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Turkey Symbolism & Meaning

Trying to tap into your sense of community? Feeling a bit insecure about your talents? Turkey, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Turkey teaches you how to connect with others and believe in yourself so much that one day you might even save the world! Delve deeply in Turkey symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can enlighten, relax, and guide you.

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Turkey Symbolism & Meaning

Let’s talk Turkey – one of my most favorite Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals! Spiritually speaking, Turkey is a surprisingly powerful Animal Ally. Maybe it’s because my heart has always been aligned with the underdog. Or, in this case, the underbird. UNDERBIRD! Sounds like a super hero, right? Well, as it pertains to Turkey that’s not far off the mark.

Now, before we get into the “every day” symbolic meaning of Turkey, watch this video about how Turkey appeared to me as the Coronavirus Spirit Animal! (Article continues below video)

In Native American lore, Turkey helped create the world, showing humans how to raise corn and fight off evil spirits. But Native American Turkey hero legend goes much further.

Once upon a time Turkeys could talk just like humans. When a great flood threatened to destroy the earth came, all the four legged and two legged peoples ran to the highest ground. Each tried to carry something the world would need when the flood subsided. Turkey helped everyone get on their way to safety and was the very last creature to flee. Nobody saw that Turkey also stashed hundreds of vegetable and flower seeds and pods within its feathers – wisely knowing all vegetation would need to be replanted so the world could eat. But carrying so many seeds had weighed Turkey down and it couldn’t run fast. The waters caught up to it and Turkey began to drown. Turkey screamed for help. The people who saw Turkey thought it wasn’t carrying anything. They yelled at the bird that it only cared about saving itself and was so selfish it deserved to die. Turkey kept on swimming as hard and fast as it could, craning its neck farther and farther to stay above the water. Finally, exhausted and covered with mud and debris Turkey made it to the top. The people surrounded Turkey still accusing it of only being out for number one instead of pitching in as the rest of them had. With what little energy it still had Turkey stumbled to a standing position and shook its feathers. The vegetable and flower seeds and pods cascaded from under Turkey’s feathers. When the people saw how wrong they had been about Turkey, the heroic bird had almost died trying to save the world’s food supply they begged for forgiveness. When Turkey tried to answer a strange sound came from its throat. That’s when everyone noticed how long Turkey’s neck had become. Turkey had to stretch its neck so far to keep from drowning it ripped its vocal cords. That’s why Turkeys today have such long, skinny necks and speak by gobbling.

Because of these stories (and others) as well as thousands of years of humans using Turkeys for food, clothing (feathers), and making tools (bones) Turkey’s symbolism and meaning ties in heavily with that of the Earth Mother. Nourishing our mind, body, and spirit Turkey symbolizes harvest and abundance. And, so, Turkey represents Autumn/Fall, the season of the Fire Element!

The Fire Element adds a whole new dimension to Turkey symbolism and meaning. Fire is the Element of passion, creativity, and the power of destruction/transformation. Only the most courageous and wise souls would take on being an emissary for such a “life and death” element. I say “take on” because I believe all souls choose their path/mission/soul contract before incarnating into this reality (Earth).

Another spiritual meaning of Turkey is that your life can be BIG! Turkey has a six foot wingspan making it the largest bird in the forest. When it comes time to unfold your wings and go for something important, Turkey can be a great Animal Ally!

Turkeys are known to have “Fall flocking”. This means that after the Spring mating season hatchlings show up around the end of August and the Turkey flocks begin to take form around the end of September. This makes Autumn/Fall the season for Turkey. The symbolism of Fall is definitely to be considered when trying to figure out what message Turkey brings to you. Fall/Autumn symbolism includes:

  • Dazzling Colors
  • Harvest
  • Abundance
  • Community
  • Sharing
  • Root Vegetables (Root Chakra – staying strong and grounded)

Turkey Spirit Animal

Turkey Spirit Animal 1200x630

Turkey medicine and energy teaches us that even when others doubt our potential, abilities, or intention (as in the case of the aforementioned stories) we must never doubt our self. Fan your brilliant feathers for all the world to see and remember you are strong enough to save your part of the world!

When Turkey trots into your life, it often bears a message to pay attention to those around us, particularly ones in need. People are prideful and find asking for help difficult. Become an anonymous “Guardian Turkey” and find ways to bless those about whom you care; this concept extends to coworkers and the greater community too. Know that your personal needs will be met no matter what.

Abundance is Turkey Spirit Animal’s middle name. Look around you. There are so many resources for your body, mind, and spirit. Cultivate those resources and care for them. Trust what your higher self is trying to tell you.

When Turkey as a Spirit Animal is one of good news. You may soon receive an important but very unexpected gift. Accept this with deep respect. Someone has sacrificed a lot to help you open doors and grow.

The Turkey Spirit Animal may challenge you with insightful questions. Are you sharing of what you have been given? Have you cared for those “seeds” so that they are now ready for the harvest? Are you a tad conceited like our swaggering Tom? Confidence is fine as long as it doesn’t become smug and pompous.

Are you staying connected to nature and the Spirit of the Earth? If not, Turkey is here to bring you back to that healthy foundation.

Because Turkey is tied to the concept of eating, Turkey Spirit may also ask you about swallowing your words (eventually, you have to let that out). Alternatively, what do you “consume” mentally, physically, and spiritually? Seek out nutrition over fluff.

Turkey is both an animal of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Mother says, “Stay grounded.” Father says, “Remember me and walk with honor, respect, and gratitude as guides.”

