Spirit Animalscopes for August 2020

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Welcome to WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com’s Spirit Animalscopes! This is your unique monthly forecast that’s part astrology, part tarot, and lots of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals! I’ve combined these three modalities to give you a broader overview of the energies for your zodiac sign, month by month. Make sure to bookmark us or sign up for the newsletter so you get this deep insight each and every month!

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Overview: Seal (10 of Cups)

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Seal represents the 10 of Cups, Contentment, & Promise! Discover the Seal’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

During August, with Seal as our Animal Spirit Guide, our happiness is on the horizon. Despite whatever obstacles we may face in the immediate moment, Seal arrives just in time to let us know if we remain resolute and meticulous in our planning, we can still achieve bliss in relationships or other areas of our life. This month, it’s time to decide what happiness means: It can no longer stay a vague idea in the back of our minds. Seal is sure and steady as it navigates through the water’s cold depths, and we, too, need to explore our heart’s desire so we can have the same surety about what will fulfill us.

After forming a complete picture in the mind’s eye, only then can we create a foolproof plan of action. It also makes it easier for us to recognize when we’ve achieved our aim; sometimes we can get so caught up in accomplishing something we forget to acknowledge our achievements. Other times we are so busy redefining or refining our direction it’s all too easy to forget where we were heading all along. Seal enters our lives to remind us to remain clear about our path; the creature has whiskers it uses to sense its external environment. Part of Seal Medicine involves learning how to stay tuned into the energetic influences around us and allow a heightened awareness to guide us through times that might otherwise seem clouded or ambiguous.

Seal encourages and supports us in recognizing the things in life that are worth embracing. Seals are most content when caring for themselves, spending time with other Seals, and nurturing one another. They ensure there’s plenty of time to play and enjoy a life of utter simplicity. Seal teaches that it’s unnecessary to complicate life to find joy. Our Animal Ally supports us as we look to connect with new people and to reaffirm the existing bonds with friends and loved ones.

Another part of Seal Medicine is learning how to release outworn emotions, stress, anxiety, and grudges. When this wonderful Animal Companion swims into our awareness, it’s with the reminder that time is our most valuable asset; Seal urges us to remain mindful of how we use it.

Seal spends plenty of time in the water, but when it comes time to give birth, it spends its time on land; here, the creature demonstrates a balance between Water and Earth Elemental influences. As such, part of Seal’s guidance involves finding the same balance between our emotional and physical world; when they are out of sync, our healing will come from reestablishing the harmony between the two. If we are overly emotional, it’s time for grounding, centering, meditation, and clearing of the Root Chakra. If we have avoided dealing with how we feel, or if we put too much focus on material ambitions, it’s a period for diving all in for a bit of emotional self-exploration, and perhaps examining what is behind our deepest motivations.

One of the significant lessons Seal shares has to do with tuning ourselves into with our natural rhythms and needs. Seal eats when it is hungry, sleeps when it needs rest, and can even sleep while it swims through water. Here, Seal suggests going with the energetic flow in our lives, rather than moving against the tide and exhausting our energy resources. Listening to the needs of our body, mind, and spirit and addressing our most immediate needs makes for a simple, content existence throughout the days of August. With all the extra energy we build-up, we can put it to use pursuing projects or our creative aspirations.

Spirit Animalscopes for All 12 Zodiac Signs

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Aries Spirit Animalscope: Horse (Chariot)

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Horse symbolizes The Chariot, Joy, & Diligent Effort! Discover The Horse’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

The Horse gallops into your awareness early in August, Aries, revealing the “on the move” energetic influence ruling the last days of summer. When Horse arrives in your day-to-day existence, it comes with the message that you’ll face challenges, and, with diligent effort, you’ll conquer obstacles that have stood in your way. You’ll steer a fine line as you get all aspects of your life or a relationship on track. Horses have fine-tuned instincts too, so listening to your intuition is vital as you steer your course.

