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Owl Totem

Throughout the world Owls represent watchfulness, wisdom, healing and the ability to soar soundlessly from this world to other realities. If you observe those with Owl as their birth totem, you’re sure to see these magical and mystical traits.

Owl Birth Totem Overview

If you were born between November 22 and December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere or between May 21 and June 20 in the Southern Hemisphere your Native American Zodiac birth totem is Owl.

In the Western Zodiac tradition this corresponds to the ever keen-sighted Sagittarius (North) and the charming (and confusing) Gemini (South).

Those born under the sign of the Owl have tenacity that borders on being down-right stubborn.

Their ceaseless determination and uncanny sense of purpose makes them excellent at securing their heart’s desires through old fashioned hard work.

Sometimes this leads an Owl toward being a little possessive and dogmatic. But when their famous wisdom kicks in success takes to wing!

It is then that Owl discovers genuine humor, independence, and a thirst for understanding those things beyond our normal insights.

As children, Owls are restless spirits and don’t really know how boisterous they’re being. They are also prone to exaggeration.

Nonetheless, with time and maturity Owl discovers their keen insight and learns how to apply that “outer voice” for wise, direct and reliable counsel.

We learn much of the Native American Zodiac symbolism for Owl from its natural traits.

Owl will intently watch any pray from an advantageous position. This allows Owl to wing silently and scoop up the prize. Owl people are much like this.

It’s very hard to surprise an Owl even in unfamiliar territory.

Owl people are typically very optimistic. They endeavor to find those good things about people or situations, even if it’s the color of their socks!

That enthusiasm makes Owl a great leader, provided they can resist the temptation to fly off to a different adventure where they can see more, do more, BE more before they’ve really finished the current lesson.

Owl Traits, Personality and Characteristics

Owl people can become walkers between the worlds and may discover a thirst for Shamanic traditions.

These mysterious and magical beings are keenly intuitive and have little patience for insincere, artificial people. Keep it real with Owl, and this person will reward you with fantastic insights including into the very Mysteries that haunt all ages.

If you are friends or a partner to an Owl, you’re in for some glorious adventures!

Owls know how to laugh, make spontaneous choices and always endeavor to remain true to their ethics and beliefs.

Owl’s honesty is refreshing, but they may need a little gentle assistance in the tact department.

Owl’s season is that of hibernation and long nights, so the enthusiastic nature of Owl acts as a lovely balance point to the darkness.

Owl’s element is Fire, which is certainly reflected in Owl’s zeal and exuberance.

Owl joins Falcon and Salmon as part of the Falcon clan. Those born under these Native American Zodiac Signs reflect amazing confidence, bravery and just enough pluck to put a fire under everyone around them.

The sacred stone for Owl is the powerfully clairvoyant Obsidian that allows Owl to recognize and transform negatives into something magical.

Owl’s flower is Mistletoe, which has long been a sacred vine used for spells of love, peace and transformation.

Owl Totem Love Compatibility

The compatible animal spirits for Owl include Raven, Otter, Deer, Salmon and Falcon.

Partners of the Owl will find a person who will not suffocate with jealousy and control. Owl’s need to be able to take to wing and celebrate freedom. This means you have to give them space, but in return you’ll receive more than you may have dreamed of.

Because of their independent nature, Owls need a partner who is fun-loving, adventurous, and wholly honest to keep the relationship alive.

Owl Totem Animal Career Path

The Native American Zodiac indicates that Owl people relish occupations that stimulate, challenge and offer plenty of opportunities for clever multi-tasking.

Whatever you do, don’t let an Owl get bored!

As a flying forest creature its not surprising that Owls can’t handle tiny cubicles.

They’re also rather disdainful of political correctness and societal convention. However, the passion for learning leads Owl into many successful venues where they rise quickly above others.

Freelancing is ideal for Owl as is anything involving travel.

Owl Totem Metaphysical Correspondences

  • Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere:
    Nov 22 – Dec 21
  • Birth date, Southern Hemisphere:
    May 21 – Jun 20
  • Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
    Sagittarius (North), Gemini (South)
  • Birth Moon: Long Snows Moon
  • Season: Month of Hibernation
  • Stone/Mineral: Obsidian
  • Plant: Mistletoe
  • Wind: North
  • Direction: North – Northeast
  • Element: Fire
  • Clan: Falcon
  • Color: Gold
  • Complimentary Spirit Animal: Deer
  • Compatible Spirit Animals: Deer, Falcon, Otter, Raven, Salmon

37 thoughts on “Owl Totem

  1. Adriana says:

    Funny, when I was a child, I loved owls and my mum always called me that since I stayed up until late night and because I had good grades. It would not come to my mind now, as an adult, to have anything connected with owls because although I stay always up at night, I am very adventurous and I perceived owl as conservative wise animal. And wow, now as I am reading it, it is exactly me! Adventurous seeker of truth :-). I consider myself wise in some transcended level. I love gold, black obsidian. Perhaps our children souls know the best who we are.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Adriana;

      Of course your Totem Animal is Owl! I know this because you wrote an extremely wise thing – “Perhaps our children souls know the best who we are.” That is so true! And something I bet a “wise old Owl” would say!

