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Pegasus Symbolism & Meaning

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Pegasus Symbolism & Meaning

Pegasus Etymology: Hesiod felt this wondrous beast derived its name from words that translate as “spring well” alluding to the unique ability to force springs out of the ground. Other linguists believe the name came from a Hittite word alluding to the God of thunder and lighting, which also plays a role in Pegasus’ folklore.

Because of its appearance, the symbolism and meaning of the Pegasus is closely related to that of Horse Spirit. This glorious fantasy creature moves on earth and through the heavens, becoming the embodiment of “as above, so below.” In the Earth realm, Pegasus provides stability and movement. In the Heavens, Pegasus becomes an emblem of our ideals, accomplishments and the Higher Self. Additionally, this animal spirit reminds us that we are not merely flesh and blood, but also spirit.

Pegasus is typically illustrated as a lovely white horse with powerful wings. This image resonates with various themes including clear-mindedness, focus, magic, transience, and transitions. Not surprisingly, such a magnificent creature gave his trust to Zeus, the Greco-Roman King of the Gods. Pegasus is credited with getting thunder and lightning from Mt. Olympus. Adored of the Muses, Pegasus also assisted in the wage against the Chimera. Gather this mythological salad together, and you find Pegasus as an Animal Guide representing fire, leadership, charisma, bravery and the arts. His devotion to Zeus is why he was transformed into an eternal constellation.

During the Middle Ages and through the Renaissance, Pegasus represented wisdom, poetry, and inspiration. There were numerous depictions of his grandeur in everything from paintings to pottery. It is said that looking upon the visage of Pegasus stimulates creativity. Legends also tell us that when Pegasus hits his hoof on the ground, springs begin bubbling up. Drinking from this spring provides peace and inspiration.

An alternative name for Pegasus is Pegasos, which dates back to the pre-Greek period. Images of the winged horse appear readily dated to that period on the Island of Crete and in Minoan art. Pegasus was also sometimes called the Thundering Horse of Jove (Jove being another name for Zeus).

Overall there is no question of the Pegasus being ingrained in Greek and Roman mythology. We see him appearing in the story of Prometheus. And he takes part in the trials of Hercules. Then again, would you expect anything less from the child of Poseidon (the sea god) and Medusa? When Pegasus was born, his arrival was signaled by uproars of thunder and lightning.

In modern history the British Airborne forces used the image of Pegasus as a symbol for their parachute troops; this represented the brave warrior arriving by air. The symbol was very successful in that in 1994 they held a bridge essential for the assault’s success. To this day that bridge bears the name Pegasus Bridge.

Italy features Pegasus on its coat of arms. Exxon Mobile uses the Pegasus as a symbol on its station signs.

Pegasus Astrological Significance: Ptolemy tells us that when Pegasus’ bright stars rise in the sky, they presage a time of ambition, heightened sensitivity, zeal, and whimsy. It also represents refined spiritual power, heroism, and task-orientation.

Others believe that Pegasus rising brings out the warrior in people. Swift in movement and keenly talented, these individuals are posed for any conflict.

Pegasus Spirit Animal

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The Pegasus is a powerful Spirit Animal and guide. There are a variety of reasons this being may fly into your life. First, Pegasus Spirit may herald the birth of clairvoyance in your life. Pay attention to any feelings you get and keep track of them. Pegasus medicine also supports magical pursuits if you are entering a new stage of spiritual development.

Pegasus sometimes come to people who need strength, virility or healing. He may also whisper to you of the need for devotion and faithfulness in your life. As a Warrior spirit, Pegasus teaches lessons about using bravery, courage and energy wisely.

The Pegasus’ wings represent a time of prayerfulness in your life. Listen to your spirit and meditate on the burdens in your life. Pegasus is here to lift you above the fray. The winged horse may also bear a message for you from the Divine or other Beings in the Astral realm.

If facing a dark time in your life, Pegasus reminds us of the power of Light and goodness. Because Pegasus guides the soul of the dead heavenward, he may have a message for you from your ancestors or friends who have crossed over.

For Poets, you could not ask for a better Muse than Pegasus. The creative, inspiring energies of Pegasus is certain to drive some truly clever and meaningful prose.
Finally, as the horse of Zeus who has connections to Athena and Perseus, Pegasus may be here as a protector. Let him wrap his wings around you and know that you are safe.

Pegasus Totem Animal

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People born with a Pegasus Totem are truly one of a kind, and as unique as a snowflake. You can inspire yourself and those around you, often sharing ancient wisdom in a user-friendly way. Nonetheless, you are not a showy person, preferring humility to flash and fanfare.

