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Butterfly Symbolism & Meaning

Have you stopped dancing? Do you need help transitioning from one stage of life to the next? Are you trying to connect with the wisdom of your ancestors? Do you want to be more sensitive to your surroundings? Butterfly, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! The Butterfly teaches you how to ease your way through change creatively, all while celebrating your life! Delve deeply into Butterfly symbolism and meaning to discover how this Animal Spirit Guide can stir, enthuse, and inspire you.

Butterfly Table of Contents

Butterfly Symbolism & Meaning

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When Butterfly Spirit begins visiting your life, something new and wonderful is about to unfold! It’s time for personal growth and greater awareness of your mental, physical, and spiritual rhythms. Change can sometimes be challenging and daunting because it moves us out of our comfort zone.

You cannot embrace a “new you” until you release the old. With Butterfly Medicine, you’ll find that you can fly gracefully above the barriers that would otherwise hold you back. Butterfly, as a teacher, puts great emphasis on movement: Be it blossom-to-blossom, home-to-home, or one state in our spiritual exploration to another.

Butterfly often turns our thoughts inward to review elements of our character, morals, and habits that weigh us down, keeping us stuck in a mire of negative energy. The goal of your winged ally is restoring lightness in your Being so you can dance life’s dance with unbridled joy!

In looking at the Butterfly spirit in history, this Animal Guide has many faces and attributes. For some, it represented the soul. For others, Butterfly was a messenger and omen of happiness. Then too, there’s just the simple joy of watching a Butterfly on a sunny day. It’s nearly impossible to frown!

Butterfly Medicine is one of simplification. Go back to the little things. Tend them like flowers in the field. Open your senses to the nectar and aroma of living in the moment. Do what you can now, but remember quality learning rarely happens quickly. Slow, mindful changes are the ones that last a lifetime, laying the foundations for enlightenment and self-actualization. Eventually, your inner Butterfly will emerge from its work when the time is perfect, with fresh ideas and inventiveness to guide your following spiritual stages.

Butterfly Spirit Animal

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As a Spirit Animal Guide, Butterfly whispers of your hidden potential. There’s an old saying that there is nothing in a caterpillar that knows it will be a Butterfly. Nonetheless, the transformation from caterpillar to winged wonder happens quite naturally. Bear in mind that change is natural. Adaptation is necessary. Both lead to higher awareness.

Are you still the caterpillar? Then feed your soul until it’s full and ready for integrating new truths. Butterfly also speaks of happiness and vision. If you’ve felt blue, Butterfly as a Spirit Animal is here to help. If you’re working on divinatory arts, Butterfly gives you greater clarity.

In nature, this insect’s eyes are very keen, including seeing ultraviolet light. Don’t be surprised if you start catching Fairies and Angels out of the corner of your eyes when the Butterfly Spirit Animal enters your life. Among the many gifts of the Butterfly, this one has a tremendous impact on your daily life. You begin to learn first-hand that there is far more to the world than we know. In spirituality, such an awareness opens up the path to great knowledge and wisdom.

Fact: when the Butterfly loses an antenna, it cannot fly properly. As a Spirit Messenger, this means that Butterfly wants you to keep your spiritual antenna honed and tuned to the Divine and Higher Self so you don’t lose your way. Self-care matters!

Butterfly Totem Animal

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People born with a Butterfly as their Totem Animal have a natural lightness of spirit! They love the beauty of nature and are guided by the greatest good when it comes to maintaining balance with the environment. When people are around the Butterfly-born, they find heaviness lifting. It’s like a breath of fresh air. As a result, you are likely very popular.

The caution with having so much attention is taking time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in invitations and outings, but you also need time on your own “flower” – your home. There, you can be wholly yourself and clarify your thoughts.

As you work with your Butterfly Totem Animal, you’ll find that you’re better equipped to look at difficult situations from another angle. As you fly on its wings, your perspective becomes more global and hopeful. If you’ve ever been on an airplane, the wonder of seeing things up high potentially inspires new ways of interacting with the world daily. No one day is the same as the last, and your Butterfly Birth Totem wants to celebrate every moment, no matter what comes.

Butterfly people are naturally social, colorful, and vibrant. This often comes out in your wardrobe choices or decorating scheme. Neither will have much in terms of muted hues. Gray? Heaven, forbid! There is nothing conventional about your sense of style. It’s playful. You may stand at your wardrobe grabbing this and that until you FEEL like the Butterfly-wholly unique.

Dance like a Butterfly on the winds and celebrate your journey!

Butterfly Power Animal

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Are intense changes on your horizon? Then Butterfly is the Power Animal on which to call. It doesn’t matter what part of your life is going through transitions, Butterfly eases the process with gentle, renewing breezes and a kiss of beauty.

Other times when Butterfly magic is very helpful is when you hit a creative wall or have lost your joy to stress, anxiety, or depression. Your inner Butterfly is all about color and vibrant expressiveness. Seek that vibrant energy signature.

During migration, Monarch Butterflies will land in the very tree as did their ancestors. After traveling thousands of miles, even being blown off course, the Monarch’ grandchild’ or even ‘great-great-grandchild’ Butterfly will find the exact same spot their grandparents ‘roosted’ in after the migration. Just as Monarchs have a cellular memory of their ancestor’s wisdom, you can into this ancient knowledge. The Butterfly Power Animal in your soul reminds you – you are a star child born of the universe. Your past lives and this one provide you with all the tools you need for nearly any situation. Your Ancestors remain in your life to help guide the way.

Invoke Butterfly energy when you want to change the hues of your life, spread your wings, live your dream, and let your spirit soar again!

Spiritual Meaning of the Butterfly

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All Spirit Animals and Allies are special in their own way. There’s something about Butterfly, however, that is simple, enchanting, and enthralling. It need not make a sound to have a profound impact on your outlook and sense of self. In your interactions with the Butterfly Spirit, it may use the movement of its wings as a means of communication, so pay attention.

When exploring Butterfly as a spiritual emblem, it’s good to know that renditions of Butterfly span time. Egyptians used Butterflies in the frescos at Thebes some 3,500 years ago. So, if you are attracted to Butterfly energy, you are in good company!

Butterflies have the ability to see colors humans cannot. They perceive ultraviolet light, which eludes our eyes. Some Butterflies use these hidden colors in the quest to find a mate. From a metaphysical perspective, the ability to see the unseen touches on clairvoyance. Additionally, using the information you gather from your psychic gifts proves valuable when looking for friends or soul mates. Your perception reaches beyond any masks or illusions.

We think of Butterflies as only going from flower to flower for nectar. However, that food group lacks sodium, a necessary element to this creature’s health. So, they seek out sodium in other places, including dirt. In the Amazon, Butterfly may land on a turtle’s tears for its supply, which is a glorious image. Here, Butterfly Spirit asks you if you are filling your inner well with all you need. You may have to step out of your circle to gather that one lacking element. Be creative.

