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Falcon & Red Tailed Hawk Birth Totem

Some Native American, Shamanic, & Medicine Wheel Astrologers use a Red Tailed Hawk for this totem. Falcon people have an amazing aptitude to ferret out new paths and patterns. They use that keen eyesight so that when the right direction shows itself they swoop in before others have a chance of grabbing that prize.

Falcon & Red Tailed Hawk Birth Totem Overview

If you were born during the dates of March 21 – April 19th in the Northern Hemisphere or September 23 – October 22 in the Southern Atmosphere your Native American Zodiac Sign is the dignified Falcon (Red Tailed Hawk).

To put this in context of Western Astrology you’d be a Aries (north) or Libra (south). This is an interesting contrast because Aries have tons of energy while Libras tend to meter things.

One thing that’s really important to Falcons is being true to self and becoming wholly self-aware.

Without that its difficult to achieve the leadership roles that Falcon seeks out so earnestly. The awakened Falcon spirit, however, is a true trail blazer, using wisdom for wings.

With Falcon in your chart you have a nearly fearless approach toward what others consider ground breaking and revolution. Falcon can really get its feathers fluffed when people can’t appreciate that vision.

This is a point where Falcon must remain sensitive to the differences between Native American Zodiac signs and respect those differences, seeing their potential rather than being impatient.

As a Falcon soul, you have a rich history – literally. Falcons were typically only owned by the rich and powerful who respected them for help in hunting.

Your speed amazes people, and you’ll never be considered clumsy thanks to precision and those keen eyes of yours.

If you trust in your medicine you will spread your wings and fly into the role of an honest visionary and bring other people to higher awareness.

Falcon & Red Tailed Hawk Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Native American Zodiac Signs have various natural correspondences each of which gives you a new dimension for pondering the ways in which Falcon challenges you, motivates you and guides you on life’s journey.

Falcon belongs to the East wind and the Cardinal direction of East. It’s not surprising that Falcon also falls under the season of spring. These three correspondences combine together for a powerful sense of freshness and renewal.

This liberation can make you a person who has no intention of being tied down or tamed.

Additionally as the sun comes over the horizon – Falcon becomes energized by the Element of Fire. This is one reason why Lightworkers and Shamans consider Falcon people as having great potential for true seeing and clairvoyance.

The Fire in this Native American Zodiac sign also gives you tons of gusto (hey, go for it).

The only problem is that those spontaneous flights sometimes get too close to the sun because the Falcon wants to act NOW. When your strong will prompts playing with fire, sometimes you’ll get burned.

During the entire month of the Falcon you’ll find that your pet projects go more smoothly. You will likely feel even more dynamic and self-assured than ever, absorbing the reawakening energy of the Earth.

This is also the time when your profound vision can find a solution to a stubborn problem because you can rise above it and get a different outlook.

The Native American Zodiac tells us that this sign comes under the influence of the Falcon Clan. Like Salmon and Owl, the element of Fire influences this stalwart group, all of whom seem uniquely capable of having great outlooks when everyone else is groaning. Even with all those feathers, you still have a ton of “pluck”.

The stone and flower for Falcon people are the Opal and Dandelion, respectively.

All the bright, shining colors of the Opal represent the hopefulness of Falcon’s heart. Wearing an Opal helps Falcon people with over-wrought emotions and difficult transitions.

Dandelion symbolizes the sunny disposition and overall brightness of Falcon souls. It is a plant of wishes, and like the child blowing on seeds the Falcon people in your life support dreams and send your wishes to the winds for manifestation.

Falcon & Red Tailed Hawk Totem Love Compatibility

The fire in this Native American Zodiac sign makes them passionate lovers who need a partner with real spark and dazzle.

As a Falcon you do not want the hard-to-get lover, but rather someone who embraces sexuality honestly, joyfully and faithfully. You’d do well to seek out a mate born under Deer or Otter.

Falcon & Red Tailed Hawk Totem Animal Career Path

A key personality trait for those with Falcon as a birth sign is raw ambition.

Action plans come naturally…. No poo pooing around for this bird. You need a job environment that’s upbeat and energizing.

The word routine doesn’t even come into consideration. The harder or more complex the career, the happier you’ll be. And you’re not afraid to take initiative and motivate with straight forward words and actions. As a result you’ll likely never really want for money, but you have to be careful of a tendency toward being a spendthrift.

