Spirit Animalscopes: Horoscopes & Tarot Reading for February 2021

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Welcome to your Spirit Animalscopes! This is your unique astrology forecast that’s part horoscopes, part tarot reading, and lots of Spirit Animals! I combine these three modalities to give you a broader overview of the energies for your zodiac sign. Get deep mystic insights for your love life, career, money, and much more. You’ll only find this report at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com so make sure to bookmark us or sign up for the newsletter so you get the horoscope for your zodiac sign every month!

February 2021 Horoscopes Overview:
Hawk Spirit Animal & Ace of Swords

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This month, the prevailing theme is higher truth and wisdom gained when you reach a new perspective. This often seems exciting and thrilling, when we think of the prospect of gaining “higher wisdom.” Yet true ascension and advancement often involves trial by fire. As the Ace of Swords reminds us, we need to cut away the clutter and distractions in order to arrive at the truth and focus our intentions.

Hawk can help us discover your best perspective in the moment, yet Hawk can also reveal the details we’ve been missing. To take a Hawk’s Eye View gives us an advantage, but like all things worth attaining, there is always a cost. The sacrifice may be time, effort or even the sacrifice of comfort in favor of facing uncomfortable truths.

We are reminded to aim for integrity in all things now, and a number of challenging aspects in this and coming months may make this easier said than done. Though your nerves may be frazzled by turmoil and changes beyond your control, Hawk swoops down to remind us; think of the bigger picture, there is a purpose to all that is occurring.

February will be a dynamic month. Venus, Mercury and the Sun will be in Aquarius, the sign of the unpredictable and untamable Rebel. This is also a sign that aligns with the Ace of Swords because it represents progress, innovation and epiphanies, and also unexpected breakthroughs and sudden changes. Mercury will be retrograde, going direct on the 20th. The middle of the month brings tense squares between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius but by the end of the month, particularly the 26th and 28th, the energy shifts to more inviting, open and prosperous opportunities. Venus enters Pisces on the 20th, and the 28th brings a Grand Trine in Earth which can solidify prospects for abundance and also soften some of the rough edges that erupted earlier in the months.

The Full Moon on the 27th will be in the sign of Virgo, which will attempt to bring stability and regularity to an otherwise volatile and intense month. Hawk brings the energy of a wise leader. As your expectations are met with challenges or surprises, pleasant or otherwise, remember Hawk’s message and practice discretion. Strive for focus, face your fears with courage and confidence. Hawk also asks you to investigate how much your ego is driving your decisions. This is an important month to balance personal ambition with acts of service and social consciousness.

Hawk has a sharp intellect and keen instincts, and so during February, your own intuition and perceptions may be sharpened. This month brings an important quest for truth. Use your intuition and logic to help bring deeper insights and strategize for your future.

Aries Horoscope:
Scorpion Spirit Animal & 9 of Wands

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Though you’re not one to need an energy boost, Aries, the heightened activity in Aquarius will certainly make your passions sizzle this month. You may feel emboldened (even more than usual!) and while you tend to be optimistic and enthusiastic, this month you may find that your intellectual energy is more highly stimulated than usual.

More than ever, you need outlets for your creative and intellectual energy. Trying to stifle your ideas can result in anxiety and sleepless nights. Rather than subject yourself to this, get involved in a good challenge, especially a mental one. You’re good at testing your limits physically, but this month you’ll want to do the same intellectually.

Scorpion energy prevails in your life this month, Aries and this works well because you have an affinity for this creature’s energies. Though you easily connect to Scorpion’s sense of power and focus, you love to be outgoing and upfront whereas Scorpio is discrete and often hides in the shadows, observing all options and never showing their cards. This is an important lesson for you this month.

Don’t let your excitement and zeal lead you to give away too much too soon. Hold back and observe. It’s always darkest before dawn and Scorpion reminds you of this. Your passion and energy lead you to want to rush for the finish line, and you may feel like you can’t get there soon enough this month. Yet when obstacles and surprises erupt on your path, take these as opportunities to more carefully consider your path rather than seeing it as a detour inhibiting your progress.

Your ruling planet, Mars, begins the month with a square to the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Big dreams and opportunities are in fact on the horizon, but your attempts to reach out and open the door may be met with surprising and shocking changes and challenges. Squares aren’t bad, in Astrology, but they do indicate a need to rework your strategy and reconsider your approach. Pushing too hard or trying to climb an uphill battle, as you love to do, is not going to yield the same results that you usually expect.

