What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean

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What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean

Because Alligators and Crocodiles are so close in physical appearance, “What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean” includes a bit about Crocodile dream meanings. This is for the purposes of comparison and contrast. For the complete symbolism and meaning of the Crocodile, click to read “What Do Crocodile Dreams Mean?”

Why bother to define Alligator dreams and Crocodile dreams separately?

Because what makes them different can shade dream meaning. Of course, some differences are minor, like the shape of their noses, but other differences are pretty important to know … say for example, an Alligator does not usually consider humans as prey, but a big old Crocodile has no problem with it (okay, that’s a biggin’ and clearly the most excellent of factoids!)

Now, a Crocodile bears its teeth when it closes its massive jaws, but an Alligator does not: If you see the Alligator with a closed mouth and no teeth showing, you might need to remain “tight lipped about something” during your waking hours. In contrast, if you see the tooth-bearing Crocodile in your dream narrative, you might do well to put up your defenses in a situation, or an event may involve some aggressive action to achieve a resolution.

Alligators are cold-blooded reptiles that spend a lot of time in dark, muddled waters, but they also come out onto land occasionally; this makes them a symbol of duality as they move from terrestrial back into fresh water. They are, therefore, creatures signifying the balance between earthly and watery elements or harmony in both the physical and emotional realms you need to seek.

Alligators have a very rough exterior skin and it may serve as a message for you needing to thicken up your skin as well. Alligators can sprawl – a type of forward movement with the belly dragging along the ground. When the Alligator sprawls in a dream, it connotes a need for remaining grounded and connected with the Earth.

It is a good idea to pay attention to the environment in which the Alligator appears. When in the water, is it of the salt variety or fresh? If salted, the gator is out of its natural habitat and may feel anxious, threatened unnatural because of it. Ask yourself, are these some of your underlying feelings during the day? Your subconscious is looking to help identify deeply-rooted emotions left unaddressed.

Is the water dark, tumultuous, wavy, or is it clear? If dark or eerie, the tone of your dream message may be one assigning a more somber tone, whereas clear waters may mean smooth sailing through a situation or the development of clear understanding.

Now that you understand the meaning of Alligator when it comes sprawling or high walking into your dreams, why not find out about other animal dream interpretations her at Whatismyspiritanimal.com. Until next time, see ya later Alligator and see ya in a while Crocodile!

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