Spirit Animalscopes: Horoscopes & Tarot Reading for August 2021

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Welcome to your Spirit Animalscopes! This is your unique astrology forecast that’s part horoscopes, part tarot reading, and lots of Spirit Animals! I combine these three modalities to give you a broader overview of the energies for your zodiac sign. Get deep mystic insights for your love life, career, money, and much more. You’ll only find this report at WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com so make sure to bookmark us or sign up for the newsletter so you get the horoscope for your zodiac sign every month!

August 2021 Horoscopes Overview:
Cardinal Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

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Ancestral protection.

As one of the markers of the transition from winter to spring, the appearance of a Cardinal indicates a new beginning about to dawn in your life. Cardinal is working with you as a general animal ally this month, so even though we’re in the depths of summer in the northern hemisphere at least, you may feel as if you’ve just emerged from a dark winter.

Prepare for new opportunities now. Cardinal helps you to initiate changes that require you to be bold and outspoken.

Just like Cardinal, you may be in a unique position to enter into transitional spaces now. You may be given an unusual insight into different realms as well. Be open to opportunities to go “behind the scenes” in your career, witnessing processes or meeting you’re not usually privy to.

You may also be called on to be a forerunner or leader on a new project. In some cultures, Cardinal is considered lucky, so going out on a limb may bring good fortunes now. Cardinals mate for life and this may be an ideal month to focus on partnerships, home and family.

A relationship may become more serious now and you may have a chance to make a casual romance more official. Pay attention to the “partners” outside of the romantic sphere who help you accomplish your goals as well.

If you’ve had struggles in your family recently, Cardinal harkens a new phase of harmony and healing for these relationships. You may find that your loved ones are able to find the happiness they’ve desired. Peace and joy at home is also likely now.

You may also be on the verge of entering a new proverbial “season” in your personal life. This is not a time to cling to the past but to trust your wisdom. Have faith that embarking on new projects or embracing new opportunities is in order.

August 8th brings the New Moon in Leo. Creative energy flows freely now. You may feel bold and if you’re normally shy and reserved this is a good time to step into the spotlight. Make your point in an entertaining way. Share your gifts with others and show your generous side now.

This can also be a great time for leadership and tasks that require you to express your unique individual talents. Be bold now and your efforts will be rewarded.

On August 11 Mercury enters Virgo and while some people will feel this transit more intensely than others, be open to cleaning, organizing, and revising your budget and diet routines. Health may be in focus, and this is a great time for any kind of research or analytical tasks.

On August 16 Venus enters Libra and we will now have a number of planets in the signs they rule. The full roster is: Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Libra. Matters of love, romance, beauty, and compassion are heightened now. Focus on projects requiring collaboration and partnership.

August 19 Uranus goes rx in Taurus and becomes the third planet to currently be in retrograde motion, accompanied by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. During this time, the edgy and erratic energy of Uranus can seem stifled a bit as retrogrades are more about introspection and planning than action. Still, when it comes to Uranus, expect the unexpected.

On a global, communal, and personal scale, you may be challenged to face insecurities and fears so that you can finally break away from what you thought made you feel secure. Stubbornness won’t serve you now. It’s time to let go on a deeper level and Uranus will help you do this in his quirky way.

Unexpected changes may lead you to reconsider how you define your worth and your values.

August 22 Sun enters Virgo now and you may become more reserved and cautious. This is a good time to address any health issues or bad habits that are stopping you from living up to your fullest potential.

August 22 Double Full Moon in Aquarius named such because it is the second Full Moon in Aquarius in this year. You may be feeling an intense surge in intuition and creativity now. This is a great time to flex your creative and innovative muscles. Epiphanies may come easily. Be open to quirky or unusual ideas that can help you express your unique gifts to the world.

On August 30th Mercury enters Libra and your style of communication can become more flirtatious and diplomatic. This is an ideal time to have otherwise difficult conversations as it may be easier for you to express your ideas in compassionate and caring ways.

This is also an ideal time for creative writing or expressing yourself through any of the visual arts. Making romantic plans now can payoff in the future. Watch for indecisiveness, this is a placement notorious for creating procrastination. Let friends help you with your decision-making process if you find yourself getting stuck.

Aries Horoscope:
Opossum Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

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Opossum represents Capriciousness, Adaptability, & Concealment! Discover the Opossum’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Keeping a low profile.

Opossum is your animal helper this month and as such, you find yourself in a challenging situation. Opossum’s lessons involve laying low and observing rather than drawing attention to yourself. Discretion is the better part of valor now.

This is a hard message for you to internalize. You love to act on your instincts. It’s unnatural for you to slow down and observe silently. Yet this month this is exactly what you are being called to do.

Muster up your courage, Aries, less is more this month. Slowing down and remaining still will help you succeed in the long run.

When others resort to drama, let your cool logic and powers of observation prevail. You’ll do better to work behind the scenes than to command the spotlight now. Delegate important tasks to others, don’t take on too much this month.

Sift through sensationalism and stick with the raw facts. Your instincts naturally lead you to react on a whim so take a lesson from Opossum and try to ground yourself now. You may feel as if you’re acting superficially because your passions need to be dimmed now. This is a time to practice delaying gratification and letting rational analysis take precedence over knee-jerk reactions.

This month begins with Mars in Virgo opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. You may feel as if your plans are stifled now but remember the important guidance from Opossum. This is not the time to fight an uphill battle in order to get what you think you need.

Rather, slow down and align your higher ideals and beliefs with your daily choices and routines. You may be challenged to make adjustments to your health, diet, work, commute or other daily practices so that you are walking the talk and following your spiritual and philosophical values now.

It may be an uncomfortable start to the month but by creating a conscious lifestyle you’ll be better set to improve your health and find greater motivation to succeed, especially when tedious attention to details are required.

On the fourth, Mercury in Leo comes into a trine with Chiron in Aries. You may be compelled to express yourself in bold and dramatic ways. Don’t shy away from dealing with painful past wounds. This is an important time to face your insecurities head on.

The more you delve into healing your own insecurities and past traumas, the better you’ll be able to step up to the plate and help others navigate their own challenges, and this is exactly what you’re called to do now.

Having a sense of humor, even about matters that are highly personal, will help you work through your wounds related to feeling abandoned or alienated. You may find your community now and your strengths and unique empathy for others may lead others to gravitate to you for your wisdom and perspective.

Showing humility and vulnerability will help you give others a needed boost. Your optimism in spite of hardships can be contagious now. The task is to help others find their own light in the darkness.

On the fifth, the Sun and Mercury both in Leo come into a square with Uranus in Taurus. This can lead to rocky surprises that bring excitement but also stress. You may feel tempted to speak out in dramatic and passionate ways, particularly in work and career.

Yet speaking before all facts are known can lead you to regret an impulsive decision. And it will be hard to know what’s up from down today because rebellious Uranus has a habit of shaking up your expectations. You may think you have a plan mapped out only to find that unusual twists and turns have changed the agenda.

Rather than rushing to get a job done or speak your mind, this is an ideal time to take a more cautious path. You can still be true to your beliefs and express what you need in an assertive way, but don’t count on the status quo remaining intact.

This is a time of change that will keep you on your toes. Be sure to check (and recheck) your bank statement. Reserve harsh or extreme moves or criticisms at work now as well. If you need to speak out passionately, expect a rift to ensue. Only you can determine if it is worth the aftershocks to get your ideas out today.

On the seventh, Mars in Virgo comes into a square with the North Node in Gemini. The North Node is not a planet but rather a mathematical point in the Moon’s ellipses. It is a point associated with what you are striving toward and the ways in which you must challenge yourself in order to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.

Virgo helps your ruling planet Mars to slow down and become attentive to detail. You may feel extremely focused now. The added boost of courage and optimism combined with rational sensibilities can help you to drill down to the details that will help you accomplish your goals now.

You can use the positive vibes today to help boost your confidence as you take on a new initiative in health or work. You may even find the energy to tackle a project that would otherwise bore you but which you must accomplish in order to advance.

Try to balance being a team player with tackling your independent tasks necessary to move forward in career. You may impress a boss or supervisor today but don’t let the spotlight distract you from the work at hand.

On the ninth the Moon comes into a conjunction with Mars in Virgo. Trust your instincts when it comes to tending to your family’s needs. You may need to break an issue down to basics so that you can resolve a conflict within family or with a partner.

Your feelings may be part of your motivation now and acts of service to others can go a long way toward helping you feel emotionally fulfilled. Take big strides now as your motivation is likely to be higher than usual.

On the twelfth, the Moon in your opposite sign of Libra comes into opposition with Chiron in Aries. Focus on partnerships now. Your love interest may need a boost of confidence now. You can find greater healing in a relationship if you first face your anxieties and insecurities from a time when you felt betrayed or abandoned.

Rather than bringing up old business in a way that leads to a power struggle, try to focus on the lessons you’ve learned from accomplishing success on your own terms. You can be more helpful and relatable to your love interest or business partner now if you allow them to see some vulnerability.

On the sixteenth, Venus enters Libra. As the planet of love and beauty is now also transiting your opposing sign, don’t be surprised if underlying conflicts in relationships start to pop up to the surface.

This doesn’t mean all has to be doom and gloom in love and romance. In fact, these minor hiccups can help you understand your partner on a deeper level. Let conflicts serve as a guide to help you heal your relationships and strengthen your bond to your partner.

If you’re not currently in a relationship, pay attention to partnerships of other kinds. The attraction process may now require you to work on yourself first so you can be available to others without insecurities or jealousy getting in the way.

On the twentieth, Mars and Mercury are in conjunction in Virgo and both form a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Where you may have struggled earlier in the month with unprecedented surprises, you can now find excitement and inspiration.

Your enthusiasm and passions are easily conveyed to others. An unexpected change related to health, finances or career can create epiphanies that motivate you to change course now.

On the twenty-third, Mars comes into opposition with the Moon in Pisces and Mercury comes into opposition with Neptune. These double oppositions can create some friction today and the themes will reverberate across a few areas of your life.

Neptune in Pisces opposing Mercury in Virgo challenges you to see a situation as it is rather than getting lost in fantasies and imagination. What may seem at first like a rude awakening may actually save you disappointment in the long run. Accept some level of disillusionment in the service of having a more accurate view of your options, especially in work.

Old beliefs or dreams may be proven unlikely or inaccurate. Be open to adapting so that you can blend your creative and practical sides.

Mars in Virgo opposing the Moon in Pisces creates a conflict between your sentimental side and your need to act decisively and precisely. There is no room to guess or assume now. What you thought was an intuitive sign may prove to be wishful thinking. Be honest with yourself now.

