Spirit Animalscopes: Horoscopes & Tarot Reading for April 2021

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April 2021 Horoscopes Overview:
Elephant Spirit Animal & Justice

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April is a very special month to me, because it is Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Month. I’ve pledged to donate Five Thousand dollars to organizations that help our beloved animal allies over the course of 2021.

As many new and exciting projects are coming to fruition, including the start of my new Kickstarter campaign, I am reminded by this month’s special significance of my personal commitment to helping animals. It’s one thing to turn to the animal realms for spiritual guidance and connection through the use of the Ark and other Oracle decks, but walking in harmony with the animals also requires us to look closely at how our choices impact the animals around us.

April is the height of Aries season, and the sign of the Warrior can remind us all of our mission to protect animals and nature. Later in the month we transition to Taurus season, the sign of the practical and hard working Bull, associated with abundance and comfort. For all the joy and wisdom animals bring into our lives, this is a great time to reflect on how we can help them in return.

This month’s animal messenger is Elephant, who symbolizes justice. Very appropriate since this is also a month that we are reminded of campaigns to protect animals from cruelty. Elephant isn’t just about doling out Karma and Justice, however, but also calls us to deeper reflection on the consequences of our own actions. This could include the consequences of our choices on other people, other beings, the environment or even other facets of our own lives. Elephants never forget and they are attuned to the empathy and social contracts that allow groups to work well.
With Elephant’s guidance, take some time this month to become more aware of the short and long term implications of your own choices and actions. When Elephant is working with you, there is no room to cut corners. Unjust decisions will bring consequences.

This month, Elephant walks with you through transitions that may shake your foundation now. But Elephant helps you to see that a higher order of justice and balance is at work, even if you can’t imagine how to right every wrong.

Some of the major transits underway for this month include a Mercury transit into Aries on April Third, bringing clarity and assertiveness with communication.

On the 14th of this month, Venus enters Taurus, the sign ruled by this planet. This places a greater emphasis on love, beauty and creature comforts.

A few days later on April 16th, the Sun in Aries forms a Square with Pluto in Capricorn. This can present challenges between what you personally desire and your best laid ambitions and your need to dig deeper and unpack traditions and routines that stifle your dreams. You may have to contend with traditions or hierarchies that stand in the way of your quest. The road is not blocked, though, you just need to dig deeper to find your way through what seems like an obstruction.

On April 19th the Sun enters Taurus. You may feel an urge to spend more time in nature or with your animal friends. This is a great time to shine light on what you value and set your priorities accordingly. You may also have a boost in your finances now.

On April 23rd, Mars enters Cancer and this makes home and family a higher priority. You may become more focused on nurturing others and your protective instincts can border on obsessiveness or jealousy if you aren’t careful.

On April 25th Saturn in Aquarius comes into a conflictual square with both Venus and Mercury in Taurus. This can bring shakeups in regards to your financial standing, or your sense of security among friends or in career. An innovative mindset is valuable now as the status quo won’t help you solve unusual conflicts that arise.

On April 27th , Pluto in Capricorn begins a retrograde cycle. This also reiterates the lessons of Elephant and the Justice archetype. Capricorn deals with the plat, traditions and structures that seem unchangeable, yet Pluto deals with drilling deep beneath the surface to uncover hidden truths and transform our structures and systems in a more just and fair way. This retrograde cycle may call us to revisit and review aspects of business, finances, career and government that were not equitable to begin with and need to be revised.

The New Moon this month is on April 12th in the sign of Aries. This is a good time to delve into new projects and plans that require focus, confidence and assertiveness. Take action now while your passions are engaged.

On April 27th, the Full Moon in Scorpio may call you to delve deeper into your mystical and intuitive side and to usher in transformations that lead to greater personal empowerment. This can be a great time for enhancing your intuition, forming deep connections to others and finding your inner authority.

Aries Horoscope:
African Lynx Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

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Chart your own path to success.

African Lynx, also known as Caracal, is graceful and strong and prefers to hunt in solitude. Yet African Lynx knows their limits. They know that sometimes it takes a group effort to get the job done. Like African Lynx, Aries, you are independent and ambitious.

But be honest with yourself, would you still work as hard to succeed if no one was looking?

Perhaps you would, but if you are more motivated by the recognition and praise you stand to receive from others, now is a really good time to examine why your goals matter to you. Set your sights on a solitary path now as you strive for success on your own terms.

Venus in Aries trine your ruling planet, Mars in Gemini, on the first of the month kicks off April with a flavor of passion and intensity. This is a great time to spice up a romantic connection and speak your mind and share your feelings with a loved one.