      Stay wild,

    • Jen Davis ~Seaglass & Moonstone says:

      kindreds… you and I and my daughter is about to attend college where gold and black are the school colors. I thought I was a silver girl in adulthood, and I do love it, as well as the moon, but I also love the sun, and when the sun turns all things to gold as it hits, it is truly a wonderment. Everything else you said I agree with 100%. I knew as a child who I was. Thankfully, those who raised me and cared for me couldn’t change me much. Much love!

    • I love gold too. says:

      I was born in decimber

  2. Stick says:

    It’s almost scary how well this describes me. I am definitely like this, and I act like an owl too! I am very smart, and I am always up late. Owls are also my favorite animal EVER so to find out that I AM one, is very exciting. My BFF is a Gemini (I’m Sagittarius), so this is really cool! I love this website so much!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Stick;

      LOL Lots of folks are very surprised to find out just how much like their Totem Animal they are! I’m so happy you are enjoying WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com! And, how awesome to be a wise Owl! The next time I need advice about something I’m going to write to you! 😉

      Stay wild,

  3. Kerri says:

    My daughter is an owl. She aligns with all of the characteristics of one. She also “walks between worlds”..she has what they guess is some form of autism(and PANS) But does not fully fit into the autisic world for she is not like those in the autistic world yet she fully does not fit in what we call the neuotypical or normal world. So when I saw that it said she could possibly walk between the worlds, it was a surprise yet not completely, for I have said it for years.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kerri;

      It is so fantastic to read your post! I just LOVE that you recognize your daughter could be walking in both worlds! How lucky she is to have you for her mom!

      Stay wild,

  4. Rhyanda says:

    I actually hoped that my spirit animal was a wolf but I always couldn’t really choose between a wolf and a owl. Oh and my favorite type of owl would be the snow owl.??

  5. Cheryl says:

    I just read this and so relate to all. I have also always loved owls, the snow owl is so beautiful as are the others. Loved this ste.

  6. Susan says:

    December 1: Owl/Sagittarius. Explains a lot!

  7. Terry O'Toole says:

    Thank you for allowing me to comment. I must say I had no intention of researching myself but in fact researching for my beloved Sandra who is on a continued journey into spiritulism,meditation and a form of painting that has incredible results she meditates and then paints on canvas and images appear this has lead me to the result I have found.

    I have literally stumbled onto this page whilst researching for my beloved Sandra.
    Sandra has been on a long journey seeking spiritual guidance and in meditation and sometimes frustrating but dogged determination she has progress to a new level of meditation and painting on canvas whereby images appear of multitude items. The latest being animals we identified [hopefully] as totem animals.
    I tell you this as I research for her and found she had been depicting Ravens & Owls among others.
    I found she was a Raven and searched the appropriate information and I thought why not so I researched the Owl.
    To my surprise I was an owl of the southern hemisphere and it is me to a T
    I am so pleased as I now have knowledge of myself and an understanding of why I am motivated to do the things I do being influenced by my Totem animal the owl.
    Thanking you

  8. SnowOwl says:


    I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. My birthday is May 25th (Gemini) and I was born in Canada, does that mean my Zodiac sign is Owl or is it something else? Im super new to this and curious. I’ve developed an obsession with owls and find that I have the traits of one which I’ve been hold close to me than normal. I also love learning about all of this and let me tell ya, one thing that I can 100% relate too with the owl is, don’t let me get bored!! Ha ha.

    • Rachel Deveikis says:

      You’re in the Northern Hemisphere so you’d be a deer.

