Spirit Animalscopes: Horoscopes & Tarot Reading for March 2021

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March 2021 Horoscopes Overview:
Rooster Spirit Animal & Three of Wands

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Rooster represents the 3 of Wands, Fresh Starts, & Pride! Discover Rooster’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

An exciting month full of surprises.
After an intense few months, March brings the beginning of Spring for those living in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall for those in the Southern Hemisphere. For those who are enjoying the early signs of seasonal shift to spring with the onset of the Equinox on March 20th coincides well with this month’s Messenger, the Rooster.

You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to keep pace with Rooster, whose confidence is unmatched. Whether you use this energy to announce your gifts and talents to the world, or to sound a call to action, inspiring others, the energy of Spring and the shift to the Sun’s entry into Aries, also on the Equinox, can make you feel newly inspired.

Rooster is also connected to our life force energy including sexual energy. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit of Spring Fever and eager to show your passions and zest for life. Rooster will help you to step out with bold, brash intensity now. Yet part of the lesson Rooster teaches us is to ensure we aren’t projecting a grandiose image without substance to back it up.

Rooster can help you summon the energy and motivation to plant the seeds that will bear fruit and lead to success in coming seasons. Rooster urges you to take action and carefully watch for the earliest opportunities to make your move. The sense that the timing is right is heightened now.

Astrologically, there are exciting things brewing among the celestial bodies now as well. This month, the Moon will trigger a few fortunate trines to lucky Jupiter in Aquarius, but the impact of these “luck infused” days will seem brief in comparison to other more impactful transits. Still, a few lucky days to make note of are March 1st (Moon in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius, bringing luck to breakthroughs involving partnerships and advocating for others, also potential breakthroughs in artistic projects and collaborations).

Also a conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius on the 10th can heighten and expand fortunate energy at home or in business. Five days later, on the 15th, the Moon in Aries forms a sextile with Jupiter which can help fuel the passion and energies that promote growth and expansion. The Moon in Gemini trines Jupiter in Aquarius on the 20th as well, and so this may present another fortunate opportunity for communication that helps you grow and expand your thinking.

New Moon on March 13th in Pisces can strengthen your intuition, compassion and creativity. The Full Moon is on March 28th in Libra on this date also Sun, Venus and Chiron are all in conjunction in Aries. This is an important time for finding the balance between your determined, assertive and confident (Rooster-like) nature and your receptive, intuitive and reflective nature. Balance in all forms, including the individualistic and the socially responsible, ambition and the ability to remain grounded in the present are also in the spotlight now.

This is a great time to heal past wounds (Chiron) and use your special sensitivities and sympathies (Venus) to help you share your creative gifts and talents with the world.

A lucky Trine between Lunar Node in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius early in the month can bring you barreling toward new breakthroughs that can change your ideas and plans, especially when it comes to career and travel.

We’re still feeling the impact of Uranus in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius through this month. This is not the time to take tradition and financial security for granted. Be open to new opportunities, changes in what society values and the economy at large. Finding security through sustainable practices will be more important than trying to hold onto old attitudes regarding money and wealth.

The first two weeks of the month bring a double Stellium (conjunctions of three or more planets in one sign) of Saturn, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius and Venus, the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. You may feel pulled between the highly intellectual and rational part of your nature, craving breakthroughs and mental stimulation. At the same time, you may feel deeply emotional and desire deeper connection with others. Creative projects and spiritual practices can be a great vehicle for healing and breakthroughs now.

Aries Horoscope:
Tiger Spirit Animal & King of Wands

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Tiger represents King of Wands, Awareness, & Determination! Discover the Tiger’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

On the prowl for new opportunities.

This month, you may feel rocked by dramatic and intense changes. Yet your passionate energy can only take you so far if you aren’t keeping yourself grounded. Let Tiger offer lessons in stealth and strategy now.

As Tiger knows, you don’t get to be the King or Queen by acting on every impulse. Though your impetuous nature is part of your charm, Aries, this is not a time to act carelessly. Instead, try to channel your courageous energy while slowing down enough to carefully plot your course to success.

This month kicks off with a lucky trine between the Moon in Libra, the Moon’s North Node in Gemini and already benevolent Jupiter in Aquarius. These placements bode well for you, Aries. Trines unlock lucky potential, in this case related partnerships, communication and breakthroughs in thinking. The key about trines is represents a powerful opportunity. But what you do with this opportunity makes all the difference. Tiger reminds you to not squander the lucky breaks you are given.

Use this time to tap your creativity and come up with ways to reinvent your mission, especially through partnerships and communication. Early in March, your planetary ruler Mars is in a fortunate aspect to heavy and authoritative Pluto. Both are in Earth signs. Mars, in the sign of Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This can be a great time to release old baggage and redefine yourself, but seemingly heavy issues related to finances, security, career and stability may need an overhaul.

You’re up for the challenge, Aries. Let Tiger help you by leading the way. With grace and poise, you can summon the courage to dig deeper and examine how you’ve been stuck in the past. Only then can you truly release and find renewal.

Mark your calendar for March 20th, the date of the Equinox when the Sun enters Aries beginning your season and preparing you for your Solar Return. This can be a great time to reflect on your personal “New Year” and make any important resolutions that aid in your growth and renewal. Also around this time, Mars, your ruling planet, makes his way closer and closer to the Lunar Node in Gemini, bringing an increasing sense of coming into the path of your destiny.

By the 25th, Mars is almost at a conjunction with the North Node and you may feel like things are heating up. An important decision or opportunity to follow your higher calling may present around this time. Be ready to make your move, but as Tiger would teach you, don’t pounce too soon.

During this time, Mars is also squaring off with Mercury in Pisces. If you aren’t exactly sure how to articulate what you want and need during the final weeks of this month, practice. Write out your statements again and again, refining your communication and clarifying your intentions.