On August twenty-fifth, the Moon comes into conjunction with Chiron in Aries. Your past wounds and traumas may shed light on some greater wisdom that is now needed in your family or home life. Learning how to treat others based on how you didn’t want to be treated in the past is important now.

On August twenty-sixth Venus in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries. The theme of working through past wounds continues now but the focus now is more on your partnerships, romance and attraction process and not as much on family.

Try to avoid letting insecurities sabotage your love life. You may have to go out on a limb to trust the intentions of others now. Pretending to have everything under control won’t serve you now. It will only lead others to lose trust in you.

On the thirtieth, Mars in Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces and remains in this aspect until early next month. You may feel slowed down by heavy emotions. You don’t like showing your sensitive side, but you won’t be able to “walk it off” now so sitting with your deeper pains and sensitivity will be your only route to empowerment now.

You may fear drowning in emotion now, but there is no need to worry about losing control. Mars in Virgo ensures you’ll keep your footing. Explore fantasies and use creative outlets to help you maintain the balance you need now.

Taurus Horoscope:
Seahorse Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

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Seahorse represents Vision, Support, & Parenting! Discover the Seahorse’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Staying steadfast and loyal.

Seahorse is helping you along this month, Taurus. This creature has mystified people for ages because of its unique appearance and ability to break the conventions of nature- the male, not female- are the ones who give birth.

Associated with the sea for obvious reasons, these tiny creatures were believed to be guardians who protect the souls of deceased sailors. The connection to the afterlife and protection can signify that Seahorse is guiding you on your journey this month.

Perhaps you’re being called to delve deeper into emotional matters. A transition that brings you out of your comfort zone may make you feel intimidated, but rest assured, Seahorse will help you find the path you need to take.

Trust in the value of your gifts and what makes you unique. Swimming against the grain is in your best interest now rather than blending in with the crowd. Yet this doesn’t mean you’ll be antisocial this month. On the contrary, Seahorse is devoted and loyal in love.

If you’ve been wavering on a commitment, perhaps Seahorse is coming into your life to help you stay the course. Your confidence may soar now with a little added inspiration from your maritime friend.

The significance of spiral and transformation are also important. As the Seahorse’s tail makes a spiral as they swim, so too may you find yourself retreading what seems like familiar territory. All of life works in a cyclical spiral and you may feel called to revisit what you thought was an old issue or lesson.

You may challenge conventions now but one thing others can count on is that others know you are steadfast and loyal. Even when you break with conventions you won’t abandon your principles now.

Venus in Virgo forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus on the first. This is an ideal time to expect the unexpected in love and finances. You may surprise yourself as your attraction energy leads you to discover new practices that can improve your health, home, and love life.

Work may be tedious now but you’ll find creative ways to make every act a labor of love. You may also become more excited by a project that allows you to showcase your practical talents in some new way.

Blend the old with the new in career and you may end up impressing all the right people. An epiphany can suddenly lead you down a new path in work and love as well. Be open to trying things you normally wouldn’t consider. Taking risks in a calculated and measured way can prove beneficial now.

On the sixth, the Sun in Leo forms a square with Uranus in Taurus. Your bold and feisty side may come into conflict with your desire for order and security. Excitement and drama will likely win now, but this is a good chance for you to break some of your rigid rules and have a little more fun.

Don’t worry as much about controlling yourself today. Let your passions take the lead, especially in love. If you’ve been stuck, you’ll easily find the change of pace you’ve been waiting for.
This is also a good time to roll with unexpected changes. Just because you didn’t plan for something to take place doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a golden opportunity. Stay alert for ways to come out on top even when in the midst of a rocky journey.

On the seventh, Venus in Virgo comes into opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Normally, Venus and Pisces can work together to spice up your love life, especially when the dreamy and sensitive sign of Pisces is involved. But today, Venus is being anchored by practical Virgo.

This can still bode well for love and relationships. You can have the best of both worlds- getting lost in romance and fantasy while also establishing a reasonable foundation that lasts for the long haul. You just need to find ways to face the tension this opposition brings.

Don’t hide from the discomfort of these two seemingly conflicting opposite energies. Instead work on integrating your imaginative, dreamy side with your down to earth and sensible nature.

On the eleventh, Venus comes into conjunction with the Moon in Virgo. You may have an opportunity to show your nurturing gifts and to be of service today. Particularly in family relationships, try to be open to lending a helping hand. Sentimentality may lead you down a path of nostalgia and you may feel rejuvenated by incorporating routines and practices from your earlier years into your day now.

This is also a great time to visit an early life caregiver like a parent, grandparent or mother figure. Spending time in your childhood home or in the home of a family member is helpful today as well. Be open to practical advice you may glean from family.

On the twelfth Venus in Virgo comes into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This boost of earth energy speaks to your soul, Taurus. Venus in a trine with Pluto brings out big attraction energy and also intense, dramatic connections.

You may be drawn to someone with power and influence. An affair with a colleague or someone influential in your career field may tempt you now. Though it’s easy to get lost in the charisma of an attractive and intense stranger, try not to let yourself get drawn in for the wrong reasons. Affluence and power may feel like aphrodisiacs now, resist the urge to let ambition distort your view of romance.

You may also feel confident enough to make a change in a relationship or job role even if you thought you needed to preserve the status quo in order to feel secure.

Strike while the iron is hot, you aren’t always as open to change and letting go as you will be today.

On the sixteenth, Venus enters Libra. Your ruling planet enters her other sign of rulership and this time, love and romance take a different tone for you. You may become idealistic and fickle about love, and that’s really saying something for an earthy person like you.

The idea of a romance may seem more exciting than the actual relationship now. Try to keep your feet on the ground now but do give yourself permission to enjoy some flights of fantasy.

This is also a good time to revisit your artistic talents. You may find healing, balance and perspective from a writing or art project. Music and theater are also appealing today.

On the fifteenth, Mars and Mercury come into a trine with Uranus in Taurus. Your ideas and passions are now aligned and whatever shaky and unexpected changes come your way, you’ll be able to stay a step ahead of the game.

That’s exactly how you like things, Taurus. Not one to want to be left in the dark, your key to success now is to have a very open mind about how you can best move forward especially in finances. Taking risks that you wouldn’t normally take can be financially advantageous for you today.

This is also an excellent time to pivot in new directions in your work. Stretch farther outside your comfort zone than you imagined possible, and you’ll reap the rewards. Even in the face of strange circumstances and unforeseen events, you can easily land on your feet now so try to go with the flow.

On the twenty-third, Venus comes into a trine with Saturn in Aquarius, North Node in Gemini and the North Node and Saturn also form a trine to each other. This giant triangle in the sky enhances the energy of creativity, innovation and intuition.

Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius can bring your humanitarian and egalitarian focus to the forefront. You may do well in partnerships or collaborations that involve grassroots issues that are important to you. Socializing especially in groups, is good for your creativity now. You may also be inspired by unusual organizations or people putting their collected talents to work in unconventional ways.

At the same time that you may be inspired by friends to rewrite your rule book, you’ll also find it easier to advance toward your mission as the North Node also plays a role in this grand trine.

You may think you know what your life is all about now, but quirky change of events in the near future will help you understand what you’re truly born to experience and share with the world.

On the twenty-sixth, Venus in Libra comes into opposition with Chiron in Aries. You may feel tension now as you want to have the fairy-tale romance of your dreams yet need to resolve some old wounds related to feeling alienated or abandoned.

Insecurities may crop up to the surface now. Try to lean into the wisdom from overcoming past wounds rather than remaining stuck in remorse or fear. A current partnership or collaboration may be helped by your unique wisdom and intuition, don’t be afraid to show your soft side today.

On the twenty-ninth, Venus in Libra comes into a quincunx with Uranus in Taurus. Quincunxes represent that awkward space in which we develop into our newer strengths. Before becoming proficient at something, we all stumble. It’s messy and often not pretty. Just think of a professional violinist when they first picked up their instrument as a child. Imagine the sounds that came from those first awkward attempts to play a song.

You’re in that stage now, Taurus, especially when it comes to a relationship or work situation. Though you may feel like you’re making a mess of things, remember that you are truly learning the ropes now. Be patient with yourself. A circumstance you thought was predictable turns out to be anything but. It may take you some time to adjust to what is needed in order to succeed now. You’ll get there, just keep working through the awkward missteps until the process is smooth sailing.

On the thirty-first, Mars in Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. You could put your nose to the grindstone and accomplish monumental tasks one small step at a time today. Or you could look out the window and imagine what the birds are saying to each other as they fly by.

Yet if you try to do both, it won’t work. At least not if you don’t adjust your expectations. Sure, work is piling up and you want to take advantage of the boost in mental and physical energy you’re experiencing now. But your soul is also craving a break. Give yourself some outlets in the realm of imagination and play today and you’ll end up being even more efficient than if you just tried to force yourself to complete more tasks for work.

Gemini Horoscope:
Tasmanian Devil Spirit Animal & 5 of Wands

tasmanian devil spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Tasmanian Devil represents the 5 of Wands, Disagreements, & Establishing Roots! Discover Tasmanian Devil’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Pick your battles.

This month the Tasmanian Devil is raising a raucous for your own good. This animal ally is trying to draw your attention to the places in your life in which you may be getting lost in discord and competition.

A little chaos can be a good thing. You may find motivation in the excitement of a friendly debate. A competition at work can keep you on your toes and prevent you from getting bored.

Yet if your strategy consists only of playing Tasmanian Devil’s Advocate, you may have to rethink your plans. Let Tasmanian Devil help you discern the gift of a good challenge from the futility of petty fighting.

You don’t have to go against your principles to keep the peace this month, Gemini. Yet if you step back, you may find that the minor details are causing a logjam. As brilliant as you are, you may become caught up in semantics now. This won’t serve you. Remember that yours is one of the more flexible signs of the Zodiac.

Representing the energy of the Five of Wands, Tasmanian Devil can help you pivot when you need to so that you’ll know when to apply pressure in a disagreement and when to stick to the bigger picture.

In the event that something has raised your ire and is truly worthy of your passion and sharp tongue, be sure you are hitting your mark directly. No use engaging in gossip or passive-aggressive behavior now.

Anger can be righteous if used to resolve the original issue. Direct your frustration where it is warranted and avoid making casualties of those who just happen to catch you at the wrong time.

Tasmanian Devil can be protective when extreme lengths are needed. Let this animal ally help you determine if your reactions are right sized this month. Avoid going overboard when a more diplomatic approach would have worked just fine.

