Grasshopper Dream Meaning

Grasshopper as a Dream Symbol

When you were younger, maybe even a tiny tot, there is a pretty good chance you heard someone say to you, “Boy (or Girl), I knew you when you were knee-high to a grasshopper!” Am I right? Well, of course, they were saying how small you were and how much you have grown, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the tiny little grasshopper doesn’t have some very big, important messages to convey when it comes a hoppin’ into your dream messages! Let’s take a look and see some of the profound lessons you can learn from grasshopper when it speaks to you through the symbolic language of dreams!

Grasshopper brings the message of movement. While it might standstill for a bit, if you creep up on a grasshopper, chances are it will take several giant leaps forward to escape your grasp. The grasshopper moves forward by giant leaps and may or may not know what lies ahead, but jumps forward anyway. It brings the dream message of quick and forward movement, even if you are a bit unsure of the terrain that lies ahead.

Mostly, the grasshopper hints at taking giant leaps of faith forward to be successful in your waking life. It hints at a willingness to take some risks and for a willingness to be vulnerable because vulnerability gives you a chance to have new encounters and experiences. The grasshopper is the dream messenger of upcoming life adventures.

At the same time, the grasshopper serves as a message for reaching new heights and embracing new experiences. It also signifies the reach for illumination. Picture the grasshopper low to the ground, suddenly leaping to heights higher than the grassy landscape. For but a moment the grasshopper gets a glimpse of the larger world around it, and through that glimpse, it is illuminated with greater understanding through the experience. In fact, in ancient Eastern cultures, the grasshopper is an insect considered a symbol of enlightenment.

Now, if the grasshopper is hopping backward, sideways, and acting chaotically, it can seem as if it is hopping about with no forethought or real course of direction. This might mean you will experience periods of anxiety or indecisiveness in your waking life as you will have difficulty in choosing just one thing to focus on or setting your sights on the logical next step. Finally, if you see Grasshopper in its natural environment with grass for sustenance, it is a good omen, but beyond this, if the grass is dying or dead, this could be difficulties with sustenance in any of its forms in the future, whether physical or spiritual.

Now that you know the messages grasshopper can bring into your life when it comes leaping into your dream narratives, take some time to learn about other insects and animals and the insightful messages they convey as well here at

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