Wolf Symbolism & Meaning

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Are you misunderstood?

Do you need help learning how to make a stand yet, at the same time, avoid a fight?

Could your strength and stamina use an energetic boost?

Wolf spirit can help!

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Wolf Symbolism & Meaning

If ever there was a complex animal spirit guide, Wolf is it. Their lore and legend is filled with tales of terror. Elusive, almost ghostly, predators that hunt in bloodthirsty packs – this is the savage reputation of Wolves.

But Wolves are the consummate comics of the wilderness. Their commitment to and love of family is humbling, their communication skills elegant, and their extreme intelligence awe inspiring.

And these traits are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Wolf symbolism and meaning is rich and multidimensional.

When wolf appears in your life it may be time to take a close look at a person or situation who may be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Trust is earned, do not give it freely. Pay close attention to what your instincts tell you.

While this Wolf symbolism seems negative, consider that He is an omen of something you’re not seeing. Wolves have been observed to have a highly developed “third eye” or “sixth sense”. Because you’re seeking out Wolf symbolism and meaning, perhaps it’s time to work on cracking open your intuitive senses.

Wolf is also very smart, loves autonomy and has a strong social character.

When you walk with Wolf you’ll discover your intuitive nature blossoming alongside a healthy sense of self confidence. Remember, your soul still remembers what it feels like to be wild and free – to trust your feelings and choices! Look at the ordinary world in an extraordinary way!

Wolf sometimes appears when we face challenges for which we feel less than prepared. Wolf reminds you that you have all the tools in your spiritual treasure chest to handle this effectively. Take a step back and see with fresh eyes.

For Seekers who feel afraid or threatened Wolf reminds us of how those feelings put our entire psyche off balance. Yes, fear plays and important role in personal safety unless it becomes all-consuming or is baseless. Don’t let the darkness consume your Spirit.

Sometimes Wolf calls on us to become the Lone Wolf who breaks away from that pack to discover the Sacred Self. During times of aloneness you rediscover your dreams and passions. You also start uncovering the true self and voice that howls at the moon with abandon!

***Special Note***

The phrase “Lone Wolf” is a bit of an urban legend. In fact, Wolves are social animals who live and thrive best in well structured societies (packs). However, in most packs there is an “Omega” Wolf. This Wolf is at the bottom of the pack but plays an integral part in Wolf families in that they are the tricksters, the comic relief. The Omega Wolf does spend more time alone than the rest of the wolves in the pack but is still greatly loved and heart-breakingly mourned when gone.

Wolf Spirit Animal

As a Spirit Animal, Wolf comes to support and teach us about matters of personal power, balance, self-control and our animal instincts.

Wolves are misunderstood by many to be aggressive, vicious animals who attack with no provocation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, Wolves go out of their way to avoid fights. However, when they want to be heard, when they want to stave off or deter an attacker, they will stand their ground.

Wolves are incredible examples of standing in the seat of your own power. They let it be known that they can fight to the death and are prepared to do so but they rarely initiate combat.

Humans are animals and sometimes we overlook the gifts from nature that are already within us. Life has an order and rhythm. When you run with a pack there is a sense of community, and when you’re alone – liberation.

If you are not sure where your circle lies, Wolf’s howl helps you find others of a like mind. He also gives you the ability to mark your territory clearly should anyone threaten that sacred space. Don’t be afraid to make your position known.

Wolf Totem Animal

If you were born with a Wolf Totem, you have an innate connection with Nature and a craving for freedom.

Your life is filled with the intense instincts of Wolf Spirit who constantly keeps you vigilant in the face of potential danger.

Those born with Wolf medicine in their soul simply understand how to help balance the world and aid in the creation of a more fertile and abundant ecosystem for all.

To get a better understanding of how Wolves truly change the world, watch this awesome Wolf video by Sustainable Human.

(Article continues below video)

Those who walk with Wolf sometimes don’t trust themselves as much as they should. When you find yourself falling into that emotional pattern rely on your keen mind and logic to renew balance.

The key caution for Wolf people is your predatory nature. Now, here’s the thing about a Wolf’s “predatory” nature – they mostly focus on taking down the weak, sick, and elderly.

Rarely will a Wolf prey on a strong, mature adult. Surely Nature has a reason for this but in terms of symbolism for humans, the lesson here is to make sure that you do not choose to prey on those who are not able to stand against you. Instead, focus on finding positive ways to put that predatory energy to work in your life!

Wolf Power Animal

A word of caution – before you summon up Wolf medicine to be your power ally, be very certain you can handle it. For eons, humans and wolves have been bound together emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Because of this bond, when you call on Wolf as a Power Animal He/She or They will appear.

