What Does Dreaming of a Buzzard Mean?

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Buzzard Dream Meanings

Ever consider that something in your life might be “buzzard meat” or something you might do better to leave for the buzzards? Say what? I know what you are thinking … bizarre question, right? Not really, if we consider that there comes a time when it is better to let certain things in our life go, to die out to make room for the new … This is just one of the meanings answering the common question, “What does it mean when you dream of a buzzard?”

Buzzard dream messages do carry the notion of decay and death, but it also conveys the very necessary nature of the buzzard who is the universal cleaner, making sure nothing goes to waste and all that dies are somehow returned onto nature. In consuming the dead carcasses, a buzzard helps keep the natural balance and order of things and this might signify for the dreamer to strive for a similar balance in his or her own life. As such, another dream meaning for buzzard points to the importance of remaining in a natural balance or in finding balance in a situation or relationship.

A dreamer might rarely consider the buzzard a symbol of gentleness or non-aggressive action, but being a gentle bird, never hunting and killing, but consuming that which is already deceased, this is exactly one of the messages the dream conveys. When a buzzard appears in dreams, you might be overkilling an issue in your life or approaching it too aggressively – the message of your dream imagery is then identified as a need to pull back, to behave in a non-violent fashion, and to move through the issue non-aggressively.

Gut Instincts and the Buzzard in Dreams

Since buzzards find their meals through a keen sense of both sight and smell, these birds might be telling the dreamer it is time to focus on our six sense abilities more or to make an effort to train them for future use, particularly our clairvoyant and clairolfactory senses. It’s time to start listening to your intuition and believing your GUT instincts. The buzzard’s gentle, non-aggressive demeanor also suggests to the dreamer to walk in peace and to do no harm to others in their waking hours.

Even when protecting itself, the buzzard takes the path of non-violence and instead regurgitates on itself a terrible smelling half-digested substance to ward off an attack… and no, this is not at all recommended the dreamer do the same! (And … that would certainly work wouldn’t it? Nasty yes, but still clearly a non-violent means of fending off the enemy!)

However, such natural behaviors of the buzzard may translate through dream messages in meaning you should do all you can to defend yourself within reason and in non-violent ways.

When buzzard shows up in your dream narrative, it is time to pay attention to your psychic senses and safely open yourself up to your untapped extrasensory skills. Buzzards signify purification of the environment, which is another measure you might consider: Cleaning out or purifying parts of your life or home to rid them of things you do not want or need.
Buzzard dreams signifies the death of that which no longer serves you, renewal, the turning of a season, and the bird can teach you to take advantage of the opportunities that are around you, all while using only available resources and wasting nothing.

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  1. Inkslinger says:

    I keep having reoccurring dreams of buzzards pulling apart small animals and something is forcing me to watch.
    I just went through a rough divorce and have a drinking problem. This explanation explains a lot.

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