Spirit Animalscopes for March 2020

Spirit Animalscopes March 2020

Welcome to WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com’s Spirit Animalscopes! This is your unique monthly forecast that’s part astrology, part tarot, and lots of Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals! I’ve combined these three modalities to give you a broader overview of the energies for your zodiac sign, month by month. Make sure to bookmark us or sign up for the newsletter so you get this deep insight each and every month!

Overview: Squirrel (Ace of Wands)

squirrel spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Squirrel represents the Ace of Wands, Change, & Bonding! Discover Squirrel’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

In March, many of us will feel friendly and optimistic, thanks to the entrance of Squirrel as our Animal Ally. Energy levels are high now, especially with the arrival of spring and our ability to sense the new beginnings on our horizon. Moments of pleasant nostalgia rise up within us when we review the past year, while we revel in the idea of fresh starts.

Squirrel scurries into our day-to-day existence, and the creature’s entrance seems quick. We’ll experience an immediate upsurge in energy, which continues the entire month through. Squirrel waves its furry tail at us as if to snap us out of the dreamy and romantic haze we had in February. Our Animal Ally’s message comes with a sense of urgency: “Focus now; play later!”

Practicality is the name of the game. It’s a last-ditch effort to ready ourselves for the changes to come. Organization, stocking up on resources, and wrapping up loose ends will be part of our preparation.

Yet, Squirrel reminds us as serious and sensible as we have to be, we still must make a little time for play. Here, our Animal Ally urges us to spend time with friends and family. We’ll continue find a sense of routine and normalcy this year by putting concrete plans into action.

For some, the close of the old year was more bittersweet than we thought it might be. Squirrel understands that not every plan bears fruit in the way we might expect. But, part of Squirrel’s Medicine resides in its message of hope. Squirrel stores precious acorns away for the colder season, but doesn’t always rediscover the little gems it has hidden away. The unfound acorns will now take root, and eventually grow into massive Oaks: Nature’s sentinels standing strong against the winds of change while preventing the erosion of the earth itself. Here, our Animal Companion comes to let us know everything we do is worthwhile—Nothing is a waste of time.

Squirrel is a gentle Animal Guide as it reminds us that, “The journey matters most, not the destination.” As we get ready to embrace whatever the spring carries in on the winds, Squirrel encourages us to look at where we are, not how far we’ve come or how far we think we have to go.

Squirrel also advises us that preparing ahead is done for a specific purpose; it frees us to live thoughtfully, prayerfully, and in the moment without uncertainty about how we’ll sustain ourselves in the most basic sense. Our readiness leaves each one of us with the ability to jump on the right opportunities the moment they arrive.

Spirit Animalscopes for All 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries Spirit Animalscope: Elephant (Justice)

Elephant Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
Elephant symbolizes Justice, Karma, Strength, & Intuition! Discover Elephant’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

For you, Aries, you’ll be relying on your gut instincts a lot in March, especially since your Animal Spirit Guide is the mighty and majestic Elephant. It’s also a period where Karmic balance plays a key role in what unfolds in your life. Elephant has a long memory, and the creature’s energy brings justice and Universal balance. If you’ve been putting coins in the karmic piggy bank by doing good deeds, then rewards are coming your way. If, however, you still have to balance your karma, you’ll have one or more opportunities to do so as spring begins. One way or another, while walking behind Elephant’s gentle stride or thunderous stampede, you’ll enter 2020 the new season with karmic scales in balance.

The profound truth is something you’ll face, and if you’ve been wearing blinders, whether intentionally or not, March’s air brings on the wind of change resulting in an emotional or spiritual awakening. You’ll be equally demanding on others, expecting nothing but the entire truth in negotiations, discussions, debates, or emotional expression. Elephant has exceptional gut instincts and equally good hearing, so you’ll be able to detect if someone’s words or heartfelt emotions don’t ring of truth.

Though your Animal Ally seems fierce, part of Elephant’s wisdom is compassion and mercy. As you interact with others, Elephant reminds you to remember everyone’s humanness, including your own. If someone has wronged you, your Animal Ally encourages forgiveness and understanding, even if you have to turn some of your compassion on yourself.

Taurus Spirit Animalscope: Fly (Five of Swords)

fly spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Fly represents the 5 of Swords, Omens, & Recovery! Discover Fly’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Fly is your Animal Spirit Guide, so you’ll face some pesky challenges this month, Taurus. But if you handle things just right, you’ll make it through March relatively unscathed. You’ll spend a lot of time reflecting on the past year, your accomplishments, and what you still want to achieve. Frustration stems from knowing what you want and having to work at making it happen. Now, part of Fly’s lesson is that nothing worthwhile comes easy, and herein lies the question Fly wants you to examine: “Is what you want really worth all the fuss?”

