Your Zodiac Spirit Animal (and Why You Need To Know It)

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Many folks don’t see their Zodiac Sign as a Spirit Animal. And, it cracks me up how many folks believe in Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals but think Zodiac Signs are hogwash! Horse apples! I’ve never understood their ‘logic’. LOL

But here’s the thing (and why I wrote this article)…

Your Zodiac Spirit Animal is the most important animal ally you’ll ever have.


Because it’s the animal birth totem you’re born under. This animal spirit guide stays with you for life. It’s who YOU ‘really’ are. And, it is your Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal.

For decades, I’ve helped people journey to find their Spirit Animal, work with their Totem Animal, & invoke their Power Animal. I can report that 95% of people do not learn the symbolism of the animal which represents their Zodiac Sign. They’ll read up on the personality and characteristics of their Zodiac Sign but don’t read up on the actual ANIMAL.

Let’s say for instance you’re a Scorpio – because I am. Yes. I should learn all I can about the Scorpio Zodiac Sign. BUT I should learn about the symbolism and meanings of the Scorpion, too!

There’s a whole world of help and healing just waiting for you in the world of animal spirit guides – if you will just take the time to truly meet your Zodiac Spirit Animal.

Buuutt, that’s not exactly true because…

You Have More Than One Zodiac Spirit Animal

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Now, this can kind of confuse you if you let it – so don’t. LOL

We have more than one Zodiac Spirit Animal because we have more than one Zodiac Sign. Each of us has a(n);

  • Western Zodiac Sign
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign
  • Native American Zodiac Sign
  • Celtic Zodiac Sign
  • Mayan Zodiac Sign
  • Aztec Zodiac Sign

I don’t have Mayan or Aztec covered (yet) but you can read about and find the dates for all your Zodiac Signs in the article, “How To Find Your Zodiac Sign by Birthday“.

Once you’ve discovered all your Zodiac Signs, here’s what to do…

Get to Know Your Zodiac Spirit Animal – Your ‘Self’

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OK so you know all your Zodiac Spirit Animals. Now what? How do you figure out what it all means? How do you learn how to apply the birth totem energy and medicine in your life?

Tada! Here ya go…

  1. Write down the animal from each type of Zodiac Signs system.
  2. Read about your animal allies in “Spirit Animal Meanings“.
  3. Remember all characteristics and traits of your Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal lives inside you. This is vitally important for the next step.
  4. Make a list of what you like and don’t like about each animal.
  5. Ask yourself why you don’t like a certain trait. Face the answer with non-judgment and consider making peace with the negative feelings.
  6. Make a list of traits you admire but don’t think you have.
  7. Consider working on developing the traits you admire.
  8. Ask your Zodiac Spirit Animals to meet you in a meditation or greet you in ways that work best for you (dreams, songs, movies, art, etc.).
  9. Ask your Zodiac Spirit Animals to help you.
  10. Thank your Zodiac Spirit Animals.

It takes a while to get to know our ‘selves’. Plus, we transmute over time. This is another reason your Zodiac Spirit Animal is the the most important Spirit Animal in your life. The energy and medicine of your animals will mean different things as the years go by.

***Important note:***

The only Zodiac Sign which is not represented by an animal is Libra. But that’s only in the Western Zodiac. Those born under the sign of Libra can look to their other Zodiac Spirit Animals for answers.

If your Western Zodiac Sign is Aquarius, Virgo, or Gemini – remember humans are animals, too. 🙂

Scorpios are represented by three animals – the three ‘phases’ of Scorpio. These are the Scorpion, Eagle, and Phoenix.

The Secret of Zodiac Spirit Animals

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OK. Are you ready? Here comes the big reveal. I’m letting the cat out of the bag. The secret of Zodiac Spirit Animals is…

You’ve heard the term, “Know thyself”. Once you take a look at your strengths and challenges you can become whoever you want to be. You can succeed in any way you wish.


Because YOU are your own Spirit, Totem, AND Power Animal! Your Zodiac Signs are who YOU ‘are’.

No matter what other Spirit, Totem, or Power Animals you meet along your journey, none will be able to support, heal, or inspire you the way your Zodiac Spirit Animal can because, ultimately, you are responsible for your own life.

So, take the time to discover more about the wild spirit you truly are. I believe in you! Your animal allies believe in you.

Stay wild,

1 thoughts on “Your Zodiac Spirit Animal (and Why You Need To Know It)

  1. Dina Snyder says:

    Your article cracked me up – and most info as Always! Just wanted to quickly ask two things (and hope it isn’t too much to inquire over comments!!) But first – do each of the animals of all of our western zodiac signs – sun, rising and moon signs – also represent us, or just the sun sign through each of the zodiac cultures? And second – how do we find out more in regards to our…”human” spirit animal aspects of ourselves (Virgo sun here!;p) !? Thanks so much for your help and for the profound work that you do sharing this wisdom – Dina

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