Penguin in Dreams Interpretation

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Penguin as a Dream Symbol

Aww come on now, if you saw the movie “Happy Feet,” you cannot help but love you some penguin! Penguins are adorable all the way around, and they even giggle when you tickle them – Straight up, seriously! These adorable happy little creatures are both smart and playful, cute, and funny, but amazingly wise too. There is much you can learn from the penguin if you get to chance to have one visit you in the dream realm! Let’s take a look to see what penguin’s messages might say…

First, let’s consider the penguin’s environment. Mighty cold, right! And they love it that way … so clearly, the penguin is well adjusted to environmental conditions that, let’s face it, many of us would shun! Very few of us like the arctic cold, but the penguin loves the ice, snow, and icy waters to boot! Thus, the adorable and well-adapted penguin, when it comes waddling into your Dreamtime narrative, might be telling you that you will need to be more flexible in a situation in your waking life, or you need to adapt to new conditions with grace and poise. The message of the penguin is to enjoy life no matter how harsh the environment is around you.

Now let’s consider the physicality of the penguin… yup that adorable tuxedo look. Here the penguin might be telling you to up the ante on your attire. Instead of going completely casual, don’t be afraid to dress it up a little. Get your hair cut, get a facial, have a spa day, or get a manicure and pedicure. The dream message of penguin might very well mean you need to pamper yourself a bit so you can look and feel your best at all times. The tuxedo look of the penguin might also be an omen that you will be required to attend a formal event soon.

Penguins have flippers instead of wings, so they don’t fly through the air, but they can certainly “fly” through the deep waters. Since air is the realm of intellect and water the emotions, the penguin may signify that you have mastery of your emotions to a degree, but that you might want to work on the mastery of intellect or the application of knowledge in wise ways.

Now let’s consider how penguins behave to get a different perspective on our dream meaning. These birds are not too afraid of humans, and they are a curious breed willing to check people out, even if it from a short distance. Their bravery is due, in part, because they have hardly any on-land predators, so humans do not stir them.

Here the birds come to signify bravery, even in the face of potential danger, so if the curious penguin in your dreams doesn’t seem too frightened of you, it could mean you shouldn’t perceive any danger in your waking life and that all is well. Or, if your dream had a negative undertone, it is possible the dream means you are not being cautious enough in a situation and your curiosity might end up getting the best of you.

Now that you know what the well-dressed penguin wants to say when you see him in your sleeping hours, you’d like to learn about other animal messages too, right? That being the case I invite you to enjoy all the animal dream messages I share here on my site

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