Turkey Totem Animal

Turkey Totem Animal 1200x630

Those born with a Turkey Totem seem to take that wishbone wherever they go. These people know how to generate abundance for friends and family and are happy to do so. Also, Turkey is generally sound themselves financially and love to share. Knowing that others are happy and content makes Turkey ridiculously happy.

If this is your Birth Totem, a lot of your focus goes to family and friends. Those ties are very important to you, and you nurture them diligently. You are thoughtful and sensitive with others and with the Earth. You give a hug and pick up litter all in one fell swoop. It is very hard to daunt the Turkey Spirit within.

Giving comes naturally to Turkey as if your mantra might as well be, “what’s mine is yours;” this approach to life invigorates and is really healthy for you. However, as you might gather, there are some who will try to take advantage of this attribute. Know your limits; draw your lines in the sand.

In times of chaos, you may often find yourself out with nature. Somehow this connection clears your mind. Don’t be afraid to step away and breathe. You will find your outlook much better for the effort.

The Turkey Totem encourages personal nourishment. You give so much to others and work very hard, so don’t forget self-care. The energy you put in manifests in more energy to give out!

Inevitably those with the Turkey Totem animal simply want satisfaction. Peace of mind, contentment, and surrounding oneself with little bursts of beauty; this is Turkey.

Turkey Power Animal

Turkey Power Animal 1200x630

Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding forefathers, wanted the Wild Turkey for the symbol of the United States. In his opinion, Turkey was far more magnificent, courageous, and moral than the Bald Eagle. To be sure, Eagles are brave and fierce warriors. However, for those who’ve been around Tom Turkeys…ack! They are relentless and scary in their aggression. The average Tom can easily reach four feet tall and carry some hefty weight. When they’re angry or in protection mode they puff up like a Sumo Wrestler and head straight for you. While it may seem like Turkeys are addle headed and big fraidy cats, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Call on Turkey as a Power Animal and aid when you feel lost, particularly when it comes to who you are deep within. Turkey has the most amazing survival instinct. When they’re trying to throw a predator off the track they run like the dickens, all the while weaving and bobbing back and forth. It can look like they’re in an utter panic and simply don’t know which way to turn. Not true. Turkey knows exactly what it’s doing and where it’s going. Call on Turkey teachings when you want to rediscover the “real you,” Today you might be zigging and zagging but your soul knows exactly what it’s doing and where it’s going.

Turkey Power Animal helps you discover your best talents; it will also show you exactly what you’re made of; Turkey protects their flock without hesitation. Note that this bravery can be situational or spiritual, such as encountering an antagonistic ghost, so your Totem Animal helps you uncover the daring attitude you need whenever someone or something tests your mettle.

When you’re looking to become a welcomed and contributing member of your community, Turkey helps you get the right foot in the door. If there’s a sense of distance between you and your local or spiritual community, Turkey, as a Power Animal, supports you in making connections or repairing them. One such way you can begin giving back to the community is by being a guide for others. If you feel a little insecure about mentoring another, Turkey reminds you of the true value of what you have to offer others in the way of guidance.

Native American Turkey Symbolic Meanings

Generally speaking, Native American tribes see Turkey as an emblem of providence and fertility. Various tribes like the Creek have Turkey dances during annual celebrations that encourage socialization. Turkey feathers also have a spot of honor in some rituals.

Native American folktales depict Turkey in different ways. Sometimes he is a trickster. Sometimes he is shy. In others still, he is a Rain Spirit, able to predict the weather.
Turkey clans exist among the Shawnee, Navajo, and Zuni.

There are some interesting tales regarding Turkey in Aztec traditions. One begins with a God Maakunaima, who created animals while his son, Sigu, was to create food plants. Of course, such a grand plan would not continue in secret for long.

When various creatures decided to “help” Sigu sent the Rate to help chop down trees and plant their seedlings so that there would be abundance. Monkey being uninterested ended up going to get water at Sigu’s command.

By the time he returned, the tree was sown, and the water within was plentiful. In fact, it was too plentiful. It began overflowing and flooding the land.

Sigu was a fast thinker. He created a magical basket, covering the trunk with it. Of course, Monkey had to look below, and the water began again. Sigu wisely leads birds and other animals to a high hill. They stayed there waiting for safety.

At last, the sky cleared. The Trumpet Bird was so excited he ran without looking directly into an ant’s nest. They nibbled his legs down to the bone. His appearance remains to this day.

Turkey Dreams

Dreaming of Turkeys is an omen of growth and abundance. Use your gains wisely. A Turkey looking away from you in the dream may mean that you are not thinking clearly and acting imprudently. A Turkey walking in your dream and taking a sudden turn means that change is coming. You have a choice to make. Seek out the Turkey Power Animal for help.

Should you be giving away Turkeys in your dream, it’s a very positive symbol. You are giving of yourself and caring for others, which is key to Turkey Medicine.

Visions of a dead Turkey bode ill. Someone is poking fun at your ideas and making you look foolish, even unwittingly. Challenge this and redeem your self-respect. Flying Turkeys denote an opportunity to gain more prominence, often at work. It comes with hard work and diligence but pays off richly. A Caged Turkey indicates feeling stifled in your attempts at improving yourself, among friends, or with family. Feeding a Turkey is a good omen that business blessings are ahead.

Learn more about Turkey Spirit by reading Turkey in Dreams Interpretation and Symbolism on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Turkey Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Awareness
  • Beneficence
  • Celebration
  • Distinction
  • Fertility
  • Focus
  • Generosity
  • Harvest
  • Nourishment
  • Preparations

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