Fly comes with a warning of sorts, letting you know this is no time to wallow in emotion. Part of Fly’s Medicine reminds you that negativity only breeds more of the same. If you’ve been slipping into automatic pilot mode and merely existing instead of being an active participant in your life, your Animal Ally will nag at you until you come out of your slump!

No amount of swatting will chase Fly away as your Guide demands you take notice. The creature carries on its wings the message that there’s no time for stagnation, time is of the essence, and you’ve got a lot of work ahead. Fly’s Energy urges you to deal with unresolved emotions, face regrets, and to cut away negative patterns, beliefs, or relationships. The coming spring season seems far more promising if you will let bygones be bygones.

Gemini Spirit Animalscope: Seal (Ten of Cups)

seal spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Seal represents the 10 of Cups, Contentment, & Promise! Discover the Seal’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

This month the Universe calls on you to find the ever-hard-to-nail-down happy medium, Gemini, and it does so with the entrance of Seal as your Spirit Animal Guide. Defining what happiness means to you is necessary before you can achieve all you desire. Seal comes into your life to remind you contentment is something you’ll gain through deliberate action and meticulous planning. Seal says: “You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you truly desire.”

Now, for all the seriousness you’ll need for planning ahead, Seal knows it’s easy to lose sight of happiness if you’re continually looking at the next mile marker instead of the blessings you already have before you. If you’re constant in swimming deeper into the realm of hopes and dreams, the waters of emotion become murky and blinding.
Your Animal Ally also comes to remind you that play is equally necessary. Living in the moment, engaging in your passions, and satiating the needs of your inner child keep emotional scales in balance. It’s time to get back in touch with your family, socialize with friends, and embrace the traditions that serve as touchstones along life’s path. A little self-love goes a long way too; part of Seal’s wisdom is finding joy in simplicity.

Cancer Spirit Animalscope: Dragonfly (Eight of Wands)

dragonfly spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Dragonfly represents the 8 of Wands, Promise, & Blessings! Discover Dragonfly’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Your world is full of color this month, Cancer. Dragonfly flies into your life, bringing colorful dreams and visions on its wings. Your psychic senses are on overdrive, and you’ll feel almost electric when you recognize your connection to the Universe and the Matrix of Life. So attuned are you to otherworldly realms and vibrations, you’ll be a beacon of light for others who may feel as if they’ve lost their way.

Success is almost within your reach, and you can sense it. While there may be a few details that seem shadowy or vague, you trust in your inner knowing, which tells you everything will be just fine. That’s because Dragonfly can exist in two worlds: water and land. Your Animal Guide comes with lessons on how to walk between worlds in confidence to gain the sacred wisdom you need. You’ll feel more energetic than usual, and any issues with emotional insecurity seem to fall to the wayside.

Part of Dragonfly’s Medicine is learning how to move with grace; you’ll have no problem making concise decisions at the drop of a dime. If it’s necessary to change course mid-path, Dragonfly is nature’s aerialist and will show you how to change direction without missing a beat. Hesitation is absent from Dragonfly’s Energy, so get ready to move forward and for things to pick up speed full force. Your spirit this month is light and free. Nothing will bring you down now. Fly into your joy and shine!

Leo Spirit Animalscope: Tiger (King of Wands)

tiger spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Tiger represents King of Wands, Awareness, & Determination! Discover the Tiger’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

You’re coming into the month strong as ever Leo. It’s all thanks to the entry of the Tiger as your Animal Ally. You can really relate to this Big Cat too, seeing you have an inner Lion within you. Tiger comes into your life, doubling your sense of personal power, fortifying your confidence, and tuning you into your steely strength and stealth. You won’t let emotion rule any day, as your intellect remains at the helm, steering you toward all you dream. If Tiger has a mantra to share with you this month, it’s “Veni vidi vici,” or “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Whatever your ambitions are, this is the month where you can practically taste all you desire. Tiger’s bold colors make it a visual draw and express just how charismatic you’ll prove this month. People swarm around you, some wanting to get to know you and others looking to emulate your style. Don’t be surprised if others seek you out as a mentor just because you have that “Eye of the Tiger” look about you.

Your intuition, awareness, and observation are sharp, as is your wit, so you’ll find interactions with others effortless. You’ll be able to sniff out any trouble long before it blows in your direction. All you have to do is silence yourself and listen to the subtle cues others give off to know exactly where you stand. Since your Animal Spirit is an apex predator, you won’t feel threatened by anyone else, either emotionally or physically. Even if you’ve had strained relationships with family or friends in the past, it seems this month everyone’s willing to get along with you; No one wants to grab a Tiger by its tail!