By the fifth, a party is going on in your sign, with Mercury the Messenger in alignment with Chiron the Wounded Healer, the Sun and Venus. This can be an intense week as you may feel strong urges to act to resolve past wounds and communicate your needs to others. Relationships may trigger a strong reaction now.

While it is important to be true to your feelings and speak your mind, don’t let knee-jerk reactions undermine your connections to others. Even if you need to take time out to sort out your feelings, it’s better to take some time alone than to try to force a resolution by acting on impulse.

By the 10th, this lineup is intensified by the Moon also joining these planets and adding greater intensity to your intuition and emotions. By the 15th, the intense energy from so many planets in Aries is relieved as the Moon and Venus move on to Taurus.

At this time midmonth, you may feel the intense pressure is off and your passions may still be strong but are not as likely to flare up with little provocation. This can also be a time in which you switch from feeling highly motivated and urgently compelled to pursue your goals to fueling action toward your goals by a more steady pace of motivation.

You may be able to think more clearly then, especially about matters related to love. African Lynx can help you to step aside from the drama all throughout this time, however you may need to work hard to fight against your impulsive instincts up until the fifteenth.

By the seventeenth, your ruling planet, Mars, is in a favorable aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius and also to Mercury in Aries. This can be a great time to expand your thinking and dabble in new and experimental social networking platforms or to embrace new and unusual ideas and to communicate with a larger audience in creative, unusual and dramatic ways.

The fortunate trine between Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius lingers for several days and even as Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd of April. This may feel like a lucky time for you. Be clear about your ambitions and how you spend your time and energy now. Lucky breaks and unusual opportunities can surface but try to not get distracted by doing too much at once.

The 23rd through the 30th may bring greater focus on matters of family, home and personal business. You may become more private, protective and even possessive of those you care about. Protect your home and business interests now and take initiative to find motivation and support from family.

Taurus Horoscope:
Carp Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

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Short term sacrifice, long term gains.

It may surprise you to learn that the beautiful carp, beloved in Japanese culture, can live as long as two hundred years. That’s a lot of time to work toward your goals and more than enough time to learn valuable life lessons.

What would you do if you had two hundred years to make your mark on the world? No one will accuse you of acting in a hurry, Taurus, but even still, Carp’s potential for long range insight can teach even the patient Bull a thing or two.

This month, swim deeper in your emotional waters and try to gain perspective. What streams have you already traveled through? Which do you need to swim through currently? You may not need to have all the answers right now, and acting in response to an immediate situation can short change you in the long run. Think of the big picture. What is your endgame?

From the 5th through the 15th, you may feel pressure boiling over as your ruling planet, Venus is in Aries surrounded by a growing lineup of planets including the Moon, Mercury, Chiron, and the Sun. This can intensify your emotions and make you feel like every decision is a matter of life and death.

Slow down and breathe through it. You may feel restless, anxious and not being one to panic and give in to impulses, your body may begin to somaticize symptoms of all this intense fiery energy. It may take more effort to unwind and sleep at night, for example. You may also feel jittery or look to your favorite comfort foods more often than usual.

Keep yourself grounded, this is a good month to sink deeper into your emotions for the purpose of healing, not for the purpose of reacting.

By the 21st, most of the lineup of planets, including your ruling planet Venus, has shifted into Taurus. This may still feel hectic to some extent, but in your sign, these planets feel like they are on more familiar ground. Venus comes close to radical and intense Uranus on the week of the 21st and as Venus passes by Uranus, brace yourself for unusual and shocking realizations to surface dealing with business, health, relationships and finances.

Your sense of security may be rattled during this week, but you’ll still largely feel like you can handle the situation. Try to be open to creative solutions now, don’t lock yourself into rigid rules now.

This stellium of planets in Taurus continues until the end of the month, though the tension and excitement they create may start to dissipate in intensity toward the 30th.

As you go through this month, tumultuous and unexpected changes may challenge your sense of financial security in particular. Remember the lessons from Carp as you try to sink in to your deeper wisdom. On the larger trajectory of your life, the waves you ride through now may seem like a tense but temporary detour.

Gemini Horoscope:
Rhinoceros Spirit Animal & King of Pentacles

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Basking in hard earned luxuries.

You may not always express your opulent desires, Gemini, as you can talk yourself into and out of splurging at the drop of a hat. But this month is definitely the time to treat yourself like royalty.

Rhinocerus and the King of Pentacles remind you of the importance of pampering yourself on every level. Treat your body like a temple, indulge in spiritual experiences that bring you joy. Take a mental health day- your wheels are always spinning and you seldom take a break. Now is the time to decompress and enjoy some simple (or elaborate) pleasures.

