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Hawk Symbolism & Meaning

Hawk symbolism and meaning is the missing key you might need if you truly want to learn how to move in harmony with other humans. Is fear keeping you caged and unable to fly toward making your dreams come true? Are you too focused on minutiae and need help to see the bigger picture? Hawk, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Hawk teaches you how to go with the flow and free yourself from mental blocks. Delve deeply in Hawk symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit Guide can uplift, animate, and inspire you.

Hawk Table of Contents

Hawk Symbolism & Meaning

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When Hawk swoops into your life, be ready for a whole new level of awareness developing in your mind and spirit. Hawk bears observation skills and broad perspectives on His wings. You could not ask for a better companion if you’ve been working on your overall insights.

Hawk is often a messenger from Angels, Devas, and the Divine. He signals a time in your life when you need to focus on what’s ahead and prepare for a leadership role. Your global vision is a potent helpmate in this. Just as the Hawk, you are ready to fly higher than ever before.

It is not unusual for Hawk to inspire a time when you begin working heavily with new divination methods. Effectively, you’re learning to trust your inner guidance and Higher Self. Do not simply brush off gut instincts as being happenstance. When Hawk is around, these moments become far more frequent. Direct your attention to the messages you’re getting and let Hawk hone your focus.

What does Hawk symbolize?

In nature, Hawk is a bird of prey; this means that you are learning a lot about timing your actions. Hawk medicine begins with observation and ends with swift, decisive, and successful movement. Do not be surprised if you find your psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance, growing. One of Hawk’s greatest attributes is their vision, but in a spiritual setting, this applies to not just physical sight but supernatural “seeing” too.

In ancient times Hawk was associated with the soul. The Egyptians, for example, depicted the human spirit as a Hawk that flew out of the body and reincarnated as a Hawk. Notably, Horus, the sky god, also held Hawk sacred. Similarly, the Greeks associated Hawk with Jupiter, the chief among all gods.

In the Pylon at Diaspolis, you can find the remains of a statue depicting this bird’s symbolism and status in the ancient world. The statue features a boy representing youth and rebirth, an old man, symbolic of time and decay and the image of a Hawk, symbolic of the Divine.

Theban culture revered the Ibis and Hawk, as is depicted in art referred to as the “Procession of the Gods.” The Hawk is symbolic of the Solar God while the Ibis is considered a Lunar deity.

Hawk meaning and symbolism is connected to great power, vision and perspective as well as the ability to connect with the divine but also to swoop down to gather the details here on Earth.

Hawk Spirit Animal

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As a Spirit Animal, Hawk teaches awareness. The universe is trying to send you a message. It makes sense that it is vital for you interpret the spiritual message correctly and internalize the associated lesson, right? Absolutely. But when this bird of prey presents as your Spirit Animal, you are now on notice that even the most ordinary of circumstances could have deeper meanings.

Hawks have the sharpest eyesight of all Raptors; this signifies that it’s time for you to pause and pay attention – to everything. In particular, Hawk challenges you to get a higher perspective on something that’s been holding you back. Until you get the “big picture” you could remain stagnant. Also, Hawks hunt in groups. When Hawk shows, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself about the company you keep – in both your personal and professional life. What people do you currently consider part of your true soul group? In times of trouble, who would come to your aid and who would fly away in fear – leaving you suspended in mid-air with no ally at your flank?

Hawk medicine can be a bit of a bitter pill to swallow as it not only asks us to consider who our real friends are but if we are a “real” friend to others. Hawks often mate for life; with this and their group hunting practices, Hawks perfectly exemplify the “all for one and one for all” pledge. Do you have the courage to stand up for your friends and family during times of duress? Have the others in your group misplaced their trust in you, or will you fly to their defense should the occasion arise?

Hawk Spirit Animal is asking you to carefully re-examine the details of how you interact with others. Bird symbolism may lead you to be open to messages from the other realms, but Hawk meaning in particular is associated with transmuting Divine guidance into details that lead you on a daily basis.

Hawk Totem Animal

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Hawk people have very positive outlooks on life. You see the best of what’s to come and are anxious to share those words of hope with others. The only problem with your intense perspective is that it may make people a little antsy.

There are some truths humans willfully hide from themselves. Hawk wants to drag those truths out into the light of day. So, if Hawk is your Totem Animal, your lesson in this spin around the Medicine Wheel may be to balance your vision with a healthy portion of sensitivity.

Red-Tailed Hawk symbolism and meanings are tied closely to the Kundalini and Root Chakra. Those with the Hawk Totem Animal are passionate, confident partners who possess a strong libido.

Because of the Kundalini connection, Hawk people constantly seek higher enlightenment and devote a good deal of their lives to trying to find and live their bliss.

In this regard, Hawk’s spiritual meaning is tied not only to your vision and higher perspective, but also to your physical energy and vitality.

Hawk Power Animal

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Seek out Hawk as a Power Animal when you feel like you’re missing something that’s right in front of you. Hawk is an excellent hunter, and Hawk energy can help you ferret out elusive signs, omens, messages, and even get a better perspective on jobs and relationships.

Hawk can also support the quest for fresh outlooks. The old, outmoded ways of thinking need not remain imprinted on your soul. Awaken to the possibilities that others miss.

Fear is not an emotion Hawk entertains, even for a second. Hawk will swoop in on a poisonous snake and, in a nano-second, tear off their head. While this is a bit gruesome, it is, in fact, nature.

Invoke Hawk energy as your Power Animal when ‘poisonous’ people or situations threaten your safety and well-being. Obviously, “tear their head off’ is a metaphor and not to be taken literally. However, Hawk energy can help you learn how to communicate that you mean business, and one should think twice before they try to harm you.

Native American Hawk Symbolic Meanings

What does a Hawk symbolize to Native Americans?

This bird’s symbolism can vary slightly among the different specific tribes.

In Native American tradition, Hawk is the Earth’s guardian. In spirit form, Hawk flies continuously, remaining ever vigilant. Iroquois stories say that Hawk bears a bow and fire arrows to help in his commission. Hawk feathers are sacred in numerous tribes, often being included in costumes for rituals.

Hawk’s mission as a messenger is significant to Native people, and in particular, Hawk is a protective guide. In some tribal communities, Chiefs work with Hawk to keep a protective eye from the top down. Thus, Hawk can signal an important warning for the Chief to use in order to prepare for danger or protect the tribe.

In this way, Hawk Spirit Animal can be an omen of things to come but also a helpful guide who provides a bird’s eye view, signaling trouble on the horizon and a need to plan and prepare.
To the Osage people, the Black Hawk meaning was symbolic of the power of night. It is believed that the Black Hawk holds a special place on the hierarchy as all things are born of night. Contrast this with the Red Hawk, who are said to be symbolic of the light of day.

Red-Tailed Hawks are also considered by some Native people to bear the message that you may use your voice to gain clarity and sharpen your focus. This is because of this Hawk’s unique vocalization and gifts for sharp vision.

To continually encounter a Hawk with white feathers is believed to indicate a special milestone, like an initiation or sacred rite of passage that is on the horizon. This omen is said to be a beacon from Creator and you may expect miraculous changes to take place in your life soon.

Native people work with the energy of the four cardinal directions in a comprehensive cosmology that relates to various natural elements including colors, animals and seasons. Hawk spiritual meaning is associated with the Eastern direction.

Hawk meaning and symbolism includes honesty and being prepared to take on a challenge, in the case of a diving Hawk. A Hawk’s cry is considered an important warning. Hawk spiritual meaning includes clarity, truth telling and clear vision and messages from Ancestors in Spirit.

Hawk Christianity Symbolism

What does a Hawk symbolize in the Christian faith?

That depends on the nature of the Hawk. In some teachings, Hawk is associated with cruelty and ferocity, traits which are seen as less favorable than kindness and humility. As a result, Hawks are considered to be not fit for consumption.

Yet there is also another aspect of Christianity in which Hawk symbolism is connected to the process of finding God and salvation. This is because Hawks have the potential to be tamed.
A tamed Hawk meaning is different. In this case, Hawk is associated with finding salvation or giving up one’s base instincts in favor of peaceful cooperation.

In the Book of Job, God references the Hawk metaphorically to suggest that all things happen as they need to, by asking “Does the Hawk fly by your wisdom, and spread its wings toward the south?”

The meaning here is that man is not in control, that God is responsible for the instinct of even the flight of Hawks, let alone the choices of humans.

Thus, Hawk symbolism in this context refers to the instinct to do what one must do and not question the larger process. Hawk may show up to remind you that you can follow your own instincts and allow your faith to lead you in this manner.

This book mentions Hawk again, using the reference to Hawk’s vision in comparison to wealth of the Earth invisible to man, but perceived by the keen vision of Hawk’s eyes. This bird’s symbolism is associated with instinct, flexibility and perception. The Hawk is also touted as being able to find their way and determine the changing seasons.

In Christianity, then, Hawk’s spiritual meaning relates to their perception and can be symbolic of your intuition, insight, physical vision or greater mental clarity. Purifying your heart and putting your trust in God can also be associated with the tame Hawk.

The Hawk’s instinctive flight can be symbolic of a time when you can follow your faith and operate on instinct.

Hawk as a Celtic Animal Symbol

Celtic symbolism for Hawk is similar to that of the Far East – as a powerful messenger from other realms. When Hawk appeared, it was a message to keep your wits sharp and prepare. Circling Hawks presage death or conquest.

The word Hawk originated in the term “Heafoc.” The root “haf” or “hab” translates as “to seize.”

Anyone who has watched a Hawk in action can understand this naming. Hawks are revered in Celtic cultures for their ability to see from a long distance as well as their ability to swarm in and capture their prey.

Hawk meaning and symbolism can encompass the ability to carefully watch for the right opportunity to seize upon something you need or to retrieve what you need from a situation.

As hunting with Hawks and taming other birds of prey came to be synonymous with the upper class, this bird’s symbolism also extends to some association with power and wealth.

Even during the Roman Empire, Hawk meaning was associated with pride and wealth as well.

Hawk has an aloof and noble nature, so when Hawk enters your life, you may also have a chance to examine your relationship with wealth, power and nobility.

Are you sharing the resources your Hawk-eyed tenacity has helped you to obtain? Or are you being ferocious in your attempts to protect what you believe is yours?

The Hawk’s reputation for cruelty and ruthlessness can present another lesson for you to examine within yourself. Are you embodying the best of this bird’s symbolism? Or are there shadow elements to Hawk’s spiritual meaning which you may need to contend with?

In some ancient Welsh and Irish traditions, Hawk is considered the original Animal and is highly revered. The White Hawk is associated with the Goddess. The Hawk of May (Gwalchmai) is associated with Beltaine and the transfer of power between one King and the next.

Hawks are also associated with cycles of fertility and sexuality as they are one of the few animals who mate while facing each other. Ancient people associated with the Celtic lands also considered Hawks to be messengers of the Ancestors.

In Arthurian legends, Gawaine sets off in search of a Hawk. The Irish legend of Fintan Mac Bochra tells of the sole survivor of the great flood, who tried to journey to Ireland to avoid God’s wrath. Fintan transformed first to a Salmon, then to an Eagle and then to a Hawk to survive the flood waters.

When Hawk appears, you may be asked to consider how you are managing power? What is your quest? How are you facing your own sexuality? Is there a transfer of power that needs to take place?

Hawk Dreams

Sometimes, dreams in which Hawk appear symbolize times where it’s best to proceed with caution. There’s something you’re not seeing. Pay particular attention to what or whom the Hawk is eyeing in your dream, as it will give you greater insight into the situation.

When Hawk flies into your dreamscape, it signals a time in your waking life where you must rely on your intellect instead of emotion. When the Hawk ascends high in the air, it’s a period where your spiritual progress will come into question; Hawk is attempting to reconnect you with Spirit. If Hawk soars in a downward path, the creature is trying to shift your focus toward material matters.

As a bird of prey, Hawk’s presence in your dream suggests that what you are searching for will come into view. The dream is urging you to prepare; it’s a good idea to ready yourself to swoop in and claim the opportunities as they present themselves.

Some believe seeing a Hawk in your dreams means you may face business losses. Along the lines of caution, now may not be the best time for gambling and speculation.

While you may want to hold off on any risky endeavors, when you see Hawks in your dream, it can be an invitation to work more closely with this bird. You may invite Hawk into your rituals and meditations. You may also find this to be an omen that time in nature is needed so you can observe and connect with Hawk on a personal basis.