The Horse aligns with The Chariot Card in the Tarot, so this means you’ll be determining your life’s course or soul’s direction as you progress down your spiritual path and fulfill sacred contracts. With the Rider-Waite imagery, The Chariot’s Horses are akin to Egyptian Sphinxes, representing ancient wisdom, the mysterious, and paradoxes. Things that have puzzled you will become apparent, defined in black and white, and leave you without question about your life’s direction or the next steps you need to take. In relationships, you’ll forge forward into the battlefield of love and fight for what you desire.

The one warning that comes with Horse’s arrival is to avoid “putting the cart before the Horse.” Make sure you have all the resources you need before forging forward and hold back on jumping on an opportunity before circumstances have fallen into proper alignment. As someone who often runs headlong into the fray, Aries, part of Horse’s lesson involves learning how to stand your ground while drawing back the reigns on your ambitions or desires, allowing you time to steady yourself before taking action.

As the Charioteer of your life’s vehicle, you remain successful if you keep things on track. Horses are muscular, strong, and sometimes willful. If you don’t cling tight to the reigns, you can run things off course, especially when unexpected challenges or tests of your mettle arise. But, a secure grip on the Horse’s reigns is for the purpose of guiding your course’s direction, not hindering the free spirit within; just because you take control of your life, it doesn’t mean you have to let life’s challenges strip you of your will and tame you.

Also, know that Horse may serve as a message to find a balance between your tame and wild nature. Here, Horse’s entrance into your awareness cautions that you prevent either side of your nature from ruling alone. With one Black Horse and one White Horse leading the Charioteer forward, two stampeding Horses establish a vital dichotomy. Horse’s unassailable lesson is that there’s a fine line between enjoying the bliss that comes from letting your wild spirit roam free and the heartache that comes from allowing chaos to rule.

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Taurus Spirit Animalscope: Owls

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Owl represents Magic, Ancient Mysteries, & the Unknown! Discover the Owl’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

When Owls wing their way into your existence, it’s time to fly headlong into your future while remaining true to yourself, Taurus. Owls are a longstanding symbol of wisdom, so throughout August, you’ll have days of self-exploration, allowing you to make an honest assessment of your values and ethics. It’s a chance “to know yourself” and what your heart desires. Indeed, the last month of summer will be all about exploring “WHO” you are, pun intended!

The nocturnal creature corresponds with arcane knowledge, the mysteries, and, with their close connection to lunar energies, the Divine Feminine; your Animal Companion is one sacred to Athena, the Greek Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Weaving. Athene noctua, meaning “Little Owl,” is a longstanding symbol of clear vision and sagacity. Spiritual pursuits will prove enlightening and at the forefront of desirable endeavors. You’ll feel drawn closer to Goddess energies, so you’ll also experience heightened compassion, love, and desire to nurture yourself and others; this energy, mingled with the existing energetic influence of your ruling planet, Venus, suggests August is very much a month about developing self-love.

If you hold an interest in the mysteries, your curiosity peaks this month. Something will pull at your heart and mind, making you more inquisitive than ever about your role in the larger tapestry of the Universe. You may develop an intense desire to either find that one person who gives you a irrefutable sense of completeness, or you may acknowledge that an existing love is your soul mate. If you’re single, you’ll seek out your equal in both intellect and emotional intensity and settle for nothing less than the person who will prove a lifelong friend and lover.

With Owls being nocturnal creatures, you’ll discover your energy heightens after sunset. In the evening hours, it is far easier to attune to the Universe, Higher Self, and connect with others through dreams or by means of telepathy. You’ll also find the Muses seem to awaken once the sun dips beneath the horizon. Ideas will flow fast and furious, like a dam that releases all the water it once held back. Make the most of this time by documenting all the exciting and original ideas that come to you—it will be next to impossible to put every idea into action. Still, you can create a bucket list of fantastic pursuits for the rest of the year and the days that follow.

Since Owls are most active at night, part of Owl’s lesson is that “hindsight is foresight.” In the evening hours, there is time for deep reflection, allowing you to examine your daily experiences in a more philosophical light. Owls often take to wing when the sun sets. So here, your Animal Companion signifies the flight of ideas, spiritual ascension, and the growth of understanding once you take an aerial view of your physical or emotional world. Quiet your mind when the sky cloaks itself in darkness and all the world around you stills. Doing so gives you the prime opportunity to hear the Divine’s whispers of wisdom for moments of profound insight.

