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Peacock Symbolism & Meaning

Peacock symbolism and meaning is intriguing to anyone who has been enchanted by these incredible, beautiful birds.

Do you wonder about previous incarnations? Does your day-to-day existence seem dull or drab? Peacock as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Peacock teaches you about past life lessons, and how the right use of color instills magic into your world. Delve deeply in Peacock symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can inspire, stir, and move you.

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Peacock Symbolism & Meaning

So, the Proud Peacock has gotten your attention? You are not alone. Throughout the world’s history, Peacock symbolism and meaning have often been tied to the beauty of its feathers. Peacock ties to various Gods and Goddesses as well as glorious myths.

Peacock Etymology: Peacock comes from the Old English pawa meaning cock or hen.

In Hinduism, Peacock walks with Lakshmi the goddess of good fortune, compassion, and fortitude. He is also associated with Hindra a thunder and rain god whose waters renew the Earth. Peacocks are said to be harbingers of rain – they dance when they know it’s coming. In this part of the world Peacock also symbolizes supportiveness.

In the Far East Kuan Yin created the beauty of the Peacock’s tail. Kuan Yin gave up immortality for humankind endowing the Peacock with a sense of selflessness. When Kuan Yin finally ascended she created the Peacock to guard the earth and protect the peace.

Ancient Greeks and Romans likened the Peacock Tail to being the eyes of stars. He was sacred to Hera, and there was a severe punishment given to anyone who took a Peacock’s life. Persians have carvings of Peacocks near royal chambers, considering them guardians. Alchemists used the Peacock as an earthly form of the Phoenix and resurrection. In the form of a talisman, Peacock safeguards the wearer from poison, illness, and misfortune. By extension Peacock feathers represent immortality. The feather absorbs harmful energy.

Peacock symbolism and meaning comes up in Christianity as representing the Resurrection; this comes from the fact that after Peacock molts, his feathers grow back to their original grandeur. St. Augustine took this one step further, saying the bird was incorruptible, most likely based on the folk belief that Peacock feathers protect things from deterioration. Peacocks feature predominantly in medieval portraits of angels where the wings are made from Peacock feathers; this implies that Peacock has associations with the Angelic realm and may actually be a messenger from on high.

In nature, Peacocks kill and eat snakes. As a result, various cultures integrated Peacock into medicine. Indian directions advise that blood or bile from Peacock could cure a snake bite. Similarly, in Punjab, a person bitten by a snake would be purged by the smoke of Peacock feathers similarly to how Native Americans use smudge sticks. When visitors came into the region natives would tell them to carry Peacock feathers to ward off snake attacks. Similarly, among Hindus and Muslims, a Peacock feather protects against malevolent spirits. In this, peacock becomes infused with healing and protective energies.

Peacock did get a bad rap in some stories. For example, Greek tradition says that displaying Peacock feathers encourages bad luck. The idea is that each of the dots in the Peacock feather can cast the evil eye. Native Americans thought that wearing Peacock feathers changed a person’s personality to someone who is conceited and materialistic. And bringing a Peacock feather on stage is a sure-fire way for a play to fail.

On a happier note, the priestesses of Juno carried Peacock fans in processional. In later years when the Church came into power, this translated into the fans seen at papal Easter celebrations. The eyes of the Peacock represent the watchfulness of the Church.

Some other interesting facts about Peacock Spirit: In the Orient Peacock is called the Bird of Paradise. The Babylonians had a Peacock throne, and the birds were sacred. Indian gardens to this day let Peacocks wander freely, offering good fortune, and in China and Japan, Peacock symbolism includes self-worth and splendor.

Overall key characteristics associated with Peacock medicine include leadership, long life, sophistication, psychic vision, beauty, dignity, love, and pride.

Peacock Spirit Animal

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When Peacock spirit makes itself known in your life, it’s time to look at things differently. Begin to see the beauty in even the simplest of things and walk the path of gratitude. Peacock medicine is upbeat – laugh often, rejoice in life’s wonders.

Another message from Peacock is one of confidence. Many people give up their dreams feeling they’re impossible achievements. Take a look at your talents and transferable skills and find a way to set your goal in motion with Peacocks guidance.

The colorful Peacock that we envision is the male of the species. Perhaps you need to reconnect with the Sacred Masculine. Also, the eye-shaped spot on the Peacock’s tail speaks of awakening your third-eye Chakra, reconnecting with the higher self and unlocking your psychic gifts.