Learn more about Hawk Spirit by reading Hawk Dream Meaning on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

Hawk in Astrology & Zodiac Signs

Among Native Americans the the Red-Tailed Hawk birth sign falls between March 21 and April 19th. People born under the Hawk have keen vision, boldness, and tenacity in pursuit of your goal. Others look to you as a problem solver with fantastic insights.

Far Eastern Hawk Symbolic Meanings

Hawk in Far Eastern symbolism is a strong and powerful warrior who can be ruthless when need be. Many times warriors or their leaders had trained Hawks that represent their military prowess. Hawk also appears in numerous paintings that depict similar connotations.

It is said that in some Arabic cultures, to dream of being chased by a Hawk is an indicator that a powerful person may be upset with you.

Some people who follow the Islamic faith view the Hawk as symbolic of Mohammed, the Prophet. This is the reason the Hawk of Quraish is used as emblematic of the Arab League.

In Japan, Hawk is considered both noble and also a sign of good fortune. This stems from the way in which Hawk carries prey. Thus, the Hawk’s meaning is associated with the ability to grab ahold of what you need and bring your dreams to fruition. This bird’s symbolism is that of a successful person or good fortune.

In Hindu mythology, a Hawk, Jatayu, acts as the intermediary and messenger who helps Lord Rama to find his wife, who had been captured by the Demon King. Although intervening costs him his life, as the Demon King Ravana chops off his wings and leaves him to die.

Jatayu, in spite of his own agony, holds on to life long enough to reveal to Lord Rama how he can save his wife.

Hawk Tattoo Meaning

What does a Hawk symbolize when you see this bird featured on a tattoo? It can depend on the intention of the person who has chosen to decorate their body with the image of this powerful animal.

To some, the image is synonymous with the Wadjet or Eye of Horus as Hawks are important symbols of this Powerful God. To others, a Hawk tattoo can be symbolic of their own empowerment, their ability to transform and soar to new heights and their ability to see the bigger picture.

Someone who needs a reminder to look before leaping may use a Hawk Tattoo to symbolically remind themselves of this lesson. Someone who prides themselves on their insight, intelligence and perception may also use the Hawk tattoo as a way of showing others their personal connection to this powerful bird.

Are you thinking about getting a Hawk tattoo?

This can be a great symbolic way of devoting yourself to deities like Horus or Apollo. You may also see this as an initiation or rite of passage during a time in your life in which you are recognizing the power of spreading your wings and flying to new levels.

Hawk has different symbolism and meaning in different cultures. So be prepared, someone from a culture in which Hawk is associated with ferocity and uncleanliness may show an unexpected reaction when they see you proudly bearing the image symbolic of nobility and perception in your culture.

Hawk Spiritual Meaning

What does a Hawk symbolize when you encounter one on your path?

The feathers of a Red Tail Hawk are believed by some to aid in Astral projection. To see a Red Tail Hawk or feathers on the ground can be an indicator that you are going to be traveling into different realms.

Some believe that to see the shadow of a Hawk can be an omen of danger. This bird’s symbolism can vary depending on what exactly the Hawk is doing when you encounter them. A Hawk sitting on a branch and staring is said to foretell death of a loved one in some accounts.

Less ominous interpretations of Hawk’s spiritual meaning includes the belief that when a Hawk glides past or takes an interest in you, this powerful bird is checking on and protecting you. Thus, to encounter a Hawk may connote powerful protective energy around you or Ancestors or Divine Guides who are watching over you.

Hawks are also spiritually significant of the connection among all beings in the natural world. This is why some people believe that animals who appear while you are journeying at night are helpers sent by Hawk to guide you on your path in their absence.

Hawks are considered messengers of the Divine and this elicits their meaning as intermediaries between the human and spiritual realm. On a more mundane level, Hawks may be symbolic of the middle ground between nobility or aristocracy and the average person.

Thus, Hawks remind us that we can interact with realms beyond what we are taught is our “station.” Whether our “place” is the physical plane or the working class, we have helpers like Hawk who help us advance beyond the limitations of our situation.

Hawk spiritual meaning invites us to raise our awareness, trust all of our perceptions and develop keen insight. To examine before reacting and to respond swiftly and with great focus when the time is right.

Hawk’s association with nobility and hunting reminds us to be true to our own focus.

What are you hunting for? Are you hitting your target? Or becoming distracted by flights of imagination? Hawk may help you recenter on your goals.

Hawk Key Symbolic Meanings

  • Clarity
  • Perspective
  • Sharp Vision
  • Prowress
  • Strength
  • Ferocity
  • Power
  • Warrior Spirit
  • Air & Earth Elements
  • Going with the Flow

189 thoughts on “Hawk Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Maria says:

    This was interesting to read. As a baby red hawk was in my yard in a bush. He squawked at me every time I walked by. And I was worried he was injured. But after reading the definition I get a total different perspective. Thank you

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Maria!

      Ermahgerd! A baby Hawk! You are so fortunate to have such a visitation! Happy you found us here and that you enjoyed the read!

      Stay wild,

      • Regina says:

        Hello Bernadette,

        I actually had a hawk fly into my home from a narrow entry at my front door. In fact it stayed inside my home for a while, long enough for me to photograph it perching on a light on my wall and other various places within my home. Prior to the hawk entering my home I had been praying and singing worship song to God. The bird stayed a long time and I felt I should let it out so it could be free. It allowed me to hold it. We stared into each others eyes. I took the bird out and tried to let it go by lifting it up into the air and releasing my hands. But the hawk was content or maybe scared to fly. So I tried a few more times until it flew away. This particular bird is a constant visitor to my home. I photograph it often. It make me very happy to know it likes to be near by. I was going through a tough time one day and hadn’t seen the hawk for a few weeks. On the day I was really going through some tough choices the bird appeared outside my bedroom window. It looked the way I felt inside. It appeared to be molting as its feathers were not all there or thinly covering its body. My hawk as I now refer to it has been in the area surrounding my home now for the last few months. I live in suburbia and have lots of different birds who visit a pond in my backyard, so the hunt is bountiful for this bird. Thanks for the interesting read and allowing me to share.

    • Mo says:

      Last night I had a dream that I was walking in the forrest when I came opon a tree stump in the path. On top of the stump was a hawk. It just stared me down. Then I heard a woman’s voice. She spoke everytime the wind blew. She said that I knew who she was. That I had been looking for her. That she was every good thing on this earth. She instructed me that I must follow this hawk into the woods for three days of fasting and told me that more would be revieled to me. Then the hawk ruffled his feathers and flew off and I woke up. This read has helped me make better sense of this dream. Thank you.

    • Christine says:

      I too was recently visited by a baby or young hawk. It tapped on my window and was looking inside.
      I instantly felt it was a sign and wondered what it was trying to tell me. The hawk stayed around for awhile,
      later sitting on my porch . I thought it might be injured but it did not seem to be in distress. It did leave eventually
      but I was left with such a positive feeling.

    • Bertha says:

      I have been encountering hawks for a very long time. Now it makes sense

    • Jerod says:

      Hi Maria, my name is Jerod and I live in MMaryland..for the last 3months I have seen Hawks several times a day everyday, flying over me and within close proximity or several flying overhead every day.. I would say on an average I see 10-15per day.. on one specific day I saw several of them in a group and one by himself and it appeared ablinding bright light appearing on his belly.. I know I’m being told something but I don’t know what,can you please help me to figure this out.. thank you, Jerod

    • Virginia says:

      My Hawk Visitor Was A Large Beautiful “Red Feathered Broad Beige -White Breasted” Hawk
      Early Last Week Whilst Working On Computer @ Midday
      Something drew Me To Look Out My Window., Through The Blinds And There He Was Firmly Perched On Our Cedar Fence. A Large Beautiful Hawk. He Actually Stayed Perched On Fence Looking In On On Me* As I Drew The Blinds, What Seemed @ 7-12 minutes I Was Trying To Take A Good Photo. He Flew Off & I Felt I Should Try To Follow., He Then Perched On Back Yard Fence. Stayed About 7 Minutes. I couldn’t help but think he noticed I was trying to take his picture as his back was to the window yet he turned his head and noticed I was thereBelieve therw was a Astounding Almost Unexplainable☮️
      Thank You


  2. Kimberly says:

    I really enjoyed this article. I live in California and I meditate daily. Last week my son and I saw 15 Hawks flying up above in front of our apartment complex. Yesterday as I was driving down a very busy street I looked up in AMAZEMENT and saw 100-120 Hawks flying up above. I was so in awe of this unsual sight that i parked safely in the center of the street’s safety divider with my caution lights on. I quickly called my son and told him that I was around the corner from home. He came outside and witnessed this mind blowi ng and amazing sight. He tried to videotape it but I stayed on the phone too long talking. A neighbor of ours witnessed it also confirming the large amount of Hawks and said that he never seen anything like it either. My mom agreed that it was EXTREMELY unusual for a large amount of Hawks to be flying slowly and so late in the evening. It was around 7:40pm or 7:45pm but it was light enough to see the Hawks. She said that most birds roost at night. She also said that maybe both of the sightings was probably because of some forest fires up in the mountains. I disagree because we are hundreds of miles from the forest living here in The Valley. During this month my son and I also were driving and we saw a beautiful, solid white dove fly extremely fast into the cemetery. What do you think of all this?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kimberly!

      Woooowwww! You got to see a “Kettle” of Hawks! How uber cool is that??!!!! It’s not often we humans are treated to such an event since Hawks are mostly solitary birds. From a purely “nature” standpoint, I would have to agree – I don’t think it had to do with the fires. Most likely it was a winter migration kinda thing.

      But, here’s what you have to ask yourself, why did they cross my path? What did it mean for my son as well since he was there also. have you and your son been through a tough time? Is it time for you all to “see the bigger picture”, take a deep breath and fly toward your dreams? The energy feels that way.

      Thank you for sharing such a remarkable event!

      Stay wild,

      • Al says:

        Hello. I live in eastern Pa. I was walking my dog when in front of me there was a big hawk just sitting on a big branch on my property. I looked at it and it did not move. I thought it was checking out my dog to eat. So I picked up my dog and just stared at if. Finally it flea away with big wings OMG…

  3. Sandra says:

    Enjoyed the above readings. I’ve always feed & enjoy the birds including hawks in my back yard then recently I saw a feather in my garage. Not long after seeing the feather my father passed away. When we returned home from his ceremony my son noticed two hawks in the yard then I started seeing them, on a daily basis flying around & just hanging out. I like to think this a spiritual message that my father is still with me. I am at a crossroad in my life & like to think that their presence is a sign of strength & enlightenment of which I desperately need both. Any insight or comments would be appreciated. Peace & Love!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Sandra;

      Please accept my condolences on the loss of your father.

      Here’s what I can tell you about Hawks – my husband and I live in the country on 8 acres of land that backs up to thousands of acres of a natural preserve. We have zillions of Hawks around us. But, interestingly, a mating pair Hawks chose a tree right on the line between our property and our favorite neighbor’s property to build a nest in. Our neighbors are animal lovers and conservationists like we are. We were all treated to watching two baby Hawks grow up, learn to fly and go off to start their own Hawk families!

      Where I’m going with this is, of alllllll the properties in our neighborhood, the Hawks not only chose our place but they chose a tree smack in the middle of our property lines! That is not a coincidence.

      Sandra, I wholeheartedly believe that you can absolutely place your faith in those Hawks. They could be hanging out anywhere but they chose your presence, your property. That’s not a fluke. You can bet your dad asked those majestic creatures to watch over you and your family.

      The next time you talk to your dad, ask him to send you another sign. Something tells me he had a good sense of humor (when he allowed himself to be “frivolous”) and he just might get those birds to “be funny” for you!

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      My po

  4. Pam says:

    I am so glad I found this article. I live atop a mountain overlooking the largest lake in New England. Three days ago I was witness to a miracle yesterday. I came out on our deck here in the mountain top and observed what they call “A KETTLE OF HAWKS”. Never had heard of it before but someone told me what I saw so I googled it and indeed it was! About a thousand Hawks (no lie) were gliding overhead on the thermal air currents and just circling overhead. There were at least four groups of hundreds. I video taped them for almost 10 minutes. They were gathering in migration patterns to fly to South America. They were ALL the same breed. Broad-winged Hawks. A moment I will treasure always. Nothing short of spectacular!! ❤️❤️❤️ And since the hawk has always been my totem since I was 22, I googled it again and found your article. I’m so glad I did. I’m going thru a major transition in life now and doing soul searching so your article spoke volumes to me… I’m so thankful I saw that spectacle. A gift from God no doubt….

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Pam!

      OMGosh! I am SO sorry! I was telling a friend about your post regarding the Hawks and then discovered I hadn’t replied to your message yet! Ack!

