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Ah, the powerful Buffalo, grand emperor of the wild plains. Perhaps surprisingly, this ancient, sacred, and seemingly a bit scary animal brings such a sweet and thoughtful message to dreamers everywhere. How’s your gratitude of late? What and who have you appreciated recently?

When you dream about Buffalo, certainly the animal can represent things like sustenance, food, provisions, power, strength, and raw survival. This symbolism signifies the Buffalo as sacred. The Buffalo was at one time honored and revered by those who consumed it or made ‘products’ from its skins, bones, etc.

The Buffalo was considered to have been placed here by the Great Spirit – to sustain our life, help keep us alive. And so, the Buffalo dream symbol sends messages of gratitude, thankfulness, and the joy that comes from living a life of abundance. If Buffalo appears in your dreams, the large beast might be telling you to focus more on living a life of gratitude and less on worry, or that it is time to enjoy the abundance that is coming your way.

Just as the Buffalo symbol can mean great abundance and prosperity in life, it can also indicate a lack of abundance. Say for example you have a dream narrative where you see field upon field with Buffalo grazing – an image that connotes abundance and a good food source. Now imagine the dream scenario where you see but few Buffalo scattered across several fields at a great distance from one another … now the dream image and message transforms from one of abundance to one of lacking. If you do dream of lacking, then your dream messages may be telling you it is time to tighten your belt and your wallet until you make it through this rough phase where abundance is absent from your life.

To dream of the sacred White Buffalo is the most coveted of dreams, as the appearance of the creature connotes abundance, prosperity and serves as a good omen for the dreamer. The White Buffalo delivers dream messages about purity, innocence, and goodness, all of which can be instilled in one’s life when one’s intentions, gratitude, and appreciation are all in alignment in the waking world.

The gargantuan size of the beast itself is an icon of strength. As a dream message, the appearance of the Buffalo might suggest needing to stand your ground, to focus on your strengths and to forge forward knowing you have the strength you need to make things happen or to handle a given situation or course of action.

Buffalo symbolism and dream messages also point to familial connections, roots, and ancestors. The creature might be conveying a message of the importance of family, in maintaining family ties, in forgiving transgressions so that ties can be maintained, and the need for reconnecting with and honoring one’s ancestors of old.

The dream meaning of the Buffalo is highly dependent on the context in which the creature appears and the action or inaction occurring in the dream when you see the Buffalo in your nighttime visions. The most general dream messages of the creature are to respect and honor what one is freely given and to not make waste of that which one receives. The Buffalo is a symbol of provisions, those things which are necessity, and the gifts one receives from the land, the animal kingdom, and nature. The Buffalo asks all dreamers to remember to honor and respect all they receive.

I hope you can use the dream messages of the Buffalo to bring more harmony, peace, and blessings into your life.

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