In the beginning of this month, the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury in Leo, and both are opposite Saturn in Aquarius. This is an ideal time to do a little well-earned bragging and to show your intellectual gifts, especially in dramatic or creative ways. At the same time, you may have to overcome some insecurities or obstacles to channel your bold energy while respecting the boundaries of a group or organization you’re involved in.

You may feel inspired to take the lead today, and the situation may call for just this. Yet it’s important to keep a connection to your mission, try to not make it all about you today.
Even if you become the spokesperson for a group or issue, keep the needs of the collective in mind as you make your case today.

On the fourth, the Moon in Gemini comes into a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This is a fortunate time for traveling, especially with family. A conference or festival may liven your mood.
This is a great time to share your ideas with a wide audience. Free thinkers and unusual people are likely to cross your path, make the most of new connections who inspire and uplift you.

Speaking, writing or teaching about topics related to the occult, conspiracies, taboo subjects, technology or futuristic ideas can work out well for you today.

On the fifth of August, Mercury in Leo comes into a square with Uranus in Taurus. Your bright ideas may be hindered by unusual surprises you weren’t expecting. You may need to break down a mountain in order to re-establish your foundation.

Don’t be afraid to take the time needed to unpack old ideas about finances, health and stability. You’re on the verge of creating a new landscape for yourself in career and finances but need to clear out distractions and old beliefs first.

On the seventh, Venus in Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. You may come to the conclusion that a love interest is spiritually bonded to you. Even if you’ve found something mystical and inspiring about your loved one, you can easily keep your feet on the ground. Doing things to help a loved one is more important than flirting today. Use your imagination and pamper your love interest today.

This is also a good time to envision new ways to tend to your own health, self-care and security.

On the eleventh Mercury in Leo comes into opposition with Jupiter in Aquarius. You can speak your mind easily as your courage and confidence will soar today. Yet a desire to succeed as an influencer may distort your perception of where you are in career or relationships currently.

You don’t need to tone down your style or your message today. Yet you may wish to be more realistic about changes you want to put in to place. You may feel an impulse to dive into some eccentric or dramatic lifestyle now, don’t put the cart before the horse.

Let your beliefs guide you now as you may be distracted by ambition and the desire for recognition and status.

On the sixteenth, Mercury in Virgo comes into a square with the Moon in Sagittarius. You may feel frustrated in the midst of trying to launch a new project, travel, or express your independent side. Just when you want to strike out on your own to enjoy your favorite pleasures, you may find that mundane issues disrupt your plans. Expect traffic backups, communication glitches and similar small things that may add up to make you feel as if something is getting in the way of your advancement.

You’ll have a chance to break free, but first, take the time to work through the detours and disruptions once and for all now.

On the eighteenth Mercury in Virgo comes into a trine with Uranus in Taurus. The friction and frustrations you’ve been feeling may now reach a turning point. A surprising change in plans at work or in finances may open doors to an opportunity that exceeds your wildest dreams.

Don’t play small today but do try to stay humble. You’ll find the right groove in the midst of surprising changes, just be patient with yourself and others today.

On the twenty-third, the Moon in Pisces is opposite Mars in Virgo while Mercury in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces.

On the twenty-seventh Mercury in Virgo comes into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Another fortunate streak of inspiration and blessings come forth today, this time more directly related to a transformation of your professional image or change to your work. Your career may undergo a dramatic rebirth now and if you cover all bases, you’ll start on firm ground rather than feeling as if you’re figuring things out as you go.

During this time, you may also easily transform your fears and insecurities into empowering plans. You may feel as if you can take on the world now but remember to take small steps forward.

You can find it easier to accept a loss now as well, putting things into perspective and seeing that the future holds bigger and better opportunities. Take advantage of this open and flexible attitude. As you make a change to your career or work, other transformations including routines and health may also ensue. Make sure your new lifestyle fits your needs and allows balance and stability.

On the thirty-first of August, Mars in Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Once again, the tension between imagination and practicality is stirred. You may have a stronger sense of discernment now, don’t be afraid to confront your own illusions.

This is also a good time to let your spiritual and creative instincts fuel your motivation. Though you get bored easily, Gemini, you may find that you can persevere and work through tedious tasks that would normally not hold your attention if you can align your obligations with higher ideals and creativity.

Cancer Horoscope:
Firefly Spirit Animal & 6 of Wands

firefly spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Firefly represents the 6 of Wands, Pride, & Moments of Glory! Discover Firefly’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Overcoming the odds.

Who can deny the brilliance and beauty of the Firefly? This month’s special animal helper comes to you in a time of darkness to remind you that your light, beauty and essence can still be found if you look inside.

Much lore surrounds Firefly. They are symbols of luck and success. Things may not just fall into your lap easily now, but Firefly reminds you that if you continue on the path and stay the course, success is only a few swift moves away.

Firefly doesn’t just light up the sky on summer nights. As animal helpers, they illuminate wisdom and help you to see what you couldn’t discover on your own. Intuition and inner wisdom are part of Firefly’s medicine.

Shine your light and enjoy your successes this month but do be careful not to gloat. This is an important time to let your true colors show so others will recognize your inner strengths and capabilities, but don’t forget the importance of the networks that helped you accomplish success.

Firefly helps you to keep your intentions clear and focused. Don’t let bright shiny objects distract you now. Your will and creativity can help you manifest what you need now.

This month begins with your ruling planet, the Moon, in Taurus. You often have intense moods that flow and ebb like the tides or the changing phases of your ruling planet, the Moon. Yet when your planetary ruler is in earthy Taurus, you can find your footing with greater ease.

Maternal energy is heightened, regardless of your gender or family status. You may want to nurture or comfort others now and cooking for your loved ones is a great way to channel this desire. If you are in business for yourself, this is a great time to wheel and deal. In career generally, your tenacity and savvy nature will help you make needed connections.

In romance, a comfortable evening at home after a satisfying dinner can help strengthen the bond. Pay attention to family matters now. You may be sought by those who need advice on finances, health or relationships.

On the second, the Moon in Gemini comes into a square with Mars in Virgo. This energy brings friction between what you think you need to do and what you feel compelled to do. Your overall goal is security, yet your mind may be restless as a plethora of insecurities start to weigh on you.

Try to remain realistic. The worst case scenarios aren’t likely to be what you encounter. If you can keep your creativity from working against you in the form of anxiety, you’ll be able to accomplish the work at hand. Pay attention to diet, health routines and the mundane goings on around you.

Day-dreaming or distractions during your commute can set you back now so try to be mindful of your schedule and daily rituals.

On the third, Uranus in Taurus comes into a trine with Venus in Virgo. This is a fortunate time for you to break with convention and go out on a limb. In particular, you may find it easier than usual to embrace new routines especially those related to money and health.

Though surprising changes may be a constant today, you’re more likely to keep your head because of the support of friends who ground you. Look for ways to be of service to others, even if you have no idea how the outcome will pan out.

On the fifth through the seventh the Moon transits your sign. This gives extra power to your unique Cancerian traits. Your dreams may be more prophetic, your sensitivity heightened, and your moods more intense. Meditation and grounding practices become even more important now.

Any activity that allows you to nurture the people or animals you love will help you to release pent up emotional energy in a positive way. Be mindful of the potential for heightened anxiety or erratic feelings that may make you feel as if you are all over the place.

Treat yourself to a swim or a ritual bath or spend time in or around natural bodies of water to help soothe your soul now.

The New Moon on the eighth is in Leo. A welcome change from sentimental and vulnerable energy, the New Moon in Leo calls you to speak up for yourself and take dramatic steps to put your talents in the spotlight.

Take center stage now and command the attention you desire. You may have a chance to voice feelings that you usually keep hidden. Find helpful outlets for the passion and courage you’ll feel now.

This can be a good time to make a fresh start in your personal life and career, especially in ways that require you to act with confidence and assertiveness. You can take the lead on new projects now without as much hesitation as you usually feel.

The Moon in Virgo comes into a trine to Uranus in Taurus on the tenth. You may experience shocking revelations that force you to reconsider your plans when it comes to health and finances.
Though unexpected changes can be dramatic and disruptive, you’ll be more likely to feel this energy as exciting and motivating rather than stressful.

You may have a lucky break today that leads you to advance in your career. This can also be a good time for breakthroughs that bring you closer to reaching your professional and financial goals.

On the eleventh Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Sentimentality and romance are at odds with the need to be realistic and set boundaries. You can establish your limits and hold others accountable while still expression compassion and love.

You may have to set limits with family now, try to balance the ideal image you have of others with the reality they demonstrate to you. Putting someone on a pedestal now can lead to illusions.

On the twelfth Venus in Virgo comes into a square with Pluto in Capricorn. You may feel increasingly frustrated with obstacles at work. The traditional way of doing things is no longer serving you. Best to break down barriers completely and completely recreate your strategy.

Though you may be holding on to your hopes from the past because of emotion and energy already invested, this is not the time to dig in your heels. Pluto compels you to dig deeper and to let go of what is no longer functional in your life, particularly in career.

You may have a falling out with a colleague now that can leave you feeling anxious and intimidated. Rather than getting into power struggles, try to derive some wisdom and insight from the disagreement. You may find a mirror is being held to your own insecurities. Are you projecting onto others now?

On the fifteenth the Moon in Scorpio comes into a trine with Neptune in Pisces. You are already highly sensitive and psychic, Cancer. During this time, your intuition spikes and your moods may be more intense.

Make the most of your enhanced psychic gifts now. Moon in Scorpio can lead you down the path of mistrust if your insecurities are unconscious, so try to examine your Shadow wounds before thinking the worst of others.

This is a great time for romance and relationships as well. Intimacy is in order now, and this doesn’t just mean sex. Affection, deep conversations and sharing secrets may now help you feel closer to a loved one.

On the seventeenth Mars and Mercury come into a conjunction in Virgo. This empowers your mind and body, and you may feel energized and ready for action today. Spending time in the garden, working to fix up your home, embarking on a new exercise or health routine or sorting through the many boxes (and boxes, and boxes) of memorabilia in your attic are all ideal tasks for today.

Your practical nature takes the wheel now and you may find the perseverance you need to take action on otherwise tedious tasks that promote your business or personal life.

Though not the most exciting energy, you’ll feel relieved to finally clear your to-do list as you work through tasks that have been weighing on you, one by one.

On the twentieth Mars in Virgo comes into a trine with Uranus in Taurus. Though your plans and expectations may be shaken up, especially regarding finances, you’ll find the result to be more favorable than the status quo anyway.