      You are SO right! What an amazing gift from God to be able to witness such a spectacular event. What’s really interesting about this is that Hawk has been your Totem Animal since you were 22. I don’t know if you know anything about Numerology but 22 is a master number. It would be interesting to see if your birthday or name is a 22 in Numerology also. You can read all about the Master Number 22 on my sister site – BuildingBeautifulSouls.com

      Being in the presence of THAT many Hawks AND knowing Hawk energy and medicine is your animal totem power from the age of master number 22 is over-the-top AMAZING! Whatever this transition is that you are navigating you have tons and tons of help from the animal kingdom and will do just great!

      Are you going to post the video on YouTube? If you do, please let me know as I would love to see it!

      Stay wild,

    • ups says:

      Whenever I am thinking deeply about my career growth and becoming tensed, i see from somewhere the Brahmani Hawk in the sky. I dont know why is it like this? But i feel very relaxed. Can you tell me whats that symbolizes?

  5. Karen says:

    Just like others… I’m so glad I found this!!! Hawks have always been close to me, seeing them at particular moments, always grateful for their presence. I frequently find hawk feathers and even have a hawk feather tattoo. A couple days ago my brother called me outside, there were about 40-50 Hawks circling above my house. It was amazing! And intense! What a gift! The next morning I was thinking about all those Hawks in my meditation… Does this mean something? And then 7 Hawks drift over me circling, then 8, awhile later 10. After awhile they drifted so high and the wind carried them further away. They were in sight awhile, it was amazing!!! In meditation today I thought I should do more research on hawk totems… I saw the comments on ‘kettling’ how cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Karen;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      You are most welcome! And, thank you for visiting WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Seeing Hawks in a meditation is very significant – especially if you felt as though you were the Hawk or ‘travelling’ with the Hawk. Perhaps you are moving toward being able to ‘journey’ with animals – meaning your spirit ‘merges’ with the animal’s energy and you hitch a ride with them, seeing things through their eyes.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Pam says:

        I love that! I shall tune in to all The signals and signs to make sure I can experience all the animals have to offer!?

        Sent from my iPhone, pls excuse any typos.

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Pam;

          Awesome! Please keep checking in to let us know what other messages your animal spirit guides gift you!

          Stay wild,

  6. Christina Belknap says:

    Wow, this was a great read. I found this because today I spotted a large full grow hawk in a tree, with a small animal hanging from it’s claws. I was immediately struck by the presence of the bird that flew down onto the ground. I went outside of my building to where the hawk was and stood just a few feet away from it. It was not afraid and it didn’t flinch. However it did look at me and pause for a few strong moments before gently picking up it’s prey and flying on to the next big tree. Wow. I am still so struck by this experience.

    • Pam says:

      So wonderful!!!!!!!

      Sent from my iPhone, pls excuse any typos.

      • Bernadette King says:

        Hello, Pam;

        So happy you enjoyed reading about Hawk as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal! And, thank you for visiting WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

        Stay wild,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Christina;

      Wow! What a magical experience! Hawks really have a way of making us feel honored that they gave us the time of day, don’t they? LOL There’s something so humbling about being gazed upon by a bird of prey, by a free spirit who answers to no one, isn’t there?

      Thank you for sharing your experience!

      Stay wild,

  7. Delia says:

    I live in Rhode Island, we are close to the city buy at the same time we have a lot of wild life around us, we see deer, fox, chayote, etc. Today I was outside my house, went to get something in my car when I hear screeching so I looked up and two of what looked like Hawks from where I was standing were flying in circle, I didn’t have my phone with me so I missed the opportunity to record it, they were over my head. My daughter when I mentioned it said in RI we also have turkey vultures but I don’t believe it was that, they really looked beautiful and majestic. I also do a lot of meditation but I wasn’t at the moment and I felt as if it was a message of some kind. I read everything posted here and I feel I am in the right place to ask for an opinion. Thank you in advance ?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Delia;

      Since I wasn’t there I can’t say for sure if the birds you saw were Hawks or Vultures. But, if they were Vultures, please don’t discount their majesty! Vultures are among the most misunderstood animals on the planet. They are so gentle and incredibly smart! I liken them to nurses – they take care of the world in ways that others can’t ever imagine. They work very hard to keep our earth clean and sanitary. No matter which kind of birds you saw, it was a gift from the animal spirit world.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  8. Christina says:

    I just saw an image on my t.v while it was off of a big hawk, I didn’t know what it was at first until I asked my sons and husband and they said it’s a hawk, I’m amazed but what does this mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Christina;

      I’m not sure what you mean about the TV being off but seeing a Hawk image but I’m guessing you maybe mean the ‘ghosting’ effect that some TVs get when they are turned off? If so, I would look deeply into the Hawk article you’re commenting on and see what really resonates with you. If you saw a Hawk then Hawk energy is trying to speak to you. Let Hawk in. It’s a powerful Spirit Animal and can likely help you during this time.

      Stay wild,

  9. Sheyl says:

    Thanks for explaining about the hawk. Last Friday I moved to a new town. As I drove into town a hawk spwooped down and landed next to the welcome sigh. At the time I felt honoured and in awe and thought I must look the hawk meaning up…so thanks again!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Sheyl;

      You are most welcome! And thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  10. Anna says:

    I live in the city, not in the country. I used to live in this area 2 yrs ago and I had a Hawk that used to visit me at the old house. I resently move back to this are in July and when I got home last week and today I had the most beautiful majestic hawk just standing there on my roof. Same spot and today I was able to walk closer to it. I have a native America friend of mine that told me the Hawk was my totem. The feeling of being home, and safe was awesome. I have a hawk tattoo as well.
    Thank you for your article makes sense. Will continue to prepay and meditate, there is always something to seek.

    Thank you

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Anna;

      Thank you for sharing your story! I’m sure Hawk energy will always have your back and be there for you when you most need it. I’ll bet your Hawk tattoo is awesome!

      Stay wild,

  11. NANCY says:

    a Hawk just perched on the pole of my windchimes,
    noise got my attention I was inside,when I went out an saw the Hawk on the chimes……I just stood there!!!!!!!!! Staring,he was facing me also,after a few minutes he flew to the tree,but again he was facing me….WOW I am so thrilled!!!
    I went inside to get the laptop to take a pic,but he left……
    11/15/16 around 3:3o in the afternoon …Tuesday
    I went in

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Nancy;

      Wow! What a wonderful experience! Don’t you feel so humble when a Hawk stares at you? They are so regal and powerful!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

      • NANCY says:

        mornin’ Yes I am still so thrilled ,,,alos so blessed that he chose to let me know he was outside waiting for me

  12. Reese says:

    For the past 4 years i have been so intrigued about hawks and have always tried to be aware of my life and circumstances in my life when I see them, randomly. I’ve been with a new guy that I’m really into and have noticed every time we’re together, I ALWAYS spot a hawk or 2 in various different locations. Is this a good thing?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Reese;

      Since Hawks often mate for life, it could be a very good sign! Congrats on the new love interest! Just be sure to see him and the relationship through the eyes of discernment and not through rose colored glasses. Hawk energy helps us to see the nuances of people and situations. However, that means seeing the ‘real deal’ of our ‘self’, too. So, be real around this new guy. Don’t preen and don’t put on the ritz. Just be yourself. You are good enough.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  13. Cath says:

    Often I have wondered about a bird that has followed me for decades now, and only recently have I been able to identify the call. Back in Australia before moving to the USA, a hawk would always appear in my mind’s eye to scream a warning, but no bird in Australia had that particular call. Since 2008 I have been followed. A male red tailed hawk follows me, he even followed the car when we moved to a farm 90 minutes away from our previous residence in an apartment. He has been a faithful companion and even now, 8 years later, he is still there. Yesterday though, he was screaming by the dining room window, not a normal place for him to be. He was LOUD and sounded furious so again, I wonder what is coming. My background is Celtic, my father is from a very very old Welsh line and our lineage goes back reliably for almost two thousand years. This has been a very difficult year for me, one of loss and illness and my hawk warned me before every terrible event. This is the angriest I’ve heard him yet. He is a very real bird, not a spirit and I don’t know why he followed me to our old home and then chose to follow me here. If I get into the car, he follows that too. Four red tailed hawks live here, but I know mine. He’s the only one that comes close. I’ve never tried to touch him but he is happy to follow me into the barn and make pretty noises when I am working around or feeding the horses. Curiously, a great horned owl lives here and is also very talkative. The first week after we moved in, the owl sat on the porch rail and hooted, my impression was “welcome home”. I am curious – what would the symbology of the red tailed hawk (a sound I’ve heard from childhood as a warning back in Australia to the very real hawk that follows me everywhere) combined with an extremely talkative great horned owl mean? There is a third bird of significance here. A snowy owl that lives in the barn. I was given a rescue stallion and from the time I kept him in the small indoor work area, in the evenings that winter, the snowy owl would circle and hoot, or run around on the ground and hoot. It still does that today. I wonder though, what would make my hawk so angry? He was so loud he sounded like he was right by my ear, but I saw him by the dining room window screaming. I’ve never heard him like this before, not ever.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Cath;

      Wow! Sounds like a wonderful book – The Hawk, The Owl, & The Stallion! I guess my questions is, what makes you think the Hawk is angry? Hawks aren’t crooners for sure. Even when they’re happy they sound like a screaming shrew but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s angry. My experience with birds is that are great thinkers. So, ask your Hawk to communicate directly with you and tell you what’s on his mind. I believe you would be an excellent animal communicator so give it a try and see what your Hawk tells you!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  14. Sarah says:

    Today as I was out walking in my backyard. As I was engaging in a new Spiritual practice for me a hawk appeared soaring above me and continue on. I yelled outloud, ” thank you for coming and asked it to come back” and it actually came back and circled above my house and then left. The hawk has appeared in my life several different times in the last three years since I realized I AM Spiritual. Another time one landed on my backyard fence and sat there for five minutes and yes I snatched it’s picture. I live in the city. I feel it’s sending me a message from the universe. I know the hawk in my life is a blessing. Thank you for the article.
    Love and blessings

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Sarah;

      You are most welcome! Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com. Please keep us up to date on your spiritual awakening and Hawk encounters! I know your beautiful story will inspire many!

      Stay wild,

  15. Sherry says:

    This is all so fantastic , I’m have to be honest and forward, people say I am painfully honest, I myself worry I’ve hurt when I speak. This year I have had a lot of life changes, I know I wear others pain, but am learning what to do with all this,,ok, now for my experience, I really need help on this, I have real alot on this and so much of this is new, excluding the experiences, I’m having a hard time wondering or trying to figure out what this all means,,
    Where I live here in Texas is out in the country and I have a nest that is annually lived in by silver Prarie hawks ,I love watching them.
    My husband and I had just gotten a cement slab poured ,about 2400 sq.ft., to build a house on, well the guy asked us to keep it wet for a few days, so it wouldn’t Crack. I was out that evening with a hose ,standing in the middle soaking it. I saw something move above me and looked up to see if want to say 15-20 Falcons circling above my head, don’t laugh but after a few minutes just watching them, I dropped the hose and still looking up at them held my arms out and twirled around with them. I know,,I’m sure I looked silly, but I didn’t care at the moment. Then I hard something out behind our pond and about just as may Falcons above me flew out of the trees and joined these above me , all still circling right above me, I’m talking only about 18 ft. Above me,,they departed coming down closer to me. At this point, I just thanked them, for what? I don’t know. I just felt I needed to. Then all at once all but four falcon flew off together in one direction. The ones that remained kept getting closer to my head, then all but one flew after the others, one remained and he flew over my head three more times getting closer each round he was so close before he flew away I could see his eyes. I just stood there quietly amazed for I don’t know how long. When I came into the house I looked up Falcons and to tums and every thing I could on them, I red they migrate so I thought maybe that’s what was going on. I looked up MY indian totem, Iraq is falcon,then I was looking at pictures and realized that a few days before this is had gone out to my truck and there was a pretty feather on the grass right near the door, I picked it up and brought it in the house and put it in my kitchen window, well I got up from looking at the pictures and yep,,,it was a Falcon feather. So. I’ve read you facts and I’m really interested in YA’LLs thoughts. Please don’t laugh. It really happened, I really need to figure this out. This was 3 months ago,,

  16. Lisa says:

    Hawks are always presenting themselves to me. I see a hawk on almost a daily basis. This morning as I was walking down my drive to my mailbox, I turned around to return to the house and a beautiful red tailed hawk swooped down in front of me. I immediately thanked him for his gift to me, a very close up view of him and the awe of being in his close presence. I will be driving and one will fly low over my car, or catch my gaze as they sit in a tree or on a fence near the road. Once as I walked my dog, one swooped in front of me and picked up a poor little squirrel as he crossed the road. I was very dismayed for the little squirrel, but my husband put it in perspective saying, “The hawk needs to eat, too!” One also flew low over my car carrying a snake. Another time as I was filling my bird feeders I was gifted with a visit of a hawk flying so close to my head that I felt the wind from his wings and heard his feathers as he flew by. He could of had his eye on my little dog that was wandering cluelessy near by, but I felt somewhat confident that he wasn’t there to dine on her. I am always awe-inspired by these hawk visits and feel that they are presenting themselves to tell me something, but what, I do not know. Are they my animal totem? My spirit animal? Can you enlighten me as to what they might be trying to tell me? This has been happening to me for a very long time in my life.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lisa;

      One or more animals can, at the same time, be our Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. Hawk energy is complex and powerful. And, intuitively, I feel like you are a highly intelligent, deep thinker so it makes very good sense that Hawks keep coming to you.