The Pegasus person loves all things of beauty. You are called from the depth of your soul to create things of loveliness, be it painting, music or writing. It is common to find Pegasus in a loft where they can focus on their artistic passion.

Pegasus often struggles to keep all four hooves on the ground when in contemplation. They want to soar the heavens where they can saturate high vibrational energy; this can put you a bit out of touch with the mundane. One quest for the Pegasus is finding ways to ground and center effectively.

Those with a Pegasus Totem are very flexible. Consider the stories that indicate this creature can change sizes to be tiny or tall as a house. Think of the times when you want to stand tall, or would prefer to move to the background. Those are times you tap into your inner Pegasus spirit.

Pegasus people are naturally intuitive and may even show signs of telepathy; this is a wonderful gift since many great powers, like Angels, Masters and Spirit guides often use telepathy to get a message through to the Earth plane.

You may find a natural affinity for water as well as the sound of rolling thunderstorms. Both of these act as rechargers for your proverbial battery. When you are running on empty seek out living water (water that moves). Additionally, you now have a very good reason to dance in the rain!

Concerning career, Pegasus thrives as a healer, artist or environmentalist. In these or other life paths, you can decide and move quickly. The wisdom of the Eternal Phoenix is within you. Celebrate it in word and deed.

Pegasus Power Animal

Pegasus Power Animal 1200x630

As a Power Animal, Pegasus shares some traits with all winged creatures. Pegasus gifts us with the knowing we can reach the stars and are innately free.

Unlike most other mythical creatures, Phoenix does not talk. Pegasus does not speak in riddles and rhymes nor does this Animal Ally offer wise speeches. This Animal Spirit Guide offers its medicine through the power of silence, almost as if to say “Don’t as I say, do as I do.”

According to myth, thunder and lightening erupted at the moment of Pegasus’ birth. Being the child of Poseidon and Medusa, Pegasus’ entry into this mortal world can empower those who invoke his/her energy and medicine with the strength and courage to aspire to greatness and achieve it.

Additionally, Pegasus is snow white in color. The divine attributes attributed to the color white can be called on when you want to call in the ability to work with people or situations in a more heavenly manner.

Pegasus as a Celtic Animal Symbol

In Welsh tradition, there is a Goddess of Horses named Rhiannon. This sacred female inspires artists including singers, artists, and poets. She can also help manifest dreams that foster goodness on the Earth. This goddess rides a pale horse often depicted with wings, but it is not called a Pegasus.

Native American Pegasus Symbolic Meanings

There is no real mention of Pegasus in Native American symbolism, but we do find two pretty interesting white horses. In Blackfoot stories, the god of snow (Alsoimstan) rides a swift, beautiful white horse. Navajo myths the sun god rides across the sky aided by five horses, one of whom is white. When the weather is fair, God rides the pearly white horse.

In Welsh tradition, there is a Goddess of Horses named Rhiannon. This sacred female inspires artists including singers, artists, and poets. She can also help manifest dreams that foster goodness on the Earth. This goddess rides a pale horse often depicted with wings, but it is not called a Pegasus.

Pegasus Dreams

The symbolism and meaning of Pegasus in your dreamscape depend heavily on particulars in the dream. Some say that seeing a Pegasus flying represents loving feelings toward someone special. Mothers who have a Pegasus in their dreams means that she is very nurturing and protective toward her children. This love is akin to the way Bear protects her young.

Pegasus flying upwards portends increasing possibilities in life; the energy of Pegasus can drive you in a wave of energy. With an awareness of this, you can focus on your desires clearly. Now is not the time to move without control and direction.

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Far Eastern Pegasus Symbolic Meanings

In China, there is a mythical beast similar to the Pegasus called the Logma or Dragon Horse. This legendary creature had wings and dragon scales. When someone sees the Logma it portends that a wise ruler will rise to power. The symbol of the dragon horse was popular during the Tang Dynasty where its symbolized diplomacy, aristocracy and a strong military. It is said that the Logma was born from the waters of heaven. It can abide in the spheres or on earth. Standing over 8-foot-tall, the Dragon Horse walks on water and regulates its flow.

There are two other winged horses in Chinese classic folklore. Tianma is a winged celestial horse. Chollima is likewise described as a mythical winged horse.

Pegasus Symbolic Meanings Key

    • Bravery
    • Charisma
    • Clear-Mindedness
    • Focus
    • Inspiration
    • Leadership
    • Magic
    • Movement
    • Stability
    • Transience
    • Transitions

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