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Buffalo & Bison Symbolism and Meaning

Do you need help attaining abundance? Have you lost a bit of soul strength? Are you carrying difficult burdens? Buffalo or Bison as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Buffalo teaches how to become personally empowered while you relieve yourself of unnecessary emotional baggage. Delve deeply in Buffalo & Bison symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can support, strength, and empower you.

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Buffalo & Bison Symbolism & Meaning

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*Special Note*

Because they’re so closely related, Buffalo and Bison are mostly interchangeable in terms of their symbolism and meaning – also when working with their energy and medicine as Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals.

The iconic Buffalo has numerous symbolic meanings in various settings. Some Buffalo and Bison symbolism includes manifesting our desires, the Earth element, bravery, kindness, strength, and respect. Buffalo spirit walks a sacred path, knowing the planet is truly a holy space and living creature. All things under Father Sky and on Mother Earth are connected through Buffalo medicine. When Buffalo travels with you, remember to live in gratitude and stay true to yourself. Honor the gifts the Universe bestows, and the lessons Buffalo teaches.

Harmonious, meaningful living is a large part of Buffalo Spirit Animal’s message. When we accept with thankfulness, prosperity comes naturally. Buffalo’s mantra is “count your blessings”. Buffalo also seeks an on-going relationship with The Great Spirit and all of creation, including self.

The attitude of gratitude opens the path to much more in life than abundance. Buffalo energy also brings joy, wellness, and healthy relationships. Open your arms and receive these gifts! Your problems look so much smaller when you begin working with Buffalo’s focus on the good things right before you.

A Buffalo’s body contributes to its meanings and symbolism too. They have powerful bodies, strong shoulders and large heads. The body weight keeps Buffalo grounded and sure. His shoulders can bear burdens with grace and balance. And the head represents using our mind and staying connected to our Higher Self.

Buffalo and Bison meaning and symbolism is very family oriented. These massive creatures protect the children and each other with communal diligence. When something threatens that unit, Buffalo goes into action and can be very dangerous until the balance is restored.

Buffalo & Bison Spirit Animal

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The Buffalo (or Bison) Spirit Animal, thunders into your life when it’s time to take a look at your relationship with ‘abundance’. Perhaps Buffalo and Bison are heralding a time of abundance. If you’re afraid when such a large animal appears perhaps you have the classic ‘afraid of success’ syndrome. If Buffalo is facing North, West, East or South, s/he might be offering guidance on which direction to take (or move away from) to reach your abundance goals.

The Native American people relied on Buffalo Spirit for so many daily necessities including clothing and food. Nothing of this creature ever went to waste, so prepare for thrifty living as one means for slowly gathering wealth.

Buffalo once roamed wild and free. His/Her appearance in your life may signal a time for you to test your independence. Have you walked on the wild side lately? Give it a try! It is very liberating within reason. Perhaps it’s time to roam a bit – moving away from daily constraints and familiar circumstances into uncharted territory. It’s OK to test your boundaries periodically – they show you what’s helpful and what’s holding you back.

As a Herd animal, Buffalo reminds you of your place in the grander scheme of things. We must work together for the greatest good; for the good of All. Participate with a tribe rather than live on the sidelines or as a loner.

Finally Buffalo may have arrived as a symbol of taking back your strength, your truth, during times of conflict. You can be a source of inspiration for those around you if you follow Buffalo’s counsel.

Buffalo & Bison Totem Animal

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If you identify or are born with a Buffalo Totem Animal you will naturally find yourself immersed in the spiritual aspects of life. There is a drive within to find Sacredness in every facet of life.

As you eek out your life’s path it will reflect humility, gratitude and an Earth-centeredness. Yours is not a life of pushing your way through, even though you have a strong will. Rather you step gently and modestly.

The Bison Totem Animal is one of manifestation and service, which often go hand in hand. For example, you may work with groups to protect endangered species (service) and get a bill passed to safeguard a certain habitat (manifestation). The beauty of Buffalo people is that they are stable and sure, and naturally bear blessings in their wake.

Remember, through self-actualization we can become what and whomever we wish. If today your Animal Totem is a Mouse but you wish to be the mighty Buffalo, ask the Animal Allies to help you transform.

Buffalo & Bison Power Animal

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There are many reasons why you might invoke the Bison or Buffalo Power Animal. Perhaps you need greater conviction to stand firm on an issue. Perhaps you need inspiration to put some sweat equity into a project or dream. No matter what, walking with Buffalo means being your own person and being ready to stand up for your cause or goals, even in the face of adversity.

Call on Buffalo and Bison as your Power Animal when assistance is needed to carry difficult burdens. Buffalo reminds you that self-care during such times is nothing less than essential. In this Buffalo gives you greater strength for tending to not only the problems you’ve accepted, but also working through your own issues.

Call on Buffalo Power animal for guidance in using your energy wisely. Focus on today; tomorrow will still be there. Remember you can’t fix someone who isn’t ready for that transformation. Affirm yourself and the best in others for the greatest success in working Buffalo magic. Let both patience and a clear conscious guide you.

Another way the Buffalo Power Animal helps is by giving us the courage to say, “No” before we volunteer yet again. Some people are natural givers, but “NO” is not a “bad” word. But nobody can give live-saving water from a well which is dry. So, choose your battles wisely and make sure to invest in something or someone where you receive support.

Native American Buffalo & Bison Symbolic Meanings

There is no question that Buffalo plays an integral role in Native American spiritual traditions. The importance of Buffalo to the tribes, particularly in the plains region, is spoken of in legends, lore and oral tradition. Numerous tribes have rituals and prayers specific to honor the Buffalo Spirit.

Some stories tell us that it was Buffalo who gave the tribes knowledge of medicine and the use of the Peace Pipe. The general meaning for Buffalo throughout the Plains was that of power, safety, strength, life’s sacredness and durability. A white Buffalo is particularly important being an omen of unity, hope and positive transformation.

Buffalo & Bison Dreams

Dreams about Buffalo are often a message that you’ve gotten off-track in terms of your life’s goals. Pause before accepting a tempting offer that detracts from your Path and power.

Dreams about White Buffalo is a positive omen of success. Remember white is the color of the divine and to the Native Americans, seeing the sacred White Buffalo was the same as when others see Angels.

Learn more about Buffalo Spirit by reading Buffalo Dream Meanings & Symbolism on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Buffalo & Bison Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Abundance
  • Great Strength
  • Deep Spirituality
  • Connection to The Great Spirit
  • Protection
  • Loyalty
  • Freedom
  • Earth-Centeredness
  • Self-Sacrifice
  • Honoring Sacrifice Made By Others
  • Zero Waste

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