The issue that can arise with Mercury in Pisces making a square to Mars in Gemini, while Mars is at a crucial conjunction with the North Node, is that your destiny may be calling you onto a path that is important but not fully crystal clear just yet. Put in Tiger’s terms, you may have caught a scent worth chasing, but you are still stalking through the jungle. This is not a time to get sidetracked by distractions.

Yet Mercury in Pisces is filled with romantic ideals and fantasies and can easily seduce you into getting lost in your imagination. At best, this placement can bring heightened creativity and intuitive perception. At worst, it can lead you to fall prey to illusions, confusion and wishful thinking masquerading as intuition. Like Tiger, you may need to use all of your senses to succeed in the hunt for new opportunity.

Be careful to avoid miscommunication now. Assuming you know what another meant is a mistake you can’t afford to make under this aspect. Before taking action, make sure you’ve clarified your point and others’ views.

Also from about this time until the end of March, Venus is traveling close to the Sun in Aries. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also mingling close by. Old wounds may be rehashed now or you may feel drawn to a partner based on illusions or impulses. You may feel like getting swept away in romance but now is not the time to completely follow your heart. At least not without checking in with your head during the process.

Be careful of the temptation for “trauma bonding” now, or seeking out friends or partners with whom you share a common wound, mistaken for spiritual connection or true love. Instead, use this energy to gain clarity about past wounds and current relationships. Courageously examine your relationship patterns and experiment with asserting yourself in new ways now.

On March 28th, the Full Moon in Libra is in opposition to your Sun Sign, and so this month rounds out with opportunities to examine how your drive toward individualism can be balanced with the gifts you bring to the table in partnerships and relationships.

Taurus Horoscope:
Hippo Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

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Time to show grace under fire.

Inverted cards are no reason to fear. Think instead of an inverted card in a reading as a water tap that hasn’t been turned on full force yet. Instead of a stream or surge of water, you may have a slow drip. So when Hippo appears through an inverted oracle card in your reading for the month, it means great potential is right there, hovering at arm’s reach, just waiting for you to make your move.

Similar to squares in Astrology, an inverted card suggests that you may need to make some adjustments in order to unlock all that energy that is waiting to rain down on you. Hippo may be whispering to you about the best ways to perceive and use your gifts, but it may take some fancy footwork on your part to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

And in this case, Hippo is a force to be reckoned with. Though playful and fun loving, Hippo represents a powerful connection to the Divine and can help you to unleash tremendous potential both in emotional release and intuition.

Hippo also speaks to the importance of collaboration. Don’t judge others by physical features now. Someone who seems larger than life may still need to know when to ask for help. Someone who seems small or timid may have great strengths and a big personality. Hippo may be pointing to aspects in your life now where you are not integrating your talents and the talents of your friends and allies.
A bigger bang payoff on your investment may be right in front of you, but you may need to change your perspective in order to see how one prospect can fit with another now. Let Hippo show you the way. In order to tap into Hippo’s lessons and wisdom, you may need to clear some emotional baggage out of your way.

I know, Taurus, this is not your favorite task. But it is necessary in order to clear the fog that may be keeping you from fully rising to your power and prominence. You may not need to act ferocious in order to make your voice heard now as well. Stand your ground but balance assertiveness with cooperation.

This month begins with Mars just about to leave your sign, so you may feel urgent pressure to put finishing touches on your plans, especially financial plans. Uranus is still gradually making his way through your sign, leaving all kinds of turbulence and surprises in his wake.

Uranus will be in a square to Saturn in Aquarius for some time now as well, creating a steady sense of friction that may surface in unexpected ways. The common theme is that you will be called to question your foundations of security now. Work, finance, relationships or even important aspects of your home and sense of personal power may seem to be riding a tidal wave now. Unexpected twists and turns will shake down your foundation and continually surprise you.

Yes, this can be a stressful time. But you know who can remain still and reflective amidst churning waters? Hippo. This is an important time for you to work with Hippo in order to discern what truly is the “solid ground” in your life and what provides an illusion of status and comfort.

For the first twenty days or so in March, your ruling sign Venus is in Pisces. This can be a great time for emotional healing, attraction, romance, love and affection. Your intuition can serve you well now, but it is important to discern intuition from wishful thinking.

During this time, Venus is helping you to sink deeper into your emotional depths and open your heart to strong intimate relationships. You may feel like you’re developing a soul-mate level relationship with a partner or loved one now. This is also an important time to work on emotional healing and even transmuting emotional wounds into powerful fuel for your creative and artistic talents. Hippo can also help you with this process.

On the twenty first, right as we enter spring, Venus passes into Aries and comes much closer to the Sun. This is a tricky time as your sense of desire and attraction may be slightly hindered for a few days. In other words, you may be susceptible to being “blinded” temporarily by the intensity of a romantic desire. Best to tread carefully in love for a few days.

Along with the Full Moon on the 28th, Venus will also be in opposition to the Moon in Libra. Questions and issues surrounding how you balance your individual needs and the needs of a partnership will come to the surface. You may have to do some deeper introspection to find the right balance between a partnership you idealize and what you feel is right for your own personal growth and ambitions now.

Gemini Horoscope:
Scorpion Spirit Animal & Nine of Wands

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Scorpion represents 9 of Wands, Obstacles, & Triumph! Discover the Scorpion’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Not so fast, time to go deeper.

Known for being swift, quick witted and diplomatic, you love to dabble in any interest or issue just enough to satisfy your curiosity before moving on to keep from getting bored. But this month, Scorpion is calling on you to go deeper. You may need to take your time and even (gasp!) come down out of your safe zone of the intellect and sit in your feelings.

You prefer not to do this because emotions are so illogical and just not fun. You may often wonder what the point is in paying attention to them at all. But Scorpion as an ally knows full well that what is beneath the surface is often the real clue to the missing piece of the puzzle.

And you do love puzzles. So take a deeper dive this month. Go into the shadows and recesses, the places hidden from the light of day and scope out the secrets. Listen to what people tell you but also to what they don’t say. Examine your own secrets. What have you been hiding from yourself? What are you afraid to face head on? Scorpion helps you bring your focus to a laser fine point and you need this focus now more than ever.

