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Meadowlark Symbolism & Meaning

Are you looking to simplify your life? Want to live a more meaningful existence? Meadowlark, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Meadowlark teaches you how to attract happiness and contentment into your world, all while showing how to identify your soul’s mission in this lifetime. Delve deeply in Meadowlark symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can inspire, motivate, and illuminate you!

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Meadowlark Symbolism & Meaning

Living in North America and Mexico, the Meadowlark is a slight Bird with a lovely song. Often a source of artistic inspiration, The Bird appears in lyrics, poems, and paintings as an emblem of sweet simplicity and joy. The delightful, tiny Birds have ties to Blackbirds and Starlings: Both of which share a family tree with Meadowlark.

People appreciate Meadowlark’s dulcet flute-like singing, something it offers to the world even while it is in flight. The light Birdsong reflects a cheery disposition while telling all the world to treasure the joyful moments in life. Perhaps their enchanting music is why Larks of all types show up in religious myths as Divine Messengers. Meadowlarks are clever mimics too, capable of replicating the chirping of other Birds; the creature’s copycat behavior is evidence of a keen mind.

Meadowlarks have a bright yellow breast with an unmistakable black “V” in the center. The “V” configuration on Meadowlark’s breast symbolizes victory, honesty, trustworthiness, and will, but also a choice relating to your spiritual path. In Numerology, “V” is also the Roman Numeral for the number five, representing socialization, friendship, wittiness, and adaptability. Five also symbolizes the Akashic Element, which brings all five Elements under its rule. In the Tarot, five equates to The Hierophant, so sighting Meadowlarks points to situations involving spiritual experiences and progression.

The yellow coloring of the joyful Meadowlark symbolizes hope, positivity, clarity, cheer, and enlightenment. Studies show the color yellow improves memory and communication. So, Meadowlark is an emblem of knowledge and wisdom, but also, finding happiness through lifelong pursuits of learning.

For a diet, Meadowlarks harvest their food from the ground. they snack on corn, seeds, and wild fruit. So, while being a creature that flies and falls under the rule of the Air Element, Meadowlark’s means of survival gives it a powerful connection to the Earth Element.

Male Meadowlarks become territorial during breeding season from March to August. Their land claims range as far as six acres. To woo their mate, they dance in the air and serenade them. The two Birds then race with each other as part of the grand courting event. But, even with all the courting, Meadowlark is not monogamous. The male mates with two or three females each season. Here, Meadowlark represents infatuation, short-term romantic relationships, and fertility.

Once the female Meadowlark lays eggs, they take about two weeks to hatch. She oversees incubation and child-rearing with the male Meadowlark which shows up every so often to help feed the young. Two months later, the young Meadowlarks are ready to leave the nest and fly solo. Here, the female Meadowlark becomes an emblem for diligent motherhood, while the young come to represent self-sufficiency and independence.

Meadowlark Spirit Animal

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Meadowlark arrives as a Spirit Animal when you feel hopeless and forlorn. When you’re on the verge of giving up, Meadowlark sings you a song of hope. The worst of your situation is over, the sadness you feel will ease. Once the dust settles, it feels as if the sun returns to your life, and you can find lasting contentment and happiness.

Meadowlark asks you to buckle up and refuse to let anyone or anything drag you down. Recognize people for who and what they are, especially people who are a psychic drain on your energy or disparage your character. The Meadowlark Spirit Animal arrives to lift you out of shadows and negative thinking so you can attune to the Divine and its purpose for your soul in this lifetime. It is a glorious opportunity for you to find ways of reshaping your reality in meaningful ways. You can inspire peace, give hope to weary hearts, and offer Divine wisdom to others.

Another message from Meadowlark has to do with your instincts. Sometimes you find it hard to grasp what your higher senses are telling you. Meadowlark Spirit Animal guides you toward understanding and wisdom, often through meditation and prayer.

