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Swan Symbolism & Meaning

Are you under pressure? Faced with a troubling romance? Swan, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Swan teaches you to handle trying times with grace while also guiding you in the ways of love and loyalty. Delve deeply in Swan symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can strengthen, enlighten, and support you.

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Swan Symbolism & Meaning

One glimpse of the gracious Swan inspires all manner of potential meanings and symbolism. The English consider Swan as representing strength and faithfulness. Laws forbidding the killing of Swans in the UK reflect the high regard in which they are held.

Fairy tales feature swans as emblems of purity, devotion, loyalty, and monogamy; this comes from the fact that Swan mates once in a lifetime. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, as well as the sun God Apollo, both had Swan as a Sacred Animal.

Folklore tells us that Swans sing a beautiful melody when a person dies. Thus, we come by the term “swan song;” this is even more remarkable in that the wild swans’ voice is rather raucous. Despite their appearances, swans are very fierce and strong. One bite can break a human arm!

Swan shows up in many ancient stories, and it was a favorite Anglo Saxon name for baby girls, alluding to beauty and elegance. There is also the story of the ugly duckling, mislabeled at birth, becoming a Swan. After a winter of sadness and longing, he awoke to discover a transformed reflection that brought great joy. This tale gives Swan Spirit associations with personal change and finding our true self.

There are many different types of Swans, not all of which are white. Mute Swans are the ones known for facing each other and making a heart-shape out of their neckline; this is a part of courtship (how romantic!). Mind you; the silent Swan is anything but silent. They make a sound a bit like hissing.

Australian black Swans use their feathers to flash their intended mate, whistling Swans make much softer calls akin to cooing once they’ve mated, and Trumpeter Swans bob their heads, swim in unison and make a lively honking sound.

Other common meanings and characteristics for Swan medicine include grace under pressure, spiritual growth, future-telling, balance, partnership, psychic abilities, and union.

Swan in Divination: Swan appears in the Medicine Cards as a symbol of the Dreamtime, grace, and acceptance of the Great Spirit’s plans for our lives.

Swan Spirit Animal

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When Swan floats into your life, it may well portend finding your soul mate. True love comes on Swan’s feathers. For those who have recently married, it represents true harmony and happiness.

Swans fly and swim – touching both emotions and higher thought. Have you thought deeply about your desires and goals? Have you reached for the sky with a dream? Swan Animal Spirit challenges you to change, to have faith, and let yourself truly shine with sacred beauty.

Swan may also be signaling a dramatic growth in your intuitive nature. When you start thinking differently and opening yourself to the energies all around, you will know differently, see differently. Pay attention to your instincts, and, more importantly, honor them.

Last but not least, Swans remind us that we are not simply a façade. Swan comes to those struggling with self-esteem to say, “you are NOT the ugly duckling” – you are so much more. You just have to embrace all of you.

Swan Totem Animal

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Lightworkers tell us that those born with a Swan totem are natural healers and seers; this will be part of your life, so just get used to hearing, “how did you know that?” This intense sensitivity, however, may lead to your time of solitude where you can block out all the external noise and listen to the Higher Self and the Divine.

The nature of Swan people is a loving one. They will find their mate typically early in life and remain monogamous. Throughout all their relationships, Swan gives quality time to romance, family, and fun, and enjoys socialization so long as they don’t simply fade into the crowd.

Swan is a multi-tasker and one with various interests that may range from sailing to skydiving. After all, that activity Swan is quite content to float and look to the stars, contemplating dreams. In everyday life, Swan loves beautiful people and things. A walk through the flowers, an artsy antique shop, and a striking profile all capture Swan’s attention. It’s a feast for the eyes and soul that Swan craves.

Swan Power Animal

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Seek out Swan as a Power Animal when you need to maintain grace under pressure. If any guide provides confidence and the ability to “go with the flow,” it’s Swan. Throughout this process, Swan will not allow you to shrink away to a place marker. Swan encourages you to let your inner beauty shine brightly, breathe, and simply BE.

In struggling relationships, Swan medicine rejuvenates love and loyalty. When working through problematic times, Swan also inspires self-love when you probably feel undeserving or under-appreciated. Swan also makes an admirable Power Animal during times of transformation. No matter what elements you traverse, Swan brings you safely to the next cycle, the next opportunity.

Native American Swan Symbolic Meanings

In many Native American traditions, Swans appear with Ducks and Geese that are easily influenced by a Trickster figure. Other traditions talk of Swan Maidens, who participate in marriage traditions. The Lakota Tribe honors the Swan ad the bringer of faith. In the home, Swan feathers represent harmony.

Swan as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Celts used Swans as a symbol of careful, calculated movement and as a spirit of emotional transformation. Several Deities in Celtic tradition have Swan as a companion or a Sacred Animal, including Lugh and Bridget. Stories of Swans in Celtic Mythology say that spirits can take the form of a Swan, and must walk in pairs to travel between life and the otherworld.

Swan Dreams

Swan symbolism in dreams varies according to its color. A black Swan speaks to something hidden or unknown, something that may appear too good to be true. The White Swan is a positive omen of prosperity and honor, very often of a spiritual nature. No matter what is going on, Swan says: have faith.

Learn more about Swan Spirit by reading Swan Dreams Interpretation on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Far Eastern Swan Symbolic Meanings

Hindu tradition has texts that speak of two Swans who pair and live within the Divine consciousness where they live on lotus honey bearing all knowledge. In Japan, Swan lives in heaven but descended to protect a peaceful young boy and eventually became his wife to protect the tribe from dying out. Finally, in India, Swan laid the Cosmic Egg from which the Gods were born. Here She remains the image of flawless unity.

Swan Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Balance
  • Fidelity
  • Future-telling
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Growth
  • Partnership
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Transformation
  • Union

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