      One thing to mention – don’t ever feel confident any bird of prey will not seize the moment and snatch up your pup. I live in the country and nature is, well, nature. So, the thing is – I get the feeling you understand the nuances of Hawk teachings as regards what is ‘in the light’. But, perhaps facing the shadow side of yourself is what Hawk is trying to get you to see. It’s HIGHLY unusual for a bird to do a fly-by – such as Hawk did when it buzzed your head. That’s a huge sign to pay attention!

      Finally, Hawks always look really angry. LOL Like Eagles, they just look stern. LOL Sometimes, when Hawks and Eagles come to us, it’s about dealing with anger issues – whether our own or within our tribe or from our childhood.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  17. Mary Ann says:

    I have a bird feeder and went to the window to see if anyone was visiting. I was shocked to see a Red Tailed Hawk sitting on my porch railing facing the window. I just kept looking at him, his feathers, his feet as he was moving about the railing. He was so beautiful. I hated to move away but I wanted to get my phone to take his picture and when I got back, he was gone.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Mary Ann;

      Oooooo! A Hawk! Aren’t they so regal? Lucky you!

      Stay wild,

  18. Ann says:

    I found your article after a hawk landed and stayed a few minutes on a brick wall outside my window – only 15 or so feet away. I took some pictures and eventually it flew away. I considered it a sign for me. I’ve seen hawks flying over fields nearby and even seen one in a nearby tree, but never right outside my window! I took pictures but I don’t see a way to post them.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Ann;

      Ooooo! Hawks! They are so majestic! I love to watch them in our backyard! Right now there isn’t a way for site visitors to post pictures in comments but by the end of January that function should be added. You could always post them to the What Is My Spirit Animal Facebook page.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  19. Tammy says:

    My dad passed away in 2004, then my mom passed away in 2005. The morning of the day my mom died I was on the back porch of my mom’s house and a Hawk flew in and landed on a branch! It just looked at me for a few minutes and flew away! After that whenever I am missing my parents I see a Hawk!! When I went on vacation it was like they were following me to make sure I got there safe!! Am I crazy?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Tammy;

      Please accept my condolences on your family’s loss. I do not think you’re crazy at all. For some reason, I feel like there is military or police energy in your family and Hawks are being sent by your parents to ‘protect and serve’. What a beautiful gift from your folks!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  20. Tammy says:

    Very interesting. Today at my new job (last day of training). I work as the front desk person at a gym. Its a busy location.
    A hawk landed on the sidewalk, in front of the entrance doors. It was close enough that I could see all the colors. I stood in awe and disbelief. Finally I was able to tell my coworker who was training me to look.
    He saw and said wow, so many strange things happening today. And a hawk at the entrance standing on the sidewalk?! It’s busy here, he says.
    I said just magical. So I had to look this up tonight. And I’m so grateful for hawk today. Maybe another totem animal for me.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Tammy;

      That is so interesting! Hawks generally do not mix with mere mortals in places like that! LOL You got a special visit!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

      • Tammy says:

        What I neglected to mention is that as soon as I told my coworker to look, when he looked, hawk flew off. Then your above comment. My father passed may 2016-cancer that spread fast (esophagus and lung a tumor was found on his thyroidas well) he was an Army military police officer, concrete worker. I also have cancer, thyroid cancer that spread to lymph. I was diagnosed just under a year of my father getting diagnosed.
        Then my mother whom I did not have a good relationship with, she passed of cancer in 1992-large cell primary lung.
        I was in turmoil at one of my jobs, bad harassment -bullying. (I did finally quit) but I was pondering that very day when hawk appeared if I can afford to quit my bully job and if this new, gym job (where hawk appeared) was my new direction. I also tried following my father’s foot steps in the military. I made it just under 4 years in the army.

        Thank you for replying. I felt compelled to respond to your reply.

        Today I saw another hawk. This time in a farm field just after picking up a used dresser. And my hubby informs me he found out the home we bought, the wife comited suicide.. this is my husbands second home purchase where a death-(unnatural, if I can say that?..) occoured…

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Tammy;

          You are most welcome. I’m happy to help, any time.

          Stay wild,

  21. Mike says:

    I’ve noticed a hawk seems to be following me everywhere I go. At home, hawk; at school, hawk; every where I go if I happen to look up there is a hawk. Even at one point in time the hawk air surfed my windshield of my truck.

  22. Dishika says:

    For the past few days, I’ve been sitting on my balcony to see these two hawks fly from very close to my window. Other than these two there are about 8 other hawks that fly at a little distance. Today when I was travelling in the train, I just looked up to see 2 hawks flying again. And when sitting in class I looked out to see a hawk and a parrot flying. The strange thing, is that Every time I see a hawk, even near my balcony, I call someone to witness it, but when they come, the hawks are no more there. The moment they turn back though, the hawks come back. I don’t know what to make out of this. Is it some sort of message? I just keep seeing hawks everywhere.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Dishika;

      In my opinion, there are no coincidences. That’s a lotta Hawk energy showing up for you so I definitely believe Hawks are trying to get messages to you. Take some time and jot down your feelings when you see the Hawks. What is happening right at the moment you see them? What were you thinking about? By journaling in this way, you’ll be able to discover what Hawk energy is trying so hard to tell you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  23. Shelley says:

    On Sunday I drove 874 miles from Texas to Kentucky. Within a 3 hour time frame I saw 10 hawks…for the remainder of the drive I tried to understand the message…after reading this, I get it. Thank you for this.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Shelley;

      You are most welcome! Thank you for visiting and commenting on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  24. Olanike says:

    Hawk happens to be my spirit guide as I am on the April category.
    At first I didn’t believe it, cos of the Ram has always used to.
    This is lovely.


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Olanike:

      You are most welcome! I’m so happy you’re enjoying WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com. Just remember you can have more than one Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal. Hawk is your Native American Zodiac Sign and Aries is your Western Zodiac Sign. So, it can help to read about them both.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  25. Katharine says:

    Thank you for the information. I have been seeing at least one Hawk per day perched among various things for the past few weeks. I felt it was a sign but wasn’t sure exactly the meaning. This information has helped me see that I need to not over think everything and worry less. Everything will happen as its meant to. When I see a Hawk it’s like a reminder to take a breath and just appreciate the beauty of the moment.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Katharine;

      You are most welcome! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and visit WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com!

      Stay wild,

  26. Ave says:

    I need to know what is the meaning of this that just happen to me, I just had the most wonderful experience while I was driving a Hawk just flew before me, following the road for a while and then took off. It was beautiful and I just follow in amazed the wings were spread at my eye level what does it mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Ave;

      When we encounter an ‘eye-to-eye’ experience with our Spirit Animal it is a POWERFUL moment and message. It’s almost always a call to ‘wear the cloak’ of the Spirit Animal’s aura or energy. So, try a meditation and see if you can hitch an energetic ride with your Hawk. Ask Hawk to allow you to fly with him/her and see the world (your messages and teachings from Hawk) through his/her eyes.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  27. Bryan says:

    Over the past few weeks i have had few hawks swoop just in front of me, often while driving and not in the same areas. Unfortunately today a hawk did swoop down while I was driving. I watched the hawk as it flew into my car window and perished. It was a horrible experience in which I was not able to help. I have been searching for the meaning behind it and hope you can help.

    • bryan says:

      I went back for the hawk as I was feeling really bad about the experience, the hawk was gone. Praying for its survival.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Bryan;

      With your permission, I’ll send you tons of healing energy. When we see our Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal die (especially if we are involved in its passing over) it can mean that it’s time for us to take a hard look at ourselves, as well as the people and situations in our lives. What is no longer serving you? What relationships, career, habits, modes of thinking, and more do you need to move on from? In the next week or so I’m launching the new WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com and I have an in-depth article regarding this very subject. I’ll send you the link once the site goes live.

      As an observation, your words “I was not able to help” tell me that you’re a compassionate man who takes it hard when you’re not able to ‘save’ or to ‘help’. If I may, my opinion is that each soul chooses the time and circumstances of its death. This can be a tough idea to jibe with but I’m a psychic medium and I have yet for a spirit to tell me that their passing was an accident.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  28. Lisa says:

    I am a realtor, and as I was driving to meet my clients for a showing, a hawk flew down in front of my car. I didn’t see the whole bird, but I knew what it was by the size. I strained to see him in my rear view mirror, but could not. I met the clients and showed them a property and then I proceeded to the next house to show. As we were standing in the driveway viewing the yard, a hawk came down from behind me flying over the top of my head. Again, I did not see the whole bird, but just the form and size and the stripes in his feathers. I looked to the tree that he landed in, and I saw the shadows of him moving around in the tree. I asked my clients if they saw that, and they didn’t seem to see it or did they seem to care. We viewed the house, and as I was walking to my car, the hawk swooped down over my head from behind me and landed in a tree in front of me. It was starting to get dark, so again, I did not see the bird clearly, just the shadow form and the movement. And again, I saw the form moving around in the tree. I asked the clients again if they saw it, and this time they did. Again, not as eventful to them as it was to me. They liked the house and asked me to contact other agent for property disclosure. As I called from my car, she said she would forward information, but needed to disclose something about house verbally, in case we missed it on the disclosure. She said an incident happened there many years ago and it might prevent my clients from wanting to buy it. I asked her what it was and she said a suicide. I did not have any negative or bad energy feelings while showing the house, as I do sometimes when I walk throuh a house. I was just wondering if hawk was trying to tell me something. I feel as though hawk’s appearance has some relevance, but what I am not sure. I am not certain if that incident bothers the clients enough to prevent them from buying, however, I know it would certainly deter me. Any insights?

  29. Lori says:

    Hello, I’d like your input/perspective. A lot of what’s above fits what I feel. It’s pretty often that I see hawks (or other birds of prey, it’s difficult to tell sometimes) in my waking life; swooping in front of my moving car, perched in trees, flying above. I recently had a dream that I was at a gathering/party and a hawk came down and laid on the ground in front of me. I picked it up and it perched on my hand. It was odd that it laid on the ground instead of landed on it’s feet. In the dream I wondered if it was wounded or needed help, but once I picked it up it seemed fine yet did not fly away. Thoughts?

  30. Pam says:

    Hi this weekend I noticed a kestrel on my neighbors roof -it looked like it might be feeding young in a pipe that pops out of the roof – I was excited. This morning the kestral’s mate landed on top of the other one and then flew away – I have my binoculars out and am just loving its coming and going throughout the day to check on its young – it is a fast flyer and I love its squawking. Also on January 1, 2017 I was at our wash in Henderson, NV sitting by a pool of water watching red dragonflies. A sand piper like bird plopped down in water looking for food when all of a sudden a hawk came screaming by and chased the sandpiper in the year – sandpiper got away and hawk landed in a tree far away – that was an amazing day – Blessings everyone.

  31. Rita says:

    My mother passed away this past Friday after having dementia for a few years now. She suffered a stroke and heart attack and passed after four days of suffering. The next morning, yesterday, we were sitting at the breakfast table and my daughter in law saw his hawk in the somewhat bushy area our property butts onto. He visited for about half an hour so that we could all enjoy and think of my mother and wonder if she had a part in this hawk visit. He left and came back for a few hours again a little later. I will be watching for him every day now as I know this is a connection to my Mom. My mother loved nature and animals and was very spiritual.
    Thank you for your insightful web site.

  32. Zan says:

    I made dreamt of a hawk, bear, dog and rat a few weeks ago. I began seeing hawks daily after that. Recently I came out for work and there was a feather there. I disregarded it saying I’d research it later. To my surprise it was a red tail hawk feather. That day or the next a hawk flew across the front of my car, so close I could have touched it. I don’t know what I’m missing but I’m not on alert.

