuletide trek from the sign of Cancer in early December through to Pisces by the Winter Solstice. Your emotional bells and whistles may be signaled as the nurturing Moon touches the deep and watery energies of Cancer, Scorpio and eventually Pisces, at each point transiting from opposition to trine to sextile a powerful collection of planets in Capricorn. Your relationship with stability, structure and tradition may be shifting now, but Raccoon can lend stealth and flexibility to ensure you make the most of the changing tides.

Leo Spirit Animalscope: Chicken (Oracle Card)

chicken spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Chicken represents Fertility, Curiosity, & New Starts! Discover the Chicken’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Leo, it’s no secret you like to be top in the pecking order. But are you missing out on wise council from those in your social circle? You are always outgoing and love to be the life of the party. Yet this month in particular, your desire to catch up with friends is intense.

You may be drawn to parties and gatherings or to connecting with others to get the latest news. Be careful of the temptation to engage in gossip, though. You may be called on to break a deal or weigh in with your wisdom in a way that influences a group.

This is easy for you, Leo as you are a natural leader anyway. Your reputation for confidence and decisiveness can precede you now as others may seek out your advice. You may need to stay grounded yourself now, so that your advice and guidance is as clear and solid as possible.

This is an ideal time for socializing, chatting with friends and helping those around you trust their intuition. Don’t be afraid to consult with your own special tools for Divination. Just as Chickens were often looked to as Augers for predictive purposes, you may do well to sharpen up your Divination skills this month.

Of course, no one will accuse you of being a “Chicken” Leo, when it comes to using this term as a reference to someone who lacks courage. You’re well known for your bold and charismatic nature. This month, Chicken may be encouraging you to take clues from the world around you and trust your intuition or seek guidance when you need to.

This doesn’t always come easily to you, Leo. Asking for help may make you feel like less of a leader. Yet the best leaders are successful because they delegate. They know what they don’t know and aren’t afraid to enlist the help of others to create a full and successful personal or professional team. Chicken is helping you to work on this lesson now, Leo.
You’ll go farther if you lean on the wisdom of those in your circle rather than feeling like you have to have all the answers, all of the time.

Your sign’s ruling planet, the Sun, is in focus this month. Ok, and well, always. But this is the time that the Sun makes it’s yearly symbolic death and rebirth with the Winter Solstice (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere). This is a time when you may strut your stuff, as Chicken reminds you to do, but in which your grand exit will always be marked by an even more dramatic return. Just as we celebrate the return of the Sun and the onset of the season of Capricorn, so, too, may you be reminded of valuable work that only you have the flair and skills to do. If you need to take a hiatus for needed TLC and self-care, that’s fine. But re-emerging in all your brilliance is a guarantee.

Virgo Spirit Animalscope: Wolf (Knight of Pentacles)

Wolf Spirit Animalscopes 300x471
Wolf represents the Knight of Pentacles, Planning, & Preparation! Discover the Wolf’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

This month, the Wolf is knocking at your door, Virgo. Recall the story of the grandfather who tells his son about the two Wolves, one being fear and insecurities, the other being love and compassion, the two always in competition. When the grandson asks who wins the fight, his grandfather responds “whichever one you feed.”

Which Wolf are you feeding this month, Virgo? You are a natural planner and prepper and so a level of anxiety and caution is always a part of your nature. But are you using this caution to productive ends this month or just spinning your wheels? Pay attention to the difference in authenticity between truly following your instincts as opposed to becoming paralyzed and overwhelmed.

Wolf is clever, and you, Virgo, are intellectual, analytical and sharp as a tack. Wolf is now helping you to put your witty and resourceful nature to good use. This is an ideal time for you to remember there are numerous ways to feed your deeper desires and plans without taking unnecessary risks.

When opportunities arise, sniff out the worthwhile form those that simply waste your time and lead you to spin your wheels.

Are your predatory skills helping you to sniff out the best potential path now? Or are you getting lost in an obsessive hunt? You’re so keenly aware of details and this is a good thing, Virgo. But this month, let Wolf help you discern between the details that are essential and those that are just distractions.

You can be a realist, Virgo, and this is why others love you. Yet Wolf can help you to keep the balance between being realistic and cynical now. Wolf leads you to the opportunities you need to grow and thrive and can also help you see where you may have been spinning your wheels in the past.

You know that all that glitters isn’t always gold. The week of the 10th will reiterate this message as you may have to work through your idealistic desires and big dreams and ambitions in order to come to a more concrete and stable plan. It’s worth the dose of realism now, though. When the Sun enters Capricorn and your planetary ruler, Mercury follows suit on the 21st, you may feel a much needed sense of relief as it feels like order and stability is restored. The week or so leading up to this, you may feel tempted to explore the idealistic and philosophical realms but you’ll also feel more secure when your dreams are grounded in something stable. Let Wolf remind you to work patiently and diligently to create what you want now.