You don’t always see the opportunities for needed breakthroughs. But you’re likely to recognize a unique door opening now. Take advantage of a change in routines or detour in your activities today to get a new perspective. A breakthrough can help you reset your goals.

August twenty-second the Moon comes into a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius and also opposes the Sun, creating a double Full Moon in Aquarius. It’s called a double Full Moon because it is the second Full Moon in Aquarius for the year. Talk about putting emphasis on the unusual energy of rebellion and breakthroughs.

Jupiter beside the Moon magnifies the effects of this energy as well. You may feel an intense array of emotions and may feel more reactive than usual. Unorthodox ideas may appeal to you now and this is a good time to stand behind your values by getting involved in humanitarian groups and organizations.

Your strong desire to protect and nurture others can be a blessing, a curse, or a mix of both more likely. What seems to be a setback now may turn out to be a miracle, try not to judge your circumstances just yet, this energy is known for bringing dramatic change.

Idealism and creativity can help you succeed now. Venture down a road less often taken. You may be in for surprises now but they will ultimately work in your favor.

On the twenty-fourth the Moon comes into conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. This energy will supercharge your psychic senses. Your empathic nature is enhanced now, so make the most of positive connections and protect yourself from people whose energy can trigger you.

Even well intended criticism can get under your skin today as you’re likely to be super-sensitive. At the same time, romance and attraction power are heightened. You may meet a soul mate or become involved with a new love. An existing relationship may also provide a platform for healing and support. You may feel the euphoria of love now so enjoy the positivity.

By the thirtieth Mars in Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. You may find it difficult to make progress on your plans now. Before you reach the rewarding phase of your work, efforts or relationship, you may need to sort out details that seem to stand in the way of the happiness you desire.

An unresolved argument or conflict, distracting details on a project at work, or a series of tedious but necessary tasks may need to be dealt with. If you’re willing to stay the course, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Don’t give up just because your path seems blocked. The obstacles are only temporary inconveniences.

Leo Horoscope:
Meerkat Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

meerkat animal spirit horoscope 300x471
Meerkat represents Reciprocity, Unity, & Support! Discover the Meerkat’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Collective efforts bring success.

This month, your animal ally is the fleet and flexible Meerkat. This exceptional creature lives in what would seem to be a harsh environment. But that doesn’t stop the Meerkat from enjoying the treasures buried underground.

Meerkat knows not to go it alone and relies on a system of social connection in order to survive and thrive in an otherwise difficult climate. You’ll never hear Meerkat complain about the heat. They know how to get around and when to ask for help.

This is often a challenge for you, Leo. Though you have plenty of admirers, you seldom want to show vulnerability, opting instead to act as if you have everything under control.

This month, Meerkat reminds you that you’ll get farther if you let the group collaborative effort carry you through life’s ups and downs. As this creature creates complex underground tunnels to store their precious resources, your animal ally is also helping you to recognize hidden treasures in your own life.

You may be looking right at a golden opportunity concealed beneath the surface of mundane distractions. Don’t miss the diamonds in the rough now just because you’re trying to race ahead to the next big win.

Though your animal ally is tiny, their strength in numbers can be mighty. Don’t underestimate the power of collective effort in your own life now as well. You may have to lean on your community, but this is your best option for facing down adversaries. Sure, you’re strong enough to win your own battles, or so you may think, but why waste all the effort trying when you could just as easily let your admirers help you carry a burden.

You have an important purpose in the greater scheme of things now, don’t forget this, Leo. At the same time, try not to convince yourself you have to be solely responsible for your own success. The truth is, all of us succeed because of a blending of strengths, wisdom and experiences.

This month begins with a conjunction between Sun and Mercury in your sign of Leo both in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury adds power to your communication skills and assertiveness. You may be in the spotlight as a messenger or speaker. Your diplomatic style is key to leadership opportunities now.

While both the Sun and Mercury are in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius, you are called to find the balance between acting on self interest and personal ambition only. Rather, during this time you will need to work to improve matters for a group or collective in a way that is also in your best interest.

Finding ways to integrate your goals with the goals of a group of friends, team of colleagues or organization you are collaborating with or represent is essential. It may seem as if the rule book is changing, yet a basic social contract is still in play. Try to remain conscientious and balanced now.

At the same time, Uranus in Taurus comes into a trine Venus in Virgo. This is a fortunate time for epiphanies and breakthroughs that help you to view the mundane aspects of your career in a new light. You may be able to bring more creativity into your work now. A dramatic change can help you enhance your financial standing now as well. You may be tempted to take some risks but it’s best to let things fall into place in the coming days before coming to any conclusion about what changes to make. A shift now can help you discover ways to revamp your budget or finances in the near future.

On the ninth the Sun, Moon and Mercury are in conjunction in Leo. This focuses much energy on the powers of your Sun Sign. Bold actions will be rewarded now. You may have greater confidence and find it easier to express your passions and ideas. This is a great time for spicing up a romance or attracting a fling that will prove dramatic though may be short lived.

In career, strive to put your best image forward now. Networking with influential people will be helpful, show your true colors and your confidence and optimism will make the impression you want.

On the eleventh Mercury in the final degrees of Leo is opposite Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. You may be all fired up because of the intense and exciting energy of recent days. Yet your plans may seem stifled today. You’ll want to reach a bigger audience or spread your message in more influential ways, but first attempts may not succeed as you had hoped.

Don’t give up, though. Oppositions are all about finding balance so that you can move forward. A shocking change or unexpected shift may leave you reeling now, but you can adapt and find your footing. Try not to take feedback or obstacles personally now but use difficult lessons as an opportunity to align with your higher ideals even if doing so forces you to confront your own insecurities.

On the fifteenth the Moon in Scorpio comes into a trine with Neptune in Pisces. This is a great time for romance and spiritual growth, but this will require you to sink deeper into your emotional side. This is often uncomfortable for you, Leo. Passion feels empowering to you, emotions feel vulnerable. Yet you can come to find great power in your subconscious and emotions if you allow yourself to sit with your deep inner world.

On the sixteenth Venus enters Libra and relationships may continue to be in focus. Rather than requiring so much emotional catharsis and reflection as previous days, during this time your relationships take on a more light, intellectual and idealistic tone. You may feel flirty now. Enjoy your partnerships not only in romance but among friends.

Though you are independent and perfectly capable of making your own decisions, this is a good time to lean into your partnerships for guidance and advice more than usual.

On the seventeenth Jupiter in Aquarius comes into opposition with the Sun in Leo. You may have to struggle to level up now, take the time and effort to express your views. You may have to adapt to dramatic and unexpected changes that make you feel like your status is under fire. If you can look past your immediate needs now, you’ll be able to take a more neutral stance. Stick to your higher morals and ideals, you’ll be better able to serve as a mentor or guide to others if you can work through initial chaos and misunderstandings now.

On the twentieth the Moon passes by Saturn in Aquarius. You may be feeling nostalgic and dreaming of the “good old days,” which are dramatically changing before your very eyes. Preserve what you can of your traditions and routines you value while trying to also being open to unconventional new innovations.

A new attitude toward home, family and money may be in order now. You’re creative enough to integrate bold new ideas into your repertoire. This can be a great time to explore unorthodox communities or connect with friends who seem unusual.

On the twenty-third the Sun enters Virgo. You may feel the fires of passion cooling off now as you turn your focus to more practical matters. Though not as exciting as you prefer, this is a good time to focus on organizing your space and clearing your plate of distractions. If your love of luxury has led you to go overboard with indulging in your favorite foods, this can be a good time to revisit your healthy routines.

By the twenty-sixth Venus comes into opposition with Chiron conjunct the Moon in Aries. You may now face past wounds that have been dredged up, particularly wounds related to family and belonging. You are loved, Leo, but today you may feel insecure about your relationships and standing in romance. Try to work through the triggering issues raised today but be careful not to project your past wounds into a present relationship. Your past experiences can be a source of strength and wisdom now.

On the twenty-eighth Venus in Libra comes into quincunx with Uranus in Taurus. A quincunx represents a time of awkward adjustment as you grow into your strengths. You may feel as if you’re walking around in shoes that don’t quite fit you yet, but if you stay the course, you’ll be able to find the confidence you need in the path you’re on.

Your relationships and partnerships may not quite fit your ideals now. Especially when it comes to money and finances. Collaboration is possible now but you’ll need to step into your power in new ways.

On the twenty-ninth the Sun in Virgo comes into a square with North Node in Gemini. You can be motivated to get back on track with your health and personal goals related to your work. Where you may recently have felt inhibited because of a calling you didn’t quite feel ready for, now is a good time to let yourself experiment and stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Big decisions made today can help you find rebirth and purpose in the midst of changes. Your mindset may be shaped by a vision of what you’d like to become rather than focusing on who you are now.

Virgo Horoscope:
Mantis Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

mantis animal spirit horoscope 300x471
Mantis represents Vigilance, Stillness, & Patience! Discover the Mantis’ Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Time for silence and stillness.

Your animal ally this month is the sacred Mantis. Known for their prayerful posturing, Mantis is associated with mindfulness and stillness. Through your reflection and introversion, you can now come to a higher understanding of mundane situations.

You may find it necessary to slow down this month and this is not easy for you. You can be careful and observant, but you usually become restless if you aren’t busy doing something.

Your attempts to scurry around to get your work done may backfire now. You will be better off if you plan for a reduced speed this month, less is more now. Mantis is connected to the realm of Spirit and your ally is helping you to bring a greater dose of spiritual alignment into your life now.

Mantis helps you to remember the importance of mindful movement. You can be so rushed to get your work done that you end up damaging your body. Slow down and listen to what your body needs from you now, Virgo. You can take a page from Mantis’s book and practice more intentional movements.

This is also a good time to explore the martial arts or other mindful movement practices. Your body and mind being synchronized can help you come to acceptance and inner peace.

Mantis is a symbol of good fortunes and wise decisions. To achieve the outcome that seems lucky or based on smart choices, you’ll need to reign in the chatter in your mind and ground yourself. This is where Mantis’s style of motion and slow pace can help you, Virgo.

This month begins with both Mars and Venus in your sign though not in conjunction. Your sign ruler Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun in Leo. For Mars to be in Virgo brings a much-needed boost of confidence and energy. Remember the lesson from Mantis and don’t let enthusiasm compel you to rush through your tasks, though.

