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The 10 Most Popular Questions About Spirit Animals Are…

When folks find out what a Spirit Animal is, all kinds of questions come up. Then, they try to find their Spirit Animal and more questions come up. Finally, they meet their Spirit Animal and even more questions come up.

Over 4,000 of these questions and comments are here on the pages of WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com. The following 10 (and a #11 BONUS QUESTION) are the most popular questions about Spirit Animals.

1. What Is A Spirit Animal

Throughout history all cultures have honored and been in awe of the animal kingdom. Ancient warriors and tribesmen wore the skins or other body parts of the animals they wished to possess the ‘power’ of. The original astronomers named constellations for animals and astrologers assigned spiritual meaning to them. The Native Americans and those who follow its traditions go on ‘vision quests’ to meet their animal spirit guide.

In the Wiccan, Pagan, and Witch tradition, the ‘idea’ of a Spirit Animal is referred to as a ‘Familiar’. And, in Shamanism (depending on who you ask) animal guides are ‘thought form’ rather than the spirit of real animals or they are actual discarnate animals who walk by a person’s side throughout their lifetime.

Many believe your Spirit Animal is who ‘you’ are – your ‘spirit’. Other’s believe animal spirit guides show up to offer support, healing, and love.

With so many different ways of defining “Spirit Animals” and with so many other terms for “Spirit Animals” out there (Totem Animals, Power Animal, Animal Allies, Animal Spirit Guide, et al), I decided that on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com the term “Spirit Animal” means the following:

A Spirit Animal is a discarnate animal (animal who has passed over and is now in spirit form) who comes to offer aid when your soul or higher-self calls out for help.

The only reason for assigning this meaning to Spirit Animals is to differentiate them from Totem Animals and Power Animals. All three terms (Spirit Animal, Totem Animal, & Power Animal) can mean the same thing. But, for the purposes of teaching folks how to find their Spirit Animal, interpret its messages, and integrate its medicine or teachings it was just easier to give each animal ally or guide it’s own ‘classification’.

2. What Is My Spirit Animal

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At the end of the day, this is a question only you can answer.

Now, as a Spirit Animal Reader, Shamanic practitioner, and evidential psychic medium I often intuit animals that are important to my clients. And, often times, it is the sitter’s Spirit Animal.

Once, I was doing a Shamanic Spirit Animal reading for a new client and I got a tickle in my throat. I said, “Your throat Chakra seems blocked and on fire. You don’t sound or look sick. And all I can see around you are Frogs. Ohhhh, you have a fear of public speaking and Frogs have shown up as your Spirit Animal to support you. Frogs are not afraid to sing their soul song and neither should you be!”

Well the poor lady just about fell out of her chair. The very next day she was supposed to give a presentation at her job. She HAD to give it because her boss was sick and she was to fill in for him. She was terrified! She hadn’t been sleeping and had begun to develop a sore throat. Also, she had been seeing tons of Tree Frogs around her home.

Not every Spirit Animal Reading is that specific. But, in all Spirit Animal Readings just the right animal shows up at just the right time.

As an evidential medium, if a sitter’s grandma had a Parakeet that she loved it might show up in a mediumship reading. In this case, the Parakeet showed up as the client’s Spirit Animal because she was missing her grandmother and the Parakeet was evidence that grandma was OK and with her beloved “Dexter” (The Parakeet – yes, named after the serial killer on the TV show. Grandma was a stitch!) on the other side.

All that said, since it’s YOUR spirit that needs the support of the animal allies it’s important for you to meet and establish a relationship with your Spirit Animal or Animals. Which brings me to the next question.

3. How Do I Find My Spirit Animal

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A Spirit Animal Meditation is a terrific way to find your Spirit Animal. And, if finding your Spirit Animal is truly important to you, if it’s truly a spiritual ‘must-do’ then take a few minutes and read, “How To Find Your Spirit Animal”. In this article you’ll learn how to turn your Spirit Animal Meditation into a complete ceremony.

But, if you’re not the meditation type you can;

  • Pray for the animal allies to make your Spirit Animal known to you via books, TV, songs, and syncronistic meetings with animals and people. For instance, you might be seeing Hedgehogs everywhere. Then while taking the cross town bus you see a person sporting a Hedgehog tattoo! This is spiritual synchronicity.

  • Ask the animal spirit guides to introduce themselves in a dream.

  • Some folks do ‘herbal’ vision quests. I do not advocate this method but for accuracy’s sake I must mention it.