Libra Spirit Animalscope: Cricket (Oracle Card)

cricket spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Cricket represents Direction, Good Luck, & Happiness! Discover the Cricket’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

This month, you may hear Geppetto’s words “Let your conscience be your guide,” Libra. You may hear this guidance as a subtle voice, far in the background. The voice of Cricket.
Cricket symbolism has to do with good fortune and good luck but also the need to listen closely and learn from the wisdom of those around you. What voice are you projecting out into the world now? Does your “song” or message resonate with the people you have attracted in the past?

This month, Cricket will help you draw your own crowd and “tribe” to you as you set the pace with your words and tone. Listen carefully to the song or message of those around you as well. Let Cricket help you to discern where you seek support and community now.

Cricket uses their unique song to stand apart from the crowd and find an ideal mate. When it comes to love, friendship or even business, this month, Libra your message is your brand. Stand apart by sharing a song of hope and idealism, which are two of your greatest strong points.

Yours is also a sign of love, balance and harmony. Are you preaching and practicing these ideals now? December may bring a test which requires your empathy and compassion. Don’t just keep this perspective for yourself. Project this image outwardly. Show others through your own example, that a message of love and compassion always prevails.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is going to spend much of this month in a sign that easily complements your own, Sagittarius. You may easily fall in love with a stranger from a distant land, or become infatuated with the beauty of another culture. Your attention to Cricket’s song may guide you to a spiritual or philosophically like minded group with which you click. Broadening your horizons in love and partnerships is highly likely this month.

Scorpio Spirit Animalscope: Cecropia Moth (Death Card)

Moth Spirit Animalscopes 300x471
Cecropia Moth symbolizes Death, Endings, & Change! Discover Cecropia Moth’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Unfrigginbelievable! Even during the holidays we Scorpios are surrounded by death. lol

Yep, even during the most wonderful time of the year, Scorpio is tasked with doing the heavy lifting, dealing with transformation, initiation, death and rebirth.
We just can’t help it. We Scorpio people are drawn to the deep, dark mysteries, well, like Moth to a flame!

But don’t despair, this is not an obsession with the morbid. Rather, it is a special Karmic task to delve deep into topics others would rather avoid. You got this, Scorpio. It’s what you were designed for.

This month of December, Moth is working with you not only as a beacon of transformation on the horizon, but also as a remind that change, transformation and initiation bring you closer to the light. As Moth is drawn to flames or light, the symbolism is that you may now be drawn to the spark of wisdom and to the light of inspiration.

Seek inspiration now, even if the path takes you flitting about in the darker corners of your own mind or past experiences. You may have to walk through some darkness in order to find this light, Scorpio. But you know that already from life experience.

Moth helps you spread your own wings and fly and can whisper of initiation and dramatic changes on the horizon. No change can be complete without bringing loss with it in some way. What do you need to release now?

Moth is intriguing and has patterns on their wings reminiscent of the eyes. This alone gives an air of mystery and enigma which also appeal to Scorpio. Moth can remind you now to keep watch or to tune in to your unique senses of perception, both through your physical and intuitive senses.

You may be growing into your larger than life personality now and may have a strong sense of personal vision now. Be open to embracing what awaits you, even if in doing so you have to let go of baggage that you’ve been holding on to.

This can be a time of dramatic healing, Scorpio. But as you follow your intuition, be mindful not to be led astray by wishful thinking or by strong fantasies about what you want to believe in. You may be about to embark on a dramatically different journey than you expected. A victory dance awaits at the end of this process, but in the meantime, devoting your time to reflection and prayer, meditation and honest reflection will help you navigate the changes you need to make now.

The good news is, this month features your two planetary rulers in a prominent way. The challenge is that they are squaring off with each other. Mars and Pluto are engaged in the Astrological equivalent of an arm wrestling match. Your desire to assert your willpower and take control of a situation may seem to be continually thwarted by big issues that need your attention. You are being asked- and that is putting it nicely- to let go. Really. It’s like when mom says “Ok, you’re going to the dentist. Now are we going to walk to the car and do this the easy way or do I have to carry you?” Sorry, it’s just that Mars and Pluto don’t play. And you know this because they are your sign’s corulers so you walk with their energy all the time. So when they are not playing nicely with each other, you feel it deep in your soul. A Change in perspective is needed now and yes, as Moth reminds you, let go and follow the light.

Sagittarius Spirit Animalscope: Hummingbird (4 of Wands)

hummingbird spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Hummingbird represents the 4 of Wands, Foundations, & Bliss! Discover Hummingbird’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

A positive announcement may come this month. In addition to the typical celebrations that keep many people busy in the month of December, Sagittarius, you are being given a positive harbinger from Hummingbird.

