White and Albino Animal Symbolism & Meaning

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White and Albino Animal Symbolism & Meaning

Do you feel something pulling you toward a higher calling? Interested in learning how to manipulate (in a good way) energy? A solid White or Albino Animal, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! White and Albino Animals help you discover your soul’s path, how to work with the holistic healing arts, and connect more deeply to divine realms. Delve into these divine animals’ symbolism and meaning to find out how these Animal Spirit Guides can support, heal, and inspire you.

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White and Albino Animal Symbolism & Meaning

The symbolism for White or Albino Animals first focuses on the color white itself. White is pure, brilliant, and it reflects and scatters all wavelengths of light. White embodies peace, virtue, lunar energies, creativity, psychic impressions, divine messages and visitations, and the Monad from which enlightenment originates. When you’ve been visited (in-person or via dreams/meditations) by a solid White animal be alerted that something powerful and special is happening.

It is rare when a creature is pure White. The scarcity of Animals with white coloring is likely due to genetics and survival: A White Animal is easier to see against the backdrop of the natural world and, therefore, a target for predators. Yet, it is their rarity that makes people revere them so; Albino Animals serve as the bearers of great wisdom, magic, omens, and truths.

There’re myriad examples of White Animals having religious or sacred significance. Star Lions of South Africa are gifts from the Sun God. The White Kermode Bear of British Columbia is a Spirit Animal made by the Raven using supernatural powers. In Thailand and India, White Elephants represent purity, overcoming obstacles, and beauty while proving sacred to the Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha, The Opener of Paths, who takes on the guise of an Elephant. In Egypt, the White Peacock is an Alchemical symbol used in a code for a specific stage in an Alchemist’s work; the creature embodies all aspects of pure, essential light, and the goal of attaining the elusive “pearl of great price: enlightenment.”

White and Albino Animal Spirit Animal

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When an Albino or White Spirit Animal makes itself known to you, it brings good news. A White or Albino Spirit Animal tells you dramatic, but positive changes are happening. If you have been striving for spiritual growth, this Spirit Animal foretells of your awakening. The creature may support magical or psychic development.

Some White Spirit Animals can be messengers from Angels, Teachers, or your Ancestors since White corresponds with Spirit. Another function for White Spirit Animals is acting as bearers of peace. Such Animal Allies appear in your awareness to call on you to do or be better. Your Animal Ally’s arrival suggests you might be too harsh with yourself or others. It’s time to reexamine your expectations and to forgive yourself for any shortcomings or acknowledge your humanness.

Because the color White is so very closely associated with the angelic realms, a visitation from a solid White animal can mean that angels are surrounding and protecting you – this means animal angels as well.

White and Albino Animal Totem Animal

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People with a White Totem Animal are a unique breed. They are seers, sages, prophets, and often misunderstood because they walk in such close interaction with otherworldly Beings and Realms. In ancient times, and even today, such individuals become Shamans and Wise People, Healers, Magicians, Priests, and Priestesses. The White Totem Animal Medicine has intense magic that’s undeniable.

If a White or Albino Animal is your Totem, show yourself patience and understanding. You felt you were old even as a child and have lived several lifetimes filled with lessons. Your heart sings with sacred music, your eyes see the wonders of the world, and you dream of what humankind can be in amazing clarity.

You may find yourself called into Lightwork or Energy working because you have an innate understanding of energetic influences. You may move into healing arts or teaching a specific spiritual path. No matter what, your life will be anything but ordinary. You see what others cannot or will not and can move from one reality to another with little mental effort. To you, it is all the same, all one, all ever-present. Yours is not an easy calling, but restoring the earth to balance is foremost on your mind.

White and Albino Animal Power Animal

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All Power Animals live within you. At any time you can invoke and access the energies abundant in White or Albino Animal Allies. The key here is choosing your Power Animal according to both its specific hue (white) and your ultimate goals. If you seek the wisdom of White Owl Spirit, it will bubble up uncluttered by illusion. If you want improvements in your ability to save and build resources and call on White Squirrel, know the focus will be on actual needs, not wants. An example of this would be that Squirrels “need” to store food for winter rather than ‘want’.

Because White & Albino animals are so closely associated to heaven, angels, and divinity you can invoke them as a Power Animal when you need or want to access your own divine nature and/or be surrounded by angelic warriors. Let’s say you know you have a problem with judging and you want to be more benevolent, forgiving, or plain ol’ just don’t want to be a person who judges but, rather, works from a place of acceptance. The angelic power in White & Albino Animals is the perfect energy and medicine for this. Then, when you have identified the specific animal energy you want to invoke now that’s a double energetic whammy! 😉 And, since you can be fairly certain there’s been at least one Albino Animal born in every species the opportunities for magic are endless!