4. Do I Have To Be In Nature To Find My Spirit Animal

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Would meeting your Spirit Animal while on a mountain in Hawaii or Machu Picchu or under a waterfall in the Amazon Rainforest be a magical experience? Of course! But if you’re not going to any exotic places before you want to find your Spirit Animal I assure you it/they will show up no matter where you are.

Some years ago I was on a first date with a fellow who was a trustee at an Eagle’s Club. We went to the club to have a beer and do some dancing but it was closed early. He had the keys since he was a trustee so he opened the door and in we walked. When we turned around to close the door, an enormous Florida Black Snake was curled around the door handle. I knew right then and there I would marry him because Snake is one of my Spirit Animals – especially since I’m a Scorpio and Snake in Chinese as well as Native American Zodiac Signs!

But, bottom line? You ARE nature. So, ‘go within’ and that’s all the great outdoors you need.

5. Can A Person Have More Than One Spirit Animal

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This is one of the most asked questions about Spirit Animals. The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

For those of us who are emotional creatures (especially water signs – Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer), our moods swing so much we might need the support of a Lion today but tomorrow we might need a Lamb to tame the wild beast. This is true for everyone but especially for those who are more emotional than the average Bear.

Also, you will likely have more than one Spirit Animal as often times what support, wisdom, healing, or love you need at 20 is unlikely to be what you need at 50. Different animal spirit guides for different seasons, I always say. Of course, I also always say that I’ve known Bears were my Spirit Animal before I knew what Spirit Animals were!

As a kid I was OBSESSED with Bears – specifically Panda Bears. In my late twenties, I discovered that my name ‘Bernadette’ is the feminine of the French name ‘Bernard’. Literally translated, ‘Bernard’ means ‘Brave Bear’. Other than Snakes, the animal who shows up most when I’m hurting or need help in any way is Bear!

Also, if your Spirit Animal shows up in a pack or pride OR if a group of different animal spirit guides show up to you, how many animals there are can be a BIG message or omen. So, take a few minutes and read, “Spirit Animal Numerology” so you can better understand what your animal allies are telling you!

6. Does My Spirit Animal Stay With Me For Life

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Some do. Other’s do not. The animal spirit world is comfortable with the one thing we are not – change. Trust your animal spirit guides to let you know when it’s time for them to leave. Thank them and open your heart to the new Spirit Animal(s) who come in to help you.

There’s magic and mystery to how the Great Spirit works sometimes. But, if we stay in spirit it’s always for the highest and best.

7. What If My Spirit Animal Scared Me or I Don’t Like It

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Remember, Spirit Animals come when our own spirit cries out for help. And, our soul, our higher-self, always knows what we need to heal and come back to balance.

Even if our conscious mind has us ready to jump off the proverbial ledge, Spirit (which we are all a part of) knows which animal ally we need. Sometimes, this means looking into the darkness and facing our ‘Shadow Self’. This can be scary. But Spirit never sends anything you can’t face or handle.

Whether in a dream or meditation, on TV, social media, etc. let’s say that a Dolphin shows up as your Spirit Animal. But that Dolphin is sick or injured. That can be shocking and negative from an emotional point of view. But what if you took a job that’s consuming you? A sick or injured Dolphin may show up to let you know that YOU have to change if you want to be healthy.

When was the last time you felt free to ride the waves of life? How long has it been since you belly laughed and played like a child – like a healthy Dolphin? See where this is going?

Let’s say you’re a woman and you’re in an abusive marriage. Also, let’s say that in the quest to find your Spirit Animal you encounter an enraged Gorilla. Can you tell if the Gorilla is a male or female? If it’s female, has Gorilla come to tell you she will help you stand strong and find the courage to deal with the abuse – whatever that means for you? If the Gorilla is male has he come to tell you it’s time to face your fears?

If you’re in a same-sex marriage then you’ll have to figure out what the male or female Gorilla scenario represents for you.

8. How Do I Know My Spirit Animal Is Real And Not A Figment Of My Imagination

You have to trust and have some patience.

Many times students say, “I did the meditation, I asked my Spirit Animal to show up in a dream and got nothing! Maybe I don’t have any animal spirit guides!” There could be a million and one reasons the seeker did not meet their animal ally or allies that day. Should this happen, just relax. Trust that the animal spirit world loves you and wants the best for you. In times that humans might leave you hanging, your Spirit Animal never will.

Why? Because in many ways you ARE your own Spirit Animal.