  33. Rhonda says:

    For the past year I have been seeing a hawk perched on a power line over a field right beside my house. I have always assumed that it was just scoping out the area for prey. Recently I have been noticing more hawks in completely different places, usually on my way to or from work. Again, I never thought much about it but always enjoyed seeing them. Just this past Monday I received a phone call that was very upsetting. My doctor called to tell me that my unborn child (I’m 18 weeks pregnant) might have problems and that they are sending me to a specialist in 2 weeks for further testing. To say that I have been an emotional wreck is an understatement. On Tuesday I asked God to send me a sign that my baby would be healthy. As I was driving to work this morning there was a hawk on a power line that hung above the road. It was literally right in front/above of me. Do you think this could be the sign I was asking for?

    • Ashley says:

      Sounds to me like it could be!!

  34. Amanda says:

    Great read. Like all I have read on this sitemail. So I have to ask for an interpretation of my hawk citings. Throughout my life I have always noticed hawks blessing my journeys, especially when traveling. Flying overhead as my journey or adventure was beginning. Then recently I was walking and a hawk flew right in front of me , I could have reached out and touched it . What do you think ?

  35. brett says:

    I have multiple people say to me I have the spirit of a Hawk. I don’t always know what to do with the spiritual aspect of life. I felt it resonating with me when they said it and have it with this page. I have more than 5 hawks within a week. some seem to be just hanging out waiting. When I leave they also go on their way. If there is more meaning to this I am lost.


  36. Nikolas says:

    It’s weird because all in the same day I was watching a pair of hawks today on the way to a family dinner, wanted to watch Ladyhawke on sudden impulse without even thinking of the pair I seen earlier, and the tea grounds in my cup today looked strikingly hawk-like. On a side note my favourite thing to sketch are wings….

  37. Kristen says:

    Tonight I was driving, it was a bit rainy, and dark. I saw something ahead on the road, it looked like a paper bag but as I got closer I got the urge to slam on my brakes. There were cars all around me and I couldn’t swerve out of the way—it was a hawk just sitting there in the middle of the road. I had no choice but to drive over its majestic body. I was so disturbed by this event. When do you see a hawk, alert and uninjured, sitting in the middle of a busy road?! What could this mean? I feel just awful about running him over…but I had no where else to swerve. I am not sure if this is a bad omen or if this hawk was sent as some kind of messenger for me to focus on and get my attention.

  38. Ashley says:

    I think the first time I can actually remember seeing a hawk I was about 4-5 years old. And I swear I have seen one almost every week for my entire life and today about 20 minutes ago I just saw one. So I finally decided to look up why I might be seeing these hawks. And it lead me to your sight… And man… I never thought I would have a spirit animal… But it makes so much sense. I mean literally for my entire life I have had hawks around me. And never really put it together… This is do surreal and amazing!!! I can’t wait to find out more and try out the meditations!!

  39. joe says:

    Hi i really enjoy reading all of your articles

    So here is my experience, I usually go walking and running along the vacant area next to my house, i know for sure that it might have some wildlife living including varieties of Hawks and birds in the area, but one day when i was cruising the path, it gets to my attention when i found a hawk feather in my path!. i know for others it may sound just an ordinary feather falls down from the sky. but when i pick it!. it gives me a different feelings and explainable desire to keep it with me. i usually ignore things that looks ordinary to me, but this again! really does look different!. i wonder does this feather symbolized something? i m reading some articles about the natives beliefs and meaning particularly in connection with Hawks feather. can some of you give me a different meaning or explanation about a Hawk Feather?

  40. Michelle Williams says:

    I just saw a hawk fly out of yard. I’ve never seen a hawk in my yard. My brother passed away suddenly last week. We have had a few stumbling blocks placed in our way planning for his final services. I don’t why, but the sight of the hawk flying away from my house reassured me everything is going to be alright. I saw something very beautiful and calming.

  41. deb says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night worrying about all the stuff I need to do at work. Then while I was getting ready for work this morning a crow or hawk was loudly cawing outside my window. I dont usually hear them in the mornings. (It was like 530 600am)
    Later this afternoon on my drive home from an out if town meeting, a black bird of some kind flew in front of my car and as it doubled back it didn’t make it in time before I hit it.
    I didn’t think much about the cawing bird this morning except it was a loud distraction. But when I hit the black bird this afternoon I can’t help but feel they are related somehow.
    Any ideals if this has any meaning? And thank you for taking time to answer all these questions! What a generous gift you give us all!

    • deb says:

      The following morning (yesterday) I heard the birds cawing again about 530am.
      I didnt hear them this morning however tonight I was with some friends sitting on a patio around 9pm and a large black bird flew near where we were (about 2 ft from me). Almost crashed into us.
      Just all seems coincidental.

  42. Nancy says:

    There are a lot of hawks of many species where I live. I see hawks soaring above and sitting in trees and power lines every day, never attaching that much meaning to them. Well, yesterday I was taking a walk to clear my head, mentally preparing for a difficult meeting in which my performance as a leader was under question. During this walk, there were a group of 6-8 hawks sitting on the walking trail in a perfect circle, as if they were having a meeting. I don’t think I’ve seen a hawk sit on the ground, let alone a group of them. To me, it seemed like I was receiving a positive message about the meeting . Do you have any other insights of the message of my “hawk meeting.”
    Nancy from Kansas

  43. Monique says:

    So I had did a past, present and future Oracle reading for a friend earlier today. Something I really do for myself but have thought doing it for others. Her reading was so spot on and later after she left. I got a clearer picture of what needs to be done for her reverse future card. So I’m standing in my kitchen preparing dinner and talking with her about what my thoughts were about her reading. As we were talking I heard this BIG BANG on my window. Like I seen where the impact occurred on the screen, the screen had moved like it had been hit with an object and again it was LOUD, as if someone hit the window. Yet I didn’t see anything come at the window nor did I see anything drop from where the screen had moved in for the hit. Then as I look up I see a “HAWK” perched on my half fence looking right at me. I yell omg to the friend on the other end of the cellphone something just hit my window and there is a Hawk perched on my fence. She thought nothing of it and got off the phone to complete her family dinner. So now I’m just standing in my kitchen looking at the beauty Hawk and the Hawk is looking at me. Yet I’m scared and I don’t know why glass is between us. Then I see the Hawk easing toward my veggie pots, so I scared the Hawk away. I now regret that I didn’t give him a offering for showing up, but I don’t want to get bird flu! Lol

    I should have took a pic. But I was so stunned because I have never seen a Hawk so up close and personal. So after the encounter I immediately google Hawk sighting and what’s the meaning. This article is so spot on because I have been doing a lot of transitioning or transmutation. I have went vegan, meditation, chanting, oracle reading, talking to my birth angel Lecable and just changing things up from the old way of thinking. I thank God for this gift today and I will not take it lightly.

  44. scott says:

    Sunday morning i walked outside just right of the walkway in front of the house there is a coppers hawk feather. could you give me some insight on this what it means thank you

  45. Kim says:

    Hi, since 3 years i hear a hawk in the suburb i live in, but have never seen it. This year though, it came visiting us on a electrical wire above our yard…mostly to eating its prey (another birds). It wasn’t afraid nor bothered by our presence, it was like it have chosen our yard…(or us?) for company at its table. After reading the meaning and symbolics of the hawk, i wonder if it was there for me; i am a self employed and i struggle for many year to live from it… but this year i had proposals to work, also as an self-employed, without asking for this to happen… but i know that i opened my mindset just before that. For the last 4 months i made some big decisions… and the hawk was there in that period of time… now i just see and hear it flying around…actually i hear 2 of it now! What do you think about that? Thank’s you.

    • Kim says:

      Hello, me again! I’m sorry i made a mistake, it wasn’t a hawk, it was a falcon… ( i speak french 😉 )

  46. Crystal says:

    Hello I am crystal

    Last week my aunt was dropping me off at her house and on the end of her trunk was a hawk he stayed long enough for my aunt to drop me off and seen that I was ok and then flew off

  47. Rita says:

    I am seeing hawks a lot. Last year I got out of the house and felt something touching my back. As I was closing the storm door, a small bird got caught in it. I opened the door to let him go, and realized that I had just saved him from a hawk behind me. The bird got away and the hawk stood on my fence looking straight at me. I still have a picture of him. I saw an other one as I was walking my dogs. Apparently the hawk was caught in a bush, but when I tried to approach him, he flew in a tree. I have a picture and a small movie of him. Two days ago I saw one eating a bird in my backyard. He turned around and looked straight in the window where I was recording with my phone. Yesterday I saw one flying very close and land on a tree. When I tried to get closer he flew away. I am kind of nervous because every time a hawk visits me then something painful happens. This time though I feel like it may not be about me. I have also seen a couple of omens: two dead birds and a dead squirrel.

  48. Katherine says:

    Recently for the last two weeks ther has been a hawk visiting my yard and house regularly especially in the mornings. This is rare and actually has never happened before. I saw it on my roof the other night eating a mouse then the next morning in a tree watching me. The first time I saw it it landed on the rain gutter above the patio and I was sitting on the patio one morning after a few minutes it walked over to where I was and we looked each other in the eyes. It was amazing! Even after he flew away he flew to a very high branch in this pine tree on the other side of the house in the front yard and from there was still watching he. This morning he was on a light post above my house for about 10 minutes I said good morning to him. I get very positive feelings whenever I see the hawk visiting the yard. In all the years I have lived at this house I have never seen anything like this. It gives me hope and I’ve been perceiving it as a good sign. There are many changes that will be happening in the next few weeks for me, And I’ve just been asking God to bless me, bless me, bless me, because I am His daughter. Thank you for this info it’s very interesting! If you have any insights to this thank you!

  49. Yassi says:

    It was exactly august 1th, I staying at one of my friend’s house. I was aline in the goose she was at work. It kept raining that day and ut was beautiful, so I went in the yard standing by the pool.. enjoying the rain! I felt like I saw a big bird so I got scared and I went inside the sliding door was full window, so I looked ! It was like magic I saw this baby hawk standing right infront of me looking at me! And i went to grab my phone to film it a bit and thought its probably gonna disappear by the time I get back. But No it didn’t move! I wish I knew all this I wouldn’t have ran inside.
    Thank you

  50. Gustavo Ayala says:

    I’m going through a custody “situation” that is about to get real testy! While in thought about the whole picture of my current situation, a red tailed hawk came swooping into my yard! Wing span displayed beautifully. His presence was felt long enough for me to realize that this is the message I needed! And the day before The Solar Eclipse.

  51. Jisellie says:

    Hello, I am very new to this, but I recently moved to Upstate, NY and have been quite intrigued by hawks. I always see them circling around and look up to admire them.

    On Sunday, 8/27/17, I was washing dishes and when I looked up out the window, a hawk was perched on the ledge of my deck. I was in complete awe. May sound crazy, but the hawk and I seemed to lock eyes. I felt as if it stared at me, my jaw dropped as I called my 4 year old daughter to get my phone so I could try and capture this moment. Didn’t happen, but I was fine with it. As the hawk stared at me, it tilted its head side to side. Suddenly my 1 and a half year old son started crying and the hawk flew away.

    Needless to say, chills ran threw my body. I was in complete awe and almost moved to tears after this moment. Happy tears. Emotional tears. This happened just a few hours after I blessed my home with holy water. I’m not sure what this meant, but I took it as a blessing. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site.

  52. STEADY559 says:

    As i went for a bike ride I felt the urge to just walk , as i began walking for a bit a large hawk flew over me with wings spread… perched on a wooden pole and looked at me…i waved and continued on, then seen two more hawks circling from left to right over me. GREATFUL and BLESSED

  53. Edward S. says:

    i saw a hawk today circling above while i decided i was going to go outside and read a little bit of my book.

    Celtic symbolism for Hawk is similar to that of the Far East – as a powerful messenger from other realms. When Hawk appeared it was a message to keep your wits sharp and prepare. Circling Hawks presage death or conquest.

    i know that this part about death or conquest but what exactly could it mean in terms of death or conquest. i have been fighting a tooth infection for about 8 or 9 months maybe even a year with out antibiotics strictly going with oils as an alternative and it makes me think that perhaps i may die from it even though the swelling is gone i can still feel something going on as sometimes my lip and in the general area of the tooth tingles as if it is healing or is being imbued with some sort of energy.

    now while it circled around it flew off twards the East South direction at a 120 to 135 degrees. as to what that means i have no idea perhaps i will die soon and im ok with it. going twards the land of the light where the sun rises. my incarnation cross is Sun Gate. my Life path number is 3 my Destiny number or Expression number is 6 and my Soul Urge or also called Hearts Desire is a 1.

    can anyone help me figure out a little bit on what i should be doing. in terms of patience and practice of being at a distance using my ability to see the details that most dont see. i have improved most drastically recently as i also am trying to let go of my anger as it is a relative to guilt and self doubt. im harsh with my words and get right to the point no BS or sugar coating. as i feel that ripping a bandaid off is the best way for a wound to heal in the open air and letting nature take its course.