That’s because the rules of the game are subject to change in ways you can’t anticipate. All thanks to Saturn, the planet of “law and order” being in tumultuous and radical Aquarius, the humanitarian sign of evolution and progress but also of unexpected and sometimes explosive surprises and changes.

Rather than frustrating yourself by trying to stay a step ahead of the changes, try instead to be agile and flexible. Like Aria Stark in Game of Thrones, your best bet is to be the Sword Dancer who can adapt to unexpected changes. As Scorpion guides you, you’ll know how to transmute the mental stress you may be facing so that you aren’t bogged down by heavy emotions and overwhelming mental strain.

By the week of February 10th, Mars forms a square with the Sun and Mercury, who is still retrograde. Your communications and plans may be frustrated by unexpected electronic issues or plain old fashioned misunderstandings. Try to minimize your natural defensive energy. Scorpion can sting, but knows it is best to try to understand before applying force.

By the 13th, you’ll see a shift in the energy and may feel you can breathe easier. The tension is lifted and you can indulge in creativity, fantasy and romance with more joy and pleasure in your life thanks to Mars switching from the squares to a smooth and harmonious sextile to Neptune in Pisces, who helps to awaken your spiritual senses. This is also an ideal time to commune with Scorpion to enhance your intuition.
Though this loving and harmonious energy continues until the 20th, by this date, Mars will once again square Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde comes to an end so expect a repeat of some conflicts or issues that had surfaced earlier in the month.

By the 28th, Mars will form a Grand Trine with the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Though this is considered a lucky time as trines open energy transfer with ease, the planets and signs involved will involve some heavier issues related to finance, financial stability and career or even health. Big changes need to be made, but following through with these changes will awaken the potential for greater wealth, career success and even physical health.

Taurus Horoscope:
Rhinoceros Spirit Animal & King of Pentacles

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Rhinoceros is a perfect ally for you any month of the year, Taurus because like you, Rhino knows their worth and revels in luxuries and pleasure. As kind, compassionate and generous as you and also as hard working, Rhino can help you attract abundance and awaken your intuition.

Rhino is a perfect ally to commune with this month, Taurus and as the King of Pentacles, you can expect matters of financial security and abundance to be on the table now. But then again, Taurus, you always have your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

This is not likely to be the most carefree and easy flowing month for you. This is because numerous planets are having a party in Aquarius, a sign that is square your sign of Taurus. This means that when activity is heightened in the sign of Aquarius, even if it brings beneficial results, it will feel like a bit of a thorn in your side as things are taking shape.
You crave security and stability. Aquarius energy comes in like a wrecking ball and decides in an instant what towers need to fall. As you can see, Aquarius is not your favorite energetic helper. To make it more intense for you, the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, has been transiting through your sign for a while now and no doubt has the impact of knocking down your favorite dominoes, one at a time.

But don’t despair, Taurus. Aquarius serves the purpose of helping to innovate and move you forward and you do need help in this department. If left to your own devices, you will settle for what is comfortable and see no reason to ever leave home. The lineup of planets in Aquarius will square with your sign and Uranus and Mars transiting through your sign. So it may seem like “when it rains it pours” is the theme this month. At the start of this month, your ruling planet, Venus, enters the sign of Aquarius and so your love life and financial life is about to go on a wild ride with plenty of twists and turns.

An ongoing square between Uranus and Saturn will also agitate things so that as much as you want to try to keep a consistent routine it may seem nearly impossible. Rather than fighting an uphill battle, try to adapt to changing circumstances now. The first few days of this month bring a square between Mars in Taurus and Jupiter and the Sun in Aquarius, so your big plans may be met with frustration, but working through these difficulties actually opens the door to success in finances and career even wider.

The sixth through twelfth of February are especially volatile for love, romance and finances thanks to a square between Venus and Uranus. At the same time, the 14th through 18th will bring opportunities for greater creativity, insight and epiphanies. Your love life or passions may expand into new and unexpected directions. This can also be an important time to dramatically change your expectations and be open to connecting with influential people thanks to a conjunction between Venus and benevolent Jupiter.