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If you’re looking for a symbol of durability, persistence, and tireless pursuit of a goal, the Monarch Butterfly is the perfect go-to Spirit Animal. This creature migrates upwards of 3,000 miles from the Northern US and Canada to Mexico. They seek warmer weather. When you realize Butterflies flap their wings about five times a second, moving about twelve miles an hour, that trip is quite the endeavor.

There is a distinct lightness to the Butterfly. This Animal Ally tries to encourage you to be likewise light of heart. An upbeat perspective overcomes a lot of stress and anxiety. Butterfly meets each day with beauty and grace.

As a creature of the Air, Butterfly’s movement represents the upward movement of our soul. No one becomes an “ascended master” in a day, year, or even a lifetime. But there is always progress even when you can’t see it.

Behold the Monarch Butterfly

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Monarch Butterflies are the most well-known and recognizable of their species in North America. The scientific name Danaus plexippus, means (aptly) “sleepy transformation.”

The orange-red wings, black veins, and white spots make the Monarch stand out from the crowd. Males are somewhat larger than females. They have black dots along their wing veins. Such beauty only lasts for 4-5 weeks before death. The Monarch, of necessity, lives colorfully and vibrantly, reminding us of how time is precious.

Monarchs are picky eaters. Milkweed is it. That’s the only thing they consume and the only place they lay their eggs. Growing common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), swamp milkweed (A. incarnata), and butterflyweed (A. tuberosa) will attract them to your garden. But for the common milkweed, these are ornamental flowers, too (beauty internalizing beauty).

The most powerful symbolism for the Monarch comes from its ability to fly long distances. They can go to 2,700 miles, seeking a warmer haven. If you consider the weight of a Butterfly, this equates to a Robin flying to the moon and nearly back again (WHEW!). Mother Nature equipped them with scales on their wings to create efficiency in fight. And thanks to their coloration, some predators steer clear. The bright orange warns of bad-tasting poison thanks to the milkweed they eat! It’s rather amazing that their only food group is also a source of protection.

Monarchs have a motto: Stick together. They create colonies of millions of butterflies-as many as 10 million in a space the size of a football field. They remain this way until they migrate.

Interesting factoid. In Mexico, the Monarch bears the souls of the dead. The Butterfly happens to arrive on the 2nd of November, the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Significance of Butterfly Colors

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Colors have a profound impact on our lives. You pick out a red “power tie” for a presentation. Or, perhaps you paint your kitchen a happy yellow. The symbolism and meanings behind wing colors give a greater definition to Butterfly Spirit as it wings through your life.

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Black Butterfly

The Black Butterfly acts as a warning of hard times ahead. They may be emotionally taxing. But, Black Butterfly isn’t all gloom and doom. Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterflies are very scarce. Seeing one ensures joy and good fortune. Other meanings for blue Butterfly are nobility and honor.

Brown Butterfly

Brown Butterfly puts you on notice. An important message is arriving and you will need to take speedy action. The brown Butterfly may also be the soul of someone who loves you, dropping by with guidance.

Green Butterfly

Having a green Butterfly enter your home or business is a sign of prosperity. Money is soon to follow, along with success in a business endeavor. In China, the green Butterfly represents love.

Orange Butterfly

What is your passion? Seeing an orange Butterfly is a harbinger of positive results. Stay focused and keep moving forward.

Purple Butterfly

Encountering a purple butterfly is a rare experience. This Animal Ally portends a change for the better. Specifically, something you’ve given great attention and energy to starts blossoming into fruition (finally). The result is even better than you wished.

Red Butterfly

In England and Scotland, red butterflies are actually witches or a witch’s soul. It comes with a message of danger. Keep on the lookout for oddities. If you feel something’s off, veer clear.

White Butterfly

The White Butterfly may be a guardian angel taking watch over you. Your Animal Helper also brings luck.

Yellow Butterfly

The Yellow Butterfly is an indication that summer is very near. It is a creature of happiness. If you’ve suffered from a creative block, it will pass soon.

Butterfly in Christianity

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While Butterflies are not mentioned in the Bible, Christians use them as a symbol of God’s ability to transform the heart of a person. They perfectly allude to new beginnings and the soul’s journey (from Caterpillar to Butterfly), giving a face to the concept. The Caterpillar reaches what it thinks is the end, only to come out better than before (emerging new in Christ).

Symbolism and Meaning of Butterfly in Greece and Rome

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The word for Butterfly in ancient Greek is psyche. They believed this creature bore the souls of the dead. In fact, they had a Goddess, Psyche, who presided over the souls of the dead. Art depicted Her with Butterfly wings.

Romans created a statue of a dead man with a Butterfly leaving his mouth, symbolizing his soul moving onward. Romans had coins with the Visage of Juno on them, complete with Butterflies overhead. Juno was the Queen of the Gods, presiding over fertility, birth, and marriage. The coins reflect the Roman symbolism for Butterfly, namely marriage and weddings.

Native American Butterfly Symbolic Meanings

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Butterflies figure heavily in Native American mythology and ritual. Among the Blackfeet, it’s thought that it is Butterfly Spirit who brings us our dreams. Because of this, people often present young children with a small depiction of a butterfly at bedtime, along with a lullaby invoking Butterfly for sweet dreams.

In Hopi tradition, Butterfly is one of the Nature Spirits called a Kachina. Butterfly appears in the Butterfly Dance, a ceremony that takes place over two days. It is a rite of passage for young women who will learn traditional songs and the role of women in Hopi culture.

The Navaho regard the Butterfly as an emblem of happiness and rebirth. It is tied to the story of the God Quetzalcoatl, who first manifests as a chrysalis. Eventually, He bursts forth from His chamber with a rainbow of colors appearing as a Butterfly.

There is a Pueblo legend about Butterflies. Upon looking at humankind, the Creator felt bad for the children whose fate was becoming old and wrinkled. So He gathered Nature’s colors from leaves, flowers, trees, sunlight, and even the sky. All the colors went into a magical bag given to the children. Upon opening the bag, Butterflies in all colors flew out. They were incredibly beautiful, delightful, and mesmerizing. As they flew, the Butterflies sang to make the children happy.

As would be the way of the world, the Birds became jealous. They went to the Creator, saying it wasn’t fair for the Butterfly to be both beautiful and have a lovely singing voice. So, Creator removed the Butterfly’s ability to sing. Nonetheless, their colors remain.

Mythology in the Pacific Northwest Coast depicts Butterfly Spirit as a companion for the Raven. It could act as Raven’s spokesperson and scout as well. Butterfly leads Raven to food sources and shows Raven creatures who try to hide from it. The presence of Butterfly is a sign of hope.

Butterfly as a Celtic Animal Symbol

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An old Irish blessing says,

“May the wings of the Butterfly kiss the sun,
and find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness, and riches today,
tomorrow and beyond.”

Among the Irish, Butterflies are the spirits of the departed. So much so that up until the 1600s, it was against the law to kill a white Butterfly, which is the soul of a child. They can return to their favorite places in this form. The spirits may also visit loved ones, letting them know all is well.

