How to Find Your Soulmate by Using Spirit Animal Alchemy

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I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times…
In life after life, in age after age, forever. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Based on my 20 plus years as a psychic medium and Shamanic journeyer & practitioner, I can report that over 70% of the folks who seek out my services do so because they need clarity on a romantic relationship. Whether their love is in this world or has transitioned to the next, it’s all about finding love, keeping love, understanding why a lover leaves, connecting with a love who has crossed over and healing from a broken heart.

I completely understand this.

As my beloved Rumi said, “The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you…”. But, then, I’m a Scorpio. Our sole and soul purpose is to find the truest of love – family, friend, and mate.

This article focuses on how to find your soulmate. Familiar methods for finding your soulmate include meditation, love spells, vision boards, prayer, working with crystal grids, rituals, etc. My favorite way though is to use Spirit Animal Alchemy.

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What is a Soulmate

I think it’s fair to state that many folks think of a soulmate only in terms of romantic love. A soulmate is their ‘other half’ – the person who ‘completes’ them. But a true soulmate takes on many forms throughout many lifetimes.

In one lifetime our soulmate might be our mom or dad and we may incarnate as their son or daughter. In another lifetime soulmates might be husband and wife or bitter enemies who rule over warring kingdoms.

Our souls may choose to meet as a gay or lesbian couple, lovers from different ethnic or religious backgrounds and everything in between.

All that said, this article focuses on the romantic type of soulmate and how to find your soulmate using Spirit Animal Alchemy.

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What is Alchemy

The dictionary defines alchemy as;

  • a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life.
  • any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
  • a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. “finding the person who’s right for you requires a very subtle alchemy”

LOL The DICTIONARY even uses love as an example of Alchemy! Fantastic. Don’tcha just, well, love it?!

“Transmuting a common substance into a substance of greater value”. A “seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination”. Now you know why I call it “Spirit Animal Alchemy”. Is there anything more transformative or magical than love? Is there anything of greater value?


So now that you’re ready to call true love into your life, here’s how to find your soulmate by using Spirit Animal Alchemy.

1. Soulmate Spirit Animal Meditation

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Prepare for the meditation by creating a sacred space. In the East (the direction and energy of new beginnings) corner of your home/office/bedroom place items that evoke romantic feelings and remind you of the kind of love you wish to share with a soulmate. This can be books, recipes, music, pictures, perfume or cologne, crystals, clothing, flowers, etc.

Sit or lay in that sacred space during the meditation.

Just as you would meditate to meet your Spirit Animal, set the intention for a soulmate Spirit Animal meditation. Meaning, ask the animal spirit guides to show you what animal(s) will most helpful in your quest. Examples of this include asking the animal allies to answer the following questions;

  • Am I ready to find my soulmate
  • What is blocking me from finding my soulmate
  • What can help me gain more confidence in my body image, career choice, life choices, etc.
  • How can I heal my trust issues so that I feel safe being vulnerable
  • What personality traits are most compatible with mine
  • How can I find the courage to tell my family I’m gay, lesbian, or in love with someone from a different race/religion
  • How can I stop all my negative self-talk
  • How can I feel worthy of real love
  • Are my own values and ethics in alignment with the kind of soulmate I want
  • What is my path to forgiveness so trauma from past relationships no longer occupy my heart space – leaving room for true love to enter

Make sure to write down all experiences. Do not judge them, even if your feelings are hurt.

Whoa! Wait? What? Why would a Spirit Animal hurt my feelings? A Spirit Animal will never intentionally hurt your feelings or offend you but animals are authentic and straightforward – they will hold up a ‘mirror’ and ask us to take a good look at what we see in the reflection.

Let’s say that perhaps you want a soulmate who is monogamous but you have not always been true to your partner(s). If a Rooster (notorious cads!) shows up in your meditation and advises that you have to work through your loyalty issues before any soulmate connection can happen. You may want to sit with that for a bit. Ask yourself if you really want to be in a monogamous relationship. Maybe an open relationship will bring you the kind of happiness you truly want.

