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Kestrel Symbolism & Meaning

Want to sharpen your awareness? Want to map out your future? Kestrel, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! American Kestrel helps you tap into psychic skills, all while providing you with mental clarity for strategic planning. Delve deeply in Kestrel symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can educate, illuminate, and uplift you.

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Kestrel Symbolism & Meaning

The American Kestrel is the smallest of the majestic Falcon family in North America, so some symbolism carries over between the two. The Kestrel is fast, controlled, a patient hunter, and a keen watcher, all attributes the Kestrel Spirit offers. A kestrel hovers in the air, taking time to calibrate its next move rather than act haphazardly. One of Kestrel’s lessons is to apply both wit and sensibility before making a move.

The Air Element plays a crucial role in Kestrel’s meaning. The Birds are true masters of the winds, knowing which one will take them toward their goal. Once they find a target, the Birds can reach speeds up to 39 mph should the situation require. Kestrel Spirit asks, “What message is calling to you as it is carried in on the wind?”

The Kestrel Animal Helper can be elusive because it looks like a songbird. People once called them “Sparrow Hawks,” and the Birds are often mistaken for Mourning Doves; with this in mind, we can count the art of masquerade and shapeshifting among the Kestrel’s skills.

Relationships among Kestrels include a courtship display. While the male flies high while calling out, the female drifts slowly with metered wing beats. As the male passes the female, he offers her food. Both birds may chatter with excitement. If she accepts, the mating moves forward. Many of these pairs remain together for years. If the Kestrels are part of a settled community, they will also maintain the same nest throughout their time together. So, Kestrel comes to symbolize devotion, monogamy, and stability.

For housing, the American Kestrel isn’t picky. Living in the open country near woodlands, Kestrels seek abandoned nests or tree hollows for setting up the abode. From their perch on high, it’s easier to remain watchful, and their positioning ties Kestrel to the concepts of observation and seeing things from an elevated perspective. Kestrels have exceptional eyesight. The birds can see in the ultraviolet spectrum, revealing colors that remain invisible to humans. Here, Kestrel embodies the psychic ability of Clairvoyance and awareness of Higher purposes and energies.

When chicks arrive, cooperative parenting occurs. The mother tends the nest; the father brings food. It takes about a month for the chicks’ first flight, and even then, the parents continue to feed them for up to two weeks. Afterward, it will be a year before the chicks reach full maturity. In the meantime, they hunt in Kestrel groups, honing their skills. Here, Kestrel is a symbol of dedicated and exceptional parenting and members of a community working in unison.

Kestrel Spirit Animal

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When Kestrel comes into your life as a Spirit Animal, it acts as a message to choose your goals and efforts with care. Kestrel does not use energy without forethought. It saves it for hunting, and even then, contemplates any target. Now is the time for learning the art of conservation, patience, and mindfulness.

If you feel tempted or as if someone or something is pressuring you to act when you’re not ready to make a move, Kestrel arrives as a Spirit Animal to show you how to hold your ground. You will know the right time when it presents itself. Kestrel encourages you to tune out the voices of others and tune into your inner voice as your only guide.

If you called upon for an authority position, you might find the Kestrel Spirit Animal appearing in your consciousness. Whether this power shift is personal, such as in a relationship, or professional, Kestrel offers boldness balanced with restraint and power guided by strategy. You may not want to be in the position you’re in, but it will prove to be a valuable learning experience: One you can apply in many later scenarios in your life.

The Kestrel Spirit Animal may also challenge you about taking your vision to higher levels. Spiritually, you know there is much more to the world than meets the eye. You have an opportunity now for opening those pathways for true-seeing and similar psychic arts like divination requiring far more than mundane insight.

Some Lightworkers feel when Kestrel or any Falcon appears as a Spirit Animal, it’s offering the chance to explore your past life lessons so you can better discern your karmic circle. The Universe encodes memories in your DNA. The American Kestrel helps unlock what’s holding you back from discovering secrets buried deep within your cellular makeup and psyche.

Kestrel Totem Animal

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People with a Kestrel Totem Animal can think so fast it’s hard to keep up. You are graceful, agile, and focus on planning every step on the way to achieving your goals. You will never find a Kestrel person with their back to an open room. If you have a Kestrel Totem, you need a full view, or you become uncomfortable.

If the Kestrel is your Birth Totem, you’re patient with yourself and others. Diplomacy and skilled planning strategies are all-natural to you. You love the most sensible part of your personality, particularly using your wits, and may seek careers where you can make the most of your organizational skills.

In any situation, you are a global thinker capable of seeing the big picture. People respect you for your open mind and depend on your valuable perspective. Insight, combined with a vibrant demeanor and sunny disposition, attracts admirers with little effort. You meet someone new on every corner, and everyone wants to be part of your inner circle.

Having the Kestrel Totem within, you have a penchant for trying to figure out life’s mysteries. You may also have the urge to travel on the winds to new places for short times. But just like your Totem Animal, for you, there is still no place like home.

Kestrel Power Animal

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Call on your inner Kestrel Power Animal when you need to move quickly with confidence and commitment. You’ve already observed, planned, and feel ready for soaring above the circumstances. Kestrel provides a little extra boost of courage and self-trust.

When you feel addled, invoke your Kestrel Power Animal for mental clarity. Kestrel gives you clear vision and is also a keen listener. Use the strengths and support of your Animal Ally to reframe your sense of purpose. Kestrel, as a Power Animal, is the perfect support for when you want to take a whole new direction in life.

The Kestrel Power Animal is an excellent Animal Ally when you want to focus on working with the Air Element; it encourages cooperation, improves communication, attracts friendships, and stimulates mental focus. Your Kestrel vibes can also boost luck, bringing the winds of fortunate change on its wing!

If you have been feeling nervous while sensing something you can’t quite determine lies on the horizon, your Kestrel Spirit Animal provides watchfulness. Listening to your gut instincts makes sense, and Kestrel can help you out with the work at hand.

Native American Kestrel Symbolic Meanings

Among Native Americans, Kestrel’s symbolism merges with Hawk or Falcon. The Birds are vigilant, aware, and keen-minded. Kestrel sometimes appears as a Divine messenger, carrying your prayers to the heavens and returning with answers.

Kestrel Dreams

In the dream world, Kestrel can represent a helpful person, often someone in authority. Watch for someone in your waking life who can get you out of a sticky situation without losing face. When Kestrel glides through the sky in your dreams, it’s a signal to liberate yourself. Enjoy life. Watch for moments when your inner child can dance with the wind. A Kestrel sitting on top of a pole in your dream means you should stop for a moment and rethink your current plan of action. Something is changing, and you’ll want to adapt any “blueprint” before continuing with plans.

Kestrel Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Air Element
  • Choices
  • Disguise
  • Goals
  • Monogamy
  • Sensibility
  • Speed
  • Spiritual Ascension
  • Vision
  • Watchfulness

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