In General, the Celts saw the Butterfly as an emblem of life’s cycle between the spiritual and physical realms. Because legend claims (again) the Butterfly is a symbol for the soul, having one nearby is a sign or message from a deceased loved one. The creatures also represent hope, endurance, and dramatic transformation.

Aztec Butterfly Significance

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Artists in Mesoamerica loved Butterfly images. In classical murals, they have ties to Warriors. They additionally portray the Fire Element, death and rebirth, and fertility. It was not uncommon to discover sculptures of Gods and Goddesses with Butterflies included. They appear especially as companions for Xochiquetzal and Xochipilli, both of whom have “flower” as part of their name’s translation. These two Beings embody pleasure and bounty.

There is also Itzpapalotl, a warrior Goddess often referred to as the “Obsidian Butterfly.” She presides over a paradise created for those who died as infants.

What Butterfly Represents in Columbia

What Butterfly Represents in Columbia 1200x630

Columbia has the most Butterflies in the world, so it’s not surprising to find them respected. There is a list growing close to 4,000 Butterfly species here and over 2,00 subspecies. A large black or brown Butterfly indicates someone will soon pass away, so it’s generally feared.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa has unique species of Butterfly that evolved together. The ecosystem is intricate. One species, the Yellow Butterfly, is the object of study in the hopes of understanding how the local shifts in farming, logging, and fires affected the Butterfly. Many of the species here are threatened, leading to UNESCO listing the mountains as a Biosphere Reserve.

If you see two Butterflies with what appears as flags on their wings, it represents the relationship between Mexico and Columbia.

Butterfly in Egyptian Iconography

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The Egyptians had no word for Butterfly, leading to conjectures about its meaning here. Butterflies were often part of funerary goods and art, so there is a chance they have a magical connection to the afterlife. It may well be, however, depictions simply used them as a point of beauty.

In this region, Butterflies emerge after the Nile floods. The annual flooding brings all manner of nutrients to the soil. In turn, the emerging plants are good hosts for the Butterfly. With this in mind, the Egyptians may have seen the Butterfly as an omen of fertility.

Far Eastern Butterfly Symbolic Meanings

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Chinese art has numerous symbols relating to the meanings of Butterfly. A single Butterfly represents longevity, grace, and beauty. Two are the symbol of young, harmonious love and marital bliss. Butterflies appearing with a cat acts as a wish to live a long, happy life, as is a butterfly appearing on a hand or plum blossoms. Finally, a Butterfly enjoying nectar speaks of the rich flavor of joy.

Feng Shui practitioners use the emblem of a Butterfly to help improve romance and love in the home. Alternatively, they may use it as a means to help a single person find the right partner or inspiration for children to release their imaginations.

In Japanese tradition, Butterfly bears a message to help you sort out a problem. Symbolically it represents the transition from being a young girl into womanhood, joyful marriage, and a time-honored harbinger of spring’s arrival.

Japan shares the common idea that Butterflies are souls. In this case, the soul becomes a Butterfly for traveling to the metaphysical plane where they will have eternal life.

Butterfly Dreams

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When Butterfly appears in your dreams, it brings with it more remarkable inventiveness, particularly in relationships. Butterfly dreams also foretell a time of change to which you must pay attention. Accept the growth opportunity before you with open arms.

In some dreams, Butterfly may reflect the condition of your soul. For example, if the Butterfly seems to falter, your spiritual aspect needs attention. If the Butterfly goes from flower to flower without issue, your life force is on the right path to lasting happiness.

Sometimes a Butterfly in your dream comes to alert you to a new cycle in your life. Change is afoot. If you embrace it gracefully, this transition bodes very well for you, especially regarding your expectations.
Should the Butterfly in your dream sit quietly on a window ledge, it represents coming to peace with yourself. It’s time to open the “window” to your soul and search it honestly.

When the Butterfly in your dream lands on you, it’s very fortunate. You may have the opportunity to re-establish healthy connections with your family or create new relationships with relatives you will soon meet for the first time.

The colors of the Butterfly can be symbolic, too. Each color represents a personal trait or talent. Take this moment to really put energy into your gifts. For example, if the Butterfly is white, hone your skills as a peacemaker. Black Butterfly suggests your ability as a problem solver. The Blue Butterfly reveals your aptitude for helping others manifest dreams. A yellow Butterfly says you’re good with finances, the red Butterfly denotes applying personal power wisely, and the Orange reflects your inner voice and listening to it carefully.

Dreaming of a Monarch Butterfly calls you to return home. This Butterfly travels thousands of miles for migration, following the pattern and places of their ancestors.

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Butterfly in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

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In Celtic Animal Astrology, those born between 9/30-10/27 are the Sign of the Butterfly. Butterfly people are social, outgoing “flitters” landing here and there and bringing delight as they go. Butterfly is a bit of a dreamer and restless soul who constantly explores new ideas and places with optimism on his or her wings.

Butterfly-born individuals are fantastic planners and negotiators. From the boardroom to the bedroom, they know how to make things flow more smoothly. Better still, they find great joy in so doing.

If your birth sign is a Butterfly, you probably have wanderlust in your soul. You need friends and a life partner who understand this and want to go on adventures together. Your thirst for discovery is unquenchable. Those who try to keep you on the ground will quickly discover it won’t work.

You probably already know people gravitate to your brilliant aura, shining with beauty. You are true and real, two things everyone appreciates. As a result, you won’t tolerate people who lie or cheat. You will leave them behind, flying off to an uplifting option.

While you can sometimes be flighty, you prefer refinement in your life. Your wings will always be ‘polished’ and ready to greet each day. In your home, you are the ultimate entertainer, partly because you just want folks to be at ease and happy. Having a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either. As long as the effort is appreciated, you are at the top of the world.

Butterfly Tattoos

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The most common meaning for a Butterfly Tattoo is transformation. The Butterfly’s life goes by quickly, so it may represent treasuring each moment. Some use a Butterfly tattoo as a memorial for a loved one.

The color of your Butterfly tattoo has a specific meaning. Consider a blue Butterfly for good luck and lasting happiness. Turquoise wings are those belonging to a free, untamable spirit. Purple Butterflies speak of resilience and inner struggles people cannot see outwardly. Alternatively, the Purple Butterfly symbolizes the seeker who strives for ongoing spiritual connectedness.

Pink Butterflies reflect the desire for healthy, loving relationships. Rainbow wings are celebratory, often implying a person has embarked on a new path. Getting a Monarch tattoo is well suited to represent your guardian angel.

And this is just scratching the surface. Where you put your Butterfly, what style you choose, and anything you portray with the Butterfly embellishes its meaning.

Butterfly Superstitions

Butterfly Superstitions 1200x630

When the Woolybear caterpillar has wide black bands, it foretells a cold winter.

A Butterfly perching in your guest room portends a guest’s arrival, specifically someone you care about deeply.