On the flip side, let’s say an Elephant shows up during the meditation and tells you to get ready because a beautiful family is on the way. You’re elated because you’ve always wanted a family of your own. Ask the Elephant if this means you’ll be having children or blending into an already made family. Perhaps adoption is part of your future.

Where I’m going with this is – when your Spirit Animal(s) appear talk to them. Ask them questions. Listen for their answers.

2. Look to Animals Who Mate for Life

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About 90% of Birds are monogamous. But this isn’t the same as mating for life. Monogamous means they come together for at least one mating season and stick it out together long enough to raise their young. A nesting season is a great thing to focus on when you want to meet your soulmate. What nesting season are you in? Do you want to have children? Focus on career? Retire? Do you want a soulmate who reawakens the parent instinct or helps you to slow down and relax?

As for animals who truly mate for life, they include;

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Prairie Voles – Prairie voles have long been of interest to scientists looking at the neurobiology of bonding and monogamy. In about 80% of cases where a Prarie Vole’s partner dies, it never bonds with another partner.

Scientists study the Vole’s neurochemical process in hopes of discovering answers to what might help humans stay together for the long haul. Sounds like Alchemy to me.

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Termites – Yeah. I know. It’s bug love BUT… Termites are an inspiration to soulmates everywhere because they’re (mostly) blind. Termite kings, queens, and reproductives have small, weak eyes, workers and soldiers are entirely blind. Termites depend on all their other senses to recognize and snag their soulmate.

Termites don’t care about anything except what they ‘sense’ from prospective partners. Now that’s real romance!

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Barn Owls – Noble, mysterious Owls of all kinds are bringers of magic. Barn Owls show us the kind of alchemical magic that can be created when one goes the distance for their beloved. It’s thought that in the animal kingdom mating is solely for purposes of species propagation. But Barn Owls show great affection toward each other even when it’s not mating season. In this, Barn Owls show us that love is not about what you ‘get’ from someone – it’s about the emotional bond you share.

That might sound like a “Duh. I know that.” but how often do you give without expectation of receiving?

There are many other animals who mate for life. Research them and see what about their love story speaks to your heart.

3. Remove Prejudices

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Prejudices can keep you from experiencing a bliss unlike you’ve ever experienced. When we allow religion, skin color, height, weight, income, education, etc. to stop us from really ‘seeing’ another’s soul, we block potential. Further, as soulmates we agree to come in and out of each other’s lifetimes so we can each learn and grow as divine beings. What if in another life you had strong prejudices and asked your soulmate to help you heal the hate this time around? It is absolutely possible that you will not meet your true soul mate until you remove the energetic block of prejudice.

Maybe this heartwarming video about ‘unlikely’ animal friendships can help inspire you to move past limiting paradigms.

Volunteer to Help Animals

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In today’s world it is all too easy to become hardened, numb. Yes. In some way this protects your heart. But it can also block you from experiencing the magic – the beauty of life and the world. The beauty of love.

Volunteering with animals can help reawaken you and reactivate your Heart Chakra after you;

  • Experience emotional, physical, or mental trauma
  • Think you’re too old to love again
  • Lose faith in love
  • Forget what it’s like to be a kid
  • Become so focused on self you forget how to give
  • Mistakenly believe you can’t make a difference in someone’s life

Give this a watch. There’s so much love and goodness in the world. Allow it to flow from you and back into you.

Soulmate Spirit Animal Alchemy for Transformation

Cloud Atlas Movie Soulmates 300x300

Cloud Atlas is a brilliant movie that perfectly illustrates how our souls intertwine through the past, present, and future. If you seek to understand the true meaning of ‘soulmates’ I sincerely hope you watch this profoundly moving piece of work. The depth of love told in this story will hit your Heart Chakra hard. So, grab some tissues!

How do you want to transform your life? What kind of love do you want to bring in as your sacred alchemy? What kind of love do you want to give? How much love are you ready to give? Remember the definition of alchemy – it can only happen when two ‘common substances’ mix together to create a ‘substance of greater value’.

Though we never need another to make us whole, life sure is much richer when we find our ‘person’.

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