Do the things that bring pleasure into your life, spend time with friends, curl up with a book, visit a museum, take a class, write, go hiking or treat yourself to a night out at the theater.
As you bask in the fruits of your labor and enjoy pleasures, you’re also inspiring others to not take life so seriously, slow down and smell the roses.

Early in the month, your ruling planet Mercury the Messenger is in emotional and compassionate Pisces. Mercury in this sign can lead you to become more highly aware of your intuition but can also lead to fantasy based thinking and illusions. Then again, early this month you may feel bursts of creativity and divinely inspired art, writing or music.

After the fourth, Mercury enters into Aries. In this sign, your ruling planet inspires you with greater clarity of thinking and focus. You may become more confident in your beliefs and sure of yourself. You may also express yourself in more playful ways.

From the tenth until about the 21st, an intense lineup in Aries amidst your ruling planet will also lead to more concentrated energy which can translate into restlessness and anxieties. You may feel like your mind is spinning faster now.

Remember the message from Rhino and try to channel some of this energy into creative and fun endeavors that diffuse your intense energy.

From the 23rd through to the end of the month, Mercury is transiting Taurus and comes into close connection with wild and unruly Uranus and Venus. This can be a great time to spice up your love life.

Your favorite luxuries and fantasies in love and romance may be tuned up a bit as you become more open to experimenting in love and romance. Your financial prospects may change dramatically yet even amidst turbulent changes you’ll be likely to feel like you’re getting a lucky break. Rather than plans falling apart, this period of time will bring new doors opening.

You may feel inclined to let loose and let go now. While others may cringe as you throw caution to the wind, you may feel inspired by a new found freedom. Even in love and relationships, you may feel light and playful, breaking the rules and experimenting with new ways to show your love and affection for others.

Cancer Horoscope:
Lion Spirit Animal & Strength

lion spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Accomplishing the impossible.

This is a time for you to flex your muscle, Cancer. Though you usually walk in the strength of empathy and intuition and prefer not to confront others who challenge your views, this month you may find it easier to set aside your demure nature and stand firm in your integrity and beliefs.

Lion is here to guide you through the month, role modeling the majesty and grace of being able to hold your head high and walk with dignity. You don’t need to be loud to be firm, as Lion will not stoop to a low level but takes pride in reputation.

Take this cue as you come out on top even when the pressure is on. If you need to make an impact on others, show the confidence you have in yourself first and others will follow suit.

On April 2nd, your ruling planet, the Moon, is transiting through Sagittarius and makes a square to Jupiter in Pisces. This can be a conflictual aspect but even when a planet challenges mighty Jupiter, there is still a sense of lucky opportunities to work things out. Jupiter being in Pisces, a sign that nicely complements your own, you can find solutions by becoming more intuitive and creative, thinking outside the box instead of trying to use logic and tradition to appeal to authority of the status quo.

From the fourth to the fifth, as the Moon passes by Pluto in Capricorn, you may feel the sudden need to make a final decision related to money and career. If you’ve had a loss, this may be the final step to accepting that what’s done is done and it’s time to move on.

On the 10th through about the 16th, you may feel a renewed burst of physical and mental energy as you plans become clear and focused now. You may also sense tension in your relationships but this can help you find motivation to pursue your goals during this time. Changes may happen fast during this time, though, so stay alert.

From the 17th to the 23rd, you may feel a heightened sense of growing urgency around matters of business, family and home and your intuition and mind is on high alert to the needs of your family and loved ones. By the 24th you may feel like you can settle into routines that are more stable.

On the 24th, Mars enters your sign and this can light up issues in your life related to home, security, family and business or finances. This also kicks off with a square to the Moon now entering Libra and you may want to make others happy and create harmony and diplomacy but still feel compelled to act out overprotectively toward people who are in your inner circle.

By the 27th, the Moon is in Scorpio opposite Venus and Mercury in Taurus. This can be an intense time for managing your finances and your desire for security in a relationship may be upset by your need to protect your interests rather than revealing your sensitive emotions. Around this time, Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn, across from your Sun Sign, so lots of opposition energy can create tension now.

You may have to dig deeper to recognize and release inner fears related to career or financial security. You may also have a chance to revisit issues of loss and changes that have not been completely processed until now.

By the 30th, the Moon is in Capricorn in an opposition to Mars transiting Cancer. You may have to work through conflicts between what makes you feel secure and at home and what others expect from you. Financial or business stress can also undermine the comfort you’re trying to create at home. You may have to sort out your strategy going forward now because your impulses can undermine your ability to create the solid foundation you want.