While things may be rocky, you’ll have a knack for landing on your feet through this time. The 25th brings Venus entering Pisces and this can be a time of greater healing, compassion, intuition and empathy, the energy now softening in your love life. Just as Rhino helps you to learn the importance of receiving support and guidance from those in your network, Rhino reminds you of your value and helps you hold fast to your ideals, while also helping you to discover the resources you may not realize you have, including the support you have around you.

Your biggest ambitions especially in love and money, can be realized or exceeded, but the journey to this goal may not follow the carefully laid plans you’ve made. Best to be open to changing strategies along the way. The Grand Trine in Earth Signs at the end of the month brings new opportunities for change of career or finances but a major change must first be made, you may be called to let go of expectations or close the door on one area of your work in order for the next door to open.

Gemini Horoscope:
Alligator Spirit Animal & Page of Cups

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As much as you may sometimes wish you could hold your breath until all the murky deep emotional stuff just dissipates into thin air, Gemini, the truth is you have to face the music sometime. You much prefer the intellectual to the emotional, and Alligator understands this.

This is why Alligator energy is working with you this month. Alligator can roam in the realm of thought and ideas (breathing in the Air element) but can also delve deep into the emotional and intuitive subconscious realms (Water element). Swim with Alligator this month and you can fully immerse in the emotions that need to bubble up to the surface now.

Alligator can show up in your life during times of great emotional healing. Though you often feel overwhelmed by the prospects of delving deep and dealing with emotional issues, once you do, you may be relieved. Just like dipping a toe in the water, you may find the shock of cold to be refreshing once you commit and finally take the plunge.

Like you, Alligator is social and values the connection to the group. Yet while you prefer intellectual connection, Alligator knows sometimes you just have to go deeper. This month, a lot of activity will take place in the sign of Aquarius. This is the sign of breakthroughs and innovation, and while the intellectual Air energy of Aquarius appeals to your nature, remember Aquarius is also the Water Bearer and thus, like Alligator, reminds you that you may need to blend ideas with heart in order to move forward.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 20th of this month, so your desires and ideas may have to percolate before things really take off in the direction you want. Try to use this month as an incubator for ideas and communication, rather than seeing it as a “launching pad.” You may not be ready to launch just yet.

Take this time to face the deeper emotions you’ve been pushing under the rug. You may even find it easier to let Alligator help you channel your emotions through your creativity and intellect, using your gifts of writing to help you understand your own inner workings.

On the thirteenth, your ruling planet Mercury is between Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius so your larger dreams and aspirations may be tempting you now, especially in love, romance and when it comes to your desire for travel and exploration, yet the timing isn’t perfect yet. Try to remain patient. From the fifteenth onward, Mercury is between Jupiter and Saturn. You may feel you’re on a rollercoaster ride.

Grandiose dreams and large visions are met with restrictions and limitations, reminders of boundaries, rules and order. You may feel like you’re ping ponging between expansion and the desire for freedom and the need to act responsibly and use self-discipline.

No wonder the powerful and stealthy Alligator has come to your aid this month. The dual perspective and ability to submerge and wait for the right time to act are lessons Alligator is lending you now.

Cancer Horoscope:
Dove Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Dove Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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Gentle and peaceful, yet protective and nurturing. This description suits you to a T, Cancer, but it was actually intended as a description of your special helper this month, Dove. Dove energy reminds you to be peaceful, loving, nurturing but also to protect and defend your family and loved ones.

Know when to wave the olive branch and how to seek higher waters during times of turbulence. Which is what this month may feel like. Heightened activity in Aquarius, a sign that is at an awkward angle to your sign, causing an inharmonious energy, can leave you feeling tense and experiencing friction.

Plus, you crave emotional security and Aquarius demands change and freedom. It’s not an easy calling for you to reconcile and so Dove as a helper, can encourage you to take flight and anticipate the changing currents on the horizon so you can make the best moves for yourself and your family.

Commune with Dove this month to keep connected to your higher aspirations, love, family, home and security, in spite of changes happening around you. During the first through the third, your ruling planet, the Moon, is transiting through Libra and this makes it easier for you to roll with changes at this time because Libra and Aquarius energy work well together. So early in the month, your intuition and creativity are powerful tools to help you give wings to your ideas and plans.