Mars can bring greater mental focus and you can become diligent in your efforts now. It’s easier to stand your ground and assert yourself while Mars transits your sign. Though you don’t need the ego attention of being in the spotlight and are happy to work in the background, Mars being in Virgo can be a good time for you to assert yourself when you need to by coming out of the shadows more than usual.

Venus in your sign compels you to bring greater comfort and beauty to your surroundings and routines. You are a diligent worker and often don’t complain if your body begins to ache because your sense of responsibility is so strong. Yet Venus transiting your sign now can help you to recognize the need for comfort and luxuries in small ways throughout your day. Enjoy your favorite healthy foods now. Treat yourself to some body work or other pampering experiences.

Mercury in Leo forms a trine to Chiron in Aries for several days starting on the second. This further adds to your confidence speaking your mind and claiming the spotlight more than you usually do. Your past wounds and traumas can crop up now as you may be reminded of a time when you felt alienated and rejected.

Yet it’s a new day and you can find ways to draw on strengths from times you pulled yourself through a difficult phase because you didn’t have the support you needed. This can help you to transform past wounds into wisdom and intuitive empathy for others.

You may be called to speak up on behalf of someone currently struggling with a wound you’ve had to overcome. Your desire to be of service makes you an excellent mentor now.

Also, on the second, Mercury and the Sun are in an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. The conjunction between Mercury and the Sun helps to shine light on your communication skills. You can be more diplomatic than usual now.

The opposition to Saturn in Aquarius can cause some friction as you are compelled to deal with unconventional changes or challenges that uproot you from your comfort zone. You are a creature of habit, and these changes may create higher anxiety for you now.

Rather than panicking, you can work to find balance between your personal need for control and organization and your desire to be a part of a group or mission that is involved in bringing about dramatic changes.

On August ninth Venus in Virgo comes into an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect challenges you in romance and relationships. You may have a glimpse of reality that pierces your illusions and causes you to see a partner or love interest in a different way. This can actually be healthy and helpful for your relationship, though you may feel like it’s harder to put your loved one on a pedestal.

Yet this is a great time to be realistic about love without losing the glimmer of hope, the spark of romance, and the fantasies that keep you optimistic. It’s one thing to be hopeful and another thing to ignore red flags and ignore parts of reality that don’t fit your dream.

Your sensible side will often take over, making it harder for you to honor your dreams and fantasies. Hold these two important aspects of your love life in balance now and you’ll be likely to succeed.

On the eleventh Venus and the Moon are in conjunction in Virgo. Your sentimentality and compassionate side can be channeled toward your home and family now. This is an ideal time to make sensible changes to your home to provide more comfort for yourself or your family.

A loved one or family member may need your help now, be open to assisting especially when it comes to practical matters like cooking, providing transportation, or helping your loved one organize their finances.

On the twelfth Mercury enters Virgo. This brings greater focus to your thought processes. You may be more mindful of health and wellness routines now. Try to avoid perfectionism as little things may get under your skin and cause you to obsess more than usual.

On the seventeenth Mercury conjuncts Mars in Virgo and both come into a square with the North Node in Gemini. Your mindset and energy may be aligned for advancement now but insecurities or fears lead you to play it safe. You’re on the verge of personal breakthroughs that help you evolve spiritually and advance in career now.

Give yourself a chance to get comfortable stepping in a new direction, don’t be in a hurry to rush into new things. You may feel restless if new doors don’t open quickly enough, but if you’re honest with yourself now, you’ll realize there are many ways you aren’t truly ready yet. Take this time to prepare yourself for growth. This can include becoming more assertive and focused.

On the twentieth Mercury and Mars remain in a conjunction and come into a trine with Uranus in Taurus. Where you were previously tiptoeing toward a needed change, especially in finances, health and career, your path may become more fluid now. It can be easier for you to assert yourself and embrace dramatic changes.

This is a huge step for you, Virgo, as you prefer to be in control. The easiest way for you to feel secure is to have consistency and stability. Uranus in Taurus promises the exact opposite of this, yet your confidence is heightened now, and you can easily embrace what would otherwise seem to be a rocky path.

On the twenty-third the Sun enters Virgo. Your Solar Return approaches and this can bring greater focus again to your health and routines that support wellness and abundance. You can be more optimistic about your work now as well. The desire to help others as a mentor or assistant can be stronger than usual now. You may gain great satisfaction from being in a role of service.

On the twenty-fifth Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. You’re usually clear headed and rational, but today you may be confused and distracted by emotions and fantasies that lead you off course. Rather than trying to stifle your imagination and fantasies, this is an important time to find a balance between fantasy and analysis of reality.

Creative outlets can help you clear your mind, so dabble in the arts and music now. You can also find this to be an ideal time to practice lessons from Mantis by engaging in mindful and intentional movement to align your logical mind and imaginative side.

By the thirtieth Neptune in Pisces comes into an opposition with Mars in Virgo. Though your mind may be getting clear from the previous opposition between Mercury and Neptune, this time it’s your physical energy that may be dwindling. Slow down today and give yourself plenty of time to rest.

Mistakes and confusion can ensue if you are overworking or running in too many different directions at once. You may feel burned out as well, and this is a sure sign you need a break to recharge your batteries.

Libra Horoscope:
Koala Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

koala spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Animalscopes images from award winning, best selling “The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”. Click to buy your copy NOW!

Nurturing stable growth.

The adorable Koala is actually a marsupial, but the name Koala Bear is usually familiar to most of us. This month’s animal ally is endearing to people the world over. Koalas are known for carrying their young in a pouch similar to Kangaroos.

They spend a great deal of time just relaxing in the trees and are partial to Eucalyptus. This plant is known to help with lung ailments and so perhaps this month you will do well to clear the air and help yourself relax and breathe easier.

Though they are armed with sharp teeth and claws, Koalas seldom use them. They are known for being docile and easy going even though they could defend themselves if need be.

Like you, Libra, the Koala prefers to live and let live. They like to keep the peace and avoid conflict and confrontation. As Koala hangs out in the trees, you may be symbolically called to keep your eyes up for opportunities to follow your ideals now. Even a lofty plan that makes others think you have your head in the clouds is possible now if you go about it the right way.

Koalas sleep a lot. This month you may have a more active dream life than waking life. Koala is urging you to relax and let your body get the rest it needs. You may have a lot to do (don’t we all?) but there will never be a better time than now to rest and recharge.

Research suggests Koalas were once subterranean burrowers, linking them with the power of the Earth. It is believed they migrated to the treetops for safety. Perhaps part of the lesson for you this month involves seeking higher ground in order to preserve your security and well-being.

If your home or workplace is causing you distress, it may be best to set your sights elsewhere rather than continuing to try to make a difficult situation work. Koala teaches us to go with the flow and not fight against the current.

As this month begins, your ruling planet Venus remains in Virgo. This placement can make you feel stifled. You’d much rather go with the flow and remain flexible and open to changing winds than to get bogged down in concrete matters. Venus in Virgo sees love and beauty as physical, tangible and consistent.

Your idea of love is more imaginative and idealistic. If a relationship becomes too predictable now, you’re liable to get bored. Yet you may find that Venus is influencing you to stick to habits and routines. You’ll need to find ways to spice things up without rocking the boat too much now.

This can be a good time to allow a friendship to evolve slowly into a romance as well. If you can slow down your excitement and anticipation, you’ll find it easier to let a passion percolate and grow.

Financial matters may become more galvanized now and real payoff may finally come from your efforts and dreams. Stick to your goals and don’t neglect the finer details now, even if it seems tedious.

By the second, Venus comes into a trine with Uranus in Taurus. This provides a perfect anchor as both Venus and Uranus are in stabilizing earth signs, but at the same time, Uranus is known as the planet of rebellion and shocking changes.

You like harmony but need a change of scenery to keep you on your toes. A disruption that causes you to rethink your finances or career can foster enough enthusiasm and excitement to keep you dreaming of your next steps. You aren’t one to make concrete plans easily, you want to consider various options before committing. For this reason, you’ll be likely to ride the changing tides with ease now because you seldom get attached to outcomes.

On the tenth, Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. You love to create balance in polarities so this energy suits you even as it confounds others. Today, your practical side can kick into gear when needed, and when it comes to work, errands, and routines of daily life, you’ll be more productive than usual. This is helped in part because you’re more likely to find an ideal way to hold a balance between your need for an imaginative and creative outlet and your need to remain anchored to the mundane.

On the twelfth and for a few days the Moon is transiting your sign. Additional intuition is likely to help you make the right connections now. Your instincts may signal that something is up with a friend or partner now, trust your gut and do what you can to create harmony and compassion in a partnership. Collaboration at home or in family relationships can also lead to greater healing now.

You may have an opportunity to really expand on your vision for sharing your home with a partner and adding comforting and aesthetic touches to your home is also favored now. Be careful of insecurities and anxieties that may creep up now, the Moon can stir up emotions and cause you to second-guess your status in a partnership.

On the sixteenth, your planetary ruler, Venus, enters your sign. This adds enhanced energy to your partnerships and relationships. You may meet a partner or important friend during this time. An existing relationship may become more romantic.

You may also find it easier to charm others now. Your beauty radiates easily, and you may find all types of attraction work to be very effective now. This is an ideal time to do what brings you pleasure. Invest in your values and hobbies now, especially your artistic talents and creative writing skills.

Diplomatic communication can bring peace and harmony to your relationships as well. This is an ideal time to indulge a partner in some sentimental courtship. If you are not in a relationship, treat yourself to your favorite luxuries, especially those that help you to recognize your inner beauty.

On the twenty-first, Venus in Libra comes into a trine with Saturn in Aquarius and also to the North Node in Gemini which is also in a trine to Saturn. This forms a grand trine in the sky and helps beneficial energy to circulate.

A fortunate meeting with a partner, friend or loved one can help you make a strong impression on a group or organization. Don’t conform to what you think others want from you. Be true to yourself, even if what you have to say is surprising and shocking to others.

A sudden and unexpected change can leave you feeling revitalized. You may find it easier to break old habits or chart a new course, especially in career. You may find a path that is aligned with your higher purpose now, but you may not be able to do it all alone. Let a friend, lover or partner help you discover what you’ve been overlooking now.

On the twenty-sixth, Venus in Libra comes into opposition with Chiron in Aries. Your past wounds related to feeling alienated and abandoned can be triggered because of a current situation with a partner. You may need to work through the difference between healthy boundaries and abandonment. Avoid going to extremes today. This is an important time to work on healing your past wounds with the help and perspective of a partner. You may come to appreciate a hard-earned lesson from the past now as well.