Leo Horoscope:
Black Panther Spirit Animal & Queen of Wands

black panther spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Follow your altruistic vision.

Sleek, savvy and regal, Black Panther and the archetypal Queen of Wands walks with you now. You can more easily tap in to your creative, visionary power this month.

Let Black Panther remind you that your greatest potential doesn’t work against your humanitarian and altruistic calling but rather that the two go hand in hand.

This can be a great time for you to flesh out your vision and breathe new life into your ambitions, as your successes are linked with the collective, strive to raise the floor this month rather than trying to advance only your own personal goals.

A steady influence on you this month are the planets of Jupiter and Saturn, slowly moving through Aquarius, and opposing your natal Sun Sign. These two planetary Kings, the Philosopher and Disciplinarian, are likely to awaken conflicts that force you to confront your inner struggle between what you feel you need or want for yourself and what you need to give up for the greater good of the collective.

Your calling may involve a radical new viewpoint or dramatic change in relationship to being the leader. Rather than following a path because it is best for you, you are now challenged to look at balancing what is best for you in alignment with the collective.

On the tenth through the fifteenth, you may become excited by new prospects and adventures that require you to step up boldly. A lot of changes and commotion may be taking place, especially in career and love life during this time, but don’t get lost in the noise. Try to maintain your focus. What is the best possible outcome not only for you but for you to maintain harmony with others?

The New Moon on the twelfth may bring fresh perspective and give you a strong push you’ve needed in order to get motivated and active again.

Competition and athletic endeavors or intellectual endeavors that challenge you to go farther than you normally would may call to you at this time.

A few days later on the 18th, the Sun is coming closer to Venus and conjunct Mercury while making a friction filled square to Pluto in Capricorn. This may dredge up conflicts and tension in relationships with family and colleagues. You may feel compelled to branch out in new ways especially in career, while feeling stifled by finances or restrictive rules at work that force you to slow down and reconsider your approach to reaching your goals. Read the fine print now.

By the 19th, the Sun enters Taurus and the Moon will be transiting your sign, Leo. You may feel the desire to tend to your creature comforts and to splurge on some luxuries today. Pamper yourself but try not to distract yourself with materialistic solutions to deeper problems.

From the 22nd until the end of the month, a lineup of planets in Taurus including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and the Moon’s entry into earthy Virgo may leave you having to deal with practical matters. These matters may involve details related to your finances, routines, work and health that may seem tedious and stifling but are nonetheless important.

The square between Saturn in Aquarius and Venus and Uranus in Taurus on the 23rd can aggravate tensions between your desire for comfort and security and the attitudes and actions of a group of friends or community you’re affiliated with. Dramatic and unexpected changes can challenge your financial plans now as well. This is not a time to get too attached to any financial plan, career path or marker of status as many unexpected changes can take place in the coming weeks.

The Full Moon on the 27th brings the energy of Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus to the surface. You may be start to question the deeper impact your work has had now. This is also a good time to dig deeper and face inner turmoil and insecurities about how you are dealing with power and authority especially in career or in managing finances.

Also around this time, the Sun comes into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus and this can shake things up in regards to your sense of security, health, career and finances. You may have an unexpected (and unwelcome!) expense that has to be dealt with, while at the same time unusually fortunate doors may be opening. It may feel like a whirlwind now, as you can’t quite figure out if the changes underway around you are working in your favor or not.

When the rollercoaster ride settles toward the beginning of May, you’ll be better able to look back and determine what changes work to your advantage. You’ll be able to use your creativity and confidence to make the best of the dramatic changes that are bubbling up to the surface now.

Virgo Horoscope:
Koala Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

koala spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Nurture your way to contentment.

Koalas have more in common, biologically, with Kangaroos than with bears. In spite of their nickname, they aren’t bears but marsupials. Take a clue from Koala and hold what is dear to you close this month. Koala carries their young close to their bodies for protection. Koalas are also relatively laid back.

Laid back are two words that don’t easily find their way into your vocabulary, Virgo. But this is an important time to strive for a more passive approach to finding happiness. You are an ace at scouring the horizon for details so you can always be prepared.

But Koala reminds you to tune in to the earth, to nature and to your higher wisdom. Have faith that if you nurture what is important to you, you’ll be able to let the rest fall into place. It doesn’t take much to make Koala feel secure and happy, so take their lead and don’t sweat the small stuff now.