In the beginning of the month, your ruling planet, Mercury, is hovering close to lucky Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter can prompt you to think big, philosophically and diplomatically. In the exciting and changeable sign of Aquarius, this placement can keep you in your intellectual and imaginative comfort zone.

Not so fast! Scorpion reminds you. Just as you may want to blast off to new heights and enjoy the creative and intellectual breakthroughs happening all around you, Scorpion is reminding you to harness this energy for deeper transformation, emotional healing and connection with others.

And yes, as the sign of communication you may have to deliver news that shocks others (that sting!) but knowing how to make your point laser focused now will help you get the job done with diplomacy and tact.

By the fourth, Mercury and Jupiter are at an exact conjunction and in a favorable aspect to the North Node in Gemini. This can be a powerful time to unleash new ideas and broaden your perspective. Lucky connections can lead you to a promotion in your work or business. You may be elevated to new status now because of your brilliant ideas as well.

On this date, Mars also enters your sign of Gemini, making it easier for you to want to go from idea to action now. Remember Scorpion’s lesson now and slow down. Your ideas may be emboldened and energized but impulsivity can work against you now.

From the 17th onward, Mercury will be passing through the sign of Pisces coming into direct conjunction with Pisces’ ruler Neptune closer to the end of the month. This can unleash tidal waves of creativity, Gemini.

Yet it can also lead to fogginess, confusion and illusions. When your planetary ruler transits Pisces, you may become convinced that every idea you have is a sign related to your destiny. Every person you talk to may feel like a soul mate. Every get rich quick scheme may seem like a calling. Every thought you have may seem like a message from the Divine.

Now, on some level, we could say this is all true. But more likely, it is safe to say this is an important time to really practice discretion. Delve into the realms of creativity, fantasy, imagination and spirituality, but don’t lose your ability to discern and organize your priorities. On the thirtieth, in addition to Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Mars will also be conjunct the Lunar Node in Gemini. You may feel the strong compulsion to follow a new, creative and unusual path forward and some aspects of your intuition are in fact engaged now. Yet not all that glitters is gold, Gemini. Scorpion may be helping you to keep your focus and not get swept away by fantasy now.

Cancer Horoscope:
Stag Spirit Animal & Hierophant

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Seek wisdom in tradition.

Cancer, this month the only constant is change. This can seem unsettling and upsetting. Luckily, Stag is guiding you as a reminder of the power of being rooted in tradition and the wisdom of community. You may crave the security of the well worn path but with so many current planets transiting Aquarius, you can rest assured this path will feature at least a few detours and road blocks.

Stag can help you to stay true to your ideals and traditions while also making the necessary adaptations to follow the best path forward now.

Stag also speaks to lessons related to belief. Becoming grounded in your values can help you weather the changes that are coming down the path now. This can help you maintain graceful footing as you are confronted with new ideas and perspectives that may significantly challenge your sense of security.

You are highly influenced by your ruling planet, the Moon. Yet the Moon moves quickly and so you may find that intense moods one day easily subside a few days later. This month starts out with a lucky trine formed between the Moon in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini, therefore early in the month your creativity, imagination and ideas can be fine tuned and put to great use.

Your ability to express yourself and explore your ideals and beliefs can be enhanced now and this is a great time to speak up and make your message known. Lucky breaks, especially related to career and communication, can help you along. Partnerships can also receive a boost at this time, but communication is necessary, the improvements won’t develop on their own.

A few days later, on the fifth, the Moon opposes the North Node in Gemini and squares the Sun in Pisces, as does the North Node. At this time, the Moon is in Sagittarius. What you think you believe may be working at cross purposes with what you truly want and your higher destiny.

Through the eighth to the ninth, the Moon passes by slow moving Pluto in Capricorn and this can lead you purge deep emotions. Wounds related to your security in career or your assumed role in family can be brought to the surface now and you may have a chance to renew or reinvent yourself in and the patterns of tradition and values that are your inner compass.

The week of the tenth, the Moon moves through Aquarius and comes into conjunction with a lineup of planets including Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. This is the sign of rebellion, so business, ideals, beliefs and communication are all subject to dramatic disruption and changes. These changes can strike a nerve emotionally but hiding or trying to avert the impact is futile now.

Yet as soon as the Moon enters Pisces, it will then come into conjunction again with a number of planets the days following the twelfth and thirteenth. The Moon will trigger issues related to love, romance, affection, mysticism and spirituality as well as personal identity as this planet transits through dreamy and compassionate Pisces. Your intuition may be heightened, your dreams more vivid.

Intuitive feelings related to a love interest can also be spiked now as you become more empathy-driven. During the Moon’s transit of your sign on the 23rd and 24th, you may feel a burst of emotional energy, sensitivity and connection to family and home. This is a good time to celebrate family connections and become more nurturing and affectionate with others.

By the 28th, the Full Moon in Libra brings out the need to carefully examine how you can balance the importance of individual expression and assertiveness and your ability to work in tandem with a romantic or platonic partner.

In the final days of the month, the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Though a brief transit, this will once again tip off one of a number of intense transits that sets dramatic changes into motion and can have an unsettling effect on your finances or sense of security. Again, this is an important time to draw on the wisdom of Stag and the Hierophant to remember your higher values and remain grounded and rooted in the deeper sources of security, far beyond the superficial markers of status that can seem so tempting.

Leo Horoscope:
Woodpecker Spirit Animal & Eight of Swords INVERTED

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What’s holding you back?

You love to move forward and be in the spotlight but this month, you’re being called to take a step back. This is for your own good. When a card in a reading is inverted, it calls you to reflect and take caution. Detours and revisions may be required now.

An inverted card isn’t bad. It just means the potential around you is not being fully tapped into or not tapped into for the highest good in the situation. This month, you may have a nagging feeling of doubt or question that tap-tap-taps away at the back of your mind. Woodpecker’s insistent efforts are helping you to cut away at the blinders you may be wearing.

