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The random dream about Cows or Bulls might not seem powerful or profound. After all, most of us (I suspect) don’t give too much thought to livestock. But dreams of Cows or Bulls can be big omens from the animal spirit world and should not be taken lightly.

When you think of Cows, you probably think of milk as this is a natural correspondence given our dependence on it for dairy products. Now, take a moment and stop to think how Cows provide nourishment for millions of people? What about the Bull and its sacrifice? As a society, we use just about every part of Cows and Bulls. Milk, meat, hides – these are all sacrifices Cows and Bulls make.

Now, there’s always been a great spiritual debate on whether Cows and Bulls elected to incarnate and make this sacrifice for mankind (Soul Contract) or if mankind forces this sacrifice. This consideration must be part of your dream interpretation when you dream about Cows or Bulls. Are you being called to make a sacrifice for the greater good? Or is a sacrifice being forced on you?

Cows are symbols of fertility, abundance, an earthly connection and therefore the earth element. The Cow is sacred in some cultures as it is the giver of nourishment: Thus, these gentle creatures become a symbol of sustenance, growth, femininity (a connection made through milk production and the female Cow species), mothering, nurturing, and their closeness to the earth serves as a message suggesting the clear benefits of staying firmly rooted or grounded. The female Cow is most sacred because it is she who is responsible for the perpetuation of the species through her life-giving milk and sustenance, which is readily delivered onto her calf/calves.

With the Bull, we receive nourishment through the kill and consumption of the animal, whereas with the female Cow, one is nourished through the continuation of the Cow’s life and milk production. Here the species represents the duality of nature, and the opposite ends of extreme between life and death, with each role ending in life-giving sustenance and its mothering of its young. Thus, Cows signify the eternal strength and the immortal energy of life itself, for even when we die, life continues.

When the Cow appears to you in your dreams it is telling you to be both gentle and firm, but also nurturing in waking life. To find great happiness in this physical realm you should spend time, not just nurturing others, but your physical self. Consider the sustenance you are taking in physically – is it enough to keep adequate health? How can you tweak your diet? Also, consider your spiritual nourishment – from what well of inspiration do you let your spirit drink? Considering the lattermost question will help you define the path of your spiritual journey and how you will fulfill what it is you are destined to do.

Now that you know the Cow spirit animal has the message of nourishing the physical body and the soul, why not nourish your mind too, with more knowledge about animal spirits and what they have to teach? Please enjoy all the information shared here at whatismyspiritanimal.com.

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