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Gemini Spirit Animalscope: Otter (6 of Cups)

otter spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Otter represents the 6 of Cups, Friendship, & Pure Love! Discover the Otter’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

In August, you’ll see the entire world as one big playground, Gemini, thanks to your Animal Spirit Guide, the playful Otter swimming into your awareness! Your Animal Companion loves being in the water, splashing about, and diving deep into the water’s depths. Here, part of Otter’s Medicine involves remaining joyful as you explore emotions and express yourself. The creature supports you in finding love, conveying long-hidden feelings, and in keeping your mood light and yourself animated. Even in the face of challenges, you’re high-spirited, feisty, and energetic, while always, and forever, remaining grateful for every small blessing in your life.

Otter’s time in the water makes the creature close to the Divine Feminine; here, the creature urges you to remain compassionate, loving, open, and nurturing. The Animal is an exceptional parent, too, so bonds between you and your children or those you mentor will intensify this month. You’ll find humor an outstanding teaching tool, making serious life lessons something more memorable because you convey them in a fun-loving way.

If you’ve felt your day-to-day existence has been one struggle after another, you’ll feel a significant shift in energetic influences this month. Instead of feeling like you have to fight for everything you want to accomplish, you’ll kick back, just like Otter, and let things flow.

It’s like you’ve spent the last few months swimming against the tide and realize it’s far easier to float and let the tidal waters take you where they may. Taking things in stride doesn’t mean you give up on achieving your aspirations, nor does it mean you have to go to extremes; What it does mean is that you develop a deeper trust in the Universe steering your course. Relinquishing some control to the Divine means your faith intensifies, and almost magically, your path becomes clearer to you. At that precise moment, obstacles fade away and become a distant memory, all because you surrender your stronghold on control, allowing the changing winds to renegotiate your course.

All throughout August, you’ll crave the comfort of friends and family. Even with the current stress on social distancing, you’ll still insist on connecting. If you have elders in a facility where visiting is prohibited, you’ll turn to other methods for maintaining bonds; communicating through social media, and even standing outside a loved one’s window to offer a wave, “astral hugs,” and a loving smile. Connecting with other family members is equally important to you, and you’ll ensure everyone’s safety when planning small gatherings for your close circle of friends or loved ones. You won’t let the chaos of the outside world put a wall up between you and those you love. Anticipate spending a lot of time on the phone doing what you do best, Gemini, chatting it up!

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Cancer Spirit Animalscope: Gorilla (6 0f Wands)

gorilla spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Gorilla represents the 7 of Wands, Pride, & Moments of Glory! Discover Gorilla’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

It’s the norm for you if you’re emotionally guarded, Cancer, but that stance changes considerably in August. Your Animal Spirit Guide is the Gorilla, offering you a source of unfathomable strength as support when dealing with thorny situations. When facing emotional conditions that are either risky or test your sense of security, you’ll reach deep within and tap into the warrior-like power you didn’t even realize you have. Even if you feel like you’re under emotional duress, with far too many obligations weighing you down, you’ll find it possible to tip the scales and maintain your balance in the face of difficulties.
It’s hard to imagine a Gorilla being an Animal that you can initially connect with, especially when you’re one who sidesteps conflict and avoids emotional turmoil at all costs. But that’s why Gorilla enters your awareness—the time for running from conditions has come to an end. Now, just because a Gorilla might conjure images of aggressiveness, you’ll find the Animal has a rather peaceful nature and a highly sophisticated means of communication. 
Part of Gorilla’s Medicine involves learning how to speak your mind, whether it’s with the words you choose or in the way you “posture” yourself. Consider yourself the Hermit Crab, stripped of a protective shell this month. You’ll have to rely on your ability to stand your ground and speak your mind, which Gorilla fully supports you in doing effectively.
Gorilla prefers the company of companions and will care for those within their group, so you will also be far more social in the final month of summer. Any fear you may have had in expressing how you feel, particularly if you’re in a romantic relationship or haven’t yet told someone how you feel, will fade away. Gorilla offers you the energetic support you need to say what you mean and mean what you say. It may even seem like you’ve suddenly found your voice, and any fear you’ve had in using it is just as suddenly non-existent!
As usual and just like Gorilla, you’ll put a heavy focus on creating a happy home atmosphere and in strengthening or maintaining the bonds with friends and family. If you have children, you’re a natural at parenting, giving your kids just the right amount of quality attention and discipline. If you’ve been at odds with loved ones, in August your relationships will improve and you’ll see family and friends offer you more respect. When it comes to working with others, either in the work setting or on a personal project, you’ll find collaborative efforts go quite smoothly, especially with the lines of communication wide open. When called into a leadership position, Gorilla’s energies are perfect to work with, allowing you to command the respect you deserve.