When Woodpecker is after a meal, everyone knows it. Though the sound may be distracting, it is a constant reminder that nothing will deter Woodpecker from poking holes in any obstacles that stand in their way. You need a bit of this persistence now, Leo.

This is an important time to examine perceived limitations. Are you really stuck in a no-win situation? Or are there wins that don’t quite match the trophy you have in mind? You can be well on your way to gaining ground and achieving the big win now, but the things that seem to stall your progress may actually just be slowing you down enough to help you shift your perspective.

The trine in Air Signs on the first triggers luck and new opportunities as the Moon in Libra trines Jupiter in Aquarius and the Lunar Node in Gemini. You may have to brace yourself for unusual and unexpected changes that are triggered by the intense planetary transits through Aquarius.

Aquarius lies opposite of Leo and so any activity that occurs in Aquarius serves the function of agitating issues around your identity, personal strengths and ambitions. You may have plans for leadership or promotion that are actually assisted by the transits in Aquarius- especially Jupiter and Venus- but will shake down in ways you could never have imagined. For this reason, Leo, spend most of this month using the mantra “we’ll see.” As in the old proverb about the man who falls off a horse, seemingly unfortunate, but who avoids conscription because of his broken leg, seemingly fortunate. The events that at first seem like a detour may actually create a bridge.

Let Woodpecker help you to pick through the changes and challenges happening now as you decipher what is the best path forward. Sometimes, no action right away is the best action. Especially now that you could actually have fortunate opportunities in disguise.

Lucky Jupiter spends this month in Aquarius, but so does Saturn who can be a bit of a downer. Whatever blessings Jupiter bestows, Saturn will follow up with some type of bigger lesson, cost or limitation. Jupiter makes you feel like you’ve won the lottery, but Saturn is the IRS coming to collect their share of your winnings. So with these two planets in Aquarius across from your sign of Leo, you may feel like every breakthrough that could help you turn a corner is also met with some kind of limitation or harsh lesson that follows.

The big challenge now is to reconcile interruptions to your ambition. Are you really being taken on detours? Or are you being challenged to balance your personal desires with your responsibility to society at large? Slow down to contemplate this question now.

By March fifth, your ruling planet, the Sun, is sandwiched between Neptune and Venus in Pisces. This is an excellent time for creative projects especially those motivated by spiritual ideals, healing and a mission related to creating healing and connection with romantic or love interests.

You may be swept away by love, romantic interests and deep emotions. Yet this is also a time to be careful about being susceptible to false flattery. Don’t let empty words lead you astray. If something is too good to be true, perhaps it is. Let Woodpecker help you chip away at illusions in order to see what lies beneath the surface.

This is enhanced between the tenth and the twelfth. By the New Moon on the thirteenth, you may feel a flare in romance, attraction and creativity as well as intuition.

On the seventeenth through the twentieth, you may feel a release of pressure. Intense energies and anxieties prevalent earlier in the month may subside and give way to greater relaxation, emotional connection with others and a sense of harmony in your relationships.

By the time of the Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries, you’ll likely feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to move forward on the course you’ve decided upon. By the 24th and 25th, you may feel more emotionally triggered by a decision you have to make related to past wounds and deeper healing. The Sun is conjunct with Chiron in Aries and the Moon is transiting your sign now. So this can be a more emotional time for you. Try to draw on your social connection and creative skills now.

Your planetary ruler, the Sun, again plays a key role on the 28th as the Full Moon in Libra is a time of intensifying polarity, this time between your personal desires and passions and your need to cooperate and collaborate with those around you. You may feel impulsive and want to take charge, but this is a time to remember the importance of working in tandem with a partner or other friends and allies.

An ongoing theme for you this month, and one which Woodpecker is well suited to help you with, is the balance between personal power in the form of individualism and personal autonomy, and the power you wield when working in collaboration with others. Questions of how your authority and power are used- for self aggrandizement or for the uplifting of others- is also central now.

Virgo Horoscope:
Mantis Shrimp Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

shrimp mantis spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Prepare to defend your views.

This month, Virgo, you are guided by a tiny but fierce fighter. You may need the extra oomph now so commune with Mantis Shrimp so that you can break down barriers and defend your views.

Mantis Shrimp is a tiny but powerful ally. By using their fist-like appendages to punch through obstacles or subdue their prey. Yet because of their diminutive size, they may be underestimated. It can work to your advantage for others to underestimate you this month, Virgo.

Keep others guessing about your secret weapon. But do come out swinging when you need to. This can be an intense month and keeping up with changes is not something you may want to do alone. Luckily, Mantis Shrimp also reminds you to draw on the strengths of your faithful allies. You have many in your corner who are willing to go to bat for you. Take them up on the offer when you need it this month.

This month begins with an Air Grand Trine between Moon in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius and True Node in Gemini. Though your planetary ruler is hovering close to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius now, this trine brings luck but also challenges your sense of comfort.

You don’t easily adapt to change, Virgo. Because of this, March will challenge you to become more adaptable. Intense activity in Aquarius may shake up plans and ideas that you thought were solid. From the fifth to about the sixteenth, planetary activity shifts to centering in the sign of Pisces.

This may come as a relief for you as you can more easily understand Pisces energy than Aquarius energy. Softer, malleable and less erratic and intense, Pisces is also your opposing sign. So while the second half of the month may seem more liberating, you may still have to face issues that challenge your sense of security. Stretch outside of your comfort zone and try to allow more creativity into your life.

A big challenge for you this month is to determine what points are worth fighting for, and what issues you can be flexible on. When you can be flexible without undermining yourself, do try to adapt your expectations.

As of the sixteenth, Mercury enters Pisces and this can help you become more aligned emotionally and logically. As the twentieth approaches, Mercury comes into a square with the Lunar Node in Gemini. This can create frustrations between how you think and communicate your ideas and what you are being called to do.

