Dreams About Reindeer

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Dreams About Reindeer

In dreams about Reindeer when the animal appears from behind a bush, you are about to have a spiritual surge in your learning. Something in you is stirring, your heart opens, and good things follow so long as you remain mindful.

In Reindeer dreams if the animal is running toward you, it’s an omen of good news arriving swiftly. The message is one bringing you satisfaction and leads to good fortune. If the same Reindeer has a fawn at its side, the fortune has to do with money.

When the Reindeer in your dream grazes quietly, any chaos in your life will soon settle down. The peace restores. Over one Reindeer eating implies important guests are coming to meet you.
Reindeer playing together in your dream portends a fortuitous partnership or marriage. Anyone who stood in the way moved aside.

An ailing Reindeer in your dream suggests you have some troubles ahead. Plans get delayed, and you need patience before things turn around.

Should the Reindeer in your dream attack you with antlers, there is an enemy afoot who presents a considerable challenge. Don’t get caught up in the person’s web of deception.

Seeing a Reindeer standing proud in the woods means you are happy with yourself. You have a good reason for a little swagger in your step. You remained true to yourself, even when it meant sacrifice, and came out far ahead for your efforts.

A Reindeer without its antlers in your dream speaks of a new cycle. Reindeer lose their horns every year. Renewal lies ahead.

If the Reindeer in your dream is in captivity, you are limiting yourself in some way or feel trapped by fear. You need to reclaim a positive attitude.

When the Reindeer in your dream attempts to avoid a trap, but waivers, you have some hidden vulnerability in your life. Some secrets aren’t always a bad thing so long as you don’t fool yourself but remember you are not invincible.

If the sun shines brightly behind the Reindeer, so it appears as if glowing, your path toward enlightenment is about to become much clearer.

Petting a Reindeer in your dream means you must show yourself (or someone close to you) gentility. Focus on true beauty and worth, not social constructs.
A white Reindeer in your dream means Spirit is trying to get your attention. A red Reindeer reflects the strength of your convictions.

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