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Leo Spirit Animalscope: Croc Skink & Mantis

croc skink & mantis spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Croc Skink & Mantis represents Concealment, Elusively, & Boundaries! Discover the Crocodile Skink & Mantis’ Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Croc Skink & Mantis appears as your Spirit Animal Guides for August, Leo, making it a month to focus on collaborative efforts, the betterment of the community, and a time for establishing personal boundaries. Mantises hang out in groups called “congregations,” so the creature focuses on community efforts and group gatherings, even if it is small. In contrast, the Croc Skink is an elusive creature, preferring solitude over community. So you’ll find an interesting balance or movement back and forth between a desire to socialize and hide away from society, even if it’s only temporary.

The awareness of your surroundings will heighten this month, thanks to Mantis’s energetic support, which can move its head a full 180 degrees. Since Mantis also has two compound eyes, visual clues will be important in deciphering the conditions surrounding existing situations and relationships. You may find you “see” more clearly or have the ability to “see through people” and their underlying motives with greater certainty. Mantis only has one ear. They use a form of echolocation to detect ultrasounds, meaning you’re likely to have one or more clairaudient experiences, or you’ll be able to hear what people aren’t necessarily saying vocally.

Mantises sometimes take on a stance that makes them look like they are praying, so your Animal Companion enters your life this month to encourage you to focus on your spiritual path. If you’ve been on automatic pilot or going through the motions, Mantis supports you in living both more mindfully and prayerfully.

If you find you need a little downtime away from the crowd, Croc Skink is the ideal Animal Spirit Guide to show you just how to embrace a low profile. Croc Skinks enjoy the cloak of darkness the nighttime offers to remain safe from would-be predators. If you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable, the creature supports you in finding an emotional haven where you can lie low until you’re ready to take your place in the sun once more. A little bit of elusiveness allows you to find the perfect balance between your exceptionally social personality and the need for quiet time to still your mind and re-center.

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Virgo Spirit Animalscope: Centaur

centaur spirit animal horoscope 300x471

Centaur represents Bravery, Chivalry, & one’s Primal Nature! Discover the Centaur’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

In August, a wonderous and chimerical creature hoofs its way into your day-to-day existence, Virgo. Your Animal Spirit Guide is none other than the mythological Centaur: A creature that is half-human, half-horse, originating in tales from Ancient Greece. Since your Animal Companion has the attributes of both a Human Animal and a Horse, this month will present you with a number of challenges, the first being a need to discover a balance between your “tame side” and your all-too-often-suppressed wild nature.

This month, you may find you place far more emphasis on physically expressing affections in an existing romance, or you may seek out casual encounters for physical gratification. Things may also prove spicier in your love life, where you’re more willing to be experimental with your partner. In your day-to-day existence, you’re feeling more “wild,” and are looking for more adventurous pursuits. It’s a month where you’ll override your typical analytic mindset. You’ll find yourself quite content throwing caution to the wind, and willing to take bigger risks both romantically and on the financial front.

Horses are strong creatures with a wild, free spirit; they can prove quite willful and obstinate in some instances. You may feel there’s been an emotional part of you, one you’ve been ignoring or neglecting for a long time, something that is fighting for release and acknowledgement.

You may connect on an energetic level with Chiron, the Wounded Healer: A Centaur who encourages the exploration and healing of old emotional wounds. The examination may prove difficult, more so the longer you’ve held onto the painful feelings. But Centaur’s entry into your awareness is a gift. It allows you to eradicate old emotional codes that hold you back from achieving success or happiness in existing or future relationships.