If the first Butterfly you see in the spring is white, you can expect good luck all year.

Should the first Butterfly you see in the day is yellow, expect sunshine.

Seeing Butterflies moving together speaks of unity.

Seeing a Dead Butterfly

Coming across a dead Butterfly indicates you feel stuck and distinctly lacking in humor. The sense of entrapment suffocates you. Part of the problem has been brushing off your gut feelings. Also, self-doubts limit you. Getting out of your rut will require getting out of your proverbial box, introspection, and finding coping mechanisms.

It’s time to start reaching for what makes you happy and content. Toss the unhealthy or negative habits. Replace them with those creative outlets and hobbies that fill your spirit. Don’t limit yourself so much. Work will be there tomorrow.

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly 1200x630

The phrase “social Butterfly” alludes to the person who flits from party to party, person to person, seeking enjoyment. Social Butterflies are people who love people, and folks often love them back. The dynamic of a social Butterfly is charismatic, expressive, and outgoing.

The first appearance of the phrase occurred in the American Quarterly Review (1837). The quote goes, “He has too much goodness of heart to engage in the breaking of social butterflies upon the wheel of ridicule.”

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect 1200x630

The main idea behind the Butterfly Effect is that the world is very complex. We have no idea how one decision or action may impact everything going forward. In fact, minutia may become the catalyst for dramatic change.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you get stuck in traffic and arrive at your favorite diner a little later than usual. To your surprise, you meet someone who has influence in an area of art you adore. Your network and eventually get more exposure. But what if the traffic wasn’t there? You may have never met that individual.

If you’ve ever heard of the Chaos Theory, the basic ideas remain the same. A small Butterfly flapping its wings somehow results in a natural disaster in another part of the world. Or, if you were to time travel and step on a Butterfly, it would alter the future.

Butterfly Sayings and Quotes

Butterfly Sayings and Quotes 1200x630

“Butterflies are nature’s angels. They remind us what a gift it is to be alive.” -Robyn Nola

“Nature’s message was always there and for us to see. It was written on the wings of butterflies.” -Kjell B. Sandved

“Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” -J. Richard Lessor

“The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough.” -Rabindranath Tagore

“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.” -R.H. Heinlein

“Love is like Butterfly, beautiful and delicate… If you truly care for it, you’ll do whatever you can to make it happy, even if that means letting it go” -Scott Pemberton

Protecting the Butterfly

Protecting the Butterfly 1200x630

The importance of Butterflies to our ecosystem can’t be over-stressed. Pollinators like Butterflies pollinate 75% of all flowering plants. Many are losing their habitat due to human incursion, pollution, and climate shifts. If you’d like to learn more about how to help the Butterflies, here are some organizations to check out.

Amateur Entomologists’ Society

A program based in the UK for people who want to learn more about insects and their impact on the environment. They have numerous publications and events. One key goal is involving young people in the efforts for understanding and preservation.

Butterfly Conservation.org

Not only involved in conservation, but reserve creation, data recording, and education.

North American Butterfly Association

Information on Butterfly gardening, Butterfly monitoring, a gardening and habitat program, and scientific research, with chapters throughout the US.

Xerces Society

An invertebrate protection group networking pollination resources, supporting certification, offering education, and striving to reduce pesticide use.

Butterfly Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Air Element
  • Clairvoyance
  • Cycles & Growth
  • Grace
  • Joy & Happy Relationships
  • Movement & Manifestation
  • Perspectives
  • Renewal
  • The Soul
  • Transformation

74 thoughts on “Butterfly Symbolism & Meaning

  1. cil says:

    what does it mean when you find a dead butterfly in your path? I have looked all over to find this meaning, could not find anything. I would appreciate any help on this, as I am dealing with a lot of things at this time. I need guidance on what to do. Thanks in advance.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Cil;

      Sorry you have so much on your plate at this time. I’m sending love to you right now!

      OK, so, I’m going to shoot straight with you. Finding a dead Butterfly could mean that it’s time for you to figure out how to more rapidly and gracefully transform so as to get through this tough period. Butterflies are all about metamorphosis so, as Winston Churchill says, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”!

      No matter how tough things are you can get through it and to a better place faster than you are thinking. I believe in you and know you can do it! So, get going! <3

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Karla says:

        I had the same question and couldn’t find anything either, until this. Thank you, Bernadette!

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          You are most welcome! Thank you for visiting WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

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      • Sterling says:

        What if you only find the wings from a butterfly and two sets of them at the same time?

  2. Fifah says:

    I’ve always been attracted to butterflies, but have always felt the turtle is my spirit animal. Lately, butterflies have been constantly in my path. Yesterday one landed on my hand and stayed with me way longer than one usually would. Could this be a messenger for me? Has it been my totem animal all along? I’m definitely in a time of (agonizingly slow) transition and change.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Fifah!

      We can have more than one Totem Animal as well as more than one Spirit Animal. It sounds like Butterflies come to you as a Spirit Animal and, maybe, Turtle is your Totem animal – who you “are”. I’m sending you tons of good energy to help you through this transition but remember, Turtle teaches us that slow and steady wins the race so hang in there! You’re doing great!

      Stay wild,

  3. Tina says:

    I’m a truck driver, my husband and I did a driver change and I saw a orange, white, yellow n black on top side and blue, purple, white and black butterfly on the grill. It was still alive n let me hold it for a long while. I placed him on a bush to hopefully live. Then 2 days ago, the same week, I saw an orange, black and white one walking on the ground, so I put my hand down n he walked on my hand, so I could save him from getting walked on and I put him in the planter. We came back outside and he let me hold him again, then I put him back in the planter. My question is… what are the 2 butterflies trying to say? I’m so happy, in love and at peace with my life, why did they let me save them and hold them?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Tina!

      Wow! Butterflies are skittish so 2 allowing you to “hold” them is definitely special! Something tells me you’ve been through a great deal to get to where you are – “happy, in love and at peace”. Maybe Butterflies are asking you to find ways to inspired others during their times of transformation. Or, maybe the Butterflies were simply attracted to all the loving kindness you radiate!

      Stay wild,

  4. Lisa says:

    I have a lot of milkweed in my yard, planted with intention. A Monarch butterfly eclosed on Saturday that I have watched its chrysalis since it formed. She is disabled and I held her until her wings were fully formed. She cannot fly, so I brought her inside. She is now 4 days old, residing in my studio on my desk in front of a sunny window. I feed her fresh flowers and nectar daily. I’m video recording her life with me. Oddly enough, this time of year I am typically frantically preparing for art shows. I opted not to do the shows this year, so as to pursue my art differently. Now that I am reading how much butterflies represent transformation. I am transfixed. I am starting an ecourse on October 3rd to pursue a lifelong dream of writing and illustrating children’s books. I hope this means I am on my right course. thanks! Lisa

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lisa;

      Apologies for the delayed reply.