Seek out Wolf medicine for assistance with creating emotional bonds. You want to trust the people in your pack, and once those connections are made you’ll defend your circle with ferocity, often using wits and words over physicality.

Wolf is a good helpmate when there is a rival vying for your territory. In these situations Wolf helps you move swiftly and confidently. Your home is your sacred space, as well it should be.

Native American Wolf Symbolic Meanings

Among Native Americans Wolf had dual symbolic values of both great good and terrible evil. Hunting tribes were those that often revered Wolf as a great warrior. Wolf medicine is that of devotion, victory, inventiveness, safety and fertility.

Some Native American stories connect Wolf Spirit to human kind as an ancient ancestor or Creator God. Pueblo tribes include Wolf as the guardian of the east, while among the Zunis carrying a wolf image is a way of manifesting well-being and protection.


Wolf as a Celtic Animal Symbol

The symbolic value of Wolf mixes liberally with Hound and Dog in Celtic tradition as an emblem of bravery, faithfulness and integrity. Overall the Celtic stories speak of Wolf as a guide who walked closely with the god of the forest, Cernunnos.

Wolf Dreams

Wolf appearing in a dream tells of a time on the horizon where confidence and composure is essential. You may find yourself yearning for some alone time so that you can return to a difficult situation with greater perspective. Taking that time is the means to your success if you trust your gut.

Wolf in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

If you were born between January 21st and February 19th, you were born under the Native American zodiac sign of Wolf. As a wolf you have natural aptitude with futuretelling, and a strong sense of family and tribe. Your pack remains close and loyal, and many respect you for your keen insights.

Far Eastern Wolf Symbolic Meanings

Wolves, for the most part, had negative connotation particularly in Southern China.
Here seeing a Wolf presaged danger and death.

Northern China regarded them more favorably for their strength, courage and cooperation which is why Wolf images appeared on weaponry. In this region myths tell of Wolves flying heavenward bearing the spirits of the dead to an ancestor God.

For more on Wolves, take a few minutes and watch The Hidden Life of Wolves – a Nat Geo film by Jim & Jamie Dutcher.

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19 Responses

  1. Xavier Hutchinson

    This was an amazing article! I have many friends,including myself, whom share the characteristics in this article on the wolf spirit! But i didnt write this comment just to compliment, I’m writing this comment to ask you about a certain series of dreams I have called rebellion dreams and what they mean.
    In the first one, I am in my dwelling(bedroom) and I am suddenly surging with red and blue, temperate, flames. (Red and blue are my fav colors btw) then my mind and spirit find…(themselves?) on a see-through staircase travelling into space or heavens. Atop the stairs, all the gods mankind has conceived is combined into one figure, whom shifts between the gods as they speak to me. Long story short, in this series of dreams, I have superpowers(telekinesis, flight, and eyes that can read the mind and soul) and I lead a rebellion group called the Wolf Pack in which most of us have different powers. We rebel (with many other groups) against a world government that has tooken away our right to belive in different beliefs. When I use my powers, red and blue energy, in the shape of a wolf, comes from my body. What started the war was when the government’s military shot and killed innocent protesters. Including children, which angered me because it showed how the government is ruthless. My dreams continue to this day. I hope you can get through this comment with ease and tell me what all it means. Thank you for your time.

    • Hello, Xavier!

      Thank you so much for the kinds words!

      What really stands out to me in your “Rebellion Dreams” is how very much like Wolves you really are. Wolves are about the pack – the family. They will protect the pack to the death. And, you dream of superheroes who protect the innocent from a ruthless government. And, the colors you love most take the form of a Wolf and jump from your body when it’s time to “protect”.

      Now, what’s realllllllyyyy interesting about your dream is the colors. Red is the color of blood, family ties, and passion. Blue is the color of peace and tranquility – but also of the heavens. Red is the color of the Root Chakra – it’s the energy center of survival. Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra – it’s the energy center of communication and Wolves are extremely vocal animals.

      The see-through staircase tells me that you are a transparent person who does not understand why it’s so hard for people to do the right thing. You definitely resonate with higher purpose and powers. It also seems that you are not afraid to fight for others.

      At the end of the day, it seems that your soul is truly longing for a world where everyone is safe and free.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Xavier Hutchinson

        Thank you so much! That helps deeply! Thank you again! 😀

        • My pleasure! And thank you for visiting WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

          Stay wild,

    • Interested in Wolf Pack.

      I would be interested in learning more about your group. I also have telekinesis and many other talents. I’m just beginning to scratch the surface and have been trying to do most research on my own. I believe we may have a lot of the same perspectives.