  9. matt says:

    Hello. What if we are born in December but the the wrong hemisphere? I started seeing owl symbolism everywhere 3 to 4 times as much as the next animal which is 5 the wolf. I looked up my spiritual animal birthday which corresponds with owl but I am born in southern hemisphere not northern.

    it actually started with a dream where I was around negative people sad over gambling lost of love..etc I didn’t want to be there so I left to a park I saw an owl and I tried talking tto it and it talked back being unopened and mean until I turned over and saw some birds I fed it and the birds flew close to me. I said wow I never knew birds were so friendly it never flies on me before. .. after that the owlturned to a human female. The park glowed red and blue in the air really colorful and I fell ecstatic we walked around talking for who knows long..but fianlly when the park glowed deep light blue on the ground it told me it was time to go. After that I seen owl symbolism everywhere.

    • matt says:

      Actually my mistake haha southern California is nothern hemisphere

  10. Owllie says:

    I am an owl and so are/were many people in my life. However, I am the only one I know who likes to astrally project (I once couldn’t even stay in my body during an acupressure session. Awesome experience. Highly recommend.) and also have always “walked between worlds”. I have always been connected to spirit and have had many spiritual experiences, and many remembrances of past lives and communication with deceased loved ones. I also help many stuck souls go to the light. And relatives come to me after death to give them the appropriate send off. I think after my husband died, he started finding lost souls and sending them my way.

    However, I identify completely with what would be appropriate for work, but, don’t know how to apply it real world. My spiritual gifts don’t generate any income. I love to read and watch tv (Dr. Phil, Lea Remini and Scientology, HGTV, Lady Di, Dateline on OWN, the Doctors, escaping Polygamy, travel shows and fundraising shows on PBS focusing on healing the mind and body with food, etc.) and learn something new all the time and hate the idea of doing something that is too repetitive, which virtually all jobs are. I have a degree. I worked in high tech in research and development, and helped bring a product to market, which was very exciting. I worked on a team and received a contract reward. Also, very exciting. I also created my last job from the ground up, also very exciting. But, I don’t know how to continue after being unemployed for a long time. So, I have realized while writing this that I have actually been lucky with the jobs I have had. So, maybe I just need to get out into the world and see where I’m lead. Thanks so much. Love this stuff!

  11. Benjamin M De Vita says:

    Ok so when I went to oklahoma to meet my father’s side of family theytold me that they had Cherokee blood in our family. So I decided to live here, became a citizen of the Cherokee nation and started living the older way of life. An owl was killing my dad’s chickens and he cause the animal doing it. It was a great horned owl. First time I ever seen one before. Dad told me to “take care of it” and I stood there and couldn’t do it.i loaded it up and took it 20 miles down the road. Took the cage out of the truck and it hissed at me. Scared me half to death. But when I looked into it’s eyes I opulent help but stare back. They were to beautiful. Larger and golden. I talked to it to hopefully calm it down while I took the cage out and opened the latch. Again never new anything about them until that day. When I opened the latch I expected it fly away. It was dusk. It took 5 hops and then turned around and stared at me. It didn’t do anything but stare. After awhile I left and came back 3 hours later and it still was sitting there. I felt sorry for what I did. And gave it a chicken breast left over from dinner. Left again and came back and he was gone. 1 month later I was driving down a back road and seen a barn owl you right over my truck. Was thinking wow what a rare sight. About a mile down the road I hit 3 deer at once. I kid you not. Ever since that I was doing research on the animal and came across this site. I have to say I was hopping it would be a bear or a wolf. But after reading about the owl it completely shocked me. It was like reading about my self. Don’t know what your thoughts are one the matter, but let me know. Thank you. And I apologize about the spelling and grammar.

  12. Kim says:

    I came across this page while researching a hand made ceramic totem I had found discarded this morning. It had the owl at the bottom on one side with a woman on the other side behind it. Above the owl, at an angle, is a stag head and above that, facong the same direction as the woman, is another bird. Possibly the raven? Would have to be quite stylized, however.
    Anyway, I liked it and brought it home (I need to replace the bird beak, however), and now reading that the owl cam be new beginnings, I’m wondering if it is going along with an old property I loved that, yesterday I just got email notification on, is back on the market. I am also trying to get project sponsors. Then today I find this totem. Could there be something to this??? Someone trying to tell me something???

  13. Randi says:

    Interesting to say the least. Everything about Owl totem describes me, kind of scary. It would explain me being a quick study. The strange thing is, I experienced many occurrences of what you’d call deja vu.

  14. Kate says:

    Owl eyes is what the mean girls called me while making fun of me in grade 7. I have rather large round blue eyes that stand out. Perhaps they were jealous of my owl eyes, little did I know that my totem animal is owl, and my eyes grew up to be my best feature ! Also, Owl describes me to a T!