You may have to be more open minded and adaptable now in order to navigate this time effectively. New ideas may challenge you or even make you feel threatened. Try to not take innovations, changes and surprises personally.

For the twentieth through the end of the month, you may need to make your point clear to yourself first before stating your case to others. Be ready to assert yourself but first take the time to really reflect on your needs and ideals before promoting a concrete plan.

Libra Horoscope:
Prairie Dog Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

prairie dog spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Power in numbers.

Prairie Dog is related to Squirrel and embodies some of Squirrel’s alert, curious and intelligent energy while also bringing you deep into burrowing below the surface and exploring hidden truths.

Prairie Dog is highly social and relies heavily on the community to work collaboratively, reminding you that there is power in numbers. In the beginning of March, the first day of this month brings a trine with Moon in your sign, Libra, making a Grand Trine with Jupiter in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini. This is a lucky configuration and tunes up your creative, intellectual and alert nature. Like Prairie Dog, you may want to bring your head above ground and take a careful look around so that you can better scope out your opportunities.

The Grand Trine awakens creativity and gives lucky breaks, the potential for you to step up to your destiny and true mission as well. A chance encounter early this month can help you articulate your ideas with an audience of influential people and doing so can initiate new collaborations in a special partnership, either in business or romance.

The 10th through 13th brings a close conjunction between your ruling planet Venus in Pisces and the Sun, which is sandwiched between Venus and Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune. This is a time of heightened dreaminess and your intuition and imagination may run wild especially when it comes to fantasizing about your ideal love and romance. Yet Libra, you have a tendency to romanticize everything and everyone you meet.
During this time you may enjoy a boost in romance, love and affection. Yet it is important for you to find the right balance between following your heart’s desire and keeping a foot on the ground. The earthy energy of Prairie Dog can help you to not get carried away now.

Though intense and erratic changes are shaking down in society at large, led by the transits through Aquarius, you’ll find that you’re either relatively fortunate or that dramatic changes bring largely beneficial opportunities your way. Venus is not in the line of fire of these intense aspects directly so while generally speaking you want to be innovative and open minded when it comes to financial plans for the months ahead, you may be mostly in the clear for now.

By the onset of Equinox on the 21st, your ruling planet, Venus enters Aries just behind the Sun. This is not only a change in energy but also will bring Venus into a transit opposite your Sun Sign of Libra. Your role in a partnership or relationship can raise issues that you must confront, particularly issues related to how you assert yourself in relationships. Are you leaning too heavily on others? Or are you losing independence and autonomy in a partnership? Remember, Prairie Dog is helping you with lessons about collaborating with others and working communally. Yet with this comes a balance between your individual needs and the needs of the collective.

From the 25th through the end of the month and especially on the Full Moon on the 28th, you may face struggles related to how you perceive a romantic relationship or close friendship. Being too close to a situation can be blinding. A love interest may not be exactly as you idealize them. Aim for collaboration, not to put others on a pedestal.

Overall, the first twenty days of this month bring the potential for you to feel like you’ve found your soulmate. A relationship may take on healing qualities and you may feel like you have finally found the One or reached new levels of intimacy or healing with an existing partner. Enjoy the romance and affection but do also keep grounded.

Pisces energy can be filled with creativity, imagination and healing but also illusions, confusions and self-delusions. Are you making excuses for a loved one? There is a difference between being lenient, understanding and compassionate and outright enabling. Walk that fine line carefully in the beginning of this month. After the 21st, a murky situation in love may become clear. A vague attraction may come to greater focus and an issue you’ve previously been dancing around may be easier to communicate about directly.

Yet if you have been getting ahead of yourself in love, the reality of the situation will likely become crystal clear just after the 21st. This can feel like a rude awakening but remember, planets shifting from Pisces to Aries not only bring clarity, they also come into “opposition” with your sign, Libra.

Oppositions offer a chance to find balance and integration so this is not something to shy away from but a necessary tension that can be instrumental to your growth and learning.

Scorpio Horoscope:
Bat Spirit Animal & Hanged Man

bat spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Bat symbolizes Hanged Man, Stillness, & Reflection! Discover Bat’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Open your senses, change your views.

This month, Scorpio, your ally is someone who appreciates your love of the deep, dark recesses. A fellow intuitive who, like you, has a strong otherworldly radar to help keep in tune with what is going on across many different levels. Bat and the archetypal Hanged Man in Tarot, are working with you now.

You may wonder what a Hanged Man and ominous critter could possibly have in store for you, but rest assured, both Bat and Hanged Man get a bad rap. The Hanged Man is not an archetype of violence nor of punishment, but rather represents the power that comes from stillness, introspection and being open to taking a different view.

Like Bat, who is known for their ability to perceive their surroundings through their keen sense of hearing and use of sonar, The Hanged Man is suspended, upside down and through this unusual position, can see things from a different angle. Both have been scapegoated, and so when Bat and Hanged Man energy is around, you may feel susceptible to being thrown under the bus. Yet this can also be an important time to step back and examine how much of the scapegoat role is warranted and how much has been self-martyring.

If you’ve been putting yourself on the front lines only to feel taken advantage of, Bat and Hanged Man can help you examine this pattern and the subconscious drives that may lead you to follow this pattern. If others truly are misunderstanding your reputation, this is not the time to act in dramatic ways to correct these misperceptions. Subtle is best now.

This may be an important time to hang out in the background, carefully observing and using all of your senses to gather information. This can include using your intuition and psychic senses to guide you on your path now.

You have two planetary rulers, Scorpio. Both Pluto and Mars are activated by transits this month and you’ll feel the burn even though the activity is not directly taking place in your sign. Also, as your sign is a Fixed Sign, like Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, the intensity of major activity in Aquarius will have a ripple effect to your sign as well.