Falcon & Red Tailed Hawk Birth Totem Metaphysical Correspondences

  • Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere: Mar 21 – Apr 19
  • Birth date, Southern Hemisphere: Sept 23 – Oct 22
  • Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
    Aries (North), Libra (South)
  • Birth Moon: Budding Trees Moon
  • Season: Awakening, New Beginnings
  • Stone/Mineral: Opal
  • Plant: Dandelion
  • Wind: East
  • Direction: East
  • Element: Fire
  • Clan: Falcon
  • Color: Yellow/Green
  • Complimentary Spirit Animal: Raven
  • Compatible Spirit Animals: Deer, Otter, Owl, Raven, Salmon

22 thoughts on “Falcon Totem (Red Tailed Hawk)

  1. CAROLINE says:

    I’m really interested in knowing why I am the way I am…….seeing spirits and talking to them……seeing events before they happen and working with spirits for the good of mankind….. fell into the knowledge as a seven year old….I am now 62

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Caroline;

      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      As a professional psychic medium, I, too, seek to know why I am the way I am. So, far, what I ‘think’ I know is that it’s part nature and nurture – much the same as everything else. We are, all, psychic. It’s how we are hardwired. But, some of us are more sensitive. And, it is like any skill – it can be honed. At 62, I’m thinking it’s time to open your Third Eye wide and see where Spirit takes you!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

    • E. Thomas says:

      I really love this post..we have
      a red tailed hawk that flies over my house..for years..Im drawn to them..Raven too Crows. And I love. the Native American. Culture..Thank you
      so much.

  2. Justine says:

    Hi I’m a falcon totem birthday October 20 in Southern Hemisphere but reading this nothing rings true in fact quite the opposite I thrive on routines. I don’t like to be in the spotlight and like to keep everyone happy. I’m quite selfish. What I am I missing why doesn’t this resonate with me

    • Roger says:

      Hi Justine. I’m also nothing like the description. Stay completely out of the spotlight, avoid socialising where possible, enjoy having routines but not at all selfish; I always put my family above my needs. I guess we’re all different even though we’re all the same spirit animal.

  3. Caty says:

    This is dead on for me. I was born on April 18 northern hemisphere.

    I saw a falcon the other night sitting on top of a telephone poll wire but it was night time and i can’t believe I noticed him. Then today a falcon flew right past my window while I was driving.

    I felt something after seeing them. Something bigger. So I looked up what seeing a falcon is about and then come to find out that’s my spirit animal.

    I’m trying to embrace this. I am only 1/8 Native American. My grandma never discussed her mother who was full. They were Americanized moved to Chicago opened a bar so my grandma didn’t grow up on the reservation either…but the world tells you things. It communicates to us.

  4. Keith Dearborn says:

    I was born April 3rd and celebrating my 88th this year. This is spot on for me and even hunting to realize the similarities.

  5. Gaylene says:

    How lovely to read this before my meditation in the morning From the Southern part of Mamatuanuku..Aotearoa. .New Zealand
    Now I have 3 manu wairua spiritual birds White Eagle Falcon and Hawk Arohanui

  6. Violet says:

    My husband, two daughters, mother, and I are all of the Falcon totem and have always had a connection and fondness for red tailed hawks, prior to knowing what our totem was. We see them very frequently, more so during impactful times in our lives, and have taken it as a signal that we are where we are supposed to be in this life.
    My questions would be, what is said for the compatibly of Falcon totems in families, husbands and wives? We’ve always felt meant to be and extremely compatible…yet it feels as if we are constantly struggling to get it right.
    Also, we usually take seeing the hawks as a good sign…Is there a specific way to tell if seeing them is instead a warning?
    I found one dead outside my house the other day (my husband gave it a proper burial) there was no apparent cause for it’s death and I’m having trouble shaking the feeling it is not a good omen…with the struggles our family is currently facing I’m trying to see it as a sign of rebirth but do not want to force something that is not what it should be? Is there any way to know?​

  7. Kathy says:

    I’m Falcon born Aprill 6 th i’m from Belgium , born and raised here but i never felt myself belonging here .
    Is that why i always bin drawnd to Native American peoples and i love wolves and willd horses etc ?
    I’m now 42 years , married for the 3 th time , i have 4 kids , 2 daughters first marriedge , but they left me since almost 4 years , they live with their dad , they hate me now becaus of him telling lies and manipulated them 🙁
    µi have 2 boys from my 2 th marriedge , bot with a minor dissabillaty , myself i’m ivalide too becaus of healthproblemsi may not work and that’s killing me almost always betwen these housewalls , no social contacts ecxept on the internet most , i would love to have a baby again
    but becaus i had 4 secairias already and i’m diabetic already 34 years now , i may not be pregnant again so that wish i gotta give up too 🙁
    My life has bin from one negative moment into the other , not much happines or forfilment in my life , is this gonna change or am i doomned
    to live this life the same way until the end has come ?

    greetings , Kathy

  8. Andrea says:

    I was born April 14th, but some of these things don’t resonate with me. Like being a leader, I would rather stand beside my friends than lead or stay out of the spotlight all together. I’m not very selfish and despite my moments of impatience, I can be very patient with other people. I also don’t much adventuring, I prefer to know where I’m going before I set out. I also prefer to have routines, I don’t mind changes in it so long as I’m alerted first. I also have a sixth sense that alerts me when something isn’t right, but it happens very rarely now. Is there something wrong with me?