A joyous occasion may await. A wedding, celebration, proposal or other marker of partnership and love is on the horizon. Beauty, balance harmony and happiness abound this month.
You always know how to live life to the fullest, Sagittarius, and can teach the rest of us a thing or two. Yet this month, you are bound to experience a more dramatic display of love, pleasure and happiness, especially when it comes to matters involving partnership or a love interest.

A milestone awaits, whether your relationship advances, or you move in with a partner or put finishing touches on your dream home, an engagement, marriage or other similar transitional point is coming. This is an important time to express your love and generosity in a partnership and celebrate the time you have with friends and loved ones.

Joy, idealism and potential waiting to be fulfilled is likely to abound now. You may come to see yourself in a new light, and your beauty can easily radiate out to attract others to you. Childlike wonder is rampant in your energy now as well.

Hummingbird is reminding you to enjoy the nectar of life and bring sweetness into your life again. You may have opportunities to share the pleasure and fun with those you care about and rekindle relationships that have become distant now.

Healing related to the Heart Chakra may also be on the agenda now. You may need to let go of issues from the past that are weighing you down and burdening you. This is an ideal time to engage in playful forms of healing as well such as dance or art.

This is an ideal month to work on attraction energy and to be sure you are embodying the kind of energy you want reciprocated in your life. Finding joy may be more a matter of creating joy within yourself now than a matter of finding something outside of yourself that makes you feel happy.

This month starts off with you in your element, as it is Sagittarius season! At some point this month, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon and Venus will go a wassailing through your sign and you may feel heightened joy and enthusiasm, as Hummingbird portends. But after the Sun transits into Capricorn on the 21st you may feel like it’s time to buckle down and get back to business. Serious matters may need your attention but that’s no reason to abandon your festive attitude.

Capricorn Spirit Animalscope: Centaur (Oracle Card)

centaur spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Centaur represents Bravery, Chivalry, & one’s Primal Nature! Discover the Centaur’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Capricorn, your season begins in December and Centaur is working with you now. This may be a time of more intensified energy and new opportunities for you.

Centaurs were typically associated with the best- and most bawdy- of the human and non-human animal kingdom. Though tales abound of the Centaurs engaging in all manner of drinking and debauchery, frolicking in the woods and getting into all manner of shenanigans,

Yet there were a few exceptions, such as the Centaurs Chiron and Pholus. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, was known as a bit of a remarkable figure who stood apart from the rest of the Centaurs. Chiron was a philosopher, Astrologer, healer and an academic among the Centaurs.

His expertise was sought out by his comrades. Though he was peaceful, he was wounded by Hercules and traded his immortality to heal another. Thus, he is associated with the Wounded Healer. In Astrology, the asteroid Chiron is associated with the aspect of our own lives in which you feel alienated or left to fend for yourself, but in which you are able to serve others as a healer.

So, Capricorn, as you are clearly no stranger to hard work and sacrifice, this month begs the question, what are you sacrificing for? To what ends are you putting effort into your mission? Is it just about making ends meet? Or are you being called to balance your wisdom and insight with your need to let loose and enjoy life a little more.

This month, Chiron the asteroid also goes direct in Aries after a few months’ retrograde since the summer. You may find it easier to embrace your own healing needs now, rather than feeling like you are devoting more to others and being left stranded when it comes to nurturing yourself. You may also stand apart as a role model or healer for others because of your own wisdom and lived experience now.

The second part of this month brings the Sun and Mercury into your sign of Capricorn, where your sign’s ruler, Saturn has already been hanging out for a while along with Jupiter and Pluto. This puts a lot of attention on your energy and special strengths. You may feel like you’ve just gotten a promotion (great!) but now all eyes are on you and you have important decisions to make (yikes!) But don’t worry, you’re cut out for the job. Centaur energy is helping you to sort your responsibilities from the baggage you can now let go of.

Aquarius Spirit Animalscope: Moose (Oracle Card)

Moose Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
Animalscopes images from award winning, best selling “The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”. Click to buy your copy NOW!, now!

Powerful, Connected to the Divine Feminine, and Protective, Moose is on the loose in your life now, Aquarius. Moose is a force to be reckoned with. Moose knows how to stand firm and is not usually one to compromise.

Sound familiar, Aquarius? But Moose can also teach you through their wisdom and folly. Are you remaining firm because your point is crucial? Or are you locking horns out of pride and ego? You may feel fearless and emboldened this month. Though you can have a striking appearance and dramatic way of getting your point across, Aquarius, you also prefer to have plenty of downtime to engage in your introverted interests.