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Libra Spirit Animalscope: Elephant (Justice)

Elephant Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
Elephant symbolizes Justice, Karma, Strength, & Intuition! Discover Elephant’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Elephant stampedes in as your Spirit Animal Guide this month, Libra, promising to help you level the scales in areas of your life where you’ve been experiencing imbalance. If you’ve been racking up the good karma coins as of late, you can rest assured in knowing positive events are about to unfold. But Elephant also comes to you as a potential warning. If you’ve been the source of your disharmony or you’ve been behaving in negative ways, the karmic scales are about to make all sides of the equation even. Elephant is an omen of reaping what you sow, a philosophy ideally aligned with the energetic influences that come with the arrival of the first harvest season, August 1-2nd on Llamas.

Elephant is larger than life and refuses to be ignored when it enters your awareness. You’ll no longer be able to refuse to acknowledge the figurative Elephant in the room. If you’ve been in denial about something, hiding feelings, or avoiding dealing with a situation that challenges your personal comfort, part of Elephant’s lesson involves understanding the only way to peace of mind is moving through conditions, not avoiding them. Elephant has large ears, both of which symbolize a need to listen to Higher Wisdom or the Higher Self or hear what you need to in the way of Divine Guidance.

Your Animal Companion represents all things just, including “just” or “fair” dealings in relationships and business. With Elephant being so large and impressive, the creature encourages you to stand your ground. Elephant makes a significant impact when it sets its feet to the earth, and herein is another lesson from your Animal Ally. Elephant encourages you to pay attention to the actions you take and their lasting effect. Also, with Elephant spending its time in herds, you will want to find comfort and support through your circle of friends or by committing yourself to community efforts.

Part of Elephant’s Medicine involves keeping a balanced perspective and not allowing mistruths to cloud your thinking. The creature is grey, suggesting you will have to weigh both the pros and cons of a situation before making any major decisions. If it’s the truth in the matter you seek, Elephant counsels, “It lies somewhere in the middle.”

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Scorpio Spirit Animalscope: Porcupine

porcupine spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Porcupine represents Wisdom, Courage, & Creativity! Discover the Porcupine’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

You’ll be putting up defenses against the outside world this month, Scorpio. Instead of using the figurative venomous barb of the Scorpion, you’ll be more like the Porcupine, surrounding itself in a bed of sharp quills! Porcupine may look adorable as it waddles into your awareness, but make no mistake about it, the creature, which happens to be your Spirit Animal Guide for August, is genuinely one that knows how to make a point, pun intended!

The quills of your Animal Ally are sharp, piercing, and nearly impossible to remove once someone or something encounters them; not only is Porcupine’s message amazingly clear, the meaning of what it communicates has a long-lasting effect on the recipient! You, too, will have the same impact when communicating with others, meaning Porcupine supports you when you want people to acknowledge what you have to say and understand what you mean. You’ll have no problem getting your point across with screaming clarity.

Your Animal Ally is also a symbol of enlightenment; when all its 30,000 quills stand at full attention, it looks much like a blazing hot sun, so the creature has solar connotations. The sun’s connection is ideally suited to August’s hot summer days, but also suggests you’ll seek out new sources of spiritual illumination or knowledge this month.

Porcupine corresponds with the element of Fire, so you can anticipate being all fired up, highly creative, and ready to forge forward headlong into the future when it comes to personal projects or career pursuits. Things are likely to heat up in the area of love as well. Still, Porcupine cautions that you drop the quills before looking to emotionally connect with others, allowing such vulnerability permits greater intimacy.

If you’re nervous about stepping into the limelight or claiming what’s rightfully yours in the way of rewards and acknowledgment, Porcupine supports you by helping you put up emotional protections until you’re feeling more secure. Here, Porcupine Energy assists in the diversion of any negativity, allowing you to keep it at bay by simply refusing to allow negative forces influence over your reality. Porcupine Medicine helps you build an emotional shield of sorts, like a barrier between your softer side and the sometimes harsher energies of the external world.