Tensions may bubble to the surface on the 3rd through the 5th as the Moon enters powerful Scorpio and forms a square to Venus in Aquarius. Disruptions and surprises may surface in your love life, perhaps your intuition has led you to be suspicious for some time, but it will take a few days for the full picture to be completed. Try to hold back on making any assumptions now, because Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius and you don’t want to speak prematurely.

The 10th through 12th is also an intense time when small frustrations can have large implications, especially in career, love, finances, and in general when it comes to trying to move forward with your plans and ideas.

By the 13th, your passions and love life are given a boost. Your creativity and spirituality are also enhanced around this time as well. The week of the 17th can stir your frustration as unexpected changes hit closer to home, or to your wallet, than you prefer. Remember, this is all about major energy shifts and in order to find your comfort zone again, you may have to use these periods of discomfort to strip away the distractions that kept you complacent in the past.

The 27th brings a refreshing of some of the bigger changes and intense energy from earlier in the month, expect the unexpected. By the 28th, when the Moon forms part of the Grand Triangle in Earth signs in the sign of Virgo, you may have a reprieve and feel more secure again, especially in finances and health.

The Full Moon on the 20th reminds you to keep grounded even as you explore your romantic desires and spiritual ideals. Let your winged helper, the gentle Dove, lead you through a period of emotional healing and cleansing now.

Leo Horoscope:
Minotaur Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Minotaur Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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How exciting that the Minotaur is weaving through the labyrinth of your subconscious now, Leo! Though this month can illuminate greater wisdom thanks to myriad planets partying in your polar opposite sign, Aquarius, it is actually the energy of squares between Uranus and Mars in Taurus setting off squares to the planets in Aquarius that may have the biggest impact on you.

So Minotaur, who is part Bull, is lending important lessons as dramatic changes are set off in part by planets in the sign of the Bull and the Humanitarian sign of Aquarius clashing with each other.

You have an optimistic nature and a generous, creative streak and all your talents will serve you well this month. Yet there are some ideas and messages that need to be outwardly expressed- something you excel at. And there are other ideas and messages that need time to simmer before being brought to the surface. Let Minotaur help you discern the difference.

Minotaur can help you explore your subconscious desires and give shape to your deeper dreams and intuition, especially with the help of your artistic and creative talents. Yet you may feel particularly susceptible to the dramatic waves and rollercoaster ride set into motion by this months Stellium (combination of more than three planets) in Aquarius and the further squares between Uranus and Mars in Taurus and Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in Aquarius.

The first through tenth, your ruling planet, the Sun, is cozying up to magnificent Jupiter, both in Aquarius, lending grandiosity, influence and heightened idealism to your mission and ideas. Yet Mercury is retrograde in this sign as well and passing by these important planets. So your ideas may be divinely inspired, but also need refining before being brought to the surface.
Just as Minotaur helps you to know when to conceal your secret treasures and when to reveal your true value and gifts, so too is it wise to keep the message in mind this month, let things take time so that your plans and efforts can create a perfect masterpiece.

You embody great power, like the Minotaur. Yet also like the Minotaur, you may have the potential to become entrapped. This month, the decisions you face may boil down to a desire for independence and a desire to express your ego, which may lead you into traps if you aren’t careful.

After the 20th, your focus may be more spiritual and idealistic. You may also find it easier to immerse yourself in a relationship or become more emotionally vulnerable. This can be an ideal time for love, healing, compassion and finding ways to be of service to others.

Virgo Horoscope:
Pigeon Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Pigeon Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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You have a gift for analysis and details, so this month, Virgo, Pigeon is going to help you take a Bird’s Eye View of things to balance your meticulous focus. As a messenger, Pigeon is going to help you get the word out and make sure others really hear your important communication.

This is no easy task, Virgo, as your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde until the 20th. So your best intentions when it comes to communication, may be offset, misunderstood or confusing. Pigeon can help you build relationships and carefully get your message across without furthering the chaos and confusion.

The first two weeks of February are likely to be exceptionally intense for you, Virgo. That’s because a powerful lineup of planets in Aquarius brings friction to your ideas, plans and further amplify the already erratic and disruptive energy of Mercury Retrograde. By the Fifteenth, Mercury is sandwiched between Jupiter and Saturn. Every proverbial green light you receive to move forward may be met by a sudden red light or detour sign, causing you to slam on the brakes. This may frustrate you even though you are incredibly patient, because you understand how important planning and details can be.