    • Edward S. says:

      i forgot to mention i told the hawk out loud that i welcomed it to land near me that way i may enjoy the presence of the bird. as it was high in the sky so i am unsure if it was a letitimate hawk. so that way i knew for sure what kind of bird it was. although here in colorado i think it was a common blackhawk as i saw no difference in coloration of the wings or tail. it was just all dark like a dark brown or black so i assume it was a common blackhawk.

  54. Tanya Kecskes says:

    A red hawk father drifted on to my door step ….. is this something I should look in to with more depth ,

  55. mildred says:

    I have been under tremendous stress bec after being i remission from ancer for 13 years-it is back. I need to do some important paper work concerning my finances. this evening my daughter an I were sitting on the porch when 2 hawks landed on my fence very close to us. I felt a well needed peace come over me. It was a blessing..

  56. Andrew says:

    Just saw a hawk on my fence holding prey. The hawk squawked turned his head and flew off after I watched for a min. What does this possibly mean?

  57. Stephen says:

    I was sitting in my yard yesterday, just listening to music and enjoying the fresh air and I saw a hawk fly over me, I stood up and looked at it, and I could’ve sworn he looked down at me as well, then just flew away. I’m an inside person so I’m rarely out unless I need to be, so it was quite a sight for me

  58. Molly says:

    I have had hawks near my home for years..I have watched the mamas teach their young to fly, to hunt, to caw…but sometimes when I awake out of my sleep to them cawing in the morning…that they are trying to tell me something…there is something different about this …not sure if it’s a warning or a wake up and look at this come find me…just can’t seem to figure it out…

  59. Jackeline says:

    This is beautiful! I found a huge hawk on air conditioner. He stood on my AC the whole night :-).

  60. Michele says:

    Had a baby hawk atop a pole in our back yard looks like he got another bird ( blue jay). Looking in at us. Although we live in a rural area this is quite uncommon. My daughter saw him first then told me. I think the message is for both of us. Any insights would be helpful. Tx

  61. Leeanna says:

    I was at a park yesterday when a Hawk flew down about 15 feet in front of me. The hawk grabbed a mouse looked at me for about 30 second turned and left. I was so excited! I have lobed Hawks for a long time, but this is the first time one has come that close to me. They have flown by me or by my car but not like this. Now this all makes sense. Thank you!

  62. ZenJen says:

    I also have had many recent contacts with hawks, mostly red-tailed. Does the breed matter? I am struggling with a professional decision and at a cross-roads in that area of my life. I have had single hawks swoop towards my windshield while driving on a few different occasions over the last few weeks. I keep thinking about the concept of “seeing the whole picture” and what the hawk is trying to help me to see, but, alas, I have yet to figure that out! I still enjoy seeing them and get comfort from them when they come around. Blessings!

  63. AJ says:

    What does it mean when you see a hawk on top of his prey he has just killed? Is there any significance to this?

    Thank you in advance for any and all information!

  64. Linné Garrett says:

    Last night I had a strange dream. I hope maybe someone might help me to discern the meaning of it. All I can remember is seeing a hawk in my dreams. It appeared to be a larger type hawk or bird, picking out the feathers of another one. There were a bunch of feathers on the ground, and that is what I saw first. I went over to gather the feathers and they didn’t look like typical hawk feathers. That’s when I noticed the smaller hawk as if it were being killed by its prey was still alive and I looked directly in its eyes. I couldn’t seem to do anything about it being in that situation and then I woke up. I felt really weird afterward, sad even.

    I see hawks all the time, almost daily. I seem to have some kind of connection with them. I can spot them like nobody else, and I see them a lot. They comfort me when I see them, and I get giddy like a kid when I do see them, always saying a blessing over them when I do. But this dream has me stumped. I’m not sure what to make of it? Thanks in advance for any insights.

  65. William says:

    Hello. I see hawks on a daily basis, wether their soaring, perched, or hunting. I always see them before anyone else does and I have an encounter which was a couple of weeks ago. I went outside in the early morning after observing a red tailed hawk soaring above my house from a window. As I went outside to get a better view of him, I noticed two other red tailed hawks perched on a dead tree in my backyard and both made eye contact. After a few minutes they flew away but I got an amazing view of them flying into the woods. Could this mean anything?

  66. Carol says:

    Hello. I have a question. When I came home from work, i found a dead baby hawk on my door step. I believe he flew into the glass door. No cats or other animals could have put him there. What is the meaning behind this?

  67. Olive Bolivar says:

    For several years a hawk family hunted the field next to us. The parent birds would appear in early spring and hunt. I assumed they were beginning the nesting process. A little later a single parent would appear and hunt alone—probably to carry food back to the nest. Then in high summer, the parents would appear with 2-3 young and teach them to hunt. Year before last, after several days of this, I watched as one of the youngsters flew away to the East, I heard her cry of farewell for a long time.
    This year they didn’t come. We saw, in early fall, what was probably a hawk migration, with hundreds of them circling the field. But the family didn’t come.
    Simultaneously, we stopped hearing the coyotes that have historically roamed these fields and copses.
    I am afraid someone poisoned the coyotes and the hawks fed on them.
    I am devastated.

    • Linné Garretti says:

      my goodness, I sure hope you are wrong. that would be horrifically awful. I wish more humans would allow for all animals to live in peace and as nature intended. I saw on Facebook a beautiful barn owl who was poisoned from eating a rat or mouse that had been poisoned. Absolute nonsense and unnecessary. There are always more holistic alternatives to pest control that will not harm our planet or those who live on it – animals or human. Makes me very sad.

  68. Angela says:

    I had a dream that my son was secretly keeping a deer, he fed her milk and out walked a hawk and came next to me, it seemed in the dream it was comforting me.

  69. Timothy Hough says:

    Only one rare species of hawk worldwide hunts in a group, and only under very specific circumstances. Get your facts straight, do the research. It taints everything you say and plants doubt about your knowledge of anything related to your mega-blunder and beyond. If you got hawks wrong, what other animals lifestyles have you also not properly researched? Hawks are solitary hunters, even mated pairs raising young.I suggest strongly that you rethink what you purport to know about the hawk as a spirit animal as it relates to the life of the actual creature itself.

  70. Tricia says:

    Since late November I have been seeing hawks. I saw a white hawk as I was driving during the day. I wanted to make sure I had seen correctly, so I drove back. Since it was a white hawk and they are not common in our area, I drove back and got off the car and took pictures of it and it looked at me, we looked at each other. It was beautiful. Since then I have seen 3 more throughout December, but they are not white. I work in the community so I drive a lot and I have seen them in different places. Yesterday, when I got home from work, I saw one fly right above me and it sat on the tree next my house. I looked at it and it looked at me. Then it flew away and it looked majestic as he flew away. I feel it mea ns something but don’t know what it can mean.

  71. Bonnie Schubert says:

    What does it mean if you see 2 hawks about 25 yards within your field of vision as you are driving down a road. One flew low right about my windshield and dropped a stick on it. I should mention it came from the right side. I think it was a Cooper or a Red Tail.

  72. Joe says:

    Hi there
    This isn’t as amazing as some of all there other story’s on here but I am curious on what this may mean.
    In the last 2 month’s I have seen 3 hawks swoop down and grab its prey In front on me. The first time I seen it happen was in my back yard about 30 feet from me and the other 2 times it happened while I was driving down the road. One of those times the prey was on the road in front of me and the other one was on the edge of a field beside me.
    Is there any symbolic meaning behind these sighting.

  73. Allie says:

    Whenever I’m driving, it seems 9/10 times I always see a hawk perched up on a telephone pole or somewhere. Not sure the kind, but probably the average red tailed one. I was curious as to whether it was just coincidence or what haha. I was thinking all this time it was just one of my deceased grandparents saying “hi” :p Kind of interesting to read through this.

  74. Stacy says:

    The past 2-3 months, i have seen hawks numerous times -they fly across the front of my car, they fly in front of me when I am standing in a field or my yard, and I see them many times on the power line alongside the road, and in trees alongside the roads. Previosly I had seen many many dead owls over the course of a few years. Now I am seeing live hawks flying and watching. As my husband is 80 and his health is not very good, and I am almost 64, I am feeling the push and guidance to be in more control of daily activities, decisions and finances. Its scary, and a bit uncomfortable, but I am wondering if the hawks are preparing me for change and to be always ready. Thanks,

  75. Nathan D Duvall says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    Than you for this valuable site.

    This morning I exited my back door to the backyard to find a freshly killed dove. I heard rustling in the tree above to find 2 hawks staring down at me. They didn’t move at all. We just sat there looking into each other’s eyes for a minute or two. I then went to the shed and got tools to move the dead dove.

    The hawks didn’t move until I disposed the dove. Then they chased each other off and returned a few minutes later and again we just stared at each other. I eventually got a couple pics. Any ideas on what this could mean?

    Thanks again!


  76. Mo says:

    I stumbled on this site after having a vision that birds are guiding me. I never realized how much birds, and particularly birds of prey, have influenced my life without ever realizing it. It feels too much a burden to explain in so much detail, however in a brief synopsis, I have encountered too many in my everyday life to even consider it a coincidence. I have lived in very large metropolitan cities most of my adult years, yet I seem to stumble upon them in the strangest ways. My latest encounter was on the top of a large shopping complex close to a very busy U.S. freeway. Two falcons, in all their majesty, just sitting on a fence next to a grocery store. At that moment I was questioning the path i was about to go down. After witnessing these beautiful creatures, I knew, I just knew I was on the right path. I’m not sure if I am looking too much into it, but I really feel a connection to these beautiful creatures. If anyone feels the same please reach out, I have so many stories. I may need to write a book!

  77. Tiffany says:

    Hey. I’ve seen red hawks very commonly as a kid and teen and adult, I even have two pictures of some up close, one in a beautiful forest staring straight at me. A lot of the time, they stop to stare at me, and fly away.

    three times I saw a hawk eating prey and it looked at me and then the person next to me. it felt like a big message. Like a warning

    I’m having a lot of hardships with my significant other I’ve lived with for 4 years and they have been very emotional abusive lately…taking anger out from other things at me even though it has nothing to do with me.

    Lately my Significant other has been seeing a red tailed hawk every single day on our way to work and has pointed it out, and he said it was a little eerie. I always only see them flying away when he points them out, I usually notice them straight away. I wonder what that means?

  78. Sasha says:

    I had a red tail hawk that sits on my fire escape once in a blue but never paid it any mind, so yesterday it was screaming so I looked out the window to see what was it because didn’t sound like a bird , then I took a picture n it turn n looked right at me it was beautiful. As I post it they told me what this bird was! I was both scared n happy because I know an owl is luck but to read that they r too n protect am so great ul it land it in on my fire escape

  79. Neha says:

    Great post! So, I’m a very spiritual person. I have some desires in life, for which I pray and try to connect to God. One day I was feeling very low, I mean really low from within as for a couple of days every day I was facing problems and I was loosing confidence and we getting very weak. Moreover I had no one to share what I was going through. Suddenly just after taking shower when I sat on couch in my living room, I heard a loud strange sound as if some animal was around. I live on 8th floor of a tall building. Slowly I peeked in the patio when I saw a huge bird . It was as if the bird was talking to me and trying to tell me something. I was so amazed to see this. I just wanted to capture the moment so took pictures and a video . But after it flew , I was wondering if it is good or bad omen because I was having a tough time. Then I googled and got some relief. But I must say that I’m a different person after that day with more confidence and fearless. I told everyone in family and such incident has never happened to anyone. I feel blessed and feel presence of God. I had been asking to God to give me one hint that He is listening to my prayers. I believe falcon will show me the path to reach my desires and will keep me strong so that I don’t give up. What is your view on this?

  80. Anwer Ahmed says:

    hen a red hawk for weeks comes to your yard -what does that means? Is it Good or is it Bad? Please let me know. I will be thankful to you.

  81. Sarah Emmott says:

    I have been visited at least once daily for the past week and prior to that maybe once every other day over the last three weeks. I’m trying to understand the meaning behind the sudden onslaught of visitation. It’s almost like I ask for a visit and I get one. For example this morning I made a cup of coffee and said to myself “I’ll go out on the deck and see if I see one”. I go out on the deck and there is one perched in the tree right in front of me. He took flight a few minutes later. It’s not the same hawk each time and not always in my yard. Everywhere I go I seem to see one. I am going through a difficult time. I’m wondering if he is trying to tell me everything will be OK and to trust my instincts about what is happening and what the outcome will be. In the meantime I am really enjoying the visits. Thank you very much for this information!