We are all connected. An Elephant, Bumblebee, and Electric Eel lives inside each and every one of us. When a Koala Bear dies, a little piece of us dies with it. So, if a Koala should show up as your Spirit Animal, that is really a part of yourself showing up in the form your higher-self knows will be most beneficial to you at that moment.

And, feeling. You’ll ‘know’. Be careful not to miss out on a powerful interaction with your Spirit Animal because you discount its visit as your imagination.

Take a few moments and read, “How To Have Powerful, Breakthrough Spirit Animal Experiences”. Hopefully this ‘tutorial’ can help!

9. What Is My Spirit Animal Trying To Tell Me

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Finally, Spirit Animals do not discriminate. They show up for EVERYONE. Further, they’ll show up and talk to you in your ‘language’. Meaning whether you speak French, Russian, or Swahili the animal spirit guides will come to you. If you communicate best by using big words, street language, singing, speaking softly, talking fast, etc. your Spirit Animal WILL know how to communicate with you in ways you can understand.

Recently I spoke to a gal who was making an appointment for a friend who lost her husband. I asked why I saw the color red all around her. She said that the friend she wanted me to read for loves the color red (it’s her favorite color). She went on to say that just that morning she had asked for a sign that she was supposed to contact me and a Red Cardinal flew right in front of her face! The animal spirit guides spoke to both of us in the way each of us could understand.

10. Why Did I See My Spirit Animal “Dead”

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Raccoons are your Spirit Animal. You’re driving along and see one lying dead on the side of the road. Lions are your Spirit Animal and you read about poachers killing another one. In your dream, your beautiful Whale is floating, lifeless, in the deep ocean.

As earlier stated, animals are not afraid of change. Most often, seeing dead animals means change is coming. This is a powerful subject so please take a few moments to read my in-depth article “Dead Animals – Symbolism, Meaning, & Omens”.

How Do I Integrate My Spirit Animal’s Teachings & Medicine Into My Life

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THIS is my favorite Spirit Animal question! Since there are so many ways to tap into the medicine, energy, and teachings of your Spirit Animal, below you’ll find a simple list.

  • Ask your Spirit Animal to bring you messages in your dreams or meditations

  • Read your Spirit Animal Meanings.

  • Paint, draw or sculpt your Spirit Animals. Write or sing a song about your Spirit Animal. Creativity is a co-creation with the Great Spirit. I’ve heard tons of stories about folks whose Spirit Animals spoke to them while they were involved in an artistic endeavor. In fact, my own Spirit Animals told me to write this article!

  • Volunteer at an animal rescue or sanctuary. I’m not a fan of zoos but if you’re OK with it then go visit the animals. Your Spirit Animal may not live there but just being around wildlife can help connect you.

  • create a vision board. Find a piece of or wood or a corkboard and fill it up with pictures, cards, and other memorabilia that remind you of your Spirit Animal.

  • Once you know what messages your Spirit Animals have brought you, be mindful of the times you are not walking in their power. For example, if you want to attend college but are afraid of the finances. And, maybe Squirrel showed up as your Spirit Animal. Squirrels know all about saving up for the winter so the next time you’re about to spend $10 at Starbucks, call on Squirrel to help you, well, squirrel away that ten instead!

  • Watch documentaries and read books about animals – in particular your Spirit Animal.

  • Learn all you can about your animal’s behavior (mating, eating, learning habits, habitat, origins, etc.)

  • Find animal quotes. Print them to carry with you or put on your vision board.

Spirit Animal Questions Wrap Up

There are tons of ways to find and connect with your Spirit Animal. I hope the answers to the Top 10 11 Questions helps you find peace and healing. I hope you find the courage to take risks, make magic, and create endlessly. But, most of all, I hope these answers help you become or stay wild and free.

Stay wild,

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***Special Note About Comments***

WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com is SO blessed to receive TONS of readers and commenters from all over the globe. We have thousands of participants and I would love to personally respond to each comment and question. Though I'm trying to figure out how to be more like the Octopus and have eight arms to work with, for now I only have two. This means I can only respond as time allows. If your Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal question is deeply important to you, perhaps you'll consider booking a Shamanic Spirit Animal Reading with me.


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    My life needs so much Direction I Would love to know my spiritual animal thank you

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    Everywhere I go, in my vehicle, outside, in any ones home, I see spiders..spiders everywhere! I always find these beautiful creatures crawling all over me! I have a doctorate for arachnology but is it possible that my babies are my spirit guides?

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    How can you distinguish a spirit animal from a totem animal? How can you find your totem and spirit animals?

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