On the first, your two planetary rulers are in a fortunate trine to each other. Pluto and Mars, in Capricorn and Taurus respectively, form an easy aspect associated with flow of energy. Trines open up the flood gates and allow energy to flow between planets, making it easier to access the traits these planets bring to the table. Usually considered fortunate, in the case of an easy aspect between powerful Pluto and energetic Mars, these two can work together to unleash dramatic events in your career and finances.

You may have to contend with a powerful change to your career path or a change that may involve loss or the need to release. You may also feel the impact in your wallet as this transit can bring fortunate opportunities for new growth but will usually kick off the process by initiating some major loss or change.

Try to keep your perspective now, as Bat teaches you. What seems like a loss may actually be the catalyst for a change that was long overdue.

By the third, the Moon in your sign of Scorpio makes a challenging square to Jupiter and Mercury both in Aquarius. How you think and communicate may be jolted by unexpected dramatic changes that can be beneficial in the long run but may bring out insecurities and emotional wounds in the short run. Keep your focus on the overall target, this is a small scale detour.

On the sixth, Mars enters Gemini and you may feel as if pressure has been lifted to some extent. Though a rocky rollercoaster ride remains with major planets still transiting Aquarius, you will be more likely to now embrace the prospects of radical change and surprises compared to your earlier feelings of pressure.

Your creativity is a huge benefit now as you can become more adaptable and flexible. The insight others share can help you change your own viewpoint if you are willing to let go of points you’ve been holding on to too tightly. Remember, Bat is here to help you adapt and gain a different point of view.

March 8th through 9th the Moon passes by Pluto in Capricorn and also comes into an opposition with Mars later on the 9th. Though not likely a catalyst for major life changing events, this transit can set off emotional reactions to losses or changes that you’re in the midst of or recently experienced. If you have suppressed your emotional reaction in order to go into survival mode and cope with changing circumstances, your emotions may start to seep through now.

The 12th through the 21st, a number of planets in a stellium in Pisces, namely the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, can pull your attention toward romantic matters. This is also a time for potential surge in affection, intuition and emotional healing. Though this can also bring an increase in wishful thinking. Remember, Bat and the Hanged Man are helping you to see truth through illusion but you need to take the time to reflect in order to process your fantasies and fears and go through this discernment.

By the 20th, Mars and the Lunar Node are in conjunction in Gemini with the Moon passing by briefly. This can be a time of restlessness and anxiety over what you perceive is your mission and destiny. New insights can bring you closer to your purpose or reveal ways in which you’ve strayed from your path.

On the 20th through the 28th, Mars in Gemini squares Mercury in Pisces. During this time, you may find it easier to get lost in fantasies and illusions. Your passions and eagerness to act on your ideals can lead you to make poor judgment calls when it comes to sorting out fact from fantasy. Be careful to take the time to research information you receive or back up hunches with validated information.
The 28th through the end of the month, Mars in Gemini is trine Saturn in Aquarius. This can be a fortunate time for breakthroughs, epiphanies and sudden realizations. You may feel compelled to act in ways that are shocking or even surprising. You may find it easier to break down barriers and throw caution to the wind now.

What may seem like calamitous situations at first can actually prove beneficial. Use your savvy skills and intuition to help you see the long range view of what is coming on the horizon as you can easily read social trends at this time.

Sagittarius Horoscope:
Chimp Spirit Animal & Two of Pentacles

chimp dog spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Balancing the fruits of your labor.

Sagittarius, you are no stranger to hard work, but what you truly seek is the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures and enjoy the luxuries money can buy. Your sign can be unusually lucky and it’s no wonder you have a penchant for gambling. You know big dreams require big risk.

This month, Chimp is swinging into your life to help you balance the practical steps that help you to succeed with the larger vision that is so important to you. You can have your cake and eat it too, Sag, but only if you take things in stride and find a balance between work and play.

Your sign’s ruling planet, Jupiter, is at the center of quite a bit of excitement this month and actually for this year at large. In true jovial form, Jupiter is not one to shrink into the background. Currently in the sign of Aquarius, Jupiter is standing ready to unleash powerful surprises on a large scale.

The dramatic and grand scale changes that unfold whenever Aquarius is involved, and as the sign of the Rebel, Aquarius always paves the way for dramatic change, are enhanced and projected on a large scale by Jupiter. Jupiter’s lucky and benevolent energy also have the effect of pumping a situation up, inflating it to larger than life.

Rather than a slight trim, Jupiter in Aquarius goes all out for a full makeover. Rather than painting one room, Jupiter in Aquarius brings in the wrecking ball and then rebuilds the entire structure. Bigger and bolder than before.

You can expect large scale changes that work out fortunately for you but nonetheless may throw you off your intended path. The more you can work with the energy of Chimp this month and maintain balance between work and play, the better. Chimp is no stranger to juggling as they are resourceful and know that work always goes better when you can be playful in the process.

No matter what unexpected changes you may face, you’ll have the fortune of lucky breaks along the way. Early in the month, Jupiter is making his way through Aquarius and approached closely by Mercury, the planet of communication and travel. Mercury and Jupiter work well together and so the first week in March you may feel like your ideas are given a touch of grandiosity, creativity and power.

You may have the chance to connect with influential people as well and this can help you find the confidence you need to take your plans or education to a higher level.

The first through the twentieth or so, Jupiter is making a lucky trine to the North Node in Aquarius. This can be a powerful time in which you feel liberated, inspired and more inclined to reach your purpose and follow your mission. Whatever you used to believe your mission to be, expect dramatic changes in perception to reveal a different spin on things or even a dramatic change in focus altogether.

The ninth and tenth see a surge in activity in Aquarius as now the Moon joins Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. Though Jupiter is no longer in a direct conjunction with Saturn, this planet is likely to amplify and enhance the impact of the intense activity taking place in Aquarius now.

What this means for you, Sag, is that you are likely to find that seemingly small changes suddenly become large scale. This can feel lucky or stressful or a combination of both. A slight change of plans suddenly becomes a need to rip up the map and completely rewrite your plans altogether.