  82. Linda says:

    When my mother’s ashes were spread a hawk appeared like out of nowhere and landed on the tree where her garden and trailer sat my family and I were the only family there with her in the end I had been fudging with my siblings over this and as her ashes were spread to her oak tree the hawk appeared and just sat on the branch watching us all she was very specific in her wishes she had spent the last year trying to prepare me for her death and told me I had to be strong for her but she said it wouldn’t work the family wouldnt be there unless my sister’s and I could come together so I did my best to forgive as shed told me and protect the family and be there for everyone and her celebration of life turned out beautiful her gathering was so beautiful she passed last month and this reading helped a lot thank you

    • Breen Hawksey says:

      Perhaps the Hawk was your Mother’s soul in a new incarnation; or simply borrowing the Hawk’s body and a bit of it’s soul for the occasion. Hawks have exceptional powers beyond what scientists, or we, will ever know. Just my humble opinion.

  83. Brenda says:

    I just witnessed two large hawks courting, I believe, as they were flying from tree to tree and calling to each other (or me??) They even linked legs and spiralled! So amazing. I’ve seen hawks, more often than not, when I am out in nature, but never this display. Any intuition as to what this means?
    Thanks SO much.

  84. Breen Hawksey says:

    Hawksey(e) [Hawk’s eye – pronounced “E”; meaning Island (eye) of the Hawk’s or simply Hawk Island] is an old family name going back 350+ years in America and 10,000 in Southern Scotland and Northern England; we were Originally (and still remain) People of the Hawk, but in the 14-16th Centuries called Border Lords because we were an independent Peoples, holding loyalty only to our Clan, but more in league with the Scots when push came to shove.

    I have had three VERY CLOSE (<10') eye-to-eye encounters with HUGE Red-tail Hawks; to look into a hawks soul and they into one's is a life-changing experience, mystical isn't strong enough, it is as if centuries drop away. Interestingly, my first two encounters came when I lived on (isolated) Ben Lomond Mountain in a little community called Bonnie Doone on the Central California coast – the FIRST mountain out of the Pacific Ocean. At 2,000' and three miles inland one can smell the salt air during winter storms; it is like standing on the beach! The second of my blessed encounters was less than 5 feet apart; I rounded a bend in a deep, flat, river bottom and surprised the large fellow while he was getting a drink. As he was "helicoptering" upwards we looked deep into one another's eyes and then he was gone! I didn't know a Red-Tail, or any hawk, could go straight up by flapping it's wings! The canyon was narrow so he had no other choice. As he was about head-heighth he then flew more horizontally. His wingspan was close to 6 feet; five to be sure! What a blessed man I am. Thought you might enjoy this story. Thank you and may your days be blessed. Breen

    • Breen Hawksey says:

      PS: Since my days in Bonnie Doone (I no longer live there) there has been Hawks involved in my live to this day. I have a Marsh Hawk that comes to visit about once a week, occasionally a Red-Tail (fledgers or young ones) and another I don’t recognize. It sits on my back fence and stares at the house. Hmmmmm…. Breen

  85. Toni says:

    I had never understood the significance of my hawk sightings before. But I know, whenever I saw them, my spirits were instantly lifted, any mood would become much better just at the sight of one. Seeing a hawk just makes me happy.

  86. Vanessa L Robinson says:

    I have to tell what happen to me with a Hawk. I was mowing my yard as I have done for fourteen years a Hawk flew down right in my face, we were eye to eye if it would have open its wings I may not have a face today. Then the Hawk went up in the air and open its wings and flew away. I have never been through anything like this. I am trying to find out what this means.

  87. Reggie G says:

    Yesterday, a hawk was in the middle of a busy road. I drove past but turned around because if it were hurt it surely wouldnt survive on that main thoroughfair. I blocked the lane in which he sat(not sure if it were male or female.) There was another gentleman there trying to shoo it out of the road but it would not budge. We assumed it was injured. It looked me deep in the eyes with its one eye turned straight towards me. I sat in the road next to it….not caring about the cars going excessively fast by us. I personally didnt feel it was injured so I grabbed sone gloves and decided to try and move him(or her) out of the road. While we were eyes locked I said I am here with you and I wont hurt you. I reached out and it spread its wings slightly but did not try to attack me. It actually allowed me to touch it and gently stroke its chest and head. Next thing you know minutes later he flew away!!! Yet remained in a tree close by and watched me until i got in my car safely and drive off. I even took some pictures. Nothing like that has ever happened to me, I believe it was a sign of a new something new, exciting and wonderful!!!

  88. nancy oliver says:

    Curious tale and why did it happen this way? Two days ago our three 8 weeks old chicks were outside having a good time and I was in the kitchen with the sliding glass door open. It was pretty quiet, the weather was great so I have the screen door closed. I heard a terrible terrible, blood-curdling peeping from outside. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I threw open the door and ran outside. As I was coming out off the deck I could see something long and low, jet black at the base of our garden gate going into the veggie area, was it a cat or? After getting closer coming off the deck a huge hawk flew up over our maple tree and then landed on our neighbor’s tree behind it. I went into the garden and only saw two chicks and just had a terrible thought that the hawk had taken one. The white chick was missing, I thought well, that’s it, the hawk took the chick. Then I heard another terrible peeping, chick was in the top of a boxwood shrub on the other side of the coop. I ran over there I was able to get her out of the shrub. She was ok, I think it dropped her thru the tree. The hawk was also soaring above our house for a while. Might be a Swainson’s hawk after I spoke with a local raptor person. Any thoughts? I have seen hawks before, but odd scenaro. thanks!

  89. shawn says:

    Hello, I have been recently deeply meditating on nature and animal spirits, It has been difficult as this is a completely new way of life for me, but for the first time in many many years I am beginning to feel at peace with myself. I still do not know who my spirit guide is or rather what it is, but recently during my meditations and before bed I have been asking if the spirit would be willing to speak to me and perhaps reveal what it is, I have been drawn to birds, which is odd as I have never been interested in them at any point in my life before. I’m not sure if this is due to getting The Crow as an animal guide in the quiz on this site, or if my guide is truly drawing me towards birds. The other day after asking the guide before bed, i happened to walk up into the woods in my backyard and found a lone feather stuck in the ground, I was immediately drawn to it, and i wasn’t even actively looking for one, i just happened to be drawn to look somewhere, and there it was. I am unsure if it is a hawk feather, but today was a shocking experience, I was in a deep meditation and asking perhaps if my guide was some sort of bird if it would appear or maybe give me a message, well moments later something screeched so loud it snapped me out of this deep meditative trance, and circled near me in the air, rather low for a hawk, then flew off into the woods, could my guide be some sort of bird or even a hawk? I don’t want to assume anything as I really want to form a deep relationship with my spirit animal and to love it and accept it for whatever it is, any help would be deeply appreciated.

  90. Bertha Fernandez de Sawyer says:

    Hi, Shawn
    I would say that it is very likely to be your spirit animal. Sometimes they can be the link to your spirit animal or to spirit.

    • shawn says:

      Thank you for the response, i meditated deeply today in nature again, no hawks appeared but there were quite a few birds! And they stayed very close to me in general, even if i moved and they flew off, they came right back! I feel I am on the right path, if you or anyone else has any other suggestions on how to grow closer to my, bird guide i shall call it until i can identify it for sure, i would appreciate any guidance. (i feel immensely drawn to birds in general now subconsciously and consciously)

  91. Amy says:

    I have been having problems at work lately. The last couple days I have noticed two red neck hawks circling me. What us the meaning of this? I am really sad and having a difficult time going to work any more.

  92. Carol Gibson says:

    I’m wondering what spiritual meaning or omen does a hawk represent?

  93. Stephanie Babin says:

    I keep seeingred tailed hawks on a regular basis. When i am aout about. I also found afeather in my yard recently. Im not sure what this means. Is the hawk my spirit animal or is it just trying to communicate something to me.

  94. Mark says:

    Standing in the gate of my back yard a few years ago, I experienced an unforgettable moment. A hawk swooped down to eye level from about 50 meters away, coming right towards me.. in that moment I was stuck, while I was in awe and amazed by this beautiful sight I was also aware of its strength and majesty as this 6 foot wingspan creature cut through the air headed in my direction. It continued till about 5 meters in front of me where it spread its wings forward lifting up to perch on a branch before me staring me down…
    This felt so supernatural and at the time I didn’t know what to make of it.. but I knew I was being communicated to somehow by this creature!! I knew that was a moment in my life I had to bookmark.
    This article touches on a lot that hits home for me..!

  95. Jose says:

    Lately I’ve been feeling awkward in many aspects of my life, such as work, family, friends, and even relationships. This morning I was on the phone with a dear friend of mine and something amongst the tree and my backyard fence caught my eye. A beautiful hawk was perching on it as it had just caught a squirrel. It made eye contact with me and I had my phone and took several pictures and videos…I was amazed at its grandiose posture. In several instances of big changes in my life, a hawk has always become present in my life, either by flying close by or perching in a near by tree. Today has been an exciting day as I was a mere 10 meters away from one. I wonder if it’s my totem or a spiritual guide, perhaps both.

  96. Lisa says:

    Today I was in a friend’s car and as she was backing out of a parking spot into the street, I looked out of my window and saw on the ground immediately outside of my window, a hawk on top of a pigeon! It just looked back at me. He moved his feet around abit to better position himself on top of the pigeon but he didn’t move as we drive around him. What do you think about this? I would say that they are both in my totem.

  97. Margaret says:

    I am blessed to be able to watch Hawks fly over my home every day. Two week ago as I was sitting with a friend who lost her oldest son in July a majestic Hawk landed in a tree close to us and seemed to just watch us for only a short moment. It landed in another tree close to us again. In the 24 years I have lived here that has never happened. I wondered if that was her son saying good by. Is it possible?

  98. Amy Copeland says:

    My brother passed away 25 years ago. His Indian name was Red Hawl. My parents and I see and hear hawks squaking. Now my parents are sick I have been helping them both and I am so stressed, worried and fearful. We are all Christians and all spiritual. Last NIGHT I was crying to God and to my brother. I prayed to them both last night while crying. I ask God and my brother to show me a sign that my brother was with me and our sick mom and dad
    Well I woke up and later took my dog for a walk as I was talking to Gig I felt him tell me to not talk to just look around at every thing he has created. A few minutes later a Hawk came down very close and me and my dog. It flew around several times in circles and slowly went soaring way very far but I could still see it. I started thanking God and my brother for showing me the hawk
    I felt it was my brother showing me he was still with me. As I was standing there crying I looked and there was another hawk and then another one . I thought I was seeing things or going crazy!! I just there crying thank them both and as I was walking again there above me soaring was 5 hawk!! I looked it up and it said it was a sspiritual msg. Telling me to be aware of my surroundings. To keep a eye one everything and be aware of all of my surrounings. And then I read a circling hawk meat death or conguest??? Could you please tell me what you think. I have so many mixed emotions. Was that my brothers spirit?? A message from God?? If so what did it all mean?? Now I am afraid I or someone is going to die. Please help me understand all of this!! Thank you very much.

  99. Hector says:

    Theres a red tailed hawk thats been following me the last couole of weeks. It even came flying over when i whistled. What does this mean? My fiance has been followed by the hawk too.

  100. David Item says:

    There is a hawk that’s been flying over me at night.it only happens when I’m at my highest peak of my energy and I’m being endangered. When the hawk makes a sound & flies over , I start to relax. I think it was sent by an angel from heaven to protect me.

  101. Sammie says:

    I could see this Hawk through two wires fences and it spot me flew towards me over my head and land in a tree in my yard .
    Something told to go to the tree where it landed . I approached the Hawked and we just stared at each other .
    It did not more and seemed very calm and still .
    I walk around and drove out of my drive way and home , I stopped the car and look back and he stood there as I drove away .

  102. Ælfwig donnchad says:

    This is interesting information to know about. My question is how you got proof that spirit animals exist. I am purplexed by this idea and would love to know more about such a fascinating topic.

    Ps. This makes no sense and doesn’t correlate to science.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Ælfwig;

      Excellent question and one I asked myself before starting this website. However, you may (or may not be) incorrect regarding a lack of scientific correlation. As a Shamnic practitioner, evidential psychic medium, and animal communicator I’ve always sought out the ‘science’ of these abilities. Over the years I’ve read every whitepaper regarding consciousness that I could get my hands on. I’ve worked to understand quantum theory and more. See, because the experiences clients and I have I ‘know’ Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals are real. The proof is irrefutable. But, not yet provable because the results cannot be 100% replicated through testing.