In Shamanic traditions, the Peacock animal spirit is a healer. What areas of your life feel ill or lacking? Let Peacock vibrations wrap you in feathers that remove those negative energies from your aura. Meditate on the “eye” of the Peacock tail for focus and centering in your rituals for wellness.

Finally, Peacock may be reminding you that it’s ok to shake your tail feathers from time to time. You have talent that others overlook because you stay on the sidelines. Strut your stuff when your efforts go above and beyond.

Peacock Totem Animal

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If you were born with a Peacock totem, you are a person true to your word. Honor is a key characteristic along with honesty that vibrates through your very soul. Peacock people have deep-seated beliefs, and they walk their talk. Sure they can get a little overboard sometimes with flash and fanfare, but at the end of the day, it’s about living personal truth moment to moment. This propensity makes you a natural born leader because people know they can trust you.

Peacock people have to be careful about the ego. It’s easy to let pride get in the way. However, the true power and medicine of the Peacock is demonstrated in using your knowledge gracefully and humbly.
Those born with the Peacock totem have truly beautiful qualities inside and out. Let that inner beauty shine and embrace self-esteem. Ask yourself if someone posed the question: whom do you love, how long would it be before you answered ME. Also, remember to seek out the beauty in others; this helps Peacock maintain a gentle balance between personal awareness and compassion.

Self –trust can be an issue with Peacock people. There is no need to second guess. Just be that kind-hearted person you know in your heart you can be. As you celebrate kindness, it returns to you with a smile. Don’t hide those feathers. Embrace your talents and let them shine.

Peacock Power Animal

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Peacock animal medicine can be a powerful ally in magic for renewal, love, luck, and success. This spirit animal also supports personal confidence and wholeness. Light workers tell us that Peacock teaches us how to use our true-seeing abilities and release our spiritual vision.

Peacock is an ideal companion when you seek to reconnect with the Sacred Masculine in a deep way. This spirit brings laughter and fullness of being when you feel totally tapped out. Also, when your life feels dull and drab, you couldn’t ask for a better pick-me-up than the beautiful Peacock.

Seek out Peacock as a power animal when you explore your past lives and the lessons they offer. Peacock can offer you protection and gentle healing too.

Native American Peacock Symbolic Meanings

Peacock is not native to North America. As Peacock animals became a status symbol of the powerful and aristocratic classes around the world, these birds were domesticated as “pets.” As such, they were imported and transported around the world by the wealthy to show their status.

This is how Peacock came to cross the ocean and inhabit North America, first in California in the late 1880s. Around that time, Peacock was first introduced to Hawaii as well. Yet they were captive animals on the estates of wealthy people, and so it is unlikely that at that time Native people would have had much interaction with Peacock.

Peacock-like birds in Native lore and mythos are scarce, though some reports of Native symbolism relating to Peacock can be found online. It is likely that these accounts stem from later adaptation of Peacock symbolism and meaning with Native rituals, not original tribal traditions.

Among the Native people who would be likely to encounter Peacock first, the Native tribes of Southwestern United States and Mexico, such as the Pueblo people, would have encountered this bird and adapted Peacock’s symbolism and meaning into their consciousness and stories. These later adaptations of Peacock into Native lore and ritual came with the adaptation of other animals such as Parrots and Chickens. Peacock, according to some accounts, were known as Sun Turkey and associated with the power of the Solar deities. By some accounts, their feathers came to be significant of the Sun and worn and used during healing rituals.

The Pueblo people incorporated Peacock feather into the creation of Prayer Sticks, thus Peacock came to symbolize communication and connection to the Divine.

In Native American symbolism, Peacock has positive connotations including wellness, poise, and splendor. Peacock medicine is very powerful and often used by Shamans for awakening clairvoyant abilities. Peacock feathers feature strongly in many healing rituals. Peacocks lesson is knowing when to display your aptitudes and when to remain humble.

Perhaps because of the correlation with the Sun or perhaps because of the shape of the “Eye” on a Peacock’s feather, tools adorned with Peacock feathers also came to symbolize protection and banishment of evil both to some Native people and to people in Muslim and other cultures worldwide.

Christianity Peacock Symbolism

Peacocks shed their plumage yearly, and so their meaning and symbolism is closely related to resurrection and rebirth in many cultures. When it comes to Peacock spiritual meaning in Christianity, we are given a bit of a mixed message.