You know better than anyone else, that when one piece of a system is not functioning, the entire machine breaks down. And you always know how to fix things. But this won’t be a matter of taking out the manual and repairing a few loose widgets. Instead, this will be a matter of sudden, unexpected, disruptive and tumultuous changes that impact the larger community around you. The way you normally deal with these kinds of challenges is to secure your home base and take control of the things you can, routines, schedules, cleaning routines, work and organizing your work and home. But these measures may seem to fall short now.

Flexibility is a lesson and work in progress for you, Virgo. Let the peaceful, intelligent and communal Pigeon help you see beyond the carefully laid plans you’ve set. It may be anxiety provoking at first, but will ultimately be liberating for you to set aside the rulebook and adapt to rapidly changing matters in the here and now, rather than trying to use the rules of the past to make sense of the present.

The tension breaks slightly around the 20th. In part because of Mercury going direct. Also, by the 25th the cluster of planets in Aquarius will be broken up as the Sun and Venus will be in Pisces, offering a “safe landing” and emotional release from the built up tension in the prior weeks. On the 27th, the Full Moon is in your sign of Virgo. This can bring a sense of completion and fulfillment, a rewarding end to what began as a chaotic and intense month.

The Moon in Virgo is part of an Earth Trine so the end of the month can bring success and growth in career, work and finances that comes as a result of finally letting go, facing fears and making a major change to these areas of your life. A loss or dramatic transformation can bring greater opportunities now.

Libra Horoscope:
Centaur Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

Centaur Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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Centaur is viewed as the perfect balance between the logic, rationality and wisdom of the human kingdom and the sensuality, pleasure, wildness and lusty nature of the animal kingdom. And since you love balance, Libra, you’ll do well with Centaur guiding you this month.

Centaur was thought of as creative, sensual and pleasure seeking. Yet some of the Centaurs, like Chiron, were known for their healing abilities and great wisdom when it comes to the world of science and philosophy. You may feel inclined to draw on your greater philosophical nature at this time as well.

This is an ideal time to blend the best of your instinctive, pleasure seeking and hedonistic side with your higher wisdom, philosophical nature and love of the natural world. You may also feel like you’re being drawn in two different directions this month as well.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, is trekking through Aquarius, the sign of the Rebel. This would be hectic and chaotic enough under normal circumstances, but expect nothing to be normal now. This is because a large number of planets, including yours, are lining up in Aquarius giving great weight to matters of innovation, breakthroughs, radical change and explosive surprises. Not only is this a time of surprises, it is a time of shocking and unprecedented changes.

You love harmony and diplomacy so it may seem unsettling now when you are surrounded by the tumultuous and erratic energy of Venus traveling through Aquarius. Yet at the same time, you are a creative and innovative humanitarian. You appreciate the Aquarian ideals and can find this energy rousing and exciting. You may be inspired to make needed changes in your love life, relationships or engagement with society at large.

Like the Centaur, you may feel compelled to explore your desires for pleasure now, yet you also know that this is not a time to get lost in life’s luxuries but rather to find ways to create comfort and balance, justice and equality and to use your compassionate, peace keeping gifts for the greater good of society. You know how to appeal to people’s better angels, especially through art and written or spoken words, so this is an ideal time to put these gifts to work.

On the first, your ruling planet Venus enters Aquarius and so this day can bring intense surprises and shocking revelations, especially in love, finance and relationships. Your values may be challenged now and you may have to align your values and ideals.

By the fifth, Venus makes a square with Uranus who is transiting another sign ruled by Venus, Taurus. During the week of the fifth, dramatic upheaval and changes can leave you feeling unsettled especially with regards to finances. You can work through this time of change but will need to draw on your skills of creativity and flexibility.

On the 11th and 12th, Venus is conjunct Jupiter and so you may have an enhancement or amplification of your attraction energy which can boost your finances and love life. This can also exacerbate underlying issues that need to be faced and healed in these arenas now.

Around the 17th and leading up to the 25th, Venus will be in a square with Mars in Taurus. This can be a time of great passion in love and romance and your sexual desires can be amplified because of dramatic changes or unusual circumstances. Yet there is an unpredictable and explosive energy at play here. Be careful about illusions and desires that lead you to believe a relationship is stable when it is not.