Virgo Spirit Animalscope: Mouse (Three of Pentacles)

mouse spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Mouse represents the 3 of Pentacles, Innovation, & Wits! Discover Mouse’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Scurrying into your life this month is the Mouse as your Animal Spirit Guide, Virgo. Yes, your Animal Ally is tiny, but it makes no small impact on you or the days to come. Mouse is all personality and brings with it, messages about opportunity and hidden, yet to discover gems coming your way. March brings you a chance to put yourself all into your work, a project, or a relationship and to make the most out of the blessings you receive.

If you’ve been working on your magnum opus, you’ll find nothing blocking you from your success. Mouse is a cunning creature, supporting you as you hone your craft and create a masterpiece like no other. You won’t lack the tools or materials you need. Mouse knows just how to find the resources it requires and often at such an opportune moment, it seems miraculous.

Mouse encourages you to keep your nose to the grindstone. Your Animal Ally is a master at survival, so quitting is not part of its nature; among your Animal Companion’s lessons are the rewards for diligence, hypervigilance, and determination. If you don’t invent something new, your ingenuity will have you redesign the method for doing something more efficiently. Mouse says, “This is no time for Cat and Mouse games, friend. The pursuit of your dreams is on, and you’re near the finish line!”

Libra Spirit Animalscope: Puffin (The Fool)

puffin spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Puffin represents The Fool, Quests, & New Starts! Discover Puffin’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

This month, your Animal Spirit Guide, the Puffin, will have you feeling adventurous and ready for fun! Now, Puffin has an awkward gait and struggles when trying to fly or come in for a landing. But, once Puffin takes to wing, its flight is smooth. So, like your Animal Ally, the month may start a bit shaky energetically, but you’ll finish up March with the days full of contentment and a relaxing vibe. Like the old saying goes, “March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a lamb.”“Not to worry,” Puffin says, “Take that leap of faith knowing everything works out in the end.”

After being out to sea for several years, Puffin returns to its native land once more. Here, Puffin urges you to answer your own calling to home as your heart longs for a reconnection with family roots. It’s time to enjoy the company of loved ones. Sweet memories of childhood await, and a deep sense of nostalgia fills you during the final days in March.

As you look to the New Year ahead, you may feel uncertain about anything to come. Still, there’s a strange sense of adventure brewing within, and you won’t have any fear embarking on the journey before you. Puffin supports you in making the first few steps into what awaits, all while making you aware that you have enough experience under your belt to handle anything that comes your way. Your Animal Guide dives deep into ocean waters, sometimes hundreds of feet, to retrieve nourishment, so exploring the emotional depth of your soul and missions involving self-discovery also await you in the days ahead.

Scorpio Spirit Animalscope: Manta Ray (Temperance)

manta ray spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Manta Ray symbolizes The Hanged Man, Stillness, & Reflection! Discover Manta Ray’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Manta Ray symbolizes The Hanged Man, Stillness, & Reflection! Discover Manta Ray’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Things are coming together nicely this month, Scorpio, as the Mantra Ray glides in as your Spirit Animal Guide. Manta Ray’s energies resonate with harmony and balance while supporting your self-reliance. If you’ve lacked ambition as of late, you’ll see a significant increase in the desire to get things done this month. Manta Ray encourages you to make concrete decisions, to come down off the fence, and to take progressive steps in building the life and relationships you really want.

Your inner and outer world will appear utterly different after working with Manta Ray’s Medicine. All emotional storms within calm, clouded thoughts drift away, and a sense of clarity comes over you. The same balance appears in your outer world once you have established it in your inner sphere. Part of Manta Ray’s Wisdom is “As above, so below, as within, so without.” The simplicity of this Universal symmetry may even shock you, leaving you wondering why you didn’t realize it could be this easy to fulfill your ambitions before now.

Synchronicity will seem to be everywhere you look. Things seem to fall into place, sometimes with no effort on your part at all. It leaves you free to bask in the moment and satiate your soul with the heartfelt joy one experiences through mindful living and connection with Spirit. If you’re looking for romance, true love unfolds right before your very eyes. If it’s a little magic and wonder you seek, Manta Ray will have you seeing the miracles everywhere.

Sagittarius Spirit Animalscope: Raccoon (Page of Wands)

raccoon spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Raccoon represents Page of Wands, Youth, & Ambition! Discover the Raccoon’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Raccoon scurries in as your Animal Spirit Guide, Sagittarius, which gives you a serious boost in your confidence and drive. You already carry many of Raccoon’s attributes within you, as you’re brave, bold, playful, adventurous, and sometimes a tad mischievous. In March, you’ll see the world through a youthful lens, and endless possibilities await.

