Butterfly Dream Meaning

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When Butterfly appears in your dreams it is a message telling you it is time for dramatic change. Think, “really dramatic,” like the “Home Makeover,” television show dramatic where the people end up with an entirely new house to replace the old and everyone ends up crying because they are so elated with the outcome! Butterfly flits happily through your dream and announces a complete metamorphosis following a period of cocooning!

That old cliché we know so well pointing to “the winds of change” are moving through your reality, this is a clear Butterfly dream message. Butterfly energies also promise the potential for joy, happiness, elation, success, and the lightening of the spirit, all during your waking hours. Butterfly’s dream message is “Yes, change is imminent yes, but it is positive change, and it is something that will evolve in its own time and at its own pace” for each dreamer.

The change that Butterfly announces in your dreamscape is a lot like growing pains. You can begin to interpret this dream once considering that when a Butterfly tries to emerge from its cocoon, it must do so on its own without aid otherwise the Butterfly dies! The struggle the Butterfly endures is part of its evolution as it must push its wings against the interior of the cocoon to make its wings strong enough for flight. Thus, when you see a Butterfly in your dream, remember not only is change on its way, it is something you must work through on your own – it is part of your personal growth process.

When you dream of Butterfly expect change, transformation, joy, elation, and growth in your life. Butterfly is a symbol of all types of transformations, the passage of time, patience, and allowing things to happen naturally. Butterfly dream meaning says, “Enjoy life, but take your time, slow down, be natural, and find bliss in every moment, whether you are on the cusp of change or you have already transitioned!”

Butterfly is also a message pointing to your joy and your spiritual side, thereby reminding you to continue your spiritual work where you can find the most joy in your life. The sighting of a Butterfly might also signal some social events coming up for you – ever hear the expression of “she’s a social Butterfly?” The latter phrasing is based on the Butterfly’s movement which seems to flit and jump from one thing to another, sometimes frantically if a person takes chase! This dance of the Butterfly is also associated with the joyful dance of the soul. Speaking of souls, an ascending Butterfly that lifts higher and higher is one that will come to represent the human soul upon one’s passage from this life onto the next. Carl Gustav Jung, on the other hand, considered the human psyche as something perfectly represented by the Butterfly symbol due to its transformational and adaptive powers.

Finally, the fragile Monarch Butterfly migrates hundreds of miles across the ocean. True, some survive while other’s do not. Even knowing this risk, the Butterfly takes flight. Not every risk we take is life or death. But when we’re afraid to fly, it can really help to recall that the delicate Butterfly has the strength of conviction to brave what she must in order to achieve her goal. Dreaming of Butterflies may be the Great Spirit’s way of telling you it’s OK to take a risk and you’re brave enough!

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