      • Xavier Hutchinson

        Interesting name btw. Spur of the moment or just wanted to sumerise the fact that your interested? Any who, sense I don’t know you, showing support for The Wolf Pack is all we need. For you to join you would have to be someone I know. And I couldn’t just meet you because of this being the Internet. (For all we know, you could be a preadator) We are planing to get the pack official by May. We are basically a brighter rebellious group than Anonymous(because people think they are evil). Sure we may be just a bunch of kids, but we are a pack that cares about the world they live in. Reply to me if you have more specific questions.

  2. Süli Ákos

    Hi! Hope you will read this comment and can tell me what the hell happened. (I am 13 years old)
    One day I meditated to find my spirit animal. After that I knew that it was a Wolf. It was so welcoming and friendly – I could even hug him. Next day I went to a bicycle tour. I tried to meditate with my eyes open. My spirit animal told me that if I don’t stop doing this and if I don’t concentrate on the road, then I will have a accident. I stopped it and that day went down without any problems. I was in a camp, I meditated at night, and he said that I need to live with peace with everyone – I had a conflict with a 7 year old boy, and after making peace he immidiately tried to fight me again – and to have fun while I am here. The next day I did not make peace with a boy and on that day – I had a ankle injury and my leg got plastered for 1 week. One week later the Wolf gone. I had a Dog spirit animal to heal me after that happened. Now I have a Breaver spirit animal guide.
    Did he predict a future? Was that a warning? I have now faith in Nature and the whole culture of Spirit Animals. Thanks for the time that you taking to read it all!

    • Hello, Süli!

      Thank you for sharing that amazing story! For someone who is only 13 years old, you are very, very spiritual! Wow! So, awesome!

      There are many different ways to interpret what happened to you. So, based only on what you explained, here is what I think might have happened:

      1. You can meditate with your eyes open. It’s called “active meditation”. Athletes do this all the time – they call it “being in the zone”. Artists do this as well. However, when your Spirit Animal Guide came to you and said to “focus on the road” – this was a warning. Maybe your Wolf knew there was a bump or crack in the road coming up and he/she wanted you to see it.

      2. Making peace with a 7 year old: This is a very big part of your story because you listened to your Spirit Animal Guide and wanted to make peace with everyone. This could be considered as you deciding on a “foundation” for your life – that you always want to live in harmony and peace with the world around you. Interestingly, Wolves go out of their way to avoid fights. They are not aggressive until they are backed into a corner.

      3. When you injured your ankle, it could be a sign that you “rocked or injured your foundation”. Meaning – our feet and ankles are what support our whole body – they are our “foundation”. When you went against (had a fight with) another person, this made your “foundation of peace” unsteady. Hope that makes sense.

      4. When the Dog came to heal you, this could be a sign that it is time to get back to a place of unconditional love for all. When Wolf told you to make peace with everyone – the only way we can really make peace is to love everyone no matter what they say or do. Now, that does not mean we have to let others be “mean or bad” to us. However, by being at peace with everyone it means we try to look past their “meanness” and love them despite how badly they act.

      5. Beaver as a Spirit Animal Guide: This makes complete sense because Beavers are all about working as a community. And, we can only work together as a collective when there is peace between people.

      6. Can Spirit Animal Guides predict the future: Yes. Absolutely. Now, I have no “scientific” proof of this but I’m a professional psychic medium. And there have been hundreds of times that my own personal spirit guides have given me accurate information about a client’s future. So, it just makes sense Animal Spirit Guides can see into the future. After all, every living thing is connected – we are one energy. If I can do it, so can an Animal Spirit Guide.

      I think one day you will be a great leader of people. It shows in all your Spirit and Totem Animals that come to you.

      Hope all this has been helpful.

      Stay wild,

      • Süli Ákos

        Thank you so much for answering my questions! I learnt alot from that! I had alot of spiritual experiences in the past too – wise, guiding voice in my head, and I had an experience when I felt someone followed me, then that voice told me that calm down, it is a dwarf who tries to be friends with me. That happened when I was 8 years old. -, those are not that not surprises to me, but that one was soo spiritual that I could’nt process it. Thank you again soo much, have a nice day!

        • Hello, Süli!

          You are most welcome! And, thanks for being part of WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

          Stay wild,

  3. Rein

    Hi! I hope you read my message.
    Your article is very interesting and helpful.
    I am always fascinated by a wolf. I want to have a wolf dog. I am amazed to see a wolf tattoo and if I will be reincarnated, I want to be a wolf. I feel peace to see a wolf. I have done research about Wolf spirit animal and the characteristics matches mine.
    I am always kind and friendly to everyone and I don’t like arguments at all. I am always chill but when people try involve my family or close friends I get really mad that I will do anything to end them. Does it mean wolf is really my spirit animal?

    If so, how can I call or meditate my spirit animal?
    I am hoping for your reply. 🙂

    • Hello, Rein!