      So, based on my current knowledge of the science of psi, I’m putting together an in-depth look at the possible science of Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals. It will take me a few weeks (holidays) but you can check out the works of:

      1. Dr. Dean Radin
      2. The Institute of Heart Math
      3. Dr. Julie Beischel and The Windbridge Institute

      Though their research and findings specifically cite human experiences, it/they could certainly be used to hypothesize the same regarding other animals. Why? Because humans are animals. And, since we share so many DNA pairings with other animals again it just makes logical sense. Now, is that 100% proof? Nope. But, we live in such a fluid world almost nothing is 100%, 100% of the time.

      Thanks for asking such an awesome question and issuing such a great ‘challenge’!

      Stay wild,

  103. Steven says:

    This past Friday it was out of the ordinary for to at that location where I saw not one the two red tail hawks sitting up on a transformer they raise their wings and got electrocuted both of them that’s how the football nice can you tell me what the meaning of this is

  104. Felix, Larson, Alex says:

    Me and My 2 brothers were making a pact on enhancing awareness in our lives…. As we embraced a large red tailed hawk flew out of a nearby tree, and made himself known to then perch into another tree. The timing of it was unreal and especially after we did research on the meaning of it all. I truely believe in a greater awareness.

  105. Melissa says:

    I’ve been spotting a black hawk as I ventured home from work last week. Yesterday, it was circling my home. Today, I passed nearly 2 dozen atop the light posts on the way home. As I approached them, the center hawk on each of the posts (of the 3 to 5 up top of each post…there were 4 posts total) would spread its wings, and bow its head. Both my daughter and I were in awe at their magnificance. I’ve been blessed with very strong intuitions, and they’re only growing stronger. I’ve been working to balance my energies. But paying more attention to the details…my friend was selling iolite today. I purchased some from her to help my visions and energy to aid in faster development. I love my hawks as guides. They’re such beautiful creatures. I’ve been doing my best to focus on the bigger picture; I’m grateful for their message. Thank you for creating this site.

  106. raindrops says:

    What is the meaning of seeing a hawk hovering in the same spot for a prolonged period of time?

  107. Leann Ratner says:

    A hawk,flew trough our glass window in our kitchen & landed iinto the sink I was bending over heard a loud sound glass shattering stood up & the hawk was looking at me I was screaming called 911 & a officer who was a birder & was able to release the hawk very thought provoking

  108. Ann Randall says:

    A cooper hawk has been hanging out on my steps… what does this mean

  109. Leann Ratner says:

    A few weeks ago a hawk flew through the kitchen window & landed in the kitchen sink I was bending down heard a crash glass all over stood up looking at him starting screaming luckily he was released wondering what the omen is about this experience with

  110. Patricia A Martin says:

    I don’t have an answer for you but have been experiencing visits from a red tail hawk. I left a very dangerous situation and finally moved out on my own… Finally. The night I moved in this Red Tail showed up at my window. Shocked me because I live 12 floors up. He sat there half the night. Last night he was back and sat in my window from 5 pm until 4 am. He just sits and watches, let’s me get within inches of his face, take pictures and talk to him! Very bizarre! There’s a screen on window so I’m not fearful. Would love to hear what you find out. P

  111. Heather says:

    I seen 7 hawks on my way to work 1 seems to just float along side my car as I drove along. I also seen 3 dead hawks on this same drive…I know this is not coincidence!

  112. Keith Denney says:

    I walked out my front door a few days ago and red hawk was setting on theback of my car about 6 feet away. i walked back in the house to get my cell phone for a pic. and when I came back he was still there and i took one pic then he flew uyp to a basketball goal and set again I I live in the suburbs in Arlington Texas, if that is signoificatnttook a second pic and in a few minutes he flew away. he was very impressive and was very calm. I thought it was strange because he was never seen before and I live in the suburbs of Ft. Worth Texas.

  113. Deborah Ingram says:

    A hawk has been hanging around in my backyard and making quite a fuss .. he or she also let me take the picture several times My Chihuahua spotted him and was quite amused.. a few days later an old friend girl came by she scammed me out of something.. but not of important .. The trust and friendship is definitely gone ..Maybe the hawk was trying to warn me about this Big Buzzard with a lying face. I’m done..The Hawk is still in my backyard hawking..

  114. james gravot says:

    I just showed up at the farm and a hawk was sitting there and didn’t move at all while I got out of the truck, and after a while I went towards the hawk and I was about two in a half feet away and stared into its eyes, and then I went to get some leather gloves and the hawk let me pet it

  115. Skillet says:

    I was on my way home yesterday and a red tailed hawk with a wriggling snake in his claws flew in front of my truck about 10 feet away. I almost hit it. Very interesting! Never had anything like that happen before. Please reply and tell me what you think it means. At the time, I was daydreaming about my future and thinking of living in another country.

  116. Lisa says:

    A golden hawk has been around me every single day for the past week. While I am walking, it flies over my head and even driving to work I see it on my route and it flies towards my car and soars right over me. Now it’s starting to freak me out a little! Thoughts anyone?

  117. ModrnDayMonk says:

    Skillet, in unfamiliar surroundings let wisdom, (the serpent), and circumspection (the hawk) be your guides.

  118. Cole Burnsworth says:

    I have been taken aback at the high frequency of red tailed hawk sightings as of late. So many in fact I felt compelled to do more research.

  119. jose says:

    i have two wings that i found of a red tail hawk.. i pray with them and use them as a gift from god. i would like to know if these wings give me a sense of power and knowlege. i beleve it does and am i to become a seer

  120. Doris A. Kohler says:

    Would you please tell me the significance of suddenly encountering a huge hawk, stareing at me, quiet and unmoved, (with a dead rodent at its feet), as I walked briskly by.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Slow down and claim what is yours

  121. Daniel mugambi says:

    I have noticed that when I think about hawks the y appear three of them

  122. Angela Smith says:

    i watched 11 hawks fly into sight above me this afternoon 11 they flew in from out of no where it seemed as they flew circling above me i videoed it with my phone in the video it also captured a huge orb of light flying around the same area in the sky above me.what does this mean?Is it a normal sight to see,all 11 were huge in size two of which looked white.does this have a special meaning?

    • kameryn Fabrizio says:

      With an orb? That’s interesting!

  123. Corey says:

    For while I’ve noticed hawks near me but it stopped for awhile. Just the other day I was walking to my shop which is my work. The way I was taking to the shop is on a huge highway and it’s extremely busy and loud. No place for a hawks to want to be. As I was walking a hawks was on the power line about 30 ft from me just staring at me as I walked by. I even stop and went back and took a picture of him as he just stared at me. Not sure what it means but I know there a good animal to have around. I’ve started a business and have had a rough past but things are better. I’m hopping this is a good thing.

  124. Marlynn Barkow says:

    The first hawk few along side the car but not right next the it then yesterday a hawk flew right next to the car as I was driving right at a level for me to see whatdoes it mean?

  125. Brandi Stading says:

    My cousin was Native American. We are the same age and very close. He passed away in March 2020 suddenly and I miss him terribly. I tried to save him from his demons. When I meditate I can sense and feel him. I’ll ask for a sign and a hawk will appear. Sometimes walking in my yard a hawk will stop on a pole above me and my kids and look down at us. It’s him isn’t it?

  126. Amy says:

    Is there a specific meaning when a hawk flies overhead carrying prey?

    (It was at a significant moment for me with a significant person.)

  127. Georgia says:

    I was walking around our lake property and the largest Hawk I’ve ever seen flew over and circled above me screeching. When I stopped to watch it, it then landed in a tree not far from me and watched me the whole time screeching very loudly. I walked on and it followed me halfway around our lake. I stopped 3 times and all 3 times it landed in a tree not far from me watching and screeching. It never stopped screeching even when it was following me. I got to the clearing and stopped the last time and it circled me again watching me and screeching. Circled numerous times then flew off still screeching. I’ve always had Hawks around my house and had them even follow me down my drive and down the rd some but they never acted like that one. I’ve had them drop food in front of me twice. They have always been around in large numbers. This one just kinda shocked me I guess. What do you think it means?

  128. Ann Marie says:

    The other day I found a hawk feather IN MY HOUSE on the second floor in the hallway . Please tell me what this might mean

  129. Holly says:

    I was very ill for many months. One day, I found enough energy to do some errands. On my way back home, I saw a red tailed hawk. She was gorgeous & huge – and just sitting there – staring at me. I went home to do some work and it dawned on me – that there was a squirrel right behind her and the small animals – weren’t afraid of her. I live in a huge city – with millions of people – and I’ve never seen such a bird before. I used to live in the country and have seen many birds – but never a Red-Tailed hawk. I went back – looking for her and realized something was wrong – she was just sitting on a bench .. I got close and she just looked at me. I called a wildlife centre and they told me someone could come to transport her .. but asked if I was comfortable grabbing her and putting her into a box lol I said I’d never wrangled a hawk before .. but ok! I was totally comfortable and we went out – in the pitch dark .. found her under a tree – she was so calm. Looking me dead in the eyes -not making a peep. I threw a blanket on her and grabbed her by the ankles and gently put her in the box. She didn’t fight or make a sound. They think she may have hit a skyscraper- and she had lost a lot of blood – but she’s ok now – several weeks later. Very feisty and ready to be released to the wild. I keep seeing small hawks when I leave the house. My health has totally turned around. I feel really happy whenever I see these birds and can’t help but wonder if there’s a message and a purpose. I feel very connected to these birds now.

  130. LADY CAT says:


    My #1 Bird Totem Guide

    I have many feathers that have come to me by very strange Ways
    Bordering on the paranormal the unexplained and a bizarre

    If you were interested in hearing those experiences
    Please email me as I always enjoy sharing the adventure

  131. Rose says:

    Today, for the second time I am learning to be the leader that I want to have around in my workplace. While it is just two of us manning (well, womaning) the operations stateside, it can get a bit challenging to keep us both on track. The second time I choose to lead- I see the hawk! I was in awe, as with Chris Witecki its a step 7 day and he literally advised we just ‘stare out the window’. I will enjoy and relish these small wins and I am opening my heart more and more to my colleagues who are open to supporting me in my growth and investments of time/energy.

  132. Joy says:

    Our house sits on top of a bluff, with a sloped field below our back yard. We have a red-tailed hawk who loves to perch on our fence to scan the field below us (I’ve named him Henry, after the little hawk in the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons). Last night, Henry sat there for about half an hour. I never see him land anywhere else nearby, except for in distant trees below. A couple of weeks ago, he and his mate were serenading us.
    The past year has been tumultuous for me beyond the pandemic: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020, and had chemo and double mast surgery, and am still receiving treatments. After reading the info on this site, I like to think that Henry is here to watch over me in my cancer journey, which has been difficult both physically and emotionally.

  133. Malkyrie says:

    My son’s middle name is Hawk.. We knew a few meanings and associations before we chose it.. but I learned even more from this! Great read… I knew we chose the right name. 11 months old today! Can’t wait to watch you soar little Vander Hawk!!!

  134. Annia says:

    A few years ago, I was travelling with a friend through a mountainous area of Greece. The windows were down as it was warm. Out of nowhere, a hawk swept down by my side, and for the next 15-20 seconds, flew alongside me. If I’d reached out my arm (not even fully outstretched) I would have touched it! It looked straight into my eyes and we were lucky I didn’t drive the car into the mountain side! Had I been alone, I wouldn’t have believed this had happened, but I had my friend with me who was also amazed! We both held our breath in utter awe! What a magnificent creaeture it was! I felt like we communicated right there and then. One of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had!

  135. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you SO much for all of this wisdom and affirmation! I saw a hawk in my yard today extremely close to my house, I barely caught sight of it but it took my breath away – I saw it’s eyes and it’s wings spread and it was going fast. It was quite close to the ground and eye level with me so it must have been swooping down. Birds come to our feeder and I’ve seen hawks high above but never ever this close. I saw it out the window as I was eating. I am going through some MAJOR shifts internally and on an accelerated path of spiritual growth. Something very big is happening for me and I am in my Saturn return. The line about not doubting my intuitions was particularly helpful, as sometimes I am tempted to think things are just ordinary but they are not! They are magical and I am being guided constantly.
    I knew the hawk was a sign and I needed to keep looking into it – finding this article has really spoken to my soul and I am loving seeing everyone else’s shares also! I will be looking around more on this sight as well, appreciate you!

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