On the final day of February, the Moon will be transiting your sign and in opposition to Chiron, the Centaur who is the Wounded Healer. This can be an important time for revelations that allow you to heal past wounds in more overt and dramatic ways. This is especially true of wounds related to your ability to accept yourself as an individual and not lose yourself in partnerships and relationships.

Scorpio Horoscope:
Jaguar Spirit Animal & Queen of Swords

Jaguar Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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This month, Scorpio, Jaguar and the archetypal Queen of Swords work with you as a guide and helper. And it is a good thing you’ve got their powers of discretion and insight working on your side because this is a month of great personal tests of judgment, strength and fortitude. And not physical strength. Mental and emotional strength.

Jaguar is guiding you to be discreet and humble, don’t let your expectations based on the past determine what you expect in the present. Instead, use your stealthy observation skills and intuition to discern what is happening here and now. You may be in for some surprises but will likely be ahead of the curve because you know what signs to read and what impulses are mere emotional distraction.

Your sign is ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto. Both are concerned with power, yet Mars is more immediate and impulsive while Pluto is more intense and deeply rooted in a strong sense of personal authority. This month begins with Mars in conflicted aspects to both the Sun and Jupiter, which can cause friction, tension and challenges related to your financial situation, health or career, challenging your sense of security.

You may have to prepare for dramatic changes that are beyond your control and the lack of security can enhance your sense of defensiveness or insistence on having your own way. This is why it is so important to learn from powerful Jaguar. When things don’t shape up as you would like, the only option left is to make the most of the situation as it is. Jaguar helps to teach you to cut away the confusion and distractions and face the situation as it is.

On the 2nd and 3rd, the Moon travels through your sign, forming an opposition with Uranus in Taurus and this further fuels the tension over your sense of security. This can provide just the motivation you need in order to break free from restrictive or outdated ways of thinking about money and security.

The week of the tenth, Mars is squaring first the Sun then Mercury. This will not be the easiest time for communication and for sharing ideas, but it will be an important time for getting clear about your ideas before speaking. Add to this the ongoing Mercury Retrograde until the 20th of this month and you may have to tread carefully lest you unintentionally kick up a hornet’s nest. The 15th through 19th bring an opportunity for heightened psychic awareness, emotional healing and spiritual exploration as Mars comes into a favorable sextile with Neptune. This is a great time for creative release. During this time, the Moon will also briefly bypass Mars and lend additional sensitivity. Your own physical body may seem like a pendulum now, serving as a medium for intuitive connection.

On the 20th until about the 25th, Mars in Taurus squares Venus in Aquarius and this can bring tension in romance and sexuality but it can also be the kind of sexual tension that spices up the chemistry in a relationship. This can be an important time to restore momentum and passion to a relationship.

Sagittarius Horoscope:
Hummingbird Spirit Animal & 4 of Wands

Hummingbird Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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It’s easy to imagine why Hummingbird would be drawn to you, Sagittarius. You are joyful, beauty loving, compassionate and idealistic. You seek pleasure and joy in life just as Hummingbird is drawn to life’s nectar. And it is definitely an important month to listen to the wisdom of this tiny yet powerful animal helper.

The beautiful, graceful Hummingbird reminds us to seek out the joy and be playful and is also the messenger of the importance of harmonizing opposites. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine come together in Hummingbird. Hummingbird reminds you to blend the opposing energies within yourself.

This month, intense changes and breakthroughs are in store. As the sign of the Philosopher King or Queen, you are highly attuned with issues of social justice and humanitarian matters. This may be an important month for you to build on your mission and work toward growing innovations and changes that uplift the everyday person.

This is because your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is slowly making his way through the radical and erratic sign of freedom, individuality and social consciousness, Aquarius. For the first week of this month, Jupiter is close to the Sun, amplifying all the individualistic elements of the Aquarian energy. Thus, as much as this is the sign of humanitarian and communal progress, it is also a freedom loving sign, just like your own. It may be challenging in the start of this month, to remember that your own freedom comes with obligations to the community at large.

You may be dazed and captivated by the allure of doing everything according to your own desires, but as Hummingbird reminds you, true beauty comes from collaboration and harmonizing with others. Yet this month, part of you will want to strike out on your own and march to your own drum. There will be plenty of opportunity for this, but it is best to stay grounded to your collaborative mission with others.