      So happy you enjoyed my article about Wolf as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal! It’s one of my favorites!

      Actually, what it sounds like is Wolf is your Totem Animal – who you “are”. A Spirit Animal is a guide who appears when we need support, guidance and healing. And, a Power Animal is animal energy that you call on from inside yourself whenever you need it.

      It’s not unusual for someone to have 1 animal that they most identify with. That animal can serve as their Spirit, Totem, AND Power Animal. For instance, mine is Bear. It’s the animal which most appears to me and I’m JUST like a Bear!

      One way you can know for sure is to read my ultimate guide on “How To Find Your Spirit Animal” and work through the Spirit Animal Meditation.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  4. Danielle

    For a very long time i have been a very empathetic person.. i am very sensitive to other energies i am around whether it be a person or animal. Ihave dreams of many different types of animals but mostly the wolf and the fox.. both if these animals are what pop into my dreams most if the time.. tonight for example, though i don’t remember much of the dream.. i was a wolf.. i was in a small pack of 3 or 4 of us.. we were hiding, but we were hiding because we were watching.. we were helping a person (may have been a girl) in need by attacking on coming danger.. so we were hiding and waiting for this danger (which was in the form of people) the people were just dark figures with blank faces.. it felt very real.. i was running and attacked these faceless shadows with ferocity… i was even speaking to this person we saved after the attack was over, though i dont remember what was said.. and then i woke up.. there was another dream i had a while back that was weird.. i was watching, from what looked like a screen, my horse running on the beach, then it started to jump and dig into the sand (similar to how a fox does) then i was next to the hole the horse dig and it was very very deep.. well as the horse stopped digging, a wolf started to climb out of a buried cave in the ground and began attacking the horse, then it flashes to me watching a screen again of what is now a pack of wolves eating my horse… (sorry if this is a little gruesome).. ive had fox dreams where i have found an abandoned fox and sometimes it will run sometimes it wont..then sometimes it will bite me.. but wolves appear more often than anything else.. with that eing said..a little info on me.. im always usually a loner..i feel more comfortable alone vs being in a crowd.. im not someone who has many friends.. mainly because it is difficult for me to connect to most members of the human race.. i feel a closeness more woth the earth,with animals, with the stars amd the universe… but rarely do i feel anything for most people… i do have a few close ones..they are what i call family..yes some of them include my actual blood family.. i will never ever hurt a living thing (including people)(as a massage therapist it is my oath), but i will fight to the death to protect anyone i consider family (not many people).. i will destroy anyone who even tries to hurt my people.. however, with animals it is different.. i hate seeing any animal struggle or in pain..i hate seeing the earth in the condition its in.. i hate that i cant travel to other planets.. i almost feel like im stuck on a planet im not meant to be on with people i cant relate to… i was certain that my animal spirit is the wolf..i meditate atleast once a day.. but im still not sure.. because i see so many and have such a strong connected feeling to many animals and the earth and universe.. i feel loke sunconciously i know everything to tell myself with all of this and with any provlems i have, but its like a natural higher understanding and knowledge is hidden in a locked box in my mind and i cant find it.. like i know what to tell myself with all of this..but i cant find the words…so, though subconsciously i feel i already know the answers and just cant reach them, does anyone have any ideas that can help me to better figure this out?…

    • Danielle

      I should also mention that i am someone who is very nice to everyone i meet.. i smile at everyone and in general a happy person.. and i will avoid confrontation as much as i can unless it is absolutely needed.. and i feel more energetic and awake at night.. just what im used to…

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Danielle;

      Many folks who visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com feel more comfortable around animals than people (even though humans are animals, too). And, given what you shared about yourself, the dreams about being a ‘watcher’ make perfect sense. If I understand correctly, you feel like you’re on the outside looking in.

      All that said, I’m unclear exactly what you’re trying to figure out. If you will please give some clarity on the question I’ll do my best to help you!

      Stay wild,

  5. Blanca

    I took a selfie of myself and a spirit animal appeared in the photograph a white wolf .. its clear to the eye , I’m not Goin crazy …. I just found it alarming and needed to share…

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Blanca;

      How awesome! I would love to see that picture! Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com.

      Stay wild,

  6. Faula meda

    Hello I really enjoyed your article I feel very closely connected to the wolf and I have a wolf dog me and him bonded right away but I feel very close to him but when it talks about a pack I feel like a loner wolf I don’t have many in my pack could this alter the wolf for me

    • Bernadette King

      Hello, Faula meda;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca! Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com! So happy you enjoyed the article about the Wolf Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal!

      Not all Wolf packs are large so I would say that you will continue to feel Wolf energy work in your life!

      Stay wild,

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