Dreaming of Cats: In-depth Cat Dream Meaning & Symbolism

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Dreaming of Cats

Dreaming of Cats represents independence and powerful feminine energy as well as grace and elegance. But there’s so much more to this dream symbol that interpreting Cat dreams might seem like trying to unravel a ball of tangled yarn. With some Cat-like patience, you can easily analyze your dreams and still have time for a long cat nap!

Dreams about Cats are among the most common dreams humans have. So, what does it mean when you dream about Cats. Whether about Black Cats, Tiger, Lions, or house Cats, felines can bring quirky, mischievous symbolism into your nighttime visions.

In Cat dreams, if a Cat walks through your home and especially a doorway (the place where two spaces connect) you should look for relationships between people that resemble the Cat’s finicky nature.

Cats moving around deliCate objects in your dream symbolize situations that are that are precariously balanced. The Cat’s notorious balance might be a fair heads-up and help you land on your feet. In Cat dreams where the winding feline is under foot, you’ll be tripping up on something soon.

House Cats remind us of – well – our homes! Domestic and sharing our spaces, sleeping Cats in dreams are familiar and calming and bring that element to dream interpretation to let you know that things are settled and worth enjoying. Cats curled up or languidly enjoying a sunbeam in a Cat dream carry sensual symbolism to remind you of the simple pleasures of the senses. Take a deep appreciative sniff of that next coffee or listen, eyes closed, to the play of sound in a good song.

Playful Cats: batting with a gleam in the eye might be whimsical, or playful, but they are not completely predictable; thus, you might be “herding Cats” in your dreams and in life.

Are you chasing your tail? Active and pouncing Cats are a clue to ask if you are working too hard. In dreams where Cats are intensely staring or stalking symbolize the great focus to hunt down and achieve your aim.

Cats symbolize good luck and protection for sailors around the world. In Cat dreams, however, water symbolizes the one thing Cats hate most of all. Cats and water don’t mix, so your dream symbols are bringing a conflict at the heart of things to your attention.

In Thailand, Siamese Cats are kept as protectors for the temples and in Cat dreams the Siamese Cat commonly symbolizes spirituality and protection.

In dream symbolism, Cats can represent the Cat-headed goddess Bast who is the Egyptian goddess of joy, family, dance, protection, music, love and above all else – Cats! In Cat dreams where family members gather (especially with music), Cats symbolize Bast and give these celebrations their approval.

Cats sitting upright with a regal attitude bring the dignified, deeply spiritual, and even aloof feeling to a dream. In Cat dreams like these, the Cats symbolize the fiercely independent, deeply spiritual (and often solitary) path. Sometimes you need to sit up, take notice, and trust your instincts to stay away from a person or situation.

Dreams about Cats hissing or laying their deliCATe ears flat signals distress and symbolizes a warning about the choices you make, unsettled attitude about the situation, or a feeling of being trapped.

Black Cat Dreams

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Cats see more than we do about our environment and even see into the ultraviolet spectrum. This might be why Cats in Japanese and Celtic cultures, especially black Cats, symbolize the occult, powerful magick, and discernment of the unknown and mysterious. In Cat dreams, it is time to decide – do you strike back with those razor-sharp claws or do a magical disappearing act?

In Japanese and Celtic cultures, Cats symbolize bad luck and someone deviously crafty. Cat symbolism relates to evil intentions or malicious spirits in Islamic worlds (bad djinns) and in China.

But dreams about Cats aren’t always bad. Nine lives and a habit of landing on their feet symbolize the need for flexibility in the situation and a vote of confidence that you’ll make it through.

Dreams About Cats:
Lion Dreams

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Dreams about Lions appear to bring you messages of protection supported by the level, considered gaze of the king of the jungle (work, city or otherwise). The Lion symbolizes strength and courage (thanks to the not-so-cowardly Lion) if a Lion stands or walks in your dream.

Lions are the only large Cat to live in family groups, called a pride, and in dream analysis a Lion suggests that the pride is an element of the situation. Groups of Lions symbolize the connection you have to your community and strength in leadership or potential leadership. This leadership can be spiritual, business or in your personal life.

In psychology, the Lion symbolizes the subconscious since he prowls at night and watches over everything. He is in your Lion dream to remind you to let your inner voice be heard when necessary. Roar!

Modern dreams about Lions might remind you of the roaring Lion used to symbolize MGM Studios and the strength, success, power, and majesty of the company. Perhaps you are being called to go into the entertainment business. Conversely, maybe it’s a warning NOT to go into the entertainment business. Or, it could be warning about a certain movie or person who is like a character in a movie.