Also on the twenty-fourth, Pluto in Capricorn comes into a trine with Mercury in Virgo. This can create heavy and serious energy which may be intimidating for you. You prefer things to be casual, fun, and carefree. Pluto’s energy compels you to put a laser focus on matters of career, finance and tradition. The trine to Mercury in Virgo brings about plans and conversations having to do with relatively mundane matters.

You prefer the ideal and artistic but today, sensibility and rationality reign. You may be reminded of responsibilities you’ve been overlooking. Time to get more disciplined about your work.
You may also have to confront a loss or dramatic change that alters the way you view your traditions, values, and work. Your flexibility and adaptability will come in handy when you need to adjust your expectations now but be careful not to let distractions or boredom interfere with your focus re-establishing a new foundation.

On the twenty-eighth, Venus in Libra comes into a quincunx with Uranus and the Moon, conjunct, in Taurus. A quincunx brings an awkward situation in which you know you need to grow in a new direction but don’t yet feel confident in your abilities. It’s a transitional time during which you can expect to make mistakes as you feel your way through your path, as if you are walking through a dark room trying to find your footing.

Though this can be an uncomfortable time, patience with yourself and others is essential now. You can’t expect to perfect your efforts now. Venus in Libra in a quincunx to Uranus and the Moon in Taurus can lead to some awkward situations between a partner and family. You may feel stuck in the middle as loved ones clash over money or other practical issues.

While this aspect doesn’t usually portend any great crisis, it does suggest a stressful time during which you’ll need to adapt to unexpected changes or find your voice and speak with confidence as you try to restore peace and balance.

On the thirty-first, Mars in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. Your energy level may dip today as you’re being encouraged to slow down and make time for careful analysis and introspection. Try to validate your feelings and channel your heightened creative energy in useful ways. Useful, in this case, doesn’t have to mean “productive.” Concerns about money or work may be burning you out now.

Give yourself a chance to rest now and let your fantasies and imagination nurture your energy. Writing, painting, drawing or making music can be healing for you now. You may feel restless because of many tasks you have to accomplish but today rushing to finish the items on your to-do list will only create more frustration and exhaustion.

Scorpio Horoscope:
Kangaroo Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

kangaroo spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Kangaroo represents Self-Sufficiency, Light-Heartedness, & Zeal! Discover the Kangaroo’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Boundless energy and joy.

Kangaroo is hopping into your life this month and your animal ally is here to help you lighten the load you’ve been carrying. You may feel more lighthearted and playful this month, but one thing is for sure, Kangaroo portends a boost of energy you’ve greatly needed.

Kangaroo is associated with strength, and no one is more strong-willed and determined than you, Scorpio. It’s not like you to leap without looking first, sometimes several times, but this month you may be a bit restless and eager to jump to new heights. Before you do, spend some time meditating with Kangaroo to see if what you’ve got in mind is ripe for manifestation or if more caution is needed.

Like Kangaroo, you can feel compelled to go on the defensive. Yet before you put on the boxing gloves this month, take the time to evaluate whether it’s best to let a conflict go or if it is essential to put up a fight.

You’re the boss this month, Kangaroo reminds you, and if you are to succeed it will be through your own diligent effort and quick thinking. If you’ve been feeling like others are standing in the way of opportunities you need, Kangaroo reminds you that this is not the case. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. You just may need to be creative and think on your feet.

Kangaroos have quite an intimate greeting, they touch noses with those in their social circle. You may have to similarly rub elbows (a bit more professional than noses!) with your network this month. Surround yourself with the people who are invested in your success.

Try to find a balance between nurturing your own goals and knowing when to move on to other areas of your life so you can create balance between work and play. An important project may feel like your “baby” and just like Kangaroo, you may feel compelled to bring this baby with you wherever you go. Know when to bring this special priority out into the world and when to step away in order to gain perspective.

As the month begins, Mars your planetary co-ruler is just entering Virgo and your other co-ruling planet, Pluto, is in another earth sign, Capricorn. Like Kangaroo, these placements help to keep you grounded. Situations related to work, career, finance, and abundance are in focus for much of this month.

You can be cautious and discerning, and this is definitely a good time to examine the finer points of your established routines. Your workdays may start to fly by as a boost of energy helps you act with greater efficiency now.

A dramatic change or transformation in career is in process as well. You may be breaking from tradition as you evolve in your career, welcome this needed change.

On the tenth, Mars comes into a square with the North Node in Gemini. You may experience this as some growing pains between what you feel “stuck” doing and what you imagine yourself doing if you could have things your way. You can move closer to this ideal, but it may take some time to maneuver through the daily grind in order to follow your higher mission and calling.

Try to keep your focus and persevere now. The North Node speaks to that which you are evolving into. Your skills as a messenger or teacher are highlighted. You may not feel completely ready to align your mission with your daily routines but this is the time to start to work out the kinks.

Pluto in Capricorn comes into a trine with Venus in Virgo on the twelfth. If you are willing to courageously face your insecurities and inner fears, you may be aligned for a dramatic transformation that can help you attract abundance through your mission to be of service to others. A bigger step may be waiting for you now.

The obstacles and limitations you feel may be more a reflection of your own inner hesitation. Examine what is really standing in your way now. Work on letting go of the attachments you have to the traditional way of doing things, innovation in your work will help you now.

On the fourteenth the Moon begins to transit your sign. You’re already one of the most psychic of the signs, and when the Moon transits your sign, it elevates your empathy and awareness. This can help you intuit your way through various situations that arise today.

Yet also be mindful that the Moon can cast shadows that cause confusion. Your emotions may get riled up more easily now and you can become more susceptible to jealousy and insecurities today.

On August seventeenth Pluto is in a quincunx to the Sun in Leo. At the same time, Mars is in a quincunx to Chiron in Aries. The quincunx is an aspect that creates tension between what you feel compelled to do for the sake of growth and evolution and what you feel ready to do.

You may be called to fill some big shoes now, Scorpio, and even if you don’t feel adequately prepared, you’re an ace at faking it until you make it. A leadership position or opportunity to share your mission with others as a speaker, entertainer or performer may help you add some humor and color to your career today.

Try not to let reservations and insecurities stand in the way of taking the spotlight now. You may have to give your strategies a few test-runs before you feel that you’ve reached the point where your best talents are on display. Be open to revisiting the drawing board a few times, you’ll perfect your masterpiece with time.

Mars in Virgo is also in a quincunx to Chiron in Aries. Old wounds or traumas related to not fitting in or not feeling accepted may resurface now. This is an important time to work on your sense of security and confidence. In the meantime, try to keep moving forward and acting as if you feel more empowered than you actually might. This feeling may need to grow on you but try to not let doubts stand in the way of progress.

By the eighteenth, Mars in Virgo is in a trine to Uranus in Taurus. What felt like an awkward and untimely calling in previous days may now suddenly feel like a golden opportunity. Your confidence is on the rise now and so is your physical strength and energy level. Unexpected changes that impact your finances and career can lead to exciting opportunities. Rather than feeling intimidated now, you’re likely to feel as if you are in the driver’s seat and ready for an adventure.

On the twentieth the Moon comes into a brief conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Your intuition and compassion may surge now. Colleagues and business partners may need extra nurturing today and you may feel as if you’re in a caretaking role even if this is not your professional identity. Go with it now, your empathy and attention to relationships in your professional life will pay off.

You may also have a strong intuitive sense about your past, your work, and what you need to do to preserve a stable foundation. Even if you go against the grain, be sure to trust your instincts now.

During this time, you may also feel a stronger connection to Ancestors and elders in your family. Be open to connections with Ancestors and elders both in the physical and in spirit.

August twenty-first brings a conjunction between Mercury and Mars in Virgo. Your ideas and actions align today and you can accomplish a great deal because you’re more likely to be focused, efficient and determined.

Tasks that require attention to seemingly tedious details are likely to bring success today. You may need to organize your space in order to really feel as focused as you need to be now. Your physical space may likewise reflect your mentality so try to arrange your workplace or home to be conducive to clear thinking.

You may also be able to speak your mind in more neutral ways now. You can be practical now and set emotions aside so that you can truly address the business at hand.

On the thirty-first, Mars approaches a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Your two planetary rulers approaching a fortunate aspect can already bring a surge of focus, almost obsessive, that helps you drill down to the core components of your career. How you hope to be of service can be in the spotlight now. You’ll likely have the energy and courage to stay the course and set a solid foundation that allows you to reinvent your career.

This is a good time to purge your life of distractions and heavy burdens you’ve been carrying which are no longer needed. This is a great time to draw on your enhanced confidence in order to find your power and establish a new focus in your work.

Sagittarius Horoscope:
Starfish Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

starfish spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Power of regeneration.

This month, your animal ally is the Starfish, known for their ability to regenerate limbs even after serious injuries. You may be staging your comeback, Starfish style. Also known as the “Star of the Sea,” you may be finding your audience and admirers now as you prove that nothing gets you down for too long.

As you bounce back from a setback, let Starfish guide you. This amazing ally is also associated with protection, especially while traveling over the water. Whether you are headed overseas or just hitting the road for a day trip, Starfish can help you navigate safely to your destination.

Through Starfish’s association with the Goddess Isis, you may also find maternal nurturing and protection from this special guide. No matter what you may have to face this month, Starfish is helping to ensure you make it through the challenges and bumps in the road.

You always keep your perspective geared toward the spiritual and philosophical, Sagittarius. Yet now is a good time to awaken your senses to higher mystical teachings that align with your purpose.

As the month begins, your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is retrograde in Aquarius. Jupiter is also in an opposition to Mars in the early degrees of Virgo. Your planetary ruler in retrograde motion may have a significant impact on you.

You may spend this time and the months ahead rethinking and reflecting on your spiritual and philosophical beliefs. Though society at large is impacted by this retrograde and Jupiter’s transits, for you it may hit home on a stronger level.

You may find that new information or lessons bring to light some beliefs or convictions you once had but now aren’t so certain of. You may change affiliations with a religious, spiritual, mystical, or humanitarian group in order to pursue teachings that fit with your evolving world view.

As Jupiter opposes Mars, you may feel stuck between wanting to get out and explore the world and needing to stay close to home in order to fulfill important responsibilities. It may be easy to get into a grandiose frame of mind now and doing so can lead you to lose perspective. Try to find a balance between your desire to break away and explore new territory and the need to first put energy into finishing obligations you’ve already committed to.

By the second, Jupiter forms a square to the Moon in early degrees of Gemini. This brings some minor friction and tension that challenges your plans and communication. Electronics may break down today or you may have difficulty truly expressing your vision in mundane terms.

