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Fly Symbolism & Meaning

Are you facing constant, seemingly petty annoyances? Have you been avoiding dealing with longstanding problems in relationships or work? Fly as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Fly teaches you how to identify problems and implement necessary solutions all while alerting you to negative conditions you’ve long ignored. Delve deeply into Fly symbolism and meaning to find out how this Spirit Animal Guide can illuminate, arouse, and awaken you!

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Fly Symbolism & Meaning

Being a mischief maker is one part of Fly’s symbolic significance around the world. It’s inescapable. You’ve just become comfortable on a warm summer night and hear Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz….Bzzzzzzzzzzz. A quick sweep of the room reveals a Fly snuck into the house and now keeps you awake or distracted. But even if he is “bugging” you, Fly is more than just a pesky insect in the realms of myth and meaning.

The Bible labels Satan the “Lord of the Flies:” A powerful, manipulative manifestation of evil. Fly Spirit, therefore, can represent something or someone in our lives that is dangerous to our spiritual progress. There is a “Fly in the ointment” as the saying goes.

On the flip side of the coin, we have the Egyptians who used the Fly as an emblem of valor. They welcomed Military people into the Order of the Golden Fly when they illustrated exceptional bravery.

Flies embody fertility with single-minded fervor. Aristotle remarked that it was impossible to separate two Flies copulating. When seeking a partner, flies gather near something noticeable like a bush or, if indoors, a lampshade. Yes, the Fly is using your lamp for mood lighting! Fly doesn’t hover well, so they circle the area as if invoking passion.

Fly Spirit also has a free-spirited way of engaging life. They walk all over our food (and their own) as if they don’t have a care in the world. They’ll dive undaunted into wine or wing toward a flame, often meeting an untimely end because of their adventure. Speaking of which, Loki, a roguish Norse God, could transform into a Fly. In this form, he could seduce, tease, and provoke with impunity.

Fly can carry diseases, so people sometimes felt it was a moral imperative to reduce their numbers. What we must remember here, however, is that Fly knows nothing of what it ferries on its feet, he has no ties to human laws or conventions. Fly is doing what flies do; this is part of the natural order of things.

Plus, positive aspects of Fly Spirit come to us through myths. In Sumerian stories, a Fly helps the Goddess Inanna when her husband, Dumuzid, was being pursued by a greater devil and was eventually thought dead. It is a Fly who reveals her husband’s location in The Underworld without err. Inanna then decrees that Dumuzid would remain in the Underworld for half the year, and heaven for the other: Mirroring the story of Persephone as a literary means of explaining the seasons.

One interesting physical trait on the Fly is his eyes. They have an intricate, compound eye that helps the Fly maneuver with casual elegance, perhaps the key to Fly’s success with Inanna. Fly Medicine, therefore, focuses on vision and taking a closer look at the world so we can move through life with similar grace. Fly has another feature in its feet–sugar sensors! It appears all that trampling through edibles is a means of investigation!

At one time, people felt flies arose from mud spontaneously; this gives Fly ties to the Earth Element along with his obvious associations with the Air Element. Also, there is a Fly constellation! While not part of the Zodiac, this pattern bears the name “Musca,” which is Latin for “A fly.” There are six stars in this grouping that make up the main image with another 31 visible within the outline. Musca sneaks out in the Southern Hemisphere just as the sun sets. The reason for this constellation was that of filling a void in astronomical charts!

Fly Spirit Animal

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Usually, when Fly arrives as a Spirit Animal, you can be sure a problem lurks somewhere nearby and you need to be quick in uncovering it. Fly catches your attention and keeps making noise until he’s sure you’re listening. Someone or something has become a destructive energy in your life; it is time to step back and get some perspective.

Beyond danger, Fly also directs us toward anything harmful in your current situation. There may be pressures at work, criticism at home, and malice from gossips. All these things become just as annoying as the Fly and remain persistent until you find a means of changing your reality for the better.

Fly Spirit Animal sometimes asks us for a self-check too. What type of thought-forms and actions have you been putting into the world? Acts of kindness and love will allow you to reap more of the same. Now is the time to hone that inner compass and stay true, even in the face of serious troubles. If you do, success will find you. Adaptation is one of Fly’s greatest aptitudes.

One thing about a Fly Spirit Animal you must remember is the creature is steadfast with its message. Until you learn Fly’s lesson, its buzzing won’t go away. It just gets louder. Deal with your issues, as much as you may not want to. Remember that when you take care of the little things in life, they don’t get bigger or rage out of control. Response and action–that’s what Fly demands.