If you see the mane of a Lion, dream interpretation brings in elements of light from the Sun and reflections of the Sun in the Moon. The sunlight symbolizes warmth and spreads out to protect you, which is what Lions do. Do you need to step out into the sun and enjoy your full power? Time to stop hiding.

In Egypt, the symbolism of Lion dreams and golden light was an indiCation of wealth or riches. Look for this wealth in cash and in the wealth of the family.

Having both males and females in your Lion dreams symbolizes deep loyalty and connection, especially between family members and personal relationships. You might even see the Lion on a banner or shield, in which case the Lion symbolizes royalty or nobility, but the Lion bows to no one. Remember that.

Not all courageous acts involve swords and shields. Some acts of bravery happen quietly in everyday life much like the Lion stalking unheard at night. Look for the noble, quietly self-possessed strength in yourself and others if the Lion appears to you in a Lion dream. Is someone in the dream quietly helping you?

Dreams About Cats:
Tiger Dreams

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Dreams about Tigers symbolize powerful energy, determination, and sensuality. Tigers prowl in the Dreamtime with a constant gaze and deliberate steps. Walking or sitting, Tigers symbolize this energetic potential for you and the immediate situation, but don’t jump without looking. The Tiger considers every angle before that first pivotal move.

Crouched and preparing to attack, Tigers symbolize an unwavering persistence and commitment to see the hunt all the way through. What are you pursuing in your dreams and in the real world? Follow the Tiger’s gaze in your dream and make sure that what is in sight is really where you need to put your energy.

In Chinese symbolism, Tigers hold a place of honor and respect. You are reminded to pause and consider your highest goals, the highest good in your action.

Tigers crossing your path or attacking symbolize the need to face challenges to your way through in the dream. Tigers observing or lounging suggest the time is not right to act.

Following a Tiger down a deep forest trail or where you have “the Tiger by the tail” in your dream symbolizes that you are at the whim of the situation or the person the Tiger represents.

In India, Thailand and Japan, Tiger dreams symbolize a touch by elements of the spiritual or sensual. There is more symbolized in Tiger dreams than just raw power – there is energy for going deeper, farther, faster than you have before.

Tiger dreams are a new awakening to your own power, your own spirit, but the Tiger can also symbolize the energy of anger taking over. Where will this passion take you?

In Asia, Tigers symbolize the influence and mightiness of kings. In Tiger dreams with Asian elements, consider the parts of the situation you have the right to rule.

In China, symbolism of the Tiger can be used to ward off evil spirits. Take this Tiger’s stripes as a sign of safety in your Tiger dreams.

White Tigers in China are one of four spiritual creatures. White Tigers guard the West and symbolize Autumn like elements in Tiger dreams.

Chinese: power, strength, destruction, violence; used in charms against evil spirits; white Tiger is one of four spiritual creatures guarding West.

16 thoughts on “Dreaming of Cats: In-depth Cat Dream Meaning & Symbolism

  1. Sara Powell says:

    What would it mean if you are surownded by leopards in a jungle and you are following the biggest one

  2. Mihajlo says:

    Hi so I had a dream where I became a half human half tiger and I had all the powers of the tiger is marks is claws eye night vision and all things like that but then at ones I lost it all plz tell me what this means!

    • Teresa says:

      what does it mean to dream about a black panther walking very proud on one side of me, and a mountain lion leading us down a long wooded path with much sunshine shining through the trees I have this dream at least 4 times a week, can you please tell me what this means. thank you.A’ho

      • Angelia Lawrence says:

        Hi Theresa,
        I’m not an expert but Black Panther is my spirit animal. She is very much about a connection to the spiritual world, strength, independence, the ability to blend in and go unseen when necessary. With her walking beside you, you may be expecting a new or enhanced live connection as she is also very in touch with the feminine sensual side.

        Cougar (mountain lion) is also stealthy. Like the Panther she blends in and hides well. She is also a symbol of feminine strength and independence. The main difference here is that cougar is seen as a fierce mother. The ultimate protector of her offspring.

        So, I would say either a mother figure from the spirit realm who you look to for guidance is connecting with you and showing you that you have the strength it takes to get through whatever trials you may be facing.


        You are about to have a surge in your romantic life that will result in a child. The spirit realm is letting you know that

  3. Cali says:

    A few years ago, I had a dream with a cat. During this time, I had a gorgeous pet cat who although domestic, had the markings of a wild cat. In my dream, I saw a cat that looked very similar to him, with the same spots and stripes, but much larger, about the size of a large wolf. I felt a strange connection to that wild cat, but I didn’t think much of it. I couldn’t remember much of that dream after it. A few days later, my cat passed away of old age. Could this have been a message of some sort?