On the one hand, their beauty is associated with gracefulness and virtue. In fact, in some traditions, people would use a symbol of three feathers on a wax seal to indicate that correspondence is from someone of high integrity or a virtuous person. Yet on the other hand, the association with a Peacock’s most striking features- his plumage- and elaborate mating rituals based on showing off, is considered less than endearing to stricter adherents to the Bible.

Those who follow a more puritanical path of Christian religion see Peacock as a symbol of vanity and false pride, ego and charlatanism.

Thus, if you are applying Peacock meaning to your beliefs on the Christian path, you may need to ask yourself how this animal’s association with both brilliance and beauty and also vanity and conceitedness may be influencing you now.

Are you over or underplaying your role in a situation? Peacock may appear to you as a reminder to remain right sized in the grander scheme of things. You may not need to focus so much on appearances but rather focus on substance.

At the same time, Peacock may appear to remind you of your own beauty and power that comes from your connection to the Divine and not from Earthly distractions. Are you disguising your true beauty and power in order to impress a future partner or project an image that isn’t really true to who you are?

Ironically, the association between Peacock and Vanity has more to do with the observation of a third party (humans who associate Peacock’s beauty and mating dance with superficiality and conceit) than with Peacock’s own personality.

Schrodinger’s Peacock, rather than cat, may have been a more appropriate reference as the Peacock has come to be synonymous with cultural projections of vanity because of what Peacock brings out in ourselves, our own judgments about beauty.

Is it time to re-evaluate what you believe about beauty, pride, self-image? Are you carrying the burden of assumptions and judgments others have placed on you because of how you appear?
Peacock may also remind us to not judge others’ appearances based on our own assumptions.

The association between Peacock meaning and wealth or status is also found in the Bible. Peacock is described as being acquired by King Solomon brought back tokens of status and affluence from the coast of Ceylon. The Bible describes the arrival of ships filled with gold and exotic animals such as Apes and Peacocks.

To those who had never seen these amazing creatures before, it must have seemed quite majestic a spectacle to witness. Thus, the association between Peacock and royalty, status, wealth and opulence is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

In some Christian traditions, Peacock is associated with virtues and the symbol of three Peacock feathers represents the three virtues of hope, charity and faith.

Peacock as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Though Peacock is not native to Celtic lands, various waves of conquest, colonization and migration occurred throughout history. This led to not only the transport of animals to new places but also to the evolution of myths and lore, encompassing tales from different cultures.

Still, there are few solid references to Peacock in Celtic myth and legends. We can adapt understanding of existing Celtic myths and lore to include what is known about Peacock. As such, we can create a connection between Peacock and deities associated with transformation, immortality, beauty and protection. We can also associate Peacock with Solar deities because of the Sun-like image of the bird’s feather.

What is reported in Celtic traditions, the peacock was a symbol of purity. Peacocks or their feathers appearing on coats of arms represented knowledge, authority, and beauty. Beyond that, very little has been recorded in Celtic literature about the Peacock.

According to some reports, an oath was sworn “By the Peacock” inferring that these birds are associated with integrity and sincerity as well as purity.

Generally speaking, Celtic associations between Birds and freedom or transcendence abound. We can draw a similar connection between the Peacock and this role of Birds as messengers, symbolic of communication and liberation of the soul.

Those who practice revisionist traditions which incorporate Peacock into ritual and lore may adorn their cloaks with Peacock feathers. This relates to the Peacock meaning as symbolic of immortality and connected to the power of the Sun. Druids who follow this practice also use Peacock feathers to connect to the power of the Sky Deities.

Peacock Dreams

Peacock appearing in your dreams is generally a good omen especially for those seeking a life partner. It also foretells luck, success and a career that truly satisfies your soul. You may be about to embark on a lucky change on your path. Peacock is also associated with health and longevity.

Sometimes Peacock comes into your dreams to remind you of the dangers of false pride and being overly showy. Are you trying too hard to convince others of your worth?

Learn more about Peacock Spirit by reading Peacock Dreams Interpretation on!

Peacock in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

If you were born between November 15 and December 12, the Mayan Zodiac says you were born under the sign of the Peacock. People with this sign have natural poise about them. They are self-confident, creative and funny. Peacock loves a good competition where they can show their talents fully.

Female Peacocks, known as Peahens, love finery, but it has to be original. Male Peacocks prefer to lead with a loving partner’s support.