The biggest impact for you will relate to your beliefs, ideology, and social network. You may suddenly embrace a new doctrine or mission and align yourself with an intense humanitarian group with unusual beliefs, ideas or tactics.

You may also make sweeping changes to your social circle including changing your alliances or group affiliations. New understandings or new perspectives can feel enlightening or even earth shaking for you now.

By the 13th, you may feel less pressure and greater freedom. On the 24th through the 25th you may have a chance to rev up your passions and flirtation. Connections with influential people in powerful positions or roles of authority can become significant allies now. Mars is conjunct Chiron in Gemini and both are trine your ruling planet, Jupiter in Aquarius.

Dramatic changes of ideas and communication style can give you the energy, focus and confidence to speak from the heart and from a unique place of understanding and compassion. Your experience can be held up as a role model for those who are still struggling to overcome wounds you’ve experienced in the past.

At the same time, the Moon is transiting Leo and this will create an opposition to Jupiter first and then Saturn in Aquarius. Over this course of time, you may have to face issues related to your personal ambitions and how you exert your power, authority and share your talents.

If you’ve been playing small, a chance to take the spotlight may be presented. If you normally take center stage, you may be called to practice humility. Remember, Chimpanzee is helping you to achieve the right balance between extremes now.

Capricorn Horoscope:
Bee Spirit Animal & Wheel of Fortune

Bee Spirit Animalscopes 300x471
Bee symbolizes The Wheel of Fortune, Luck, & Fate! Discover Bee’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Achieve the impossible and unexpected.

You prefer things to be orderly, structured and regulated, Capricorn. But this month, you may have to be open to going with the flow, rather than having everything micromanaged as you prefer. Bee is buzzing around you now. You may have the chance to learn the power of believing in accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

Bee should not be able to fly. They are a scientific anomaly. Their body shape and size is not aerodynamic. Yet they teach you to believe in true miracles because Bee is able to defy the odds. And so are you.

Bee’s role in pollination and production of honey also symbolizes concepts near and dear to your heart, Capricorn. Not only are you a true collaborator and worker Bee, you understand the importance of collaboration in being productive.

Bee corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune and thus reminds you to be open to the fortunate changes and benevolent synchronicities that are working in your favor now.

The two planets to keep an eye on for you, Capricorn, are Saturn, your planetary sign ruler, and Pluto. This is because Pluto has been transiting your sign since 2017 and continues to wrap up his time there. Yet he’ll linger in the final degrees of Capricorn for months to come.

Pluto is going to continue to generate change and even some discomfort as he beckons you to confront what you fear and unearth the secrets you’ve been keeping from yourself. Pluto’s major aspects to other planets this month include a square to the Moon in Libra on the 2nd and a trine to Mars in Taurus on the third. During these early days of March, you may feel emotionally restless and compelled to create harmony and peace in a relationship, yet unless you are digging beneath the surface, such harmony may elude you.

You may have to face the loss of support from someone you previously counted on. If you are pulling more than your fair share of the weight in a relationship, this will become unsustainable now. A change will need to take place.

You may also finally find the courage and assertiveness to have a difficult conversation with a friend or peer. Something you previously avoided confronting, especially as related to work or finances may become essential to face now.

Throughout this month, your planetary ruler, Saturn, remains in a square with Uranus in Taurus. Financial difficulties may be unearthed or further complicated by changes beyond your control. A surprise announcement may linger in the air, unresolved but still creating confusion, stress and insecurity now.

Though you prefer to have a solid game plan, the major transits impacting you directly suggest that you may be in a bit of a limbo situation now. Though you won’t have closure yet, you’ll also have little ability to control situations that impact your finances and career.

Like Bee, remain open minded to achieving the impossible and unthinkable. At the same time, let go of the need to try to manage everything right now. The puzzles that are not solved now likely won’t be for a few weeks to a month anyway, don’t let anxiety distract you.

Around the 9th and 10th, you may feel more emotionally triggered than usual, especially when changes or disruptions impact your financial plans or sense of security, but this emotional rollercoaster is brief.

While the cause and underlying issues contributing to tensions won’t likely be resolved during this time, by the 19th, just in time for the shift to spring, you may feel a relief and release of tension. During this time, planets that were previously crowding Aquarius are now in Pisces. This doesn’t make problems disappear but can give you a sense of having more breathing room or more time to think and process.

At the same time, Venus is in Pisces, romantic, creative, compassionate and dreamy, making a favorable sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. A more sentimental, compassionate and romantic ideal can soften the intensity of Pluto in Capricorn now. Though you may still be called to deal with a major change or loss, during this time, you can more easily find spiritual meaning and healing through the course of this change or loss.

This is a powerful time to put closure on a loss, transform a relationship or use your creative gifts in the service of advancing your work or business now.

By the 20th, Saturn is forming a lucky trine to the North Node in Gemini, and the North Node is also joined by a conjunction with Mars and the Moon. This can feel like a lucky day, or rather a luckier day. Though still embattled with a square to Uranus in Taurus, you may feel a stronger sense that your mission, purpose and personal advancement is somehow served by these changes, even if you did not initiate them.

For instance, a loss or change to work may feel today like a necessary step leading you closer to an opportunity that is more a part of your mission. Like Bee making honey, this is a good time for you to find the sweetness in even the most difficult situation.

By the 24th, Saturn is in an opposition to the Moon in Leo. This is an important time to confront how changes happening on a global or social level force you to contend with changes that you need to make on an individual level. Your creativity and bold nature can surface now to help you strike the right balance.

At the time of the Full Moon in Libra on the 28th, the Moon is also making a lucky trine to Saturn in Aquarius and Mars/North Node in Gemini creating another lucky Air trine just as in the beginning of the month.

As Bee is also a creature of the Air element, thoughtfulness, an open mind, creativity and innovation will serve you well at this time, even if it takes you outside of your comfort zone and sacred traditions.

Aquarius Horoscope:
Butterfly Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

butterfly spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Unexpected growing pains.

