Coyote Symbolism in Dreams

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Coyote Dream Meaning

Do you remember the Road Runner cartoon featuring Wile E. Coyote … ah, yes, the good old ACME favorites? Then you remember just how much mischief he used to get into, huh? Coyote symbolism in dreams is definitely associated with the notion of mischief, but the idea seems to come with a most intriguing twist: One seen time and time again in different mythos and stories. Yes, the coyote is associated with troublemaking, but usually the difficulties force changes to happen. Coyote’s entrance in the dream narrative sets the stage for events that could not happen if the chaotic energies of the creature were not introduced first.

Thus, coyote is known as a trickster in both literature and the realm of dreams. Due to their tricksterish like behaviors, as a dream symbol, the coyote is one that often ends up with a rather poor reputation. When the coyote appears in your dream narrative it is important to realize that not is all that it seems, and in fact, what you assume is going on is very likely the exact opposite of what is happening in a situation in your waking life.

One of the biggest lessons and messages the coyote will share through the dream narrative is that self-deception or denial is hardly every admitted to, but is a very real process. (Interesting how people deny their own denial, huh?)

In situations such as this, the coyote sends the message of looking into the heart instead of making assumptions: It is in the heart where the truth exists even in the face of denial. If you’ve been refusing to look at the truth, you can pretty much guarantee coyote is in your dream to force you to see what you refuse to see.

When coyote comes to you in your dreams, know immediately the character has come to stir up things, to flip everything upside down in your waking hours. Actually, you are quite lucky when the coyote comes to warn you ahead of time through dream narrative since it gives you time to brace yourself for rapid, upcoming changes. When coyote makes its appearance, you can rest assured in knowing that all though you knew about a situation will be defied, upturned, tested, challenged, and permanently transformed. Typically, this chaos that comes with the presence of coyote is misunderstood until all the dust settles from the chaos the coyote introduced.

The rapid, volatile change that coyote warns of in dreams is needed to stir up otherwise stagnant situations. Once stirred, the change and chaos commonly result in a greater good for you in the long run. Coyotes are therefore the ultimate sign and message of transformation in dreams, for as this untamed canine brings with it wild energies, it also brings with it the message of rapid, and very necessary change. Coyote shares the dream message of remaining strong in the face of adversity and growing from the challenges you face.

Now that you see why a coyote can be seen as such a tricky animal both in dreams and stories around the world, I hope you’ll take the time to learn about even more animal-related dream messages here on

2 thoughts on “Coyote Symbolism in Dreams

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi. I had a dream last night that a very friendly coyote appeared in my dream. It was just standing there but I did not feel threatened in anyway. The only thing noticeable to me was how “overweight” the coyote was. (fyi, in my waking life I have been depressed about recent weight gain and my self confidence). Can you tell me what this coyotes message is for me? Thanks

  2. Michael says:

    I had a dream I saw a coyote stuck in marshy receding flood water then it was a pet which I was carrying like a baby then I put it down and all the people were like wow a coyote.. then it changed into a person . But I knew it was still a coyote. Then I told it to stay and don’t run away as I went to the bathroom… wierd..

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