      Oh my goodness your post gave me goose bumps! A children’s book writer and artist who saves Butterflies! I sure hope your books are autobiographical! 🙂

      Now, your post is incredibly emotionally uplifting to be sure but what really got to my heart was the part about the Butterfly being ‘disabled’. Why that really moves me is because later you share that you are finally starting to pursue your lifelong dream. And, that’s when it hit me. When we don’t pursue our real dreams we are, in a sense, “crippling” our soul. We are ‘disabling’ our “self”. So, because you’re moving ahead with your soul’s purpose, honoring your sacred contract, you’re saving your own life on many levels. And, the “Butterfly effect” of your work (internal and external) will be absolutely beautiful!

      Kudos to you Lisa! I hope all who have postponed living their dreams read this and realize they can beat the odds like your delicate rescue Butterfly – that there will always be gentle souls out there such as yourself who will help them along their own path of transformation.

      Stay wild,
      PS You know, I’ve rescued my fair share of animals but to learn about a Butterfly rescue is completely astounding to me. Can’t wait to see the video!

  5. Ruben says:

    A caterpillar decided to plant itself on the side of my house (close to my backdoor). This slowly converted to a cacoon. About 2-3 weeks later a butterfly was born and it landed upside down on my door path. The butterfly could not fly and one of its wings were not full. I placed my finger on its legs. The butterfly walk on my hands and arms. Now I have the flyless butterfly inside my house. I am afraid if I leave it outside being it will be eaten or die because it cannot fly. What does this symbolize?

  6. Julie says:

    Love your site…I’ve gotten amazing insight and information…so thank you!! I have been seeing ALOT of butterflies in my daily life lately…like I will be driving and it’s butterfly after butterfly…or I’m outside and they seem to follow and surround me wherever I am at…there are just too many to be coincidental…not to mention I have lately seen alot synchronicity in my life. I’ve been working on a spiritual connection for the past few months and occassionally see a psychic so I know there is something I need to realize or be cognitive of….I’m just not sure what all these butterflies mean or are trying to tell me. I was hoping you may be able to provide some insight.

    Thank you for your site…its amazing. 🙂

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Julie;

      Thank you for the sweet words of praise and thank you for visiting WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Based solely on the information you’ve provided, it seems to me that Butterfly is trying to nudge you to develop your psychic abilities. That said, I’m a professional psychic medium and your energy feels to me as if you’re interested in psychic phenomena far beyond what occasionally getting a reading ‘means’ – if that makes sense. Go for it!

      Also, I’m feeling like you’re a bit introverted. So Butterfly might be letting you know it’s time to emerge! Spread your wings and let your glorious colors sparkle and shine for all the world to see!

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Julie says:

        Thank you very much for your response. Yes – I have been having ALOT of what feels like a push to develop my psychic abilities…so your comments make perfect sense. I actually have signed up for a class on developing psychic abilities that a friend sent to me completely out of the blue….seemed divinely sent 🙂

        Most people don’t know that I’m introverted because I try and push through that as much as possible and I pretty much socialize with the same people so they would never see that in me 🙂

        Thank you again for responding – hopefully developing these skills will better give me some clarity in my own messy life. 🙂

        Have a blessed day!!

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Julie;

          You are most welcome! How awesome that you are taking a psychic development class! I have complete faith that you are going to do great – especially in ‘cleaning up’ your own ‘messy life’!

          Stay wild,

  7. owldust says:

    I have been seeing dead and/or dying butterflies for the past few days – all over the place. On my way home today one flew out from under a truck in front of me, towards my windshield and straight into the path of another vehicle. Sadly, he crashed down onto the road. I normally wouldn’t see it as a sign/symbol except that there have been many, on the ground near my feet, hitting my windshield and the one today really stood out and grabbed my attention. I feel there is a message that I need to get, just not sure what it is.
    Kind Regards.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Owldust;

      Butterfly as a Spirit Animal may be appearing in your path in this manner to ask you slow down – watch who you trust, who is ‘coming at you’, and where you are going. Are you making changes without considering the consequences? Are you zigging when you should be zagging? Butterflies are symbols of transformation. When they die so dramatically, sometimes it can be omen that the transformation you’re seeking or are engaged in might not go so well. Look before you leap, OK?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  8. yanling says:

    i just read the meanings of the butterfly ,and its so trur and so correct ,i do have a big transtion on my life at the time ,and i do have a big transtion on my mind , i also get lost in my depression a lot , always feeling sad and blue because whats going on on my life ,but as it said ,its just a transtion ,i hope butterful can get me power help me though this transtion peacfully

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Yanling;

      First, with your permission, I’ll send tons of loving and healing energy your way. Butterfly medicine and energy can certainly help you! Spend some time each day learning about Butterflies of all kinds and find the type that resonates most with you. For instance, you may find that during this time yellow Butterflies speak most to your soul. Next month, it might specifically be Monarch Butterflies. Each has something to offer from its color messages, migratory patterns, mating rituals, and more.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  9. Ellie says:


    When I woke up this morning a peackock butterfly was fittering at the window. I helped it to get outside because I truely believe it schould not be trapped in my bedroom. A few minutes later another peacock butterfly was fluttering at the same place as the first one. I saw the first one fly away. The second one was a little larger. So I captured it in a big box, opened the window and let it fly away. I have no clue where they came from. They didn’t fly araund. My Windows have been closed for weeks. And I have had no indication that they were there. When I set the first one Free I never saw the second one. I am truely amazed and I wonder if it means something special.

    Kind regards

  10. Luz says:

    Hi, I dreamed with small black butterfly, they form like a bundle n one flew right in front of me and it felt like it was looking at be directly n this woman in my dream told me it ment blessings, I’ve been looking for it but no found it yet in pictures, I’ve found some that looks like it, well thanks.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Luz;

      Thank you for sharing about your dream! It would be awesome if all of us had a lady that showed up in our dreams to tell us what the dream means! 🙂 I wonder who she is. That could be part of what your dream was about…

      Stay wild,

  11. Anu says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    Found a lot of insightful info in this article. Thank you. Just curious as to what does finding a Butterfly Wing mean. Yup, just a wing … It’s Black, Yellow and Purple and I just happened to find it. Does it symbolise anything?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Anu;

      So happy you gained insights by visiting WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com! Hmmm, finding just one wing is a rather unusual Spirit Animal encounter. Some questions you might ask yourself are;

      • Am I feeling unsupported by others?
      • Do I need to ask for help to get through a transition of some kind?
      • Is it time for me to journey back to wholeness?

