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Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning

Do you just “know things?” Do you want to wade into the world of knowledge beyond the veil? Giraffe as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help! Giraffe teaches you how to heighten your psychic awareness so you can take on those tall tasks while holding your head high. Delve deeply in Giraffe symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can support, guide, and uplift you.

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Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning

Gentle Giraffe, with its long neck reaching into the heavens symbolizes the ability to see the future and obtain things that would normally be out of reach. When your life is chaotic, Giraffe reminds you to keep your head up and avoid getting entangled in needless arguments.

Towering up to 18 feet tall, the Giraffe’s only vulnerability is the need to put their head down to drink water. Thankfully this creature can withstand the lack of water for upwards of a month. In this aspect Giraffe’s message becomes one of using our resources wisely and also keeping our feet on the ground without losing our Higher perspective and guidance.

While a Giraffe may not look threatening, one swift kick can kill a predator. This is the way in which it protects its calves. This aptitude gives Giraffe the additional meanings of safety and strength in times of need. Giraffe does not attack without reason, but when this creature senses danger they act powerfully.

When Giraffe appears you may be in a situation in which you’ve already stuck your neck out too far.

Alternatively you may need to use that length to discover new opportunities previously outside our vantage point.

Giraffe spirit often brings future-telling abilities. You may suddenly find that you simply “know” things.

This “knowing” must be used carefully.

Clairvoyance often frightens people if the message isn’t delivered with the tact of a diplomat. Additionally there is a caution not to get too caught up in images of the future or clinging to knowledge of the past.

Giraffe tells us that while an awareness of those things is important, we must live in the NOW to experience life fully.

The prevalence of Giraffes in Africa means that they appeared in a variety of stories, myths and artistic renditions. In this culture the Giraffe represents distinctiveness and individuality because no two Giraffe fur patterns are alike.

Indigenous people have tremendous respect for this creature. One example of this reverence occurs in the Giraffe dance. This dance is said to be curative, based on a vision of Giraffes running through the rain. Over time this custom transformed, becoming a hunting ritual.

Giraffe Spirit Animal

When Giraffe comes to you it usually bears one of two messages. Folklore tells us that when the Giraffe kneels to sleep He is actually meditating or in prayer. Have you been staying connected to your Higher self, Guides, angels and the Divine?


Realize you do not have to spend tremendous amounts of time reconnecting. After all Giraffe only needs an average of 3 hour of sleep daily. The point is making it a daily practice akin to a spiritual vitamin.

Giraffe’s other message has to do with the power of silence. While they have a tongue that spans over 20” this creature rarely makes noise, at least none we can hear. More often the Giraffe communicates with body language, specifically their tail.

In humans the tail corresponds to the Root Chakra, a place where consciousness, courage and intention reside. Quiet meditation is one means by which we can activate that Chakra. It is also a tranquil time during which God communicates on a profound level.

Giraffe urges you to center and quiet your spirit. Breathe in love from the Universe. The air up there is mighty fine!

Giraffe Totem Animal

Choosing Giraffe as your Totem Animal can mean that you have a natural grace. Walking your talk matters to you and you don’t use words without thoughtfulness behind them.

Throughout your life you’ll be better able sense what’s coming – particularly as it pertains to you and those in your inner circle.

Use your spiritual height to keep your goals in plain sight. Walk in gentleness, remaining sure of your footing.

A big challenge for Giraffe people is that sometimes they put the needs of others before their own – to a personal detriment. This may stem from the sense of isolation those with a Giraffe Totem often times feel.

See, Giraffe people are “big picture” seers and doers. And, as they say, it can be lonely at the top.

If Giraffe is your Totem Animal, don’t hold yourself down because of others’ jealousy. Reach up as far as you can to make your dreams come true because you can do it and Giraffe is there to support you on the journey!

Giraffe Power Animal

Invoke Giraffe as your Power Animal when you need help with matters of honor, respect and gratitude. Giraffe has a very strong personal code that it lives with pride (but not ego).

Walking with Giraffe energy keeps your head held high and others will respect the dignity you exude.

Giraffe Spirit gifts you with the confidence to know that you are doing the right, best things.

Finally, Giraffe reminds us how to fully appreciate what we have and give without expectation of returned favors. Just like tall Giraffe, this brings our souls closer to the heavens.

Giraffe Dreams

Dreams about Giraffes often questions your current perspectives about a person or situation. If your views are too narrow you’ll miss something important. Alternatively you may be taking unwarranted risks that also require careful scrutiny.

Learn more about Giraffe Spirit by reading What if You Dream About a Giraffe? on!

Giraffe Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Prayer
  • Flexibility
  • Intuition
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Big Goals & Possibilities
  • Vision & Foresight
  • Gentleness & Kindness

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