But this month, it won’t be hard at all for you to turn your attention away from your solitary interests and become more visible. Standing strong and standing up for what you believe is likely to be a big part of your focus this month. This is also a great time for you to assert your protective and caring instincts.

Moose, as a mother, is known for being fiercely protective and nurturing. What are you being called to nurture and protect now, Aquarius? It could be family, a relationship, home or even a business. Let Moose lead you to make a bold statement and stick by your word.

You may feel the need to assert your stance but be careful not to go overboard into all out aggression. Your jealousy or sense of competition can also be triggered now. But do you really have to alienate others in order to make your point? Probably not. Let Moose inspire you to stand firm but not let petty competition and jealousy stand in your way.

What were the prominent issues and themes going on in your life back in March through July of this year? At that time, Saturn had entered Aquarius but then because of retrograde, backtracked to Capricorn to finish up old business. But…. He’s baaaack, as of the 16th of December, we all will face big questions about our personal desires vs. the needs of society at large. We all will be impacted by this transit for the next few years. But since you are an Aquarius and Saturn was your ruling planet before Uranus was discovered and still has a special “Godfatherly” relationship with you, this lesson or issue is going to surface on your radar with a bit more intensity. As Moose works with you to remain steadfast, delve deeper into whatever deeper lesson from earlier this year may have been missed.

Pisces Spirit Animalscope: Hippopotamus (Oracle Card)

hippopotamus spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Hippopotamus represents Instinct, Strength, & Power! Discover the Hippopotamus’ Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

If you wanted a Hippopotamus for Christmas, Pisces, you’re in luck. Hippopotamus is working with you now. A creature of the water, just like you, Pisces, Hippopotamus is associated with emotion and intuition but has an edge.

Hippopotamus is associated with feminine power, nurturing and protecting the young and vulnerable. Even if you are not a parent, there may be some part of family or community that you may feel compelled to protect, heal and nurture now. This is an important time to express your creativity and unique artistic and intuitive nature.
Hippo is associated with the fertility Goddess Tarawet. What are you serving as a midwife for this month? You may have a chance to nurture a new dream or goal and bring your desires to fruition.

Hippopotamus is associated with being a stoic and watchful guardian because of the way their eyes are shaped. You may be called on to be vigilant and keep watch or hold space, bearing witness for others now.

Hippo may be bulky but can also be fleet, moving fast when they need to. Swift action may be needed now. You may be reminded to find the balance between your desire to linger in the depths of emotional waters or the need to move quickly to cover new ground.

Hippopotamus can send a call out both through the air and underneath the water. You may be tasked with expressing your message both in the mundane and ethereal worlds now. Exploring Astral Projection or communication through telepathy or intuition now.

Around the 12th of the month, you may feel like your beliefs or culture are not quite aligning with your higher dreams and this can make you feel restless to assert yourself or even to escape from stress of feeling like it’s too much work to try to convey your message. Don’t hide now though, Pisces. Just because your sign’s ruler, Neptune is squaring off with Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind clearly. It does mean that your ideas may be a bit grandiose at first and need some adjustment to be right sized. If your ambitions are bigger than a Hippo, it doesn’t mean you’re off base, it just means you have to take one step at a time and this may involve prioritizing rather than diving in head first or giving up altogether.

3 thoughts on “Spirit Animalscopes for December 2020

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    I love your messages and have made your daily animal readings part of my morning routine.
    This year offered me an opportunity to create my blog, and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on it?
    I’m also very interested in getting a reading from you if you have some time.
    Thank you for the wonderful gifts you’ve brought to the world, and for being such an inspiration to all who receive your messages.

  2. michelle l ryan says:

    was wondering how to figure out my animalscope here my birthday 02/27/1967 spirit animals are wolf, panther, and tiger

  3. Autumn says:

    Good Morning Bernadette!
    I just had to share my experience this morning. I wake up before the dawn currnetly, and make sure to open my blinds for the plants and such for the first sun. well this morning, I had visitors that came by to see me it seemed. My cats started freaking out at the window and defending territory.. my little mama kitty who is due within the week, really flipped out and was attacking the window. (side note she is really small for a kitty so this is funny comparison), why? Because there was two young Raccoons on the other side looking in. one of them specifically wanted to interact with me, to the point that it? dunno male or female, reached up and touched the glass several time and made and held eye contact with me. they stayed for a while and then finally strolled away. but I talked to them and such while they visited after I made the cats go to separate rooms. It was interesting but what became more interesting was, whats the likeliness this was my totem animal for this month? I wondered because I hadn’t checked yet for this month, and was wondering why in the world such a random animal visit. Turns out, it is. I am 6/28/89. and my raccoons visited me in person. ^_^ I just had to share that with you. What sucks is, it means what I am doing is the right path even if I don’t like it, it seems. But I am on the right track. ^_^ Thank you for sharing your intuition.

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