  15. Joke says:

    I’ve read it and it’s true I feel I’m breaking down inside I can’t go out and nowhere deeply unhappy I have to be free to live I want out of this relationship he makes sure I can’t go anywhere anymore

    • Adaline says:

      Great Creator we pray that you will will keep Koke safe on you love and light, and give her /him wind, so that the spirit wings may fly far up and away from the dispair and pain she/he is feeling right now. Aho

  16. Adaline says:

    Great Creator we pray that you will will keep Koke safe on you love and light, and give her /him wind, so that the spirit wings may fly far up and away from the dispair and pain she/he is feeling right now. Aho

  17. Dries Wertz says:

    It all adds up: I was looking for pictures of a Celtic raven (for artwork) and saw beneath another picture the website for Spirit Animal. After visiting, it was no surprise that for me my native American totem is Owl. I was told several times that in another life I must have been a medicine-man of the Lakota Sioux.
    My profession is teacher of arts and crafts and I love to create things and give my knowledge to others.

  18. Tawanda Govan says:

    Wat read about the owl is really is true about me.

    • Amy says:

      Every night after dinner my ex-husband & I would take a walk and about halfway through an owl would show up next to me. I always stopped and would tell it about my day and whatnot. If my ex tried to speak or come closer, the little owl would get mad & let him know to stay put and be quiet. So this owl and I would talk every night for about 20 mins then it would turn away and I’d finish my walk home. I’ve moved since then, but I’ll hear an owl and miss my little friend. And I fit the owl traits and have the ability to see what will happen to those I love or care about.

  19. stewart Denham says:

    Me to a Tee! I love adventure and do get bored easy without a challenge, do not like to be confined and have found myself very proactive in seeking the truths of the world!

  20. ismail amuzat says:

    i just notice my self cant sleep at night and so many noise of cricket & grasshopper and water, birds, turkey and all and im burn in month of June 7th though i do hear what he says but not everything clearly please what can i do to make me understand him more course i love him

  21. McCord says:

    I was born in May, but had an intense visit by a snowy white owl in lucid vision last night. In the vision, Owl was clearly showing itself as one of my main spirit animals, if not the main one. No other animals appeared in this important vision. Owl also appeared to me in a dream as a child that remains the most memorable dream of my life.
    I also strongly identify with all the main characters of the “Owl person”, except that I am a Moon Magic type and love silver. However, I also had a fantastic dream about fire last week, an element which I’ve been “coming into” lately. Just as their are snow owls and barn owls, I think there is room in this world for many types of owl people, and we apparently don’t have to be born on a certain date (although I understand that the birthdate has astrological significance), or prefer gold over silver. Always believe your own visions above all. Blessed be. 😉

  22. J Curiel says:

    I wish I could say I read everything and it was great information but I can’t due to the amount of ads covering complete paragraphs or sentences to where I have to skip too much information. I’m on a mobile iOS device. Looking forward to reading everything when I get to a computer when I have the time.

  23. Sarah says:

    I’ve been looking into totem and spirit animals for quite a while. I’ve always been interested in bears, and out of my 120 or so stuffed animals the largest category are teddy bears. Even though I’ve been associated with bears for the majority of my life, I can confidently say that I also strongly associate with the owl totem. I tend to stay up late, especially on the weekends, and have had very good grades since my 7th grade year. I’m a Sagittarius, and a fire dog (born in 2006, the Chinese dog year), and the owl’s element is fire, so I’m triple fire, and earth (from the bear). I’ve also described myself as an otter, dragon, and a hedgehog at certain times.

  24. Michael Woods says:

    Very interesting. While some things didn’t quite fit, many of them did, and some very much so, some quite uncanny.

  25. Michael Woods says:

    Wow, that was an interesting experience. Doesn’t look like I can modify an existing comment of mine, so – 2 replies. I must seriously be an Owl. It is my birth totem, which I understood. I then took the Spirit Animal quiz, expecting some complementary animal – and it came up Owl again. Does this happen often? What should I make of that? I am of course Sagittarius, but I am also a Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac, and all of these carry similarities to my personality.

    Let’s just say that I expected nearly any answer to the Spirit Animal quiz – except an owl.

  26. David Heard says:

    I am David Heard, and I am under the Owl sign. The sign has a lot of tendencies that suit my personality.

  27. David Heard says:

    on second thought to say, I have my interests in learning about the animal spirit guides…as for this sign, lines up with my date of birth. I have a high optimism of learning about the world. Otherwise, I feel like I am in unresolved phases that leave me confused in such moments……….Heck’ join the world.

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