Cougar Symbolism in Dreams

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The Meaning of Cougar in Dreams

The cougar has much to teach when it appears in your dream narrative. This big old cat instructs us about the need for more strength, confidence, prowess, power, poise, grace, and purposeful movement in our waking lives! This big cat, being second to the jaguar, is one with a massive build; Whether called a puma, mountain lion, panther, or catamount, under all titles and monikers this beast commands reverence, respect, and awe in your dreams as well as in the waking world – And this is what the cougar dream teaches you, the pupil of life, to stand strong!

The physical appearance of the cougar is important too because it can also help in relaying dream meaning. For example, cougars have big ears resting on the top of the head. Their ears are not only an important part of the cat’s physical presence, its ability to protect itself, but it may have much to do with the signaling the need for you to be more observant in your waking life. It’s time for you to tune into your clairaudient senses. It will allow you to gain greater insight into a situation.

When cougars come into your dream you will find the animals, sleek, stealth, muscle and amazingly graceful as the beasts move around in their habitat: This can link the big cat to notions of sexual desire and primal passions, and the need for such desires to be fulfilled or addressed in your own life. The cats also have an amazing sense of balance, so your dream narrative might be telling it that it really is time for you to do the same – to find that perfect balance you need, particularly during times of crisis.

When cougar comes to you in dreams, it is making itself known to stir your awareness. Cougar dreams narrate the importance of being confident without being egotistical, and to adapt a form of guilt-free cunning while maintaining your independent streak. Dreaming of the cougar is your subconscious telling you that you need to have greater confidence, courage, power, and agility, while simultaneously behaving in a responsible fashion, particularly if you are in the position of leadership.

Jung Cougar Dreams

Carl Gustav Jung corresponded cats with the unseen side of the human being, or even one’s secretive self: It only serves to say the larger cats in the kingdom refer to our darker, bigger secrets – those that both have the ability to remain unseen but retain the power to haunt the conscious mind. Also, think of idioms and playful language when looking to interpret cougar dreams – are you behaving in a jealous or even “catty” manner? Are you perhaps engaging in “cat and mouse games?” Maybe you are getting along with others like “cats and dogs,” during waking hours? Considering all the references proving applicable to big cats like the cougar, there’s tons of dream meanings one can derive from this creature.

The Cougar’s dream messages are many and your personal perspective helps you understand them better. Meanwhile, the mighty cougar is just one of so many wonderful animals carrying dream messages of tremendous import. I invite you to learn the messages alternative wise animal guides share here at

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  1. Teresa Houk says:

    Was in a dream where they keptcoming up and snuggling me laying down and cleaning me like I was part of them so I pet them and snuggled then dream ended

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