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Dog Symbolism & Meaning

Dog as a spirit animal is a faithful guide for those seeking to grasp the concept of unconditional love. Do you need support in leading your pack at home or work? Trying to decide whether to bark or actually bite? Dog, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Dog teaches the importance of loyalty and recognizing one’s position within a group. Delve deeply into Dog symbolism and meaning to discover how this Animal Spirit Guide can support, guide, and motivate you.

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Dog Symbolism & Meaning

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An excellent way of honoring the Animal Spirits that enter your life is by learning more about them. When a Dog chooses to act as a spiritual guide or an aid, you can trust it for protection, alertness, bravery, devotion, and constancy. This symbolic value for Dog isn’t surprising. This creature has barked at the heels of humankind for so long that no one knows for sure when they were first domesticated. Many people believe that Dogs have souls and will reunite with their human counterparts in the afterlife. In other words, all Dogs do indeed go to heaven!

The ancient Egyptians used Dog symbolism regularly. The city of Cynopolis translates as “Dog.” In this region, it was actually a law that the people of the city care for all Dogs diligently. They also worshipped the Dog Star (Sirius) because its position in the sky predicted the flooding of the Nile. This marked the New Year. This predictability of the Dog spirit equated to faithfulness and also gives Dog an additional metaphysical relationship with prognostication.

It seems everywhere you looked in the ancient world, and indeed modern times, the Dog spirit is there with more bark than bite. Leaders in Babylon and Assyria both have numerous Dogs mentioned in their chronicles, along with the concept that Dogs have psychic vision and see ghosts or imperceptible dangers. They use this mystical ability to protect their owners not only in this life but the next.

This ability to see true may be why the Greeks choose a three-headed Dog image (Cerberus) as the guardian of the dead. In this position, the Dog spirit again acts as a guide and even becomes an obedient intermediary for human souls. This protective element parallels the Norse Garmr, a Dog that stands at the gates of the underworld. It is said that Garmr will only howl if the end of the world is nigh. In this way, we see the Dog animal spirit again as a visionary and prognosticator.

Time and time again, mythology portrays the sacred Dog as being brave, powerful, and vigilant. The hunter Orion of Greek mythology was always accompanied by his faithful Dog, Sirius. The Goddess Artemis is also depicted with divine hunting Dogs. In South Africa, we see this creature portrayed as an Ancestor spirit that gives humankind fire, and in Japan, the images of Dogs often stand guard at temple doors.

With all this in mind, it’s not surprising when a Dog spirit guide chooses to bless your life. They are exactly where they wish to be, close to a human heart who will cherish them. As a side note, an actual living Dog can be a Divine messenger and helpmate too. Some people believe that Angels can turn themselves into Dogs for the purpose of safeguarding a person or family and offering aid in times of trouble.

Dog Spirit Animal

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When the Dog Spirit Animal chooses you, you will have a best friend in the etheric plane, probably for the remainder of your years on this planet.

Dog cannot be deterred easily and is particularly drawn to humans who show service and loyalty generously to others. This animal spirit guide also comes when a soul calls out for aid, akin to St. Bernards arriving just in the nick of time.

If Dog spirit keeps nudging you, be aware. There may be problems afoot that you cannot immediately see. Let your Dog’s nose sniff out the problem.

Additionally, the Dog spirit always reminds you to maintain your integrity and faithfulness with all the gentle souls that share your life, both human and animal. This bit of animal medicine is true for yourself, too – you cannot be a good friend to others without having the same relationship with yourself.

As a spiritual companion, Dog builds an intense sense of devotion to all your relations. Should your proverbial tribe come into times of trouble, Dog Spirit will not run with his tail between his legs. Instead, your Animal Ally stands firm by your side. Just one word of caution: If your Dog Animal Guide feels you abuse trust and devotion, it will nip at you as a wake-up call.

Dog Totem Animal

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Individuals born with the Dog Totem give and receive tenderness openly. They are most definitely “huggers.” This individual serves quietly in the backdrop, leaving others in the spotlight while supporting their success. From this position, you can see everything that’s going on more clearly and stand watch for any trouble.

If your Birth Totem is a Dog, it symbolizes the ability to devote oneself to a spiritual path or personal ethic no matter the situation. It is not surprising to find many ministers and metaphysical teachers having a Dog totem. There is no need for a leash here – the dedication is already apparent, and it would take a major crisis for you to abandon your faith.

One issue you may discover when you have a Dog Totem is you have no patience for meanness. Willfully harming others is abhorrent. When you see something happening, you may want to jump in and “chew out” the offender, which may be exactly what they need. However, it’s good to pause and consider if this is YOUR battle.

Dog Power Animal

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The Dog Power Animal within you is fiercely devoted, loving, and protective. Invoke Dog as your Power Animal when you need support staying strong in your drive to serve humankind. Burnout is no fun, and Dog Medicine teaches us that it’s OK to stop and chase a Frisbee every once in a while.

Call in Dog from the well of your being when your social calendar gets overwhelming. It’s fine to have many friends in your pack, and you are the kind of person everyone else wants as a companion. You always seem to know just how to welcome friends with a happiness and healing energy that feeds people to their very souls. But you cannot save everyone, and your own well-being is a priority.

Dog, as a Power Animal, is a perfect partner for being the most giving and altruistic as possible. In some instances, this Being may express an important task, laying heavy on your spirit. You can carry messages from the spirit world or even from the Divine, often bearing words that lift an ailing soul and provide hope. Listen carefully to that guidance and deliver your missive faithfully.