  4. J B TARTEN says:

    I had a dream of me being young and walking out of my family home and was surprised to see the home lifted up on poles and under my home on the left hand side were people in sleeping bags and on the right was hundreds of black cats and kittens with yellow eyes what does this mean please

  5. Rebecca says:

    I’m in the garage, with a big black dog, ready to take off for when the police break down the door.

    A guy I know, and I, have to leave the house. I’m scared. It’s dark outside with some light coming in. On the floor, I see a black shadow, line, appear in the middle.

    Outside, I see two of the Siamese kittens, about a year old, with some lightly colored of Siamese colorings. The Siamese father is in the middle of them as if watching over them. They look toward me, and their eyes turn white, I take a picture.

  6. Eshaan Joshi says:

    hi i dreamt of a tigers coming into the house from the backyard

  7. Olive says:

    so I had this dream, it was a normal dream and I don’t think it was that spiritual but I’m going to explain it. first thing that happened was my cat was locked outside in the snow. second thing that happened was my cat turned into a human?? And she was trying to find spirits/ magic that she sensed in the house. we almost died… a lot. anyways, when I asked google what it mean this website popped up so yea. does this mean anything, oh I’m also having dreams about my cat every time I have a dream.

    • Aimee Pitman says:

      Arooo, Olive!

      Welcome to the #WildPack! Here’s the link to my article about Cat Dreams.


      Also, you can register for free on my private forums GatheringOfMystics.com to get more in-depth help analyzing your dream. GatheringOfMsytics.com is a safe, moderated forum where we discuss all kinds of metaphysical, spiritual and divination subjects! Everyone is super friendly, caring, and giving! You’ll love it!

      Stay wild,

  8. Luleka says:

    I had a dream my child was playing wit four cats doted in black in coulor

    • Aimee Pitman says:

      Arooo, Luleka!

      Welcome to the #WildPack! Here’s the link to my article about Cat Dreams.


      Also, you can register for free on my private forums GatheringOfMystics.com to get more in-depth help analyzing your dream. GatheringOfMsytics.com is a safe, moderated forum where we discuss all kinds of metaphysical, spiritual and divination subjects! Everyone is super friendly, caring, and giving! You’ll love it!

      Stay wild,

  9. April Bowers says:

    Good morning I was hoping you could help me. I had a dream of a very large pack of cats. In the dream I thought they were children at first; not my children but they were children. In the dream I went out to the back porch to find what appeared to be the leader on a fennec then all the other cats began to come clear. I had a large pack of cats around me. all through my house they seem to be more protective than anything. I do remember say to my two large pit bulls that they are supposed to be protecting me not running with the pack. In this dream once all of the cats met up with the leader the leader just me a head not bow but a kind of head shake and with that the cats and my two dogs left. What could this all mean?

  10. Loquacious1 says:

    Hello, any and all ideas welcome as to the meaning of this dream. I dreamed of finding many litters of tinsy kittens about 1” each in the corner of my parents bedroom. There were at least two adult cats as well. There were people gathered in the living room sitting on chairs in a circle visiting and I walked out holding as many as I could scoop up and said something along the lines of ‘look what I have’ while walking around the room distributing tiny kittens to each person while asking them to take one and give it a home or find someone who wants a kitten. Then out in the back yard people were excited about a huge cat pacing around as if lost and trying to find where it was or needed to go. We couldn’t identify the type of cat it was but it was dark mostly with stripes like a tiger from the middle torso down it’s back, tail and legs. It looked like a mix of two types of big cats like a black leopard and tiger. I was trying to take a photo but couldn’t manage the phone cameras I found laying around and didn’t know where mine was. My intention was to use a photo to show someone who could identify the cat so we could figure out where it was from and return it or contact the owners so they knew where to find it. The cat came up to me where I was while everyone else backed away but I reached out and stroked it’s face which it seemed to appreciate and it was a gentle docile animal, it’s eyes were like large round brown marbles and stood out and bulged unusually from the face. I said the cat didn’t appear to be feral and might be a domestic pet and we needed to inform of it’s whereabouts. I wanted to help it and make sure it was fed.

  11. Syliam says:

    So I just had a dream where I was staying at a house kind of like a hotel that was situated in the forest and suddenly a leopard, a jaguar and a lion came to us. The lion was baring it’s fangs at first which made me warry but it turned out he wanted to play. The leopard was just hanging around us and lastly the jaguar which stayed for the entirety of my dream kept following me and cuddling me kind of. It was playfull at times and sometimes laid down next to me and rubbed against me. What could that possibly mean?

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