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Native American White and Albino Animal Symbolic Meanings

Throughout Native American cultures, people protect White or Albino Creatures. It is taboo to hunt or kill such a creature, and so doing incurred curses and the wrath of many Nature Spirits. Of all the White Animals, however, it is the White Buffalo taking center stage with ancient knowledge.

When a rare, precious White Bison is born, it is the time for celebration. The creature presents the hope of unity, awakening, positive ideals, and peace in the coming years. White Buffalo symbolism originates, in part, from the legend of the Lakota, Sioux version of White Buffalo Calf Woman, who taught the tribe important ceremonies and gave them the peace pipe.

On a spiritual level, the White Buffalo symbolizes stamina and strength or the ability to achieve a noble goal. The creature lends you courage so you can overcome the greatest challenges. The White Buffalo is prophetic as its sighting indicates a significant change is underway: A transformation with the ability to influence the entire world.

Celtic White and Albino Animal Symbolic Meanings

Celtic hunters paid close attention to the unanticipated appearance of White Animals, considered supernatural beasts. Celtic and Welsh myths brim with examples of people pursuing White Creatures as part of a magical quest. Sometimes, the White Animals lay a trap for humans, or the entire adventure turns into a meaningful lesson.

Albino and White Colored Animals featured in Celtic myths include the White Boar, which is cunning and symbolizes creativity and the muse, while a White Bull is an emblem of power. White Dogs are sacred to Arawn, and the White Stag, a creature embodying grace, heralds change and gentle action. The White Sow is sacred to Cerridwen, the Goddess of Inspiration and Rebirth.

White and Albino Animal Dreams

Dream interpretation puts a lot of stock in colors appearing in our dreams. White is no exception. The brighter and sharper the color White, the more profound the positivity corresponding to the White Animal in question.

White Animals have some ties to urges and sexuality but in a good way. Dreaming of one or more White Creatures implies you may have to come to terms with the “Animal” within, accept your true feelings or find acceptable ways of engaging your desires. White Horses in the dreamscape represent passion, motivation, and drive. The unbridled White Horse shows self-expression while a tame Horse implies you are holding back on pursuing what you desire.

A White Rabbit in your dream has ties to your inner world: The ideas and talents hiding just beneath the surface waiting for discovery; the same creature signifies curiosity and wonder, as does the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” If a White Animal turns a dark color, it suggests a loss of innocence or purity, or it implies the movement from a non-experienced state into one of experience.

Far Eastern White and Albino Animal Symbolic Meanings

In the Far East, White is the color of morning and death, but the meaning of White Animals isn’t so different from what similar creatures come to represent in Western iconography and symbology. A White Wood-Eating Ant, though hard-working, only has self-interest in mind. The creature symbolizes selfish intent. White Cranes signify happiness, devotion, and wish fulfillment. White Bats represent longevity since legends tell of them living 1,000 years. White Dogs are auspicious creatures in folk tales, and White Snakes are sacred to Benzaiten: The Goddess of the Arts and Prosperity. Benzaiten’s messenger is a giant White Snake. Finally, a White Tiger is The Guardian of the Western Corner of Creation who governs the season of autumn.

White and Albino Animal Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Awakening
  • Enlightenment
  • Honorable Intent or Deeds
  • Peace
  • Purity
  • Sacred Energies
  • Spirituality
  • Transformation
  • Unity
  • Virtue

4 thoughts on “White and Albino Animal Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Darryl Hotaling says:

    i recently had an experience with an albino skunk.. came up to me… put its feet on my leg and sniffed,,, then wandered away..

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Darryl,
      I am not sure what it means but I had a similar experience in a very lucid dream where a brilliant white stallion galloped down a mountain and around towards me. As it got close, it morphed into a pure white wolf that ran directly to me and lied down next to me. It rested against my leg momentarily before it got up and trotted away on it’s journey.

  2. Tonya says:

    On my birthday 12/27/72 a friend came to my house ar 12 an. A albino buck was outside of the window in room I was in. I didnt see him but my friend said he was albino and beautiful. I have also been told I’m special and I have felt special also. I guess because I jave been mistreated most of my life I am a calm soft spoken person . This ielderly lady in her last days came into my office to see Dr. I worked for. She was mesmorized. She called me beautiful angel. Can this. Albino deer being spotted on my birthday mean something?

  3. Anna says:

    found an albino horseshoe crab on most recent visit to the beach

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