Dog: Spiritual Significance

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The Dog Spirit is one with broad spiritual implications. It represents family, adaptability, affection, devotion, perseverance, bravery, insightfulness, and knowing one’s purpose. At the beginning of the Canine-human relationship, these creatures followed nomadic hunting excursions. There were leftovers to enjoy without giving chase. Over time, some people developed respectful relationships with the Canines they encountered.

In Dog Medicine, one of the attributes encouraged is adaptability. Where Wolf decided the wild style better suited them, Dog took another approach. They slowly transformed and adjusted to various human lifestyles. They became part of our pack, or we became part of theirs.

Another trait from which we can learn in our Dog Allies is how to be a good friend. Dogs naturally know when to move close and when to stay away. They feel when we are sick or happy and respond accordingly. Moreso, Dog isn’t demanding or judgemental. They don’t have ulterior motives and just do what comes innately. Acting in this manner toward those in your circle builds stronger bonds.

Toward those closest to you, Dog Spirit stresses the value of loyalty. Once ensconced in a loving home, your Dog will stand with you through even the worst moments. As an example, you see homeless people with their dogs contentedly lying with them. The location and situation don’t matter. You are there.

Stories about Dog from around the world illustrate this Animal Ally’s bravery. There is a story of a terrible auto accident in which everyone but a boy and the dog were killed. The Shepherd moved into the role of a guardian, getting the boy to water and deftly fending off Coyotes. In this, the Dog was certainly not thinking of its own safety, only protecting its charge. This tale reflects the Dog as a protective symbol. It follows by instinct and encourages you to likewise listen to your intuition.

Two physical attributes of the Dog are its honed sense of hearing and smell. They detect sickness in a person’s body or drugs smuggled in a bag. They memorize the sound of your vehicle when it pulls into the driveway and the pitter-patter of your feet on the floor. Having strong senses is a goal every spiritual person should have. As you open your mind and psychic aptitudes, social cues become clearer, as do the warning signs of duplicitous individuals. Tune in!

Each Dog is as unique as humans. Their personalities shine in their deeds and demeanor. No matter what, Dog seems to understand its place and purpose. They are your friend, your protector, your comfort. You, too, have a purpose. Never lose sight of it.

When you watch a dog playing, it’s impossible to miss the joy it brings. There is no tomorrow, there is only now. Dog Spirit reminds us to live in the moment so we don’t overlook small things, particularly blessings.

Types of Dog

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Every Canine is unique. The breed’s general disposition provides a starting point to understanding the correlating symbolism. For the purpose of this article, I have focused on some of the popular breeds.


The Bulldog is the buddy mascot for various sports teams and colleges. While they are not great with endurance, Bulldog represents courage and determination. While these associations arise from historical abuses, Bulldog is now beloved by many.

Cavalier King Charles

A regal name for regal dogs. Cavaliers were meant to romp and appear in members of Aistrocray’s lap. They are gentle, sweet, and incredibly charming. The Cavalier King Charles also has the power of mesmerism. Just look at those eyes!

Golden Retriever:

There is something about Golden Retrievers that instantly inspire trust. The breed acts goofy, as if there’s no care in the world, and encourages you to follow their example periodically. Goldens are energetic people-pleasers. They are so easygoing that even cats like them.

Irish Setter

If you are athletic, an Irish Setter may be a perfect match. If you’re jogging, they will want to socialize along the way. In general Irish Setters embody grace and sweetness. They also have a bit of the Trickster within.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors represent intelligence and gentleness. They can get along with nearly every human and animal they meet. Kids and other pets are no problem.

Pit Bull

Pitties have gotten a bad rap due to unscrupulous breeding and abuse, making it a symbol of misconception and misrepresentation. They absolutely look strong, a dog with brute force on their side, but they are only used when friends or family are in danger. These are the proverbial class clowns of the canine world.


Poodle grooming suggests attention to detail. They look sophisticated and ready for any occasion. Poodles are smart and learn commands easily.

Shih Tzu

A breed developed in China and Tibet, the Shih Tzu is meant for giving and receiving love. That’s their full job in life. The breed is sometimes called the Chrysanthemum Dogs, a flower symbolizing joy, friendship, and well-being. Shih Tzyus were favored among imperial rulers.

The Patron Saint of Dogs

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Saint Roch is the medieval Patron Saint of Dogs. In the Catholic Church, he’s celebrated on August 16th. Saint Roch also protected invalids, unmarried men, and people who have been falsely accused of an action.

St. Roch practices asceticism and has a deep devotion similar to his Canine trusts. Upon turning 20, the Saint gave away all his belongings to the poor. He then joined the Third Order of Saint Francis, a shining light of care toward nature and animals.

Dog in Native American Traditions

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Tribal cultures in the Americas show deep respect for Dog. There are some connections with Coyote symbolism here, like the story of how humans got fire. No matter what, Dog is a guide and guardian who barks in the presence of danger. Anyone treating a dog badly was looked upon with disdain. Superstition said tragedy would soon follow.

There is a legend about how the Great Spirit found the best companion Animal for humankind. He asked how each animal would treat the humans. Some were fearful, wishing only to run away. Others were fierce, looking for dinner. Only the Dog offered to hunt with humans and protect their children. So, Dog was designated as a human ally and partner.

Celtic