When a card is inverted, or reversed, it can be interpreted in different ways. It can be seen as an indication of distractions or detours that take you off track from the potential outcome. An inverted card can also signal your potential to embody the archetype of the card if you can gain deeper insights and adjust your perceptions.

In this case, Koala may stand as a role model of the relaxed, nurturing style you could adapt if you stretch far out of your comfort zone. You can look at Koala as embodying the principle that “less is more” and that you can be more successful by not trying so hard to fight an uphill battle.

Planetary transits this month are concentrated outside of your sign, but that doesn’t mean planetary activity won’t impact you. Starting the month off, your planetary ruler, Mercury the Messenger, is cozying up to Neptune in Neptune’s sign of Pisces. This can lead to some mental fogginess, confusion, fantasy based thinking and illusions early in the month.

Though you are typically immune to illusions because of your analytical skills, this is a time in which you may actually benefit from dabbling in the creative and imaginative more than the logical. Don’t lose your foundation and anchor now, but use creative outlets like reading and writing to explore the world of “what if…”

If you have to make a clear decision about a major life change, try to avoid doing so in the first few days of this month. Your desires and wishes may influence your choices more than cold hard facts.

On the 5th through the 20th, your ruling planet Mercury is in Aries and this brings more direct, decisive and clarity of thought that makes it easier for you to make important decisions. At the same time, Mercury is just one of several planets including the Sun, Venus, Chiron and briefly, the Moon, to be lined up in Aries.

During this time, your thinking may become more concrete and militant. You may have to try harder to slow down, even though you are typically patient and cautious. You may feel pressured to act fast when this is not your nature. Try to let go of what you can’t control and use this energy as motivation to the best of your ability.

By the 20th, Mercury moves into Taurus and this energy will feel more comfortable for you because Taurus is a fellow earth sign. Even as a lineup of planets come into conjunction in Taurus, the energy won’t feel as intense and pressured to you.

The 20th through the end of the month you may do well to monitor your investments and take time to enjoy what you are working so hard to manifest. Take a cooking class or spend time in the garden. Take a walk in nature or treat yourself to a luxurious massage or new wardrobe.

Practical forms of nurturing and pampering yourself and others are in order at this time as you may be long overdue for recharging your batteries and not realize it. This can also be a good time to bring stability and security to a romantic relationship.

The final weeks of this month may be spent securing and grounding the intense friction and chaotic energy you felt earlier in the month. Try to set roots down now.

On the 26th, the Moon in Scorpio comes into opposition to Uranus in Taurus and will come into opposition with the Sun in Taurus soon after, at the time of the Full Moon. This can be an important time for you to challenge yourself to let go of superficial trappings of security and control. Finding your power from within, not from status or material wealth, may be a lesson that repeats during this time.

You may also be called to revise or revisit your goals, making adjustments to plans and goals that have been important to you so that your plans will ultimately succeed.

Libra Horoscope:
Chicken Spirit Animal & Oracle Card INVERTED

chicken spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
Animalscopes images from award winning, best selling “The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”. Click to buy your copy NOW!

Finding your place in the crowd.

Chicken is working with you this month, and this can be a good time to nurture your social network and find your place in a larger group effort. Chickens are social but they are also bold and don’t hold back. They will assert themselves as they find their status in the crowd and once the ‘pecking order’ is established, the collaborative work begins.

When a card is inverted, it doesn’t diminish the meaning but can indicate a potential that is not being fulfilled or a delay taking place. This may be a good month for you to examine whether you are really giving yourself enough of a platform to have your voice heard.

Are you accepting the rules of a group or crowd without question? If so, Chicken may be trying to indicate you need to scratch beneath the surface and make your opinions known. Chicken may be trying to tell you not to hold back, that you can be part of the group without acquiescing to the attitudes of everyone else.

You may be called to make some adjustment to your ideas and perspectives so that you aren’t being overrun by group-think now, while also being mindful of your shared collaborative goals as part of the group.

The majority of planetary action this month is not taking place in your sign, Libra, but a number of important aspects are shaping up in signs that are in opposition to your sign, specifically in the sign of Aries.

Aries is your opposing sign, which means that planets transiting Aries trigger events in your life in a way that causes you to question and confront your assumptions and work harder to reconcile conflicts so you can integrate important lessons and become stronger and wiser.

In the beginning of the month, and until about the twentieth, a majority of planets are lining up in Aries. The Sun, Chiron, Mercury and your ruling planet Venus, joined briefly by the Moon, will be aligned in Aries. This brings tension and intensity. You may feel the need to break from the crowd and do things on your own timing.