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Sagittarius Spirit Animalscope: Frog (4 of Cups)

frog spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Frog represents the 4 of Cups, Transformation, & Leaps of Faith! Discover Frog’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Frog hops into your reality as your Animal Spirit Guide for August, Sagittarius, and not a moment too soon. No doubt you’re feeling restless, feeling a need to engage in new exploits, or craving some adventure in your life. Things have been far too calm for your comfort; seeing a little bit of excitement in your day-to-day world is your typical formula for happiness. Frog enters your awareness to let you know the situation and energies around you are transforming—the standstill is over. Indeed, Frog’s appearance announces that it’s time for you to “get hopping!”

If you’ve been considering taking a risk in a relationship, by either sharing feelings or simply trying to connect with someone, Frog Medicine helps you develop the emotional strength it requires to take that leap of faith and jump all in! If you’ve been holding back on telling someone you love them, it’s probably been like you have a figurative “frog in your throat.” Frog enters your life to let you know it’s time to speak your truth.

Frog transitions easily from land to water, so the creature signifies a balance between emotional and intellectual pursuits. The creature supports you when navigating through feelings as easily as you steer your course in any other part of your life. You cannot stay a figurative tadpole forever; eventually, Frog develops strong legs. If you’re contemplating doing something that really takes you out of your comfort zone, your Animal Ally encourages you to dive all in and take a chance. When working with Frog Energy, you’re promised forward movement in leaps and bounds!

If you’re facing a rite of passage in your life, Frog Energies will help you handle the change with grace. As a between creature, Frog achieves a balance between Earth and Water elements, so you’ll be able to calm your emotional uncertainties as you ground, thereby steadying yourself through upcoming transitions. Your Animal Companion also has a unique voice, one it doesn’t hesitate to use and allow all to hear. So, if you’ve been waiting to express your voice or state your unique opinion, Frog says, “Jump right in and get the conversation flowing!”

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Capricorn Spirit Animalscope: Snail

snail spirit animal horoscopes 300x471
Snail represents Safety, Self-Reliance, & Resourcefulness! Discover the Snail’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Make no mistake about it, Capricorn, just because your Animal Spirit Guide for August is small, it doesn’t mean the creature’s energetic influence doesn’t offer a powerful impact! Also true is the fact that Snail has a tremendous amount to offer in the way of Sacred Wisdom and Medicine. Of course, the first and foremost lesson that comes from your Wise Animal Teacher is that “slow and steady wins the race.” When Snail quietly, and almost unnoticeably slips its way into your reality, it’s to remind you, the end goal is not as crucial as each step you take toward your aspirations. The real wins are something you find when enjoying every small step along the way!

Ironically enough, though at first hard to imagine, there are even some species of Snails that correspond with solar energies. For example, when curled up into a little ball, the Horned Nerite Snail looks like a blazing sun with projective rays of light! As such, the Snail proves a microcosmic image of the macrocosm. Here, your Animal Companion enters your awareness with the message that, with time and patience, you’ll be able to manifest your desires, especially if you acknowledge the Hermetic formula, “As above, so below!”

You are naturally patient, and that’s a good thing, Capricorn. Your imperturbability will allow you to embrace the energetic influence of Snail with considerable ease. Snail encourages you to take your time developing business strategies or planning the steps you want to take toward getting a relationship off the ground. The calm, steady approach promises emotional stability, even when you step into areas far beyond what makes you comfortable.

At the same time, part of Snail’s Medicine involves learning how to smooth the pathways to your success, whether that’s using sweet sentiments to woo someone or powerful language to persuade an audience. Snail creates lubrication, which allows it more natural movement, particularly when traveling through an area that might otherwise prove a challenge. Figuratively “Greasing the wheels” is something the tiny creature encourages, which allows you to manage precious energy resources over the long haul pursuit of any goal.