In business Peacock loves management. As a result, they often acquire wealth. One of the best jobs for Peacock is in sales. They know how to make their point.
The lucky number for Peacock is 5, and the color association is reddish orange.

Far Eastern Peacock Symbolic Meanings

Peacock is the national bird of India. They associate this bird with a Hindu deity that symbolizes kindness, patience, empathy and good fortune. Among Buddhists, Peacocks represent wisdom and the path to enlightenment.

Associated with royalty and luck, the Lost Peacock Throne of the Mughal Empire is used as a benevolent talisman. Because of his elaborate mating ritual, Peacock meaning is also associated with love, romance and courtship.

Mayuresvara, one of the incarnations of Ganesha, is portrayed riding Peacock. Thus the Elephant God who clears obstacles is connected to the Peacock, as Peacock is the vehicle by which this important Deity is able to conduct his work.

Peacock symbolism and meaning are associated with beauty, grace and pride, though pride need not always connote vanity.

The Japanese see Peacock as an emblem of nurturing, consideration, love, charity, and vigilance.

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

Colorful, beautiful, graceful, it’s no wonder so many are drawn to Peacock as a tattoo. Though often associated with femininity when portrayed as an accessory or tattoo, Peacocks are actually always male.

A Peacock tattoo can align an individual with their Divine Masculine energy or remind them of their inner beauty. The “Eye” of the Peacock feather can make a very alluring tattoo that also signifies protection and warding off of the Evil Eye from others.

Peacock tattoos can be an emblem of your love and beauty and a reminder of the power of taking pride in your talent and making yourself visible rather than playing too small.

Peacock tattoo may remind you of your regal, virtuous and powerful nature and remind you of the nuances involved in power and status. You can have great wealth and power but you can also leverage this power to help others rather than flaunting it in a vain and opulent way.

When someone gets a Peacock tattoo, they may not know all of the lore and power associated with this Bird. Either way, they are now linking the energy of Peacock with their own energy and may be pleasantly surprised to see that Peacock Spirit Animal begins to guide them on their path.

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

Peacock spiritual meaning and symbolism can be applied to your practices and rituals, even if you hail from a region where Peacock is not commonly found. Their universal associations are with longevity, immortality, beauty, protection and love.

Peacock reminds you to make your voice heard, even if others criticize you. They are known for their loud calls. While not elegant song birds, Peacock reminds you that it is not for you to worry about how others may perceive you, you may have to stand your ground.

The beautiful colors on a Peacock’s plumage are symbolic of the full spectrum of colors in the rainbow and each of their associations. Thus, when you meditate on one Chakra and balance that Chakra, you may also then meditate on bringing that one Chakra into alignment with all the others. Peacock can be a reminder of the harmony between all these Chakras and their associated energies.

Peacock can be symbolic of our connection to the Divine, especially the Deities associated with the Sky and Sun. The shape of the “Eye” on Peacock’s feathers is symbolic of our own awakenings and need to be watchful. This is a symbol of protection, having “Eyes in the back of your head” to sense what you can not see with your physical eyes.

Peacock can also symbolize our ability to see into the other realms and therefore is associated with Divination.

Though the Blue Peacock is mystical and an amazing sight to see, an even more rare variation, the White Peacock, is almost exactly the same in appearance but with no coloring whatsoever. The White Peacock has an ethereal, almost ghost-like appearance and may be associated with the Angelic or Spiritual realms.

Sometimes, you may feel you have to act as if you have mastered something, “faking it until you make it” as the saying goes. Peacock can imply pretentiousness, but if we look at their mating dance in a more symbolic way, Peacock is teaching us to show our brightest and best selves in order to attract what we want.

Some associate Peacock spiritual meaning with abstinence or love and romance. In some traditions, Peacock feathers in the house are associated with a woman who never married. Others may see Peacock feathers as a sign of romantic love or useful in attraction magic.

The Eye of the Peacock feather is also associated with the Greek stories of Argos, as well as with protection, wealth, royalty and status.

What makes you unique and exceptional?

Thus part of the spiritual meaning of Peacock is associated with knowing your own value and being able to show your power and beauty- not just as a physical asset to attract a mate- but as a set of personal strengths and attributes that make you perfect for the path you are on.

Peacock Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Compassion
  • Earthly Phoenix
  • Eyes
  • Fortitude
  • Good Fortune
  • Materialism
  • Pride
  • Psychic Sense
  • Resurrection
  • Supportiveness

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