Fly Totem Animal

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People with a Fly Totem Animal have an uncanny knack for overcoming adversity. They may even live a survivalist lifestyle, preparing for the worst yet hoping for the best; this person never gives up and lives mindfully within their environment. When the odds stack up against you, find a friend with a Fly Totem and watch as that stack goes down like a house of cards.

If you were born with a Fly Totem, you are sensitive to abrupt, rapid changes; this puts you ahead of the game. You know how to “work it” and create abundance while everyone else is still standing in shock. Tenacity is your middle name.

It’s very hard to ruffle a Fly person’s wings. Change simply is. It’s part of life you know will always come. So, if you see the need for transformation, you make it happen without fuss or fanfare. In nature Fly can live in Earth’s harshest environments and can take trash and make it into something of value. Waste is abhorrent to you.

As a Totem, Fly celebrates the independent spirit. You love spontaneity, and you won’t give up on your dreams no matter what other people say. What matters is the goal and the journey that takes you there.

Fly Power Animal

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Delve down into Fly Power Animal during times of self-review. When you know something is “off” in your spirit, Fly helps you see those pesky, little, dark corners so you can clean them out.

Fly makes a great ally when you’re not feeling great about yourself. If you are critical of your talents, it’s time to work with your inner Fly Medicine and remember your uniqueness.

When challenging situations arise in life, and you feel you cannot handle it, Fly offers perseverance, courage, and strength. Fly Spirit carries triumph on his wings.

Native American Fly Symbolic Meanings

Flies weren’t a big part of Native American stories because like other swarming insects the Tribes associated flies with disease and filth. However, there are some exceptions. One tale from Easter Canada speaks of Big Biter; this fly appeared and hovered over fishermen to see how they treated the fish. Big Biter would nip at fishermen if he felt they were being wasteful or greedy.

A second fable comes from Navajo tradition telling us of Big Fly, also known as Sacred Fly or Little Wind. Big Fly comes from the heavens and sits on the shoulder of a hero when they are being tested by their Elders. Big Fly shares hidden wisdom with the hero, giving them the best answers for their Ancestors.

The Hopi have a Kachina called Sohonasomtaka, who is a Fly. He may come in the form of a Chief, a Hunter, a Warrior, or a Guard in any ritual. He protects ceremonies from unwanted intrusions, censures those who misbehave during the rite and acts as an honored adviser.

Australian Fly Symbolic Meanings

There are thousands of types of flies in Australia, but the Great Fly has achieved some level of fame. Its wings beat an amazing 200 times per second. They can traverse areas over 300 times the size of their bodies. The Great Fly propagates quickly, moving their legs in a mating dance. Like other flies, they adapt to various ecosystems. The Australians respect flies for decomposing organic matter, helping keep things cleaner.

Fly Dreams

Flies in dreams have a variety of potential interpretations. They represent obstacles or annoyances you’re facing. They can also act as a metaphor for foolish ideas or actions that cause delays and problems.

Flies that move around you mean that something is impeding a goal or distracting you; this lack in focus breaks down plans and will continue to do so until you get back on track.

A biting Fly refers to a person or situation that can cause you pain or harm.

If the Fly in your dream keeps buzzing near your ear, it reflects frustration and weariness regarding a specific conversation or an argument you are having (yet again) with someone.

Alternatively, it may indicate feeling uncertain about something in your environment and it’s “bugging” you because you can’t quite put your finger on the problem.

When Fly lands on you in your dream note the spot on your body where it lands; this may be an omen of sickness or problem in that area that will need tending. The longer the Fly lingers on that spot, the longer it will take you to heal.

Killing a Fly in your dreamscape means you will overcome a personal fear, bad habit, cancel a debt or untangle a mystery.

Catching a Fly in a dream implies likewise catching a person with ill-intent who has harmed you before and plans to do so again; this time, however, you have the upper hand.

Seeing Flies dead on the ground in a dream represents regrets that you have not resolved. Meanwhile, Flies landing on sweets in your dream foretells of “sweeter” days ahead which may lead to some award or prestige.

A Fly biting someone else in your dream is a warning of some jealous or hostile person in your life. While you have seen no indications of this yet, it will soon come out at the worst possible moment.

If the Fly in your dream seems to have a muted buzz, then there’s a situation you’ve blown out of proportion. Make sure you aren’t overthinking conditions or reading into things erroneously.

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Far Eastern Fly Symbolic Meanings

Fly Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Adaptability
  • Adventurous
  • Courage
  • Danger
  • Fertility
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Intensity
  • Irritation
  • Mischief
  • Movement
  • Natural Order
  • Nonconformity
  • Omen or Warning
  • Persistence
  • Scrutiny
  • Spunk
  • Survival
  • Transformation
  • Trickster
  • Valor
  • Vision

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