As a Spirit Animal, Meadowlark also encourages you to be careful about things and people to which you give energy. Sometimes its arrival is to caution you not to stretch yourself too thin or place your focus in too many directions because doing so results in everything getting only a portion of your best. Meadowlark says, “Prioritize what’s important to ensure victory.”

The Meadowlark Spirit Animal flies into your awareness to urge you to pay close attention to your dreams. Important messages from Spirit are underway; what you’ll learn will provide you with vital information relating to your soul’s mission or life lessons.

Meadowlark Totem Animal

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People with a Meadowlark Totem Animal are among the happiest, free-spirited individuals you will ever meet. They grab life by the horns, work toward goals with remarkable tenacity, and reach impressive achievements in their lifetime. Every challenge they meet is something they make the most of, seeing it as a unique opportunity and blessing.

If Meadowlark is your Birth Totem, you love sharing your talents with others, especially if something you excel at helps someone in need. Even so, you require regular moments of quiet alone. It is how you recharge, and it’s an essential element in your self-care protocol.

When you walk with Meadowlark, you know your surroundings and remain sensitive to changes in it. Each time something shifts, you adjust and adapt to the changing energetic influences. Your reaction is a vital means of safeguarding yourself and continuing your growth.

Meadowlark Medicine has a give-and-take to it. You hold space for others but likewise request some for yourself in times of need. You accept compliments with ease, but remember to give praise where it is due. Manners are important and valued in your life. It is no wonder people hold you so dear.

Meadowlark Power Animal

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Look to the song of Meadowlark as a Power Animal when you’re seeking signs regarding what direction to take next in your life. If you want to have greater ease in trusting your inner voice, Meadowlark helps you find your way back to self-trust. The Bird reawakens your deep convictions and moves you toward a positive mindset: One absent of the negativity causing you to deny the validity of your intuition.

A relationship with Meadowlark as a Power Animal is ideal if you are looking to reconnect others and restore hope once more. Meadowlark reminds you to first take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Once refreshed, you can re-approach your situation and begin blossoming. When something displaces all hope, Meadowlark supports you in its rediscovery.

If you have had perplexing dreams as of late, connecting with your Meadowlark as Power Animal will help you unravel the puzzling nighttime visions you are experiencing. The Bird is a master of omen and signs, so it supports you in discovering the hidden messages strange dream imagery conveys.

Native American Meadowlark Symbolic Meanings

The symbolism of Meadowlark among Native Americans varies according to Tribal myths and beliefs. The Sioux honor the creature as an emblem of devotion and friendship. Hearing the Meadowlark’s song is fortunate. The Blackfoot see Meadowlark as a bringer of peace and protection.

Lakota stories represent Meadowlark as God’s Messenger. The Lakota Tribe suggests Meadowlark embodies the fertility spirit, Okaga, who governs the South Wind. The Bird brings warmth, abundant harvest, and new life to the people. The only negative connotation relating to Meadowlark comes from the Arikara Tribe. In their language, Meadowlark means “woman’s nagging,” as if the Bird’s message is one of scolding or admonishment.

Meadowlark Dreams

A Meadowlark in merry flight on a sweet sunny day in your dream represents a bright future and positive changes in your situation; a goal is about to come to fruition. When Meadowlark lands in front of you, however, beware of your impressions; the dream warns that although you like to think the best of people, someone may abuse your optimism.

If you follow Meadowlark in your dreams, you are on the right path and may soon take an exciting journey. When the Meadowlark sings, you may move into a new residence within a year; it will be a positive change filled with contentment.

If the Meadowlark flits around in the grass, your financial matters are on solid ground. Just continue to be mindful. A wounded Meadowlark represents sadness and losing innocence in one area of your life. Hearing the song of a Meadowlark from a nearby tree in your dream portends an announcement or invitation coming, both of which bring good fortune your way.

Meadowlark Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Assurance
  • Contentment
  • Dream Work
  • Happiness
  • Intelligence
  • Manifestation
  • Opportunity
  • Pleasure
  • Revelry
  • Simplicity

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