  9. Brunetta Winthers says:

    I had a remarkable experience today that l knew was spiritually significant and led me to look up all this information on totem animals. I live in So. Florida and frequently have small birds land on the gate to my home. This afternoon I was stunned to see a raptor there. It stayed for quite some time, just looking around. I knew it was a messenger meant for me. I am an Aries (Northern Hemisphere) born April 9–currently, 74 y/o and have been struggling in retirement to feel relevant. I have all my mental faculties which have always been prodigious, but my physicality has taken a bit of a hit, sapping my confidence and natural optimism.(A professional dancer in my youth, it’s a real come-down to have mobility issues now). The information on the Falcon is so absolutely right in my case that it’s almost eerie. I know that bird showed up today to verify some new directions toward which I’m currently leaning though they initially came about through a misunderstanding with my son. A very dear old friend recently shared the wisdom that the unhappy words he and I had will prove “a blessing in disguise” and today’s Falcon was confirmation that is absolutely so.

  10. William Stevenson says:

    I was born on march 25, 2004 in the northern hemisphere and have been trying to find my spirit animal and this really helped! I honestly could not have believed was a falcon/red tailed hawk. I love birds of prey, especially hawks and falcons, I also see them quite a bit.the personality was spot on by the way and my mother is also a falcon and my brother and father are salmon. Thank you!

  11. William Stevenson says:

    also, my favorite element is fire, which might have something to do with being a falcon. I also HATE routine, its just quite boring after a while, just doing the same things over and over again.I have lots of ambition, and I mean LOTS!!! Being the leader is something I’m usually nervous about, but am pretty good at it. again, thanks alot.

  12. Linda says:

    I have a wolf spirit but have a friend of the falcon spirit We have been friends for 50 years We’ve always been so close but the wolf is not listed as compatible with falcon?

  13. Bakerlee Brannen Cochran says:

    I am truly amazed of how accurate this totem was. It spoke to me so much more then my zodiac sign. I have a falcon that perches upon the power line directly in front of my house every morning. He recently discovered him(or her) a mate. I have dandelions over thrown the front yard so much it’s a bright yellow field. Also I find that the ravens do have an acuired taste to follow me often times. My totem is something I should have been found out then I would have understood the meaning of these animals behavior around me as so. Now I know the falcon is my gaurdian and the ravans are my side watchers. Crows though always 3 or more because I think they’re always afraid of me.

  14. Zachary A Johnson says:

    My wife is Falcon and I am Deer. Just read this and it nailed it! Helping me understand her even more. We both have native blood as well, not a lot but most recent , like my grand fathers mom was full blood Chippewa. other than that my bloodline is Scandinavian but I feel like I connect with Native American the most because it was the most recent addition to the bloodline in the last Thousand Years which would explain why I’m closest to it

  15. Jess says:

    Wow! I must say, the accuracy is uncanny. I am a falcon, 29 March. I know these statements above are not just accurate to a small degree. My favorite color is green, my wife is a deer, to be most minor. EVERY aspect, even down to heavy meditation to understand myself to check my ego so I can get things done, and others to navigate my leadership position with more skill. Remember, though we are not all leaders by title, we all lead in thought words and action. Thank you for the non-bulls#!t.

  16. Brandon Thomas says:

    YOLO My DNA is complex & shows strong ties to both present day monarchies. Strong Percentage of Native American Indian runs in my blood also. I’m proud to walk among my ancestors lands in 2019 as a Falcon!

  17. shelley says:

    Okay well im a libra, but this is broke up in north and south. I was born in the north not the south. and it says that the north is aires and the south is libra. So would i really be a falcon?? cause aries is my oppisite as a libra. i’m also born on the cusp of libra and socrpio.

  18. Darlene says:

    Hi, I am Darlene;
    My birthday is May 14 1964
    What animal would I be?

  19. Baven Pillay says:

    Hi, this rings so true. It is quite strange, in that for the longest time I thought I was a Raven, given that my birthday is Oct 6. , and I grew up in North America. But what I did not take into account when first trying to figure out my sign, is that I was born in the southern hemisphere. So I am a true Falcon, that has been masquerading as a Raven. Go figure.

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