      Also, you can visit my sister-site – BuildingBeautifulSouls.com – to read all about color meanings and symbolism.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  12. DELIAH says:

    I have always wondered what the butterfly symbolizes but I have finally seen the answers to my question. Many thanks for helping me understand more about the beautiful butterflies.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Deliah;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! You are most welcome! So happy to know you found the answers you were seeking! I always marvel at how much Butterflies speak to us. For such tiny, delicate creatures they are some of the most powerful Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals. Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  13. Nikky says:

    Dear Bernadette,
    Firstly thank you for this enlightening site on these awesome creatures – butterflies.
    For the past months butterflies have just been a constant interest to me. It feels as though I am obsessed with them and I feel they have chosen me ( I think) to teach me a life lesson or help me transcend through my current situation. Most of the time my thoughts are on them. Where I happen to be or look I see images of them, hear a song about them or see the word butterfly written down.
    I am myself going through a lot of changes especially with work/career where everything is up in the air at the moment. I’m not sure which direction this is taking me or what I want to do career-wise but I am coming to an end of a three year part time study at university – I work full time. Most of the time I do feel sad, down and helpless not knowing what is around the corner in my current state. I am quite pyschic and some of the time my intuition and dreams serves me well. I am 47 years old, not married (but have a partner), no children and feel perhaps life is passing me by???
    Would appreciate your response on making sense of the above. Thank you, in love and light. Nikky x

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Nikky;

      When we become uber focused on a particular Spirit, Totem or Power Animal and its teachings, it’s a sign that our higher self is really trying to get a message to us but we aren’t hearing/seeing it – yet. Butterflies teach us that no matter how fragile we appear to be (even to our self), we are strong enough to break out of self created prisons (cocoon) and fly free! Butterfly as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal also teaches us that when we do break out, we will be a thing of unimaginable beauty.

      My beautiful Butterfly friend, life is not passing you by and you are anything but helpless. You’ve been in your cocoon, contemplating the perfect moment to emerge! Stop focusing on the fear. Focus on the flight! What magical job do you want to migrate to? What vibrant colors do you want to paint your life with? It sounds like ‘up in the air’ is the most wonderful place for you to be right now becasuse we can see the big picture when all choices are laid out beneath us. So, blink your eyes and change your flight pattern! You got this! And the Universe and all her Butterflies are there to help you!

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  14. Marin says:

    Hi Bernadette.
    Yesterday morning I released the last of the peacock butterflies that had chosen my living room to hibernate in, unfortunately. Last summer butterflies kept seeking me out, sitting on my shoulder, my chair in the garden, and some months ago I first discovered butterflies on the wall behind my bookcases and side table.
    In the past week they have been prematurely waking up because my living room is not a cold barn! It was heartbreaking having to let them go, because it’s so cold outside. One of them I kept inside, hoping to coax it back to sleep by keeping the heating and lights low but it died after three days. So the next butterflies I let go. I can hardly type this without crying.
    The last one (nr 6 or 7) basked in the sun while tasting my hand with it’s tongue, it was so beautiful. It sat on the back of my hand like the most precious ring I have ever worn. And then it flew away. It’s probably dead now and that brings me to tears every time I think about it. It thought spring had come.
    ‘breathe in, breathe out’
    Okay. Anyway, this waking up of the butterflies coincides with my realization I am ready to let go of the past, of old pain and bitterness. The white peacock (the actual bird) is important to me, and I thought it was a nice ‘coincidence’ that it had to be the peacock butterflies that came to stay with me. I’m so sad it didn’t end well, but feel I myself am going through a deep transformation.
    Did they come to help me?
    Did they come because I saved a peacock butterfly caterpillar earlier this year?
    They all died, most of them outside, in freedom, but I don’t know what I could have done differently and feel way too responsible.. It was a humbling experience but I don’t quite know what to make of it.
    Maybe it’s a silly question, but could you please say something that makes me feel less sad about it?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Marin;

      Oh, honey, you are such a beautiful, sensitive soul. And, so, will always feel responsible to save the world and heal all living things. Death is hard for someone like yourself. Try to always remember that you can only do what you can, when you can. In reality most Butterflies live only 7 – 10 days. But, in that time they live life to the fullest! And, to a Butterfly, 7 – 10 days could feel like eternity. It is no coincidence that Peacock Butterflies came to cocoon in your sacred space. Trust that. And, trust that a wild animal would rather live free and die ‘early’ than to be trapped.

      Remember, Marin – you, too, are wild and free. Don’t let anyone or anything confine you – even your ‘self’. Sounds like it’s time to emerge from your cocoon. Shake off the shadows and put on some bright colors! You’ve got this!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  15. Marin says:

    Thank you, Bernadette.
    (And a Happy New Year!)
    You actually made me laugh out loud, imagining myself as wild and free. (Because I’ve been so stressed for so long.) The cocoon has been helpful in turning the focus inward, but also very confining.
    I know this will be the year. Breaking out can be messy and confusing, but clarity is sure to come.
    And the butterflies have my colorful back!
    Again, thank you, for taking the time to respond.

  16. Alenka says:

    Hello Bernadette, I would appreciate if you would help me to understand….

    Something strange happened around 20th Of December 2016. Let me explain, that I live in Slovenia and it is winter time with around 0 degrees celsius…and in the middle of winter there was a beautiful colourfull butterfly in front of my doors. Tried to move it because I was afraid someone might step on it, but the next time I opened my doors the butterfly was there again…after a week or even more it died…but it stayed in front of my doors all the time…
    Let me also explain that it was not easy for me for the last years. I live alone with my two sons trying to raise them the best I can and some people used my trust….
    Is there a message for me I should see?

  17. Marlow says:

    Hi three days ago I found a live butterfly in a drawer that I never go into qand its alive. The strange thing is it was Feb 5 th 2017 and I live in Alberta Canada and its -30 Celsius. Could you tell me what you think?
    Thank you Marlow

  18. Judy says:

    Hi Bernadette
    I have been looking for a house to buy with my partner. Today at the first house I viewed, a beautiful blue butterfly flew past while I stood on the back balcony. At the second house I found a huge black and white butterfly which was either dead or almost dead on the front porch as I arrived. Of the two houses I loved the second one. Later in the day I returned to look at the second house and a dragonfly flew quite close to my partner and I as we looked at the outside of the house.

    I like to pay attention to animal and insect symbols and I would really appreciate any guidance you have on what these insects were telling me.

    Thanks and blessings to you,

  19. Lee says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    In Nov. 2015, I suffered deeply from a tremendous breach of trust in my marriage. After many months of counseling and healing, we’ve remained together and are rebuilding our relationship, and the blessings began to simply overtake us. We found a new beautiful home in less than 3 months of making the decision to stay committed. Once moving in, I began to notice butterflies on a daily basis, and found butterfly wings lying around on the property in the backyard. Our new lawn guy shared that we have three butterfly bushes in the backyard. I was ecstatic! Since a young girl, I’d always believed that butterflies were a sign of my grandmothers being near. I don’t know how I developed that meaning, but it stuck, and I always feel so grateful for them. So I began collecting the butterfly wings, keeping them on a table in my living room surrounded by pictures of my ancestors.

    Fast forward to now… nearly a year after moving into my new home. Yesterday, a new housecleaning crew came in to clean my home. Later I noticed that my beloved butterfly wings were GONE. After calling the company, I learned that the wings were disposed of. I was shocked and saddened, but my intuition tells me that I have moved through the transition of forgiveness and may very well be in a beautiful new place in my life. Possibly the wings were only to be temporary. Am i on the right track?