But your wise Animal Ally cautions you to mind your words and actions. Raccoon sees what it wants and takes it, without consideration of the personal boundaries it may cross in doing so. If your actions are rash or you behave egocentrically, you may face uncomfortable consequences.

Throughout the days of March, you’ll find you have an insatiable curiosity about the world and people. For the entrance of spring, you’ll turn that curiosity inward to explore how your current identity compares to your most ideal self. Raccoon wears a permanent mask on its face, making it look like Nature’s most adorable bandit. So, the creature arrives in your life when it’s time to try out different personas and to discover the “real” you. At the same time, your Animal Ally encourages you not to take yourself too seriously.

Capricorn Spirit Animalscope: Raven (The Magician)

raven spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Raven symbolizes The Magician, Transmutation, & Spiritual Rebirth! Discover Raven’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

There’s plenty of magic in the air this month, Capricorn, especially with the mystical and mysterious Raven as your Animal Spirit Guide. It seems everywhere you look, blessings appear, and things are transforming for the better right before your very eyes. Rather than focusing so hard on business, it’s a month where you place far more attention on spiritual work. Part of Raven’s Medicine is nourishment for your mind and soul. Raven flies into your life, urging you to feed your Spirit.

Synchronistic events serve as milestones in your journey, all of which let you know you’re heading in the right direction. Raven Energy supports you in attuning with the Universe and all the elements. Your Animal Ally brings messages from otherworldly realms—it’s time to honor your ancestors and those who have walked this path before you. When working with Raven as a Spirit Guide, even the winds seem to carry in Divine Guidance, all of which inspire you to embrace the creative force within.

As the end of the month approaches, Raven urges you to release the past and await all the future brings. You may long to connect with the Crone aspect of the Feminine Divine. Spiritual growth and progression are part of Raven’s Wisdom. Heed Raven’s caw: “The power of manifestation is yours, so create your reality as you will!”

Aquarius Spirit Animalscope: Black Swan (Nine of Swords)

swan spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Black Swan represents the 9 of Swords, Grief, & Survival! Discover Black Swan’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Black Swan represents the 9 of Swords, Grief, & Survival! Discover Black Swan’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

With the Water and Air Elements so strongly associated with your Animal Spirit Guide this month, Aquarius, your challenge is to find a balance between your powerful intellect and intense emotions. This creature appears when you must face old emotional wounds, feelings of guilt, or even emotional despair. Black Swan supports you fully during this trying time. Your Animal ally says, “You have to get through things now, there’s no just getting over them.” But, you’ll pull through with undeniable grace.

With Black Swan at one time being a creature of myth and its associations with shapeshifting, you’ll still find there are a few pleasant and, perhaps, even wonderful surprises in the days ahead. Part of Black Swan’s Energy also includes confidence and pride, but your Animal Ally cautions you to avoid either in excess lest you upset the delicate balance of karma.

If you’ve been seeking a romantic partner, Black Swan supports you in discovering the love of a lifetime. If you’re already in a relationship, Black Swan’s Energy includes the gift of eloquence, so you’ll know all the right romantic things to say to stir the fires of passion within your partner’s heart. The creature floats into your life bringing with it messages in your dreams, many of which may prove prophetic.

Pisces Spirit Animalscope: Wolf (Knight of Pentacles)

Wolf Spirit Animalscopes 300x471
Wolf represents the Knight of Pentacles, Planning, & Preparation! Discover the Wolf’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

When Wolf steps in as your Spirit Animal Guide this month, Pisces, you’ll long for family connections. With the spring season unfolding, you’ll take pause, think about the past, and reflect on where you’ve been. Childhood memories and the quality time you’ve spent with those you care about will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

Wolf is a social creature who finds a place of belonging within the pack. Your Animal Ally reminds you to remain devoted, committed, and loving in an effort to fortify family bonds and strengthen social ties. Throughout March, Wolf also supports you in achieving a state of higher awareness. In so doing, your Animal Guide helps ready you for taking full advantage of the right opportunities when they come your way.

Part of Wolf’s Medicine is in finding the courage to be who you are and to stand proud. The creature urges you to claim your power, to attune to your wild warrior within, and to fight for, not only what you want, but for whatever is right in a given situation. You may face conditions where you’ll need to speak your mind or make your convictions known. Wolf offers you additional strength when the need arises. Wolf says, “Back down from nothing and be ever-at-the-ready to stand your ground!”

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