During the days leading up to the 5th, you may face a shakedown in your financial or career life because of the square between Uranus in Taurus and Sagittarius in Aquarius bringing tension and conflict to this part of your life. Yet you tend to be adaptive and flexible and this will help you navigate this time.

Around the 10th, you may feel more intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others and your emotions may be enhanced by the transit of the Moon close to Jupiter. Also around the 10th, Venus passes by Jupiter, enhancing and amplifying your attraction energy in love and finances. During this time, you may also face shocking, surprising and unprecedented changes in your love or romantic life.

On the 13th, Mercury Retrograde comes into conjunction with Jupiter and while Jupiter is usually considered “benevolent” for enhancing the energy it encounters, in this case it is the disruptions and miscommunications associated with Mercury Retrograde that stand to be amplified. Spend extra time and don’t take electronics or travel for granted today.

Around the 18th, Jupiter forms a trine with the Lunar North Node which creates highly fortunate breakthroughs in communication, ideas and in your social network that can help you move forward toward completing your mission. This aspect continues through the end of the month and suggests a release of tension and easier process of following your inspiration, instincts and higher wisdom.

Capricorn Horoscope:
Owl Spirit Animal & The Moon

Owl Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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The wise old Owl is helping you now, Capricorn. Though you like to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground at all times, this is an important time to look up and heed the call of this special Bird. Owls are connected to the power of mysteries, secrets, nocturnal power and the draw of the Moon.

Owl is also associated with intellect and communication. You are highly intelligent, like the Owl, yet you tend to put your faith only in that which you can perceive with your physical senses, Capricorn. And this month, Owl reminds you to access and pay attention to your nonphysical senses as well.

You can still be practical and sensible, but you are being encouraged to embrace other forms of wisdom as well now. You may initially feel a sense of relief as the major planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, which had been in your sign until very recently, head into Aquarius. With the exception of powerful and intense Pluto who will still linger in the final degrees of your sign for some time. This can bring a focus on facing loss, letting go, and accepting inner fears so you can rise above them.

Yet your planetary ruler, Saturn, is making his way through rebellious and unpredictable Aquarius. Aquarius is everything you try to avoid. Radical, brash, intense and disruptive, Aquarius feels like a direct affront to your grounded and level energy. No wonder it is Owl whose perceptions and insight are most needed now. Commune with Owl to keep a balance between what you can expect based on tradition (and what brings you security) as well as the dramatic changes surfacing now.

For the greater part of this month, Saturn and Uranus will be in a square aspect to each other, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Think of this like an arm wrestling match between these two planets, yet instead of one quickly slamming the arm of their opponent down onto the table, both struggle back and forth, exerting effort yet not dominating the other, the tension ongoing. Most of this month will radiate this tense energy and since these are “social” planets, the impact will be felt by all of society.

Yet it will be particularly intense for those with significant Saturn/Capricorn or Uranus/Aquarius or Venus/Taurus energy in their Natal Chart and that includes you. Everything you thought you could count on based on tradition is now challenged by looming changes that bring friction to your sense of security, especially in career and finances.

By the 23rd, the Moon will be in Cancer in direct opposition to Pluto in your sign of Capricorn. This can bring greater intensity of emotion, and may open the door for catharsis especially where grief and loss are concerned. It is important to not hide from these emotions, now is the time to let go, not to save face.

By the 24th, the Moon moves to oppose Saturn, this time the Moon will be in Leo. You may face struggles between what you want as an individual and what is good for the larger group or community. Let Owl help you see the bigger picture so you don’t get lost in the details of power struggles now.

Aquarius Horoscope:
Dolphin Spirit Animal & Knight of Cups

Dolphin Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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Cheerful, intelligent, innovative, and able to live in two different worlds, this description of Dolphin’s ability to swim to the depths of the sea and also come up for air could just as well describe you, Aquarius. You have a gift for walking in two different worlds. No wonder you’re often on the cutting edge of new changes and surprises.

This month, the message from Dolphin has to do with emotional healing and cleansing and approaching others from a place of love. This may sound lovey-dovey considering the intense energies at play in the sign of the Rebel this month, but our society will need love and compassion more than ever and Dolphin reminds you that love is a powerful agent for healing.
A rocky road awaits, but you already knew this because your psychic antenna has been buzzing for months. Commune with Dolphin to keep yourself grounded in the desire to help, heal and restore unity and love, rather than going to the other possible extremes that may seem tempting this month.