  20. godfrey says:

    Good day lately i was being visited by a butterfly at home nd in my room and it will go with me even when i visited other people i will see the butterfly in the bedroom i will be sleeping

  21. Ena says:

    I woke up this morning and went to sit outside and feed my little stray kitten .. While sitting down and playing with the cat a butterfly flew on my leg and then to my other leg and then to my arm. It sat on me for a little over 45mins without leaving . i went and walked to the driveway with it to get the mail .. Didnt move hha . it sat on my finger as i typed and was not bothered by it . it was not hurt or did it seem crippled in any way . If i had not put it on a chair i would of been sitting outside with it resting on me for hours seems like . im currently 6 months pregnant with my first & living at my bfs great grandmothers to help take care of her while hes away . i dont know exactly this little new friend of mine was here for but it was a pretty incredible visit 🙂

  22. emily says:

    good day, different colors of butterfly lay eggs on my house, at the bedroom, windows even in pillow, what those it mean?
    and last day this year 2017, i found butterfly at my window, large butterfly with yellow color..i wonder if it has a meaning, i don’t know what it is? i could no longer find the meaning in internet

  23. Daphne says:

    A psychic recently told me that she saw me surrounded by butterflies – as many as 100 of all colors. They were there to help me maintain balance and make whatever I was going through easier to endure. She said it was a wonderful gift spirit was giving me and very unique. Do you have any further insight on being surrounded spiritually by butterflies?

  24. Marie says:

    Hi! Just wondered what it meant to find a pair of butterfly wings in your path! This one was just wings with no body or head….. Any ideas on what that could mean for me ?

  25. Evelyn Hernandez says:

    Hi I had a question. Each year for the past 5 year I always see one all white butterfly. What could it mean? It’s really wiered because every year I see it and the thing is just last year my boyfriend lost his cousin that was close to him and whats more wiered, this is the first year I actually see 2 of them in my back yard together flying in circles together. But the thing is its every year for the past 4 years I would see only 1 white butterfly and this year its two. Thank you hope you can help me

  26. Jessie says:

    I had a white butterfly cam into my flat n wot does it mean ?

  27. Lisa says:

    Hi I have been suffering from a lot of person stress recently and when in the garden I found a black feather and shortly after I found it a butterfly landed next to me and stayed there for a good few minutes and its wings were all ripped and broken but it still flew off no problem after a few minutes. What does this mean?

  28. Tina says:

    Hello. I’m trying to find out more about white butterflies. During my last pregnancy, I had a lot of health issues… EVERYWHERE I went, if I had stress or worry, there would always be a white butterfly (or dragonfly) that would come around me. After the surprise early delivery at 29 weeks, our son developed some serious complications and we almost lost him several times. During these times, the same would happen… a butterfly and dragonfly would come out of nowhere. One day, as we were in a room down from the NICU, I was extremely emotional, and looking out the window of our room. It was as if someone had opened a huge box and let out over 30 white butterflies underneath our window. I just cried…

  29. Adeeba says:

    I see a light yellow butterfly always in with me flying around my head. It once took me to a path filled with trees and that was the most breathtaking moment of my life. I could never find that place again. I think it is the clouded sulphur but I see it every day. It gives me happiness Everytime I see it. The website says horse is my spirit animal. Coulde it be my spirit animal?

  30. Ninette says:

    My cats were playing chatting lively and happily as I went to investigating there it was a butterfly white- jellowish, eventually I managed to let out the window with great disappointment of my cats!
    I asked the universe or the god force to manifest to me in a unmisticable way the lottery winning numbers within 24 hours, but I didn’t get the message, (silly) but I played few numbers that could have been the message to me, just before I checked I didn’t win, but then that butterfly iI felt it was a message to me from the universe.
    The butterfly stayed nearby the window glass few minutes & went.
    For you all I wanted some money to create cats Santuaries for suffering animals
    I feel my life revolves around my 4 cats I rescued, and around my husband, he is a wonderful man but I felt blackmailed in this relashionship with him on the begin, he has put a lots of weight on we haven’t slept on the same bed since 2010 the agreament was he was supposed to lose weight, but he gained weight instead, he is totally different then me he doesn’t feed my mind, but also I am very fond of him & I could never leave him.

  31. Dianna says:

    Hi..I was in my flower garden and saw 2 butterflies..I was not thinking anything except, yay, my flowers are finally established..What a great compliment right? Then the smaller (black and maybe yellow) butterfly landed on the front of my legs, above the knee..I was just taking it in, forgetting about my previous experiences with spiritual animals but then it ‘bit’ me? Or some kind of sting. I couldn’t find any info about someone else being bitten by a butterfly. The past two days I had one bee enter my car..One yesterday and then again today..Finally I started putting things together after reference on a recent inspirational seminar I watched on Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Sunday.. I know you have so many questions asked of you and unless you’ve evolved into a ‘Octapus’ I know it will be some time from now to hear back from you..I can’t wait to hear what you think

  32. Maricel says:

    Today me and my 3 yr old son are walking and found a butterfly wing on the ground Just one wing and it’s black and yellow. I wonder what that means.

    • Petrus says:

      Me and family was sitting in the sitting room when a grasshopper appear in our midst. What’s the meaning of that

  33. jada says:

    today I was out in the yard today and I noticed that there was a butterfly wing… yes only one. After I picked it up I noticed two more wings around it! I can not find any of their other halves and was curious on what this may mean?

  34. Diana says:

    Hi there!
    I just realized I’ve been having a recurring dream about a yellow butterfly fluttering around and then a few seconds later landing on the wall with its leaves dissolving. 🙁 so sad!
    In the same dream I’ve seen 2 different yellow butterflies going through the same situation and like I said, just realized it’s a recurring dream. Any insight on what this could mean?
    Thank you so much in advance! Great site! ❤️

  35. Diana says:

    I meant WINGS. Not leaves. Please excuse typo

  36. Eboni Harris says:

    The past month I’ve been connected to butterflies every way I turn. It’s started with a character I connected with scrolling through the internet. Doing research on her she connects with a blue butterfly. Last week a butterfly sat next to me on the ground. The other day a butter fly landed on my leg and stayed there for quite some time. It’s like it was looking into my eyes when I stared at it. I don’t know if that sounds weird but it made me feel at peace. I’ve always loved butterflies but the past month my attention has been drawn to them. I don’t know what’s going on or why I even searched this stuff up.

  37. Jeremiah says:

    Hi there,
    I must say that you are doing a great job on here… What an insightful compilations you got here. More grace.
    I was at my duty post when a weak brown butterfly flew inside and couldn’t fly high enough, each time it tries to fly, it falls back to the ground it became helpless and got controlled by the wind until it died… This leaves me confused. Can you help me interpret it please?