An inverted card signifies energies surrounding you but not fully tapped into. The potential for significant transformation is rampant now, but you may not be fully letting yourself delve deeply into these transformations.

If you’ve been holding on or holding back, Aquarius, March is your key month to surrender to the radical changes and transformations that Butterfly guides you toward.

This month is significant for you, Aquarius. It begins with a lucky Grand Trine in Air signs, including the Moon in Libra, the North Node in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius. It ends with a similar Grand Trine on the 28th with the addition of Mars in Gemini and a shift from lucky and expansive Jupiter in Aquarius to Saturn in Aquarius.

During this month, dramatic changes that bring in a rollercoaster ride in the early days, causing you to challenge and change many of your ideas, plans and beliefs, can round out with you giving greater form to the seeds planted earlier in the month.

Several important planetary transits travel through your sign this month.
First, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. During this time, plans, communications and electronics can go a little haywire. No, it’s not because of Mercury Retrograde, but because of the intense and unpredictable nature of Aquarius and Mercury as well as lofty and expansive Jupiter in this sign close together currently.

Saturn can usually act as a grounding agent, but in Aquarius, this planet does more to refocus you on your responsibilities to the collective. To groups and communities and society at large. Butterfly may flutter into your life to remind you that you have the potential to be outgoing and to nurture your many vast connections. Create beauty and inspiration through your communication now, even if circumstances seem unusual or erratic.

The most prominent impact you will experience this month is the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and your planetary ruler, Uranus in Taurus. Your financial situation, economic prospects, home, health or career are subject to dramatic and perhaps even traumatic changes now.

As the Rebel of the Zodiac, you are no stranger to change and you often welcome it. Yet this month, even you may feel a bit weary of the erratic changes that require you to constantly reconfigure your strategy.

The week of the 9th through the 15th in particular bring dramatic upheaval and sweeping changes. You may feel you are facing dramatic and unexpected changes that bring a level of anxiety and chaos into your life. If you thrive on the excitement, this can be a great time for creativity and epiphanies.

During this time, the Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are all contributing to intense Aquarius energy. Your zest for a humanitarian mission may be heightened now. Remember to keep yourself grounded if possible. You won’t want to get carried away into the zealoutry or drama that can lead you to sacrifice common sense in order to chase exciting prospects and ideals.

After the 16th, the pressure is released and you can maintain a good sense of creativity, insight and innovation without feeling such intensity as earlier in the month.

The 20th through 23rd positive aspects between Saturn in Aquarius and the Moon/Mars and North Node in Gemini can lead you to an epiphany or realization that can be life changing. You may feel like you are being primed for a major accomplishment or to come closer to fulfilling your mission or purpose. Let Butterfly as a messenger help you float gracefully toward new opportunities to share your ideas and shape your beliefs now.

Just after the Full Moon, from the 28th through the end of the month, you may feel like your luck is changing. The Moon will come to make a favorable trine to Saturn in Aquarius. It is time to put your money where your ideals are and trust your intuition as you solidify a change in plans or mission.

Pisces Horoscope:
Flamingo Spirit Animal & Two of Wands

flamingo spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Flamingo represents the Two of Wands, Balance, & Possibilities! Discover Flamingo’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Embrace your creativity, it’s time to shine.

You are one to go with the flow, Pisces. This month, your laid back nature works in your favor. Flamingo appears to help you keep balance and maintain grace and poise. Flamingo is also a reminder of the power you have to communicate your thoughts and ideas. You can be eloquent and also a visionary.

Even when your vision is shocking or unusual to others, you have a gift for being endearing. This helps to soften the surprise and also makes it easier for you to share your vision in a healing way. Your artistic talents, unique sense of beauty and higher spiritual vision can be brought into balance in order for you to lead others as a compassionate and empathetic healer.

You are easily affected by the lineup of planets passing through Aquarius early in the month, as you are highly sensitive and impacted by anything going on around you. Yet your focus is more focused on the energy created by the stellium taking place in your own sign. This includes your planetary ruler, Neptune. Neptune has been in Pisces for a while and will be far beyond this month. Yet during this month, Neptune is joined early on by the Sun and Venus.

Leading up to the 20th, the Sun, Venus and Neptune are dancing close together. This can be a powerful time for romance, love, healing and affection. Yet with Venus traveling close to the Sun all through this month, be careful of approaching a romance with naivete. The majority of this month can bring euphoria and you may be enticed to see an idealized version of a romance.

It’s great to think the best of others, but it is another thing altogether to become enchanted with a fantasy. Before getting too carried away, let things pan out well into next month. Enjoy the euphoria created now, but don’t make major life changes based on the feeling that you’re floating on air. Remember Flamingo’s lesson, always keep at least one foot on the ground.

Particularly on the 11th through 14th, when the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune and then Mercury become especially close in a tighter series of conjunctions. The potential to find healing, connection, love and deep emotional cleansing is possible now. So is the potential to be carried away by deep moods, fantasies and idealism.

On the 14th through the 17th, you may feel an intense desire to make changes and clear the air in a romance as first Neptune and then Venus make a favorable sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. During this time, a change in the foundation of a romance or of your spiritual path, can help you clear the slate and embrace deeper connection with others. This could be a great time to release a past wound or make peace with the past loss of a loved one or a dream that is not coming to fruition. By doing this, you can better prepare to attract new love and new dreams.

On the 18th, the Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Venus/Sun in Pisces come into favorable aspects to each other. This is an ideal time to release old attachments to ideals of security, finances or work. You may even shift the balance between a focus on career and work to a focus on family and love.

On the 29th and 30th, a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces can bring about the potential for great artistic and creative expression. Your psychic senses may be heightened now as well. This is also an important time to sort out old emotional wounds.

Choose your words carefully now. Emotional tensions can lead you to want to vent but Mercury in Pisces, especially close to Neptune, can be distracted by confusion, vagueness and illusions. Wait until early April to make sure your views and thoughts are clear and based on what is and not what you wish to be.

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