The outwardly growing spiraled Snail shell connotes Feminine Divine Energies. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel an intense desire to connect with one or more Feminine Aspects of the Godhead. Whether it’s Marian imagery or a powerful Goddess from an ancient pantheon that you connect with, the period is one where you’ll dive deeply into emotional exploration for profound self-discovery. You’ll also find that you are more compassionate and nurturing with others, and even yourself. Arcane knowledge piques your interests all through August as well—Snail’s entrance into your reality is truly a blessing, one announcing a period of intense spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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Aquarius Spirit Animalscope: Bear (Queen of Pentacles)

bear spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Bear represents the Queen of Pentacles, Abundance, & Boundaries! Discover Bear’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Bear steps into your awareness for August as your Animal Spirit Guide, Aquarius. The creature’s presence comes with the message that you may feel a need to protect all that you value or cherish in the coming days. Bear is a fierce, strong, and territorial Animal Ally, more than willing to use every bit of its strength to defend its cubs, aggressively if need be. You, too, may encounter situations in relationships or at work, where others overstep their boundaries. With Bear’s Energies for support, you’ll have no trouble standing your ground and defining your territory’s lines.

When something threatens Bear, the creature rises on its hind legs, making its full and impressive size known. In August, when you face seemingly insurmountable obstacles or during times when you need to make your convictions known, Bear assists you in taking a stand and in making an impression. Anyone or anything challenging your position, will think twice when you take Bear’s lessons to heart, especially when it comes to standing tall and rising above threatening conditions!

Bears hibernate during the winter, so part of their sacred Wisdom involves knowing when to rest and conserve your energy and when to act. If you develop a particularly strong connection with Bear and see the creature as a Totem or Power Animal, you will find you share some of Bear’s attributes, being more active during the spring and summer and less so in the fall and winter months. Bear is one that instinctively senses the change of seasons, so part of Bear Medicine involves tuning into, not just your intuition, but the rhythm and cycles of the Earth. Bear emerges into your life when it’s time to connect with Mother Nature, refueling one’s heart, mind, and spirit with the positive vibrations you can drink in through the exposure to the natural light of the sun.

Your Animal Ally loves sweetness; there’s a reason why Winnie the Pooh is always after that full honey pot! So, when you find this creature entering your day-to-day existence, Bear’s message involves recognizing all the sweet things in your life. The things that will bring you the most joy might be decadent foods and also includes things like witnessing the innocence of a child who is newly discovering something about the world or the myriad blessings you gain from having a supportive circle of friends and family. Bear says, “Life is sweet; enjoy!”

Pisces Spirit Animalscope: Opossum

opossum spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Opossum represents Capriciousness, Adaptability, & Concealment! Discover the Opossum’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Your Animal Spirit Guide for August is the Opossum, Pisces, and you may be surprised by how many attributes you share with your Animal Ally. Opossum is an intelligent creature that is protective of the self and its young and knows just how to escape a situation when it detects a threat. You are witty, protective of your emotions, and tend to guard everything you hold dear. You’re also one who feels things quite deeply while never truly forgetting an emotional slight. Such attributes make you an equally skilled escape artist, as you withdraw from the external world when you look to protect your heart, dreams, hopes, and visions.

So, when Opossum enters your daily existence, you’ll have your psychic senses set on “red alert” throughout the entire month. Whether dealing with relationship issues, matters of career and finance, or even when pursuing personal aspirations, you’ll be tuning in to all the higher and subtle vibrations around you to make sure you’re on track. If you perceive a threat in any way, you’ll either change course or retreat into your emotional fortress until you detect safer energetic influences coming from your external environment.

Just like Opossum when it faints and “seems dead,” you’ll step out of the limelight and become just like a wallflower. So convincing is Opossum in “faking death,” it also gives off a bad odor that one might encounter if the creature had died. You’re equally convincing when you “Play Possum,” stopping any movement forward, so you don’t draw attention to yourself. You’ll even give off a vibration that prevents others from wanting to step into your clearly defined boundaries.

Expect heightened activity in the evening hours since your Animal Companion is nocturnal. Your mind will be clearer as will your ability to tune into others psychically. Your interests in spiritual pursuits will also likely increase during August; Opossum corresponds with the unknown and the mysteries because of its nocturnal behaviors. A longing for arcane knowledge will stir within you, as will a desire to connect with the rhythms of the earth and nature.

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