Though you are typically not a self-serving or selfish person, you may suddenly feel compelled to disregard what others think or feel and act only in your own best interests. Yet this is completely out of character for you.

This can create an internal struggle that spans a few weeks. You may start to dream of going your own way and not caring what others think, while also feeling bound to the desire for approval in spite of your desire for independence. This can lead to resentment if you are not stepping back to really examine your boundaries.

This intense energy and focus on individualism and personal ambition can actually become a needed boost that helps you to find your own autonomy in relationships now. Being a Libra, you don’t have to worry about becoming inconsiderate and abandoning others, it’s just not in your nature. Yet this could be a time of tension that compels you to get out of your comfort zone and do what is right for you even if you don’t have the approval of others at first.

This energy is particularly strong on the 11th through the 13th because your ruling planet, Venus, is coming into conjunction with both the Sun and Moon, and this encompasses the time of the New Moon. This can be a great time for you to break away from insecurities and doubts and embark on something new and refreshing and also personally challenging.

It can also be a time for you to speak up for yourself more assertively in relationships without worrying about needing to placate others.

On the 15th, Venus enters earthy Taurus which gives a very nurturing and stabilizing energy to this planet. You may feel like being pampered or look for tangible signs that others love you. Don’t let your insecurities play with your mind if you don’t see such evidence right away. Instead, try to create an atmosphere of love, affection and nurturing for yourself.

By the 20th, you may feel dramatic shockwaves in your financial and romantic life as Venus comes into conjunction with unpredictable and intense Uranus. Uranus is rebellious and brings much needed but completely uncomfortable, changes to the surface. Don’t try to fight against a change in progress, be open and try to let go now.

On the 27th and through the end of the month, Venus remains in a line up with other planets in Taurus and comes into an opposition with the Moon around the time of the Full Moon. Jealousy and suspicions may be a signal that something is out of balance especially in love. Don’t make assumptions, however. Sit with the discomfort and go deeper. Reflect on what may really be driving your fears now.

Scorpio Horoscope:
Silkworm Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

silkworm spirit animal horoscope 300x471
Silkworm represents Protection, Wealth, & Sensuality! Discover the Silkworm’s Meaning, Medicine, & Messages for life-changing insights! Click to buy your copy of The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck, now!

Delving into intuitive power.

Silkworm is famous for the valuable thread they produce and are also known for having a luminescent appearance. This makes Silkworm a symbol of both lunar energy and all things related to this including intuition and spiritual reawakening.

Silkworm is now inching into your life to remind you that the time has come for a greater reinvention and reconnection to your higher ideals. You may be called to create something beautiful and valuable and manifestation work can be quite productive for you this month, if you take the time to delve deeper into your intuition.

This month, your two planetary rulers are going to primarily be traveling through nurturing signs. Pluto has been in Capricorn and remains here, following a slow and unusual orbit, and entering into a retrograde motion as of the 27th. At this time, you may have to retread over financial paperwork, revisit old business or career plans, or review other traditions or legal paperwork in order to work through conflicts and get clear about where to place your focus moving forward.

If you haven’t fully healed from recent losses, you may have to dive deeper at the end of this month and revisit lessons from harsh challenges and situations that tested your confidence and sense of security.

Backtracking to earlier in the month, on the 10th, Pluto in Capricorn comes into a square with Venus in Aries. You may have to dig deeper and face your fears and jealousies regarding a relationship issue. Clashing with a partner or vying for power with a loved one will be tempting but may not be productive now.

Financial decisions or career related issues that require dramatic change can now cause frustration in a friendship or close relationship. Try to be adaptable at this time.

From the 10th through about the 20th, a number of planets exiting Aries will pass into a square with Pluto. This resembles a relay race in which each of the planets hits the square to Pluto on the way into Taurus. So the impact may be intense but brief, but then echoed in a new way with each planet’s passage from Aries to Taurus.

In addition to the square with Venus described above, the Moon, Mercury and the Sun will also form a square with Pluto over the course of consecutive days, leading to a general sense that this is an intense and stressful week in which an issue keeps resurfacing and needing to be dealt with. Be mindful of how you communicate with others now, your frustration may come across in ways you didn’t intend.

By the 23rd, your sign’s other planetary ruler, Mars, is also slated to enter a nurturing sign, Cancer. From this point until the end of the month, your intuition can be heightened and your dreams more vivid. You may become more focused on issues related to healing family relationships and paying attention to your home life.

Around the 27th, also close to the time of Pluto’s retrograde motion, the Full Moon will also occur in your sign. You may be called to look below the surface and trust your intuition even if it leads you against the path of conventional wisdom.

