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Lizard Symbolism & Meaning

Are you craving creative inspiration? Are you tired of things holding you back? Lizard, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Lizard teaches you how to ignite the flames of your greatest passion, all while showing you how to let go of habits or beliefs that hinder success! Delve deeply into Lizard symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can educate, stir, and inspire you!

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Lizard Symbolism & Meaning

From re-growing body parts to swift movement, when it comes to Lizard as an Animal Helper, there are many attributes to appreciate! One characteristic defining Lizard’s meaning is the fact that the creature sheds its skin, much like a Snake. Shedding marks an increase in the reptile’s size and allows Lizard to rid itself of parasites. So, both Lizard and Snake come to symbolize physical, emotional, or intellectual growth and the act of leaving behind what you’ve outgrown.

The second behavior highlighting Lizard Energy is self-amputation and regeneration. While on the surface, the action sounds awful, it’s a self-defense mechanism so Lizard can get out of a predator’s grasp. Over time, the Animal’s tail grows back, but often smaller and sometimes in a different color. Survivor instincts and adaptation are a significant part of Lizard symbolism. Lizard’s defensive techniques also symbolize the need to release harmful aspects of yourself or attributes. Holding on to old habits or outworn beliefs hold you back from achieving good health, happiness, or success.

Lizards come in many colors, each one of which offers a different dimension to Lizard’s energetic imprint. A brown Lizard is the color of earth and embodies grounding. The appearance of a brown Lizard suggests it’s time to focus on what anchors you or keeps you on an even keel.

A blue Lizard is the color of the Water Element and symbolizes your emotional nature. The color resonates with the throat chakra and all that it governs, including communication, self-expression, and truth-sharing; it’s interesting to note some Lizards have a wide range of vocalizations. While blue Lizards are rare, when they appear as an Animal Guide, they carry a message relating to how you communicate with and listen to others. Lizard says, “Speak up, speak out; express your truth with love.”

Green is one of the most common colors for Lizard. The color symbolizes growth and corresponds with the Earth Element and stability. It also symbolizes a good time for movement, as in seeing a green light means “go,” or it’s safe to act now. When a green Lizard comes across your path, it’s a positive sign for your spiritual progress, indicating movement in the right direction.

A red Lizard is the color of the Fire Element, the source of energy and passion. When the red Lizard comes into your awareness, direct attention toward desires; ask yourself, “What promises to ignite your full engagement or excitement?” Red Lizard’s message calls into question what inspires you and sets your spirit ablaze.

Some Lizards, like the Chameleon, can change colors to suit the situation. The creature corresponds with the Akashic Element, meaning that when working with the Animal’s energies, you can work with any of the Elements and their energetic influence. Chameleon’s ability to alter its appearance represents adaptability and being able to blend into your environment. Like Chameleon, you’ll be able to step back, observe, and re-emerge when the coast is clear.

In Ancient Egypt, the hieroglyph for Lizard translates as “plentiful.” Lizard also has solar associations because, upon observation, they mirror the sun’s transition in the sky as it cycles through the seasons. When climbing walls in the spring, the creature does so on a wall that faces eastward. In Spain and Portugal, people use the image of Lizard in their décor for attracting good fortune, much like Westerners use a horseshoe for attracting luck.

Lizard Spirit Animal

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When the Lizard arrives as a Spirit Animal, your magical skills emerge in novel ways. You experience a rebirth and renewal of energy. Negativity flows away, leaving you with a clear head and positive mindset. You find your core source of power. It provides you with greater control over pressing matters while strengthening your intentions.

Lizard, as a Spirit Animal, seeks creative people that are facing blockages. It arrives to break a cycle and provide a fresh perspective. The setback you’re experiencing is temporary, and it has lessons to offer you. Lizard’s arrival in your life assures there’s an exciting opportunity ahead.

When Lizard crawls into your life as a Spirit Guide, it’s time to tune into extrasensory abilities. You can use them to recognize friends or foes. Lizard’s message suggests you trust your instincts. Let your internal compass guide you down the right path. Now is the time to remain open so you can receive Divine messages.

Lizard Totem Animal

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Individuals with a Lizard Totem know how to recover from anything life tosses at them. Situations other people find unbearable don’t seem to faze you. When facing jarring events, people with a Lizard Totem bounce right back; the only downside is it can lead to taking unnecessary risks.

If Lizard is your Birth Totem, you have distinct emotional cycles in your life. Remaining aware of where you are in each cycle becomes an exceptional coping mechanism. You are sensitive to others’ feelings because of what you go through daily.

When fear creeps up in your life, you face it, staring it down until it disappears. Such assurance comes in handy when you attempt astral travel and walking between the worlds. You have a sound core, with your feet rooted in the earth.

As you move through different realms, you gather information and bring it back to individuals in need. People rely on your insights, which help them avoid troubling situations or consequences. Better still you carry the wisdom with you for future guidance.

Self-care is an important aspect of the person with a Lizard Totem Animal. By taking excellent care of yourself, you will ensure you’re at your prime mentally and physically. It also ensures you are ready to move fast when the need arises, especially when looking to make significant changes in your life or when trying to avail yourself of one or more opportunities.

Lizard Power Animal

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Reach out to Lizard as a Power Animal when it’s time for release. Be it a toxic relationship, a destructive habit, or unhealthy thoughts; Lizard helps you let go. Hold on to what is essential; the process will involve preserving what you treasure and will support you in attaining future goals.

Your Lizard Power Animal is a superior resource in developing your defenses. It will help you move and hide, confusing people who would undermine you. Once you maneuver into a safe space, Lizard remains a form of energetic support until the danger passes.

Invoke Lizard as your Power Animal when you’re looking to reinvent yourself. Lizard’s skin shedding and regenerative properties will help you free yourself from aspects of your identity no longer serving you. The creature empowers you to renew how you see yourself and how you present yourself to the rest of the world.

Native American Lizard Symbolic Meanings

In Native American Tradition, Lizard represents the world of dreams, healing, and survival. Children receive amulets in the shape of a Lizard for protection and strength. Killing a Lizard brings terrible fortune. In western coastal regions, Lizard appears as a Creator who makes humans somewhat in its image. Among the Navajo, Lizard is a hero and protector who brings prosperity and restoration.

Native American Lizard Symbolic Meanings

Similar to the Native Americans, the Celts regard Lizard as an emblem of luck. The creature is also an apt Spirit Realm Guide. When traveling, having a Lizard cross your path is an omen of success, one promising safe arrival at your destination.

Lizard Dreams

When a Lizard appears in your dream, it means you might overcome a problem plaguing you if you look at the situation with new eyes. If the Lizard in dreams crosses your path, it’s time for a change. You have been focusing on mundane tasks, but you aren’t making the time for fun and socialization.

If the Lizard is sleeping, it’s a reminder to pay more attention to the messages you receive in your dreams. A Lizard changing colors acts as a reminder that things are not always as they seem. Consider reviewing any pending decisions.

Catching a Lizard in your dream means improvements are coming in your personal life. Love expands, as does devotion. Seeing a large Lizard signifies an obstacle that seems daunting. Your dream message is encouraging you to keep courage in your heart and prepare.

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Lizard Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptation
  • Courage
  • Growth
  • Intention
  • Inventiveness
  • Luck
  • Magic
  • Recovery
  • Regeneration
  • Swiftness

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