Keep working on it and don’t lose hope, you’ll find the right way to express your dreams and will also find those who are willing to support your vision. You don’t need to have the consensus of a larger group of friends or colleagues, just try to find the allies who are sticking with you now and encouraging you to stay motivated.

On the third, Saturn in Aquarius forms an opposition to Mercury in Leo. You may have tremendous breakthroughs now that help you to dramatically change your perspective. Your circle of friends or network may be breaking down in some ways that are difficult for you.

Yet this change and rearrangement of your social circle is an essential step as you’re outgrowing past alliances. New groups that align with your ideals will emerge to support you and help you evolve personally now, but you may need to be prepared for unexpected and disruptive changes that shock you and challenge your sense of security.

The New Moon in Leo on the eighth focuses energy on new beginnings that can help to empower you. Your talents and gifts are ripe for improving others’ lives, but in order to have the impact you want, you may have to work through some insecurities that keep you distracted from your cause.

You may have dipped a toe in the water when it comes to exploring a promotion or opportunity to influence and empower others, only to change your mind or wander off toward the next exciting goal. Use this energy to sink deeper into your passions so that you can see your goals through to the end.

Jupiter in Aquarius opposes Mercury in Leo on the tenth. You may feel conflicted about new and radically different concepts that you’re learning. You’re on the verge of replacing old beliefs with new but this is not an easy or stress-free transition.

Allow yourself to be flexible now, nuanced thinking will serve you more than going to extremes. You don’t have to have the solutions to the problems on your mind now but you can adjust to a new paradigm especially when it comes to your attitudes toward healing, justice, religion and philosophy.

On the eleventh, Venus in fellow mutable sign of Virgo comes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. You may find it necessary to balance your practical sensibilities and need for independence with more romantic passions. Your desire for emotional connection and intimacy may conflict with your need for control over your routines.

If you can strike a balance today, this can be a great time to attract love or strengthen a relationship. You can see the best in a love interest now yet you’re not likely to idealize them. Today you can acknowledge the realities including limitations in your relationship but still appreciate the foundation you’re creating in love.

On the fourteenth Venus comes into a quincunx with Jupiter in Aquarius. The quincunx can be an uncomfortable but necessary aspect that presents you with awkward situations. You may feel compelled to open your mind to an unusual or unorthodox type of relationship.

You may feel as if you’re trying to fit your routines into a relationship or fit a relationship around your routines. New changes and breakthroughs can now help you change how you think about love, relationships and sharing your life with someone special.

You may feel hesitation because of your strong independent nature. Try to ease into a closer connection to a love interest. You can fit love into your life without sacrificing your dreams, but it’s important that you take your time and get comfortable with this adjustment.

On the sixteenth the Moon transits your sign, Sagittarius. You aren’t usually one to get sentimental and emotional, but this may change in the coming days. Your passions may deepen into emotional attachments to your ideals and mission.

Your intuition may also be heightened now. Trust your instincts as you’re being led toward making important connections with people who may be influential and helpful on your path. This is also a good time to work on uplifting the people in your life who are like family to you.

On the twenty first the Moon comes into a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius as the Full Moon approaches. Abundance that results from your willingness to take risks and delve into new opportunities is enhanced. A project you were expecting to succeed may exceed your expectations.

This is an important time to reflect on your bigger vision as you may feel blessed with an additional streak of good luck. When it comes to wealth and abundance, this is a great time to work on attraction and manifestation.

On the twenty-sixth Venus in Libra comes into opposition with Chiron in Aries. You have full faith in your talents and strengths as an individual and you seldom look to others for approval. However, today you may feel a bit more insecure as you are reminded of past wounds that left you feeling alienated. You don’t mind being on your own because you know you’re in good company.

Yet today, you may find yourself trying to find meaning in past traumas and wounds so that you can be more present for a current partnership. As you come to gain perspective and make peace with the past, you’ll find it’s easier to maintain your relationship because you won’t be tempted to project insecurities onto your love interest.

On the thirtieth Mars in Virgo comes into an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. You may feel torn between following an imaginative vision for healing and the need to put out little fires in your daily life. You may be craving an escape now but it’s not yet the ideal time to break away from work and other responsibilities.

Try your best to bring creative energy into your work or daily routines. This may not be as fulfilling as the getaway you’re dreaming of, but it will go a longer way to help you recharge your batteries

Capricorn Horoscope:
Silkworm Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

silkworm spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Finding beauty in small things.

The tiny Silkworm is slinking into your life this month Capricorn as your animal ally. Silkworm is known, of course, for their ability to produce silk threads. Much like you, Silkworm knows to pay attention to every small detail. Also like you, Silkworm is productive and efficient.

It’s no wonder Silkworm feels an affinity to you, you are both resourceful and can make beautiful works of art through your persistent effort. You love to work away the day as your efforts always produce great value.

Silkworm has a similar meaning as they, too, produce creations that have come to be associated with value and wealth. Silkworm loves to eat the leaves of the Mulberry tree and as such as associated with the powers of protection.

You may have an added layer of security in your life this month. Try to be mindful of the link between what you consume and how you are proactively protecting your health.

Like your ally the Silkworm who can quickly create a cocoon that helps them transform, you too may need to think on your feet this month and prepare yourself for a dramatic metamorphosis of your own. You’re not typically a huge fan of change, Capricorn. Yet you may now see that a personal transformation can also help you to embark on a new phase in your career and this is likely to motivate you to let go and work toward a new path now.

August begins with your sign’s ruling planet, Saturn, retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn will be in Aquarius for more than another year. Saturn is also retrograde until October, conjuring issues that were prevalent in society over the summer of last year when this planet was retrograde last.

For you personally, this retrograde may hit close to home as you feel compelled to reflect on how you fit into a dramatically changing society and community. People who used to be your anchor may reveal they are no longer the supports you need as you adjust to major paradigm shifts. These shifts are particularly significant for you when it comes to your humanitarian ideals, career, social network, and ideology about how society should function.

You may question the rules you grew up with and even decide to bend or break quite a few of the social rules that used to be the framework of your life. Traditions that don’t fit the new paradigm may be left behind as you grow into an appreciation of new ways to look at the world.

Now and for the rest of the month Saturn also remains in a trine with the North Node in Gemini. Though change makes you feel uncomfortable, you may feel compelled to advance toward an important calling that requires you to evolve and mature personally.

On the second, Saturn is in opposition to both the Sun and Mercury in Leo. You may have to work through a struggle between what you want for your own status, advancement and recognition, and what is required of you for the sake of a group or collective success.

Try to keep a balance between ambition and humility now. You will be able to find ways to express your plans and ideas so that others are attracted to your message, just be careful to avoid making a collective issue personal.

Also at this time, Uranus in fellow fixed sign of Taurus is in a square to Mercury in Leo. Unexpected changes to finances, career status and other important practical aspects of your life that make you feel secure may challenge your sense of self now. How you think about security and value may be called into question. This is a good time to try to focus on the bigger picture and figure out what path best serves to help your mission and reflects your values.

Through this month once again Pluto, also retrograde, is in the final degrees of your sign. You may feel as if your work or career are being deconstructed step by step. This is necessary now as you are being called to clear through layers of superficial security and come closer to the core truth of your mission and what you truly want to create and establish.

You may become conscious of the need to weed through old traditions, beliefs and expectations especially in regards to your career. Face your fears and insecurities so you can create a bold and strong new beginning for others.

On the eleventh, Venus in Virgo comes into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Your relationships and love life may undergo a dramatic change now as a hidden secret is revealed. This may also be an important time to assert your power and focus when it comes to a service-based mission that is close to your heart.

On the sixteenth, Venus enters fellow cardinal sign of Libra. You may become more concerned with justice, beauty, the arts and romance. This is a good time to create understanding and act with diplomacy and caution in a relationship. You may attract a new love interest or come to an important agreement with a partner.

On the twentieth the Moon comes into conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Your sentimental desires and longings to return to family or your home town may be heightened now. You may also feel nostalgic about home including returning to your “home base” in work. This is a good time to show your nurturing side as well.

You can be quite caring and sensitive though you prefer to bury your attention in work and productivity. This is a good time to extend your caring and compassionate energy toward family, colleagues, and friends who are like family to you.

Your intuition is also peaked now. Try not to ignore seemingly subtle hints that it’s time to make unusual choices based on your gut instincts rather than rational decision making.

On the twenty-first, a trine forms between Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Gemini. Previously heavy or restrictive energy may seem lighter now. This is an excellent time to draw on your creativity and connection to others in your professional realm who may be able to help you evolve and advance your agenda.

A partner or business partner may act as an unofficial mentor now, helping you to break down barriers and strive toward accomplishments you would have seen as impossible up until now.

On the twenty-sixth, Mercury in Virgo comes into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. You may feel more emboldened now as issues from earlier in the month resurface. Where you were previously insecure or uncertain about needed changes in your work or traditions, you may now have a clear vision of the direction you are taking.

It will also be easier for you to enlist the support of others as you can convey your ideas and opinions fluidly now. Your mind may be sharp and you can also find it easier to analyze and research behind the scenes so that you’ll be better prepared to adapt to changes in your career or work.

During this time you may also have health on your mind. Starting a new diet program or health routine may be part of your plan now. If this is the case, your new plan to improve your health may also relate to your work or career in some way. Try to draw on your gifts for resourcefulness and efficiency to streamline your efforts as much as possible now. You may easily see opportunities to address both health and career goals at the same time now. Changes to your routines can also make it easier for you to stay in contact with friends and colleagues and your network may help you advance in your work.

Aquarius Horoscope:
Woodpecker Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

woodpecker spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Time to change your response.

Woodpecker comes to you now bringing an important message for your growth this month. As your animal ally, you may find that this month Woodpecker is showing you both what to do- and what not to do.

Woodpecker is best known for repeatedly using their powerful beak to bore holes into trees. Anyone who has ever woken to the sound of one outside their windows understands their unique morse code. Not only is Woodpecker resourceful, they are also relentless.

Their style of construction and communication may be disruptive for us, but it sure works well for Woodpecker. Do what works this month, Aquarius, even if making a little noise upsets the neighbors.

There are actually several reasons for Woodpecker to tap, tap, tap away the day. During their mating season, male Woodpeckers will even hammer away at metal roofs. They aren’t intending to make a hole, but to signal their desire to females who may be lingering near by. This communication ritual helps in the matchmaking process.