This is particularly true when it comes to romance and finances. You may have to make difficult choices now, try to look at your deeper motivation. What outcome really matters to you? Are you really trying for the most efficient path? Or is the temptation of status and power factoring in? You may need to be more flexible than you expected in order to work through a conflict in finances or love now.

Sagittarius Horoscope:
Alligator Spirit Animal & Page of Cups

alligator spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Making peace with feelings.

Sagittarius, you are ready, willing and able to make peace and create harmony with anyone and anything… almost. You try to hide your deeper feelings because you prefer to approach life from a philosophical standpoint.

This month, Alligator is helping you to bridge the distance between your mind and your heart. Alligator knows all about walking this balance, as they can get deep beneath the surface of emotional waters and also tap into the intellectual realms of air and land.

Alligator is perceptive and emotionally sensitive, attuned to the energy of healing and love around them. Take Alligator’s lead this month and try to sink deeper into your emotional layers. This may just be the time for you to welcome new love or strengthen an existing relationship.

This month begins with some exciting aspects that impact your sign. The Moon is in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini on the 1st. At the same time, Mars in Gemini is in a favorable trine position to your planetary ruler, Jupiter in Aquarius.

You may feel strain and stress as important beliefs related to home and family are challenged now. Working in your favor is a connection to inspiring and influential people in your community and you may be on the brink of expanding into new groups and organizations and sharing your influence on a broader scale.

By the 10th, your planetary ruler Jupiter in Aquarius is in a favorable trine to Mars in Gemini and this can trigger exciting breakthroughs in thinking related to new ideas, revolutionary changes in your interests and brand new perceptions that bring a bright spotlight onto new possibilities for you.

You may even adopt new language or ways of communicating in order to integrate new and dramatically different ideas into your personal zeitgeist.

This transit lasts until about the 18th so you may feel compelled to explore new studies and read controversial and taboo books as you open your mind to new subjects and perspectives.

You may also become more confident and adamant in your ideas at this time, so try to remember the lesson from Silkworm as you soften away from intense and obsessive thinking.

On the 21st, the Moon in Leo comes into opposition with Jupiter in Aquarius. You may face tension between your own personal and individualistic needs and what others are asking of you. Group rules and expectations or social norms may challenge a deep desire to show your maverick side now. Try to find a happy medium between conformity and rugged individualism now.

Around the 28th, the Moon once again cycles through your sign and this can reawaken your intuition and dredge up feelings you’ve been trying to suppress. Don’t be afraid to channel your emotions and intuition in the service of striving to explore your ideals. Your emotions won’t drown you, as Alligator reminds you, you can still feel deeply and walk on dry land.

Capricorn Horoscope:
Armadillo Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

armadillo spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Standing up to protect community.

Armadillo has a reputation for being tough. But they aren’t defensive and cold. Armadillo teaches that we can protect our emotions while still using our emotional motivation to act in defense of our communities.

You may feel a protective instinct over your family, workplace or other aspects of your community this month. Let Armadillo remind you not to isolate yourself. You can protect your vulnerable emotions while still showing up and walking through conflict.

A tough exterior need not bury your feelings and make you disconnected from others. Armadillo is here to help you remember that you can be an important ally to those who don’t feel as confident as you feel.

The main event taking place in your sign this month is Pluto’s retrograde motion in Capricorn as of the 27th. You may have to retread over old territory when it comes to finances, career and even when it comes to re-examining traditions.

This is not a time to hold on to the past for the sake of sentimentality. Change is coming, even if you don’t feel ready and even if you are comfortable with the way things currently are.
Your ruling planet, Saturn, remains in Aquarius and starts the month in a trine aspect to Mars in Gemini. This is a great time to embrace breakthroughs and changes in your perceptions and paradigms, even if doing so radically challenges the status quo.

Also, through most of the month, Saturn in Aquarius is trine the North Node in Gemini. You may feel compelled to move in strange and unorthodox directions breaking with tradition and causing you to be unsettled. Yet beneath the anxiety is an awareness that you are coming home to your destiny.

You may have a growing awareness that you have an important role to play in society as part of a group or campaign or even among groups of friends. Though you may want to stay out and mind your own business, you may not be able to fight a deeper, pervasive, inner drive to be a facilitator of change and justice in a group setting.

Remember Armadilo’s lesson here and show your compassion while keeping your strong boundaries. Your desire to protect your community will have plenty of outlets this month as you may repeatedly be called into the service of helping others.