So many powerful planets are partying in your sign this month and you may feel like radically changing your path one moment to the next. Take a breath and swim with Dolphin now, you’ll need this wisdom and healing energy to guide you. The month begins with Venus entering your sign and joining Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury Retrograde. This can emphasize and enhance the gifts related to these planets- yet it also subjects them to a heavy dose of Aquarian energy. Nothing is “wrong” with that, but it is like having a number of live wires in the middle of a rainstorm.

Venus brings a focus to relationships, money, beauty and what we value, so you may have a fundamental and dramatic change to what you value, your financial situation and love life. Jupiter expands everything and adds a dose of idealism and philosophy, so the erratic changes on the horizon are supersized now and force you to confront your idealism and ideological compass.
Saturn brings rules, order, discipline and restrictions, things which you don’t easily tolerate. So you may continually set and then break rules to help you form some kind of solid baseline. And while Mercury Retrograde is usually the biggest hassle you can blame on Astrology at a given time, it will pale in comparison to the intense and erratic energy of all these planets transiting your sign, but will bring the need for insight, introspection and revision of something from the past that wasn’t fully formed or completed.

Communication can get wonky this month but this may seem like the smallest of the shocking changes that capture your attention. Most importantly, your planetary ruler, Uranus, is in Taurus and will form a long term square to Saturn in Aquarius, bringing friction to your life in the form of financial changes or challenges to what you value or how you seek security.
You’ll definitely need Dolphin’s help this month, especially when it comes to not taking yourself too seriously and remembering the importance of emotional connection and love. The tension continues through most of the month yet around the 20th you’ll feel some relief from the tension and this will become more apparent by the end of the month, when the Sun and Venus enters into Pisces.

Pisces Horoscope:
Raven Spirit Animal & The Magician

Raven Spirit Animal Horoscope 300x471
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Like the Raven, Pisces, you have a unique way of seeing things. Also like the story of Raven granting prophecy to Odin, you Pisces have hard won wisdom and intuition that is often born of crises and the need for recovery, reconnection and transformation. This is an intense month that may test your resolve, yet it is also an important time for you to remember that you are walking the path of the mystic.

Just like Raven reminds you, there are more than one way to look at things. Raven reminds you to look with both physical and nonphysical eyes. As a Messenger from the Ancestral and spiritual realms, Raven reminds you that things aren’t always what they seem at first.

The Magician as connected to Raven, remind you of the need to keep focused regardless of the distractions that tempt you. Your greatest temptations can come as a result of emotional pull to respond to each conflict in the world around you, often moreso the traumas of others than your own. Yet reaction is not the same as healing.

This month, your ruling planet Neptune continues through your sign of Pisces and this can continue to lead you to connect with your higher spirituality. This is a crucial time to practice discernment. Let Raven help you. Not all impulses are intuition and not every desire is a prophecy. Raven can help you sort through to find the treasures among the bright and shiny objects on your path now.

Though much is going on Astrologically, the most relevant transits for you will be the Moon’s trine to Neptune around the 4th. The Moon in Scorpio makes a favorable aspect to Neptune and this can be a time of greater psychic awakening and healing for you.

Also, a stubborn square between Neptune and the Moon’s North Node in Gemini will persist from the start of February until about the 25th. Your sense of destiny may be challenged by a longing to remain comfortable or even to “hide” in the spiritual rather than drawing on the spiritual or creative traits within yourself to help you navigate through challenges. Be mindful of the temptation of communication that appeals to your desires but distracts you from your higher mission.

On the 20th, the Sun enters your sign and gives your creativity and spiritual connection a boost. Following soon after on the 25th, when Venus enters your sign, your love life may be enhanced. The end of the month brings greater growth in love, romance and creativity and you may attract a financial boost at this time as well.

Around the 27th, the Full Moon in Virgo involves an opposition between the Moon and Sun in your sign of Pisces. This is an ideal time to seek balance in your perspective. Raven as an animal ally can be instrumental in helping you with this task. You may become carried away with fantasies but the Moon in Virgo will help settle your emotions and ground your focus in the details of the here and now.

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