Dreaming of Bees: Meaning & Symbolism of Bee Dreams

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Dream About Bees – Scary or Sweet?

Bees … ahh … they are life’s joy for some and absolute terror for others. This is particularly true for those that have been attacked by more than one Bee, swarmed, and especially those who are allergic (which is the very best reason to want to avoid Bees). So, what does it mean to dream about Bees?

Bee dreams can stand for sweetness (yes, a honey reference), but not if the buzzing sound of these creatures irritates you, or if such sounds invoke anxiety for fear of being a victim of a Bee’s defense system. Nevertheless, Bees are necessary for flower and plant pollination, honey production (YUM!), and, of course, some of us enjoy watching the joyful work of the miraculous Bumble Bee in flight! So, a dream about Bees can be magical!

What Does It Mean To Dream About Bees

Some Bee meaning is defined in numbers; in other words, a whole hive of Bees suggests power in numbers or a larger group whereas a single Bee alone stands for individualistic pursuits and weakness since the single Bee lacks the backing of its community. Bees are social creatures, so they connote and connect to anything social on a physical level. When you dream of Bees you might be planning to go to a large outing, party, social gala, wedding, or any other event where plenty of people are present.

Just as the beaver can be a “busy beaver,” there are idioms about Bee behavior, such as “busy as a Bee,” “a bustling Bee,” or be as busy as a Bee,” all of which reference the hard-working Bee which then translates as a dream symbol for industriousness, dedication, and commitment. The idiom “Queen Bee,” refers to a favored female, but of course, it also references the single female Bee all worker Bees commit to as well: Here Bees become a dream symbol of loyalty.

At some point idioms, have pointed out the good attributes of Bees while some point out the pressure or anxiety some feel with Bee encounters; for example, to “put a Bee in one’s bonnet,” is to stimulate or give someone an idea, whereas “to put the Bee on someone,” is to pressure the person for money, as if you are stinging them in some way. Pay attention to how the bee makes you feel in your dream encounter to find out if the dream message is somber or one with a joyful tone.

Spiritual Meaning of Bees in Dreams

Dreaming of Bees? Get ready for the flight of your life!

The spiritual meaning of Bees in dreams is very powerful. Bees are some of the most productive creatures on the planet. To watch a colony is to see efficiency in motion and it is as if their work is a perfectly choreographed ballet! Bees are a message about the teamwork you engage in when you are awake and the group energy or community effort you are involved in – watching how the Bees work can teach us how to get along and keep things functional within a complex group dynamic. Bees are the master team-builders!

This creature, especially when it comes flitting, bouncing, and flying through your dream narrative, may be signifying the need to pay more attention to the small miracles in your life that make life as sweet as it is: Picture the huge Bumble Bee with tiny wings with the ability to defy the odds and still fly – this is the dream message of Bees in general. Bees are about fertility, growth, and abundance in your life.

I hope this explanation helps you to interpret and analyze your dream about Bees. For more Bee symbolism and meanings, read the Bee Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal. You might find some life changing insights to make your world just a wee bit sweeter!

14 thoughts on “Dreaming of Bees: Meaning & Symbolism of Bee Dreams

  1. Eva says:

    In my dream, I had what seemed like hundreds of bees on my arms just covering them. I went into a farmers market after to try to get help because I shuck my hand and they started to sting my right hand to see if anyone knew how to get them off of me. Then I woke up.

    • SwedishEmo says:

      I had this dream last night and I’m searching like crazy about this and came upon this reply. My arms where covered in bees and I was terrified but they weren’t stinging me or anything, it was like they were nuzzling into my arms, not wanting to let go. I remembered (in my dream) that you can scrape bees off if you’re careful, slowly dragging them off. But they just came and attached themselves to me again, buzzing on my skin. It was a terrifying feeling and I tried to run away from it, try to see if anyone could help but more bees came and tried to cover my whole body. Then I was somewhere else in the dream when they finally got off (a dirty underground basement) Then I woke up.

    • Cynthia says:

      I dreamt my mom and I were getting out of someone’s luxury convertible suv with a toddler . Once we stepped out and the child was in his stroller, one bee decided to fly onto my hair and somehow manage to fly into my thick, straight hair. I kept parting the hair and my mother would use one hand to see if she could find it. We tried twice but my mom was so lazy I said forget it. And that’s when I woke up…

      It was weird. I don’t like flying insects nor birds. A pet bird flew into my hair and got it’s leg caught one time….it kept hitting me with it’s powerful wings til it’s owner shooed it away.

      I’ve had a dragon fly fly onto my skin when I turned 13, and I was camping. I was playing in the river when it flew on me. I screamed and dunked into the river several times but it clung to me. I finally ran to land and my dad shoo’d it away. Best trip ever.

  2. Amate says:

    In my dream,I was suddenly surprised by 3 girls ,one holding something having bees on; Approaches me and threw it on me .that is how those bees flitting on over me.

  3. Tomris says:

    In the palm of my left hand i saw a lump and showed it to somebody,then I realised in the lump was a bee.i saw it moving around inside my palm. I slowly squeezed it out,without harming it.It came out and I watched it move around.It was very big,but iwasn’t scared of it.

  4. Sachin says:

    I saw o numerous of bees covering my body but not harming me if I do something even move or run they start to chase me

  5. Ilukui says:

    In my dream i saw a bee while i was lying on the bed and landed on my left hand and i was scared but also a irritated with the sound and a feel of it on my hand. I could not kill it because was scared that the others will come in numbers and sting me. It eventually went and next to me was my former workmate who was experiencing the same. So their were two bees actually and we were advising each other to let them be despite the irritation. What could be the meaning of that?

  6. Malama says:

    I dream a swarm of bees stinging me on my head then I just hide in the house to let them leave me I was with people around but non of them got sting

  7. Namana says:

    In my dream, we were walking with my two sisters and we heard a sound like a vehicle approaching ahead of us but on your greatest surprise it was a (colony) group of bees in a large group, we slept face down and they flew over us for about five minutes and went.

  8. Tamanna Ahmad says:

    I dreamt that I could turn into a bee. Willingly.

  9. Francisca Sarmento says:

    Ok but…. What if I dream about a queen bee (that looked like a little pig with wings) giving birth do a whole bunch of cute and fluffy baby bees and also a queen wasp giving birth to a lot of baby wasps (that looked like tiny people with wings)… And also the queen wasp was tiny will ferrel with wings….

    Do I need help?

  10. Moses Jantjies says:

    Dreaming about a lot of dream bees underneath the matress

    • Aimee Pitman says:

      Arooo, Moses Jantjies!

      Welcome to the #WildPack! Here’s the link to my article about Bee Dreams.


      Also, you can register for free on my private forums GatheringOfMystics.com to get more in-depth help analyzing your dream. GatheringOfMsytics.com is a safe, moderated forum where we discuss all kinds of metaphysical, spiritual and divination subjects! Everyone is super friendly, caring, and giving! You’ll love it!

      Stay wild,

  11. Petunia says:

    I had a dream last night about bees flying over my head l was just standing asking myself what’s happening

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