Around the 27th as well, Saturn in Aquarius is square to Venus in Taurus. This may be a particularly challenging time in love and financial matters. You may have to work through misunderstandings or dramatic differences in expectations as others may not understand your calling to fulfill your larger mission now.

Aquarius Horoscope:
Donkey Spirit Animal & Oracle Card

donkey spirit animal horoscope 300x471
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Kick out in rebellion.

Donkey is actually gentle and modest, tolerating the many burdens we place on them. Yet when pushed to their limits, Donkey will kick back. In their own way, they rebel against being taken advantage of.

Because Donkey periodically asserts their individuality, they are sometimes judged as stubborn. Yet you may relate to this unfair judgment Aquarius, as you are a free thinker who can’t be backed into a corner. You follow your own instincts and for all your friendly nature, you know how to let others know when they’ve pushed too far.

No wonder Donkey is coming around now to help you protect your own interests, even if it means you have to bray out loud to make your voice known.

Take a hint from Donkey now. You can be jovial and cooperative, but let others know what your limits are.

This month begins with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius again. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is also still in Taurus. Early this month, Saturn is forming a square to Uranus and this has a long range impact of causing strife and tension. You may feel alienated from the crowd or struggle to adapt to unexpected changes to your financial prospects.

Your individual streak may be triggered now and as much as you want to find your place in the group, you may be unnerved by rapid changes that challenge your beliefs about communities you once felt a part of.

The 5th through 7th can be an intense time for you emotionally as well as the Moon is transiting your sign and triggering both Saturn and Jupiter. You may feel more intuitively motivated and feelings can be stirred up easily. You may feel triggered to react impulsively, only finding relief after you lash out or react strongly.

It may also be harder for you to keep your emotions stifled now. Try to channel them as creatively as possible now. The intense energy from the stellium of Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Moon in Aries mid-month may fuel your motivation and leave you feeling more energized than usual.

But this can also be a more difficult time for you to control your impulses. You may find it harder to moderate your reactions so be careful of acting out on your temper.

By the 24th, a lineup of planets including the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Taurus and are coming closer to Uranus in Taurus. This can bring shocking disruptions to your finances and love life.

As much as you try to plan to have the upper hand, you may not be able to anticipate all of the unusual twists and turns underway now. Try to let go and go with the flow.

Around the time of the Full Moon on the 27th, the Moon will also trigger an opposition with your ruling planet, Uranus. You may have shocking revelations that bring secrets to the surface. Though this may make you feel like you’re left facing insecurities and fears, doing so will add strength and give you a powerful new perspective. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself now.

Pisces Horoscope:
Tasmanian Devil Spirit Animal & Five of Wands INVERTED

tasmanian devil spirit animal horoscope inverted 300x471
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Show your ferocious passions.

Tasmanian Devil is cute and petite, but they know how to make it clear when others are intruding on their territory. You prefer a passive and compassionate approach, Pisces, but this month you may have to show your ferocious side.

You don’t have to do this in an aggressive way, of course. You can channel your passion through creativity instead of turning a disagreement into a fight. Yet be sure to stand up for yourself and your views, rather than fading to the background when others disagree with you.

When a card is inverted, it can indicate delays or detours. It can also show a potential that you have yet to live up to. For example, Pisces, your ferocious inner Taz may need the right catalyst, otherwise you may prefer to bypass conflicts altogether.

Let Tasmanian Devil show you how to push back in a struggle without being unnecessarily aggressive.

The month begins with Neptune conjunct Mercury in your sign, Pisces. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and this gives added power to your intuition. You can become more eloquent and diplomatic now and your thoughts may be muddled by desire and fantasies. At the same time, this can be a great time for your creativity and intuition to surface.

By the fourth, Neptune forms a square with Mars in Gemini. This can again be an important time to look out for miscommunications. Don’t dismiss logic and analysis as you may be tempted to just follow fantasy and imagination now, without giving careful consideration to harsh realities and obstacles on your path.

Around the 9th and 10th, your intuition may spike as the Moon passes by your planetary ruler, Neptune. Pay attention to your dreams during this time and take some time to nurture yourself and others.

Around the 23rd, the Moon in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This is an ideal time to blend your concrete, practical and nurturing side with your spiritual, compassionate and psychic nature. You may be better able to focus on tedious detail and put business and financial plans in order. In addition, moves made for your health and improvements to diet may be more successful if started now.

Around the Full Moon on the 27th, your intuition may be spiked by the Moon in Scorpio coming into a trine with Neptune in Pisces. Your creativity and artistic nature may be stimulated now. This is a great time to delve deeper into artistic endeavors and spiritual pursuits. Your psychic instincts can be strong now as well.

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