Thus, this month you may also find yourself making a little noise in an effort to attract the attention of like-minded people. Whether you’re attracting a love interest or friends, your unique style of making a scene may work to your benefit this month.

What’s less likely to work in your favor now is continuing to do what you already know doesn’t help matters. Woodpecker as an ally sometimes appears when we’re feeling stuck. If you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, stop banging your head against both and try to be on the look out for new solutions. Woodpecker is helping you to see matters from a bird’s eye perspective so you can find unusual solutions that will work better than the status quo.

As August begins, your sign’s ruling planet, Uranus, is making its way through Taurus as will continue to be the case for a few more years. Uranus is in a trine to Venus in Virgo as the month begins.

There’s also a lot of activity in your sign this month. Jupiter retrograde has backtracked to your sign from Pisces. Saturn, also retrograde, is still moving steadily through Aquarius as well.
This month may feel stressful and tumultuous for you as the activity in your sign and involving shocking and erratic Uranus may make it seem difficult to get your footing.

On the first, Jupiter in Aquarius forms an opposition to Mars in Virgo. You may feel tension between your desire to roam free and follow your bliss and the responsibilities that require your attention and focus now. You may want to wander off in pursuit of adventure today and your time for wanderlust and breakthroughs are on the horizon.

Yet some practical tasks need to take priority first. This is an important time to use your excess physical and mental energy to scour through the details of your work, routines, and issues related to improving your health.

Set a solid foundation now and you’ll be better situated to branch out in new and unorthodox ways. This can also be a good time to find the balance between your practical needs and your futuristic vision.

On the second, Saturn in Aquarius opposes the Sun and Mercury in Leo. Breakthroughs in how you envision your career and lifestyle can clash with your desire for recognition and admiration. A project or collaboration may require you to take the lead now, but do be careful not to make the mission about your personal experience or needs.

You may be able to serve as a spokesperson now, but the focus needs to stay on what is best for the community, team, organization or group as a whole.

On the fourth, Jupiter in Aquarius comes into a trine with the Moon in Gemini. This is a favorable time for dramatic breakthroughs that transform your mindset and perspective. Your beliefs may be challenged in some significant way. Rather than feeling defensive, though, you’ll be likely to see this as an exciting shift in your philosophy and world view.

Humanitarian campaigns and a mission to empower and uplift others may bring out your nurturing aspects now. You can speak to others in more compassionate ways. Your desire to find the truth can lead you to blast through past illusions as well as you fearlessly envision a future that is dramatically different from what you’ve experienced previously.

On the eighth, Uranus in Taurus comes into a square with the Moon in Leo and you may now feel your path become a bit more tumultuous as you try to navigate the practical aspects of your new vision and ideals. What seems feasible in your imagination may be more challenging than you thought initially, especially when matters of finance and work are concerned.

Try to draw on the confidence you’re likely to feel now and use your focus and determination to continue paving a new path. You may have a chance to reach a broader audience so project an image of compassion and confidence even if you’re not completely sure of yourself yet.

On the twelfth, the Moon in Libra comes into a square with first Saturn in Aquarius and then Jupiter in Aquarius the following day. When the Moon squares Saturn, you may feel a subconscious desire to connect with a partner or pursue a love interest, yet your desire for independence or limitations related to your work or commitments seems to stand in the way. You can strike a balance but will have to follow a deeper motivation to work through what seems like obstacles initially.

When the Moon comes into a square with Jupiter in Aquarius on the thirteenth, you may find it difficult to have confidence in your relationships, partnership, or friendships because of ideological differences. Finding a diplomatic way to agree to disagree can salvage the relationship now.

On the twentieth, Uranus comes into a trine with Mercury and Mars in Virgo. Unexpected surprises in work and finances can help you further advance in your career. You may finally find the resources you’ve needed to invest in new training or to promote your business or mission in a new way.

This is also an ideal time to use an epiphany or breakthrough as motivation to make a change to your schedule or routines or to embrace new measures to protect your health.

At the same time, the Moon approaches a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. This conjunction can make you sentimental about a time in your past or a familial connection. You may start contemplating new and unorthodox ways to bring your traditions and connections to others into your present life.

This is also a great time for any kind of creative endeavors requiring you to think outside of the box when it comes to family relationships, work and setting a foundation for your future.
Your intuition may be guiding you to innovations and changes on the horizon. Prepare your home or family for adjustments based on your instincts even if you can’t completely make sense of the indications you’re being given yet.

On the twenty-third, Venus in Libra forms a trine with Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node, and Saturn in Aquarius also comes into a trine with the North Node. This grand trine brings your relationships, attraction power, self-discipline and sense of purpose into play.

It may be easier now to launch a business, make a risky change in your lifestyle that aligns with your sense of purpose, or attract a new partner or mentor who can help you overcome obstacles and fulfill your mission.

On the thirtieth, Saturn in Aquarius comes into a trine with the Moon and North Node in Gemini. When the Moon and North Node come into a conjunction, you may be intuitively drawn to pursue a passion or mission that you feel emotionally connected to. Saturn is working with you to ensure your vision isn’t just a pipe dream but a potential reality.

You may have to sit with the discomfort of a road less traveled, but you can succeed if you open yourself up to new opportunities that allow you to bring your talents and unique gifts to the forefront. This is a good time to work toward finding your “true north” and letting your inner compass guide you.

Pisces Horoscope:
Coyote Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

coyote spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Following a hidden path.

Your journey may be more mysterious this month, filled with unusual twists and turns. The trickster energy of Coyote as an animal ally will work well with your ability to see patterns others miss, Pisces. In fact, as a mutable water sign, you’re flexible enough to be a bit of a trickster yourself.

Coyote may be showing up to ignite a fire of passion and help you find the motivation you need. You’re not big on fighting uphill battles, but if the conquest you seek is important enough, Coyote will help you discover the loopholes and secret paths so you can succeed.

As the sign of illusions and fantasies, you know things aren’t always what they seem. Yet this month, Coyote is working with you to ensure that you don’t fall for deceptions. Even deceptions you may be telling yourself.

Coyote can help you find the truth of the matter, which is something you long for. Yet your longing is often obscured by fantasies and wishful thinking. You may be convinced you’re on the path to uncovering some mystical wisdom only to realize your emotional wounds are speaking, not your intuition.

Coyote can help you discern truth from imagination now. Be open to seeing the various sides of a situation before making judgments and conclusions.

As this month begins, your ruling planet, Neptune is in your sign still. Neptune is also traveling retrograde. This is a retrograde that affects all of society yet as your ruling planet, you may feel the impact personally as well. You can be transported back in some ways to issues that were prevalent last year, revisiting and rethinking your experiences.

Have empathy with yourself now. You may find greater healing from introspection. Practices that require reflection and creativity such as meditation or the arts can help you to make sense of past wounds and come to a higher understanding of emotionally sensitive issues.

Relationships that are built on illusion may reveal themselves now and it may be difficult for you to be honest with yourself about how you truly feel. Don’t be in a rush to come to conclusions now.

Also, Neptune is and will remain in a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. A time of cleansing and catharsis is here and you may find yourself repeatedly recognizing what you need to release. Just when you feel like you’ve found solid ground, you may then be surprised by yet more change inspiring more emotional release and healing.

You may also find deep serenity and healing in seemingly unlikely places such as in your work, traditions, family, and career.

On the third, Venus is in Virgo in a trine to Uranus in Taurus. An explosive and shocking revelation may compel you to rethink your position on finance and business now. Pay attention to the details now. A love interest may surprise you and help you find your footing now. Let a trusted loved one help you as you navigate your routines and daily tasks.

This is a good time to embrace a dramatic change that helps you create a unique path related to health, wellness, and work. You have no problem going with the flow so it may not be difficult for you to adapt to disruptive changes that would frustrate others.

On the ninth, Venus in Virgo comes into an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. A romantic interest may reveal some aspects of their nature that challenge your idealistic sense of who they are. Work through the conflicts in love now and you may find it easier to blend your sensible and imaginative sides.

Your responsibilities and desire to help heal and protect your loved ones are in focus now. Remember that you can have a big impact even if you’re taking small steps. Little acts of compassion can help you spread empathy and love now.

On the eleventh, a congregation of planets are in your opposing sign, Virgo. These planets include Mercury, the Moon, Venus and Mars. This places a great deal of emphasis on practicality and routines. You may crave security more than usual. Though you prefer to be easy going and allow things to fall into place, you may now feel compelled to bring order into your life through routines and rules. This can serve you for the short term but be careful not to rev up your anxiety. It’s just not your style to try to confine yourself this way. A love interest or romantic relationship may become more solid and predictable. Try to make the most of this continuity.

On the twelfth, Venus in Virgo comes into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. You may be more open to a healing and transformative conversation with a love interest that helps you clear the air and work past inner fears and insecurities.

This is also a good time to revamp your career. Try to bring more creativity and artistic touches into your work and you may find it easier to work through some of the more mundane aspects of your daily routines.

On the twenty-third, Neptune comes into an opposition with Mercury in Virgo. You may think you’ve got a clear vision but not realize how much of your plans and ideas are currently being influenced by a fantasy. Your emotions can be intense now, but it’s important for you to separate feasible steps from long term ideals.

Just because you’re not ready for the bigger ideals to manifest, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams. Give yourself time to set a solid foundation now and you’ll be able to reach your stretch goals.

On the twenty-fifth, the Moon comes into a conjunction with Neptune. This is a great time for psychic development, prophetic dreams, and intuitive connection with others. You may attract a soul mate or enhance an existing romantic relationship.

This is also a great time for catharsis and emotional healing. Your compassionate nature may help your family relationships. Share your empathy with others but do also be careful about how much of others’ emotions you’re internalizing. You may have to work on keeping an emotional filter in place to weed out the intense feelings of others. Avoid enabling and rescuing now as well. You can have unconditional love while not agreeing with what another does.

On the thirtieth, Neptune comes into an opposition to Mars in Virgo. You may have to work harder now to tease out the appropriate next steps you need to take. Your determined, focused energy is somewhat obscured today by Neptune’s talent for causing doubt and confusion. Try not to let insecurities or possessiveness get in the way of your mission. Drilling down and exploring the details can help you stay on track now.

When it comes to work and health, you may not be seeing a situation exactly as it is because of your strong emotional desires. You may also be tempted to become defensive with others who try to bring your focus back to objective reality.

Rather than going on the defensive, try to incorporate the feedback you’re receiving with your higher ideals and dreams now. Only by addressing your responsibilities in the present can you finally manifest what you’re truly aiming for.

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