  38. April says:

    Hello, recently my car broke down and I was without transportation. After two weeks I finally got it back and when I did I found a dead orange butterfly on the board by the back windscreen Glass. I have butterfly tattoos and LOVE butterflies. Could you please tell me what that means? Thanks a lot

  39. Bernadette says:

    One of my brothers had recently passed away, so dealing with his loss has been and up and down road. I can say that I feel better, but my dreams have been a bit lucid. Last night I dreamt that I fell asleep and awoke to brush my teeth, only to find a white butterfly stuck in my hair close to my right temporal are. I was able to take it out, and held it briefly on my fingertips. It was a white butterfly with a black dot on its wing. After holding it, I released it and it flew away in my house.
    I came to this website for more answered as to what this dream may mean.

    Thank you for your response!
    My name is also Bernadette. ❤️

  40. Suzy says:

    Whenever I’m with my native Indian friend, he always noticed butterfly flying around me when he offered his spiritual prayers in the morning. He said I must possibly represent as butterfly. I didn’t get it, but I also have noticed butterfly around me every time I go out for solo walk and have always appreciated it. Until today when taking the quiz as to learn what my animal spirit is. (I thought it might be either rave or wolf), but when it came out as butterfly. It filled my body with goosebumps, looking back to what my native Indian friend mentioned and looking back to my old memories before I met him during my young adult life, I have created poem about myself expressing as butterfly. I wasn’t even thinking about that until now. That was so shocking for me.
    What do you have to say about this, I wondered?

  41. Xavier says:

    Hi, as I was eating, I was thinking of a sign, and an image of a black butterfly came to my mind, and I had seen it meant death, as I look up, I see a perfect black butterfly with a white shape in form of a “V” but it was upside down with two orange dots at the end, I took pictures and just enjoyed. As all this occurrd I had felt three days ago as something shifted, I have been seeing black strong crows, than woodpeckers, butterflies, a rattle snake, and a black widow all in my home surroundings wich is on odd because it is not a Ranch or rural area, but just as I was more in ease I saw this, any thoughts

  42. Sarmista says:

    Hi can anyone plz tell me. One white butterfly was sitting on my husband office bag in office only. He came home like tht only in bike Bt the butterfly didn’t fly n came home. Aftr a day it gave birth to eggs. N m wandering Wht does tht mean. Plz help

  43. rubin says:

    pls..! can anyone tell me? yellow butterfly seen at home when my mom 3 days lying dead..after it was burried , i travel away from home it was then yellow butterfly flying around 1 am ph time ..flying around in my room then rest in my shoulder. it was 30days from her death..what does it means?

  44. janeth says:

    Hi,,,,,while i washing the clothes baby brown butterfly stayed on.my right leg 1munite …what does it mean?

  45. Robert ramirez says:

    for 3 years a single yollow &brown butterfly. Has every afternoon from early summer for about a month

  46. Closu says:

    I Found a Black Butterfly And Have White Dots On It Wings Any Thoughts Pls

  47. victoria says:

    Just a few days ago I was walking with a friend of mine ( I just met her recently) in a out doors shopping center and I had found a beautiful yellow big dead butterfly… I often find dead things or uncommon animals near me , but what does it symbolize???? After finding that dead butterfly I didn’t end up flying to my vacation to see my father.

  48. Chelsey says:

    Hello. When my grandma died a beautiful white butterfly flew around her apartment. Yesterday my grandpa passed and I cried out saying I didn’t believe in god or an afterlife. Right after that a monarch butterfly flew up to me in the dark and stayed for an hour. Flying around me. It was 11 at night and from what I read butterflies do not come out at night. Could this have been my grandpas spirit come to give me comfort? I hope so.

  49. Christine says:

    Butterflies indicate a time of change and transformation of your life. Very powerful wake up call that change is coming and you will have to transform for the best future to be yours!

  50. Savage says:

    Don’t ask what it means. Meditate and be centered for ANY possibility. Inside yourself is where most of the answers you seek lie. Look. Know.

  51. Linda says:

    I found a butterfly today in the middle of January in New Jersey, She was perfectly formed and not deteriorated at all, I am going to place her on my altar. I am a handmade craft person. I am thinking on encasing her in acrylic. I just have read her meanings and I was meant to find her at this time in my life.

  52. Julia Camille Robinson-Smith says:

    Linda, just read your post and what a lovely story. Especially that you know how important it was to find this lovely creature at your feet, in January, in
    New Jersey! Blessings abound. I’ve been collecting butterflies for a long time. Seems to be a theme of the sensitive/creatives in our family.


  53. Tyler says:

    I’m seeing butterflies everywhere on the roads where I live! What’s awful about it is I hate killing or harming animals, even insects, and they fly right into the car! I can’t avoid them without risking my own safety and that of other drivers. Can you help me understand the meaning of this? I probably hit 50 or so a day on my drive to and from work! I’m an intuitive and lately i have felt my gifts expanding. But I can’t help but wonder if this is an influx of all of the departed souls affected by the pandemic.

  54. Kerrie says:

    Thank you , great info , love your site , how do you find out what your animal totem is . I’m in Australia

  55. Seraph says:

    This evening, as the sun was setting, a monarch butterfly was crawling up a cinderblock on the ground, it appeared to be struggling. I bent down and offered it my finger and it climbed aboard, the butterfly kept crawling up until it stoped on my shoulder and stayed there for about an hour or two before crawling up to hang out in my big bushy beard. As I compose this message, the butterfly is moving along with the dictation of my words dangling from my beard. My birthday is tomorrow, Christmas Eve. These past two years have revealed much of my family’s trauma & my own personal trauma that is finally being addressed. I am currently faced with multiple health challenges & am in the midst of an eviction from my home where I eat many herbs and vegetables out of the garden I have created from a trash heap. Where I have germinated the milkweed seed that I collected on the south slopes of Haleakala, which has turned into a wild sprawling hedge that has fed thousands of caterpillars. If my landlord gets his way, the ecosystem I have created will be destroyed. I feel like I’m getting a really looooong hug from this butterfly. I would be curious of another’s reflections.

  56. Jam says:

    Hi. I am always drawn to butterflies. When I was in 3rd grade, I have this blue umbrella which was my fav umbrella ever. There were butterflies printed in the entire umbrella. One day, when I went to school, I was the earliest. I entered our classroom and was shocked that there were MANY butterflies in the ceiling. And they were all different butterflies, just like the one printed on my umbrella.

    My next unusual encounter with butterflies happened for atleast 2 to 3x per yr. there were butterflies which come near our gate and. Only in that particular spot that these butterflies are flying around. Take note, in that spot there was no flower or any plants. Just a concrete soil.

    Way back october 2021, when I started healing my chakra, my 1st day of doing meditation, a butterfly landed on my lap.

    The last time I encountered butterfly just happened yesterday. When I was studying, a small butterfly landed on the side of my laptop.
    I was wondering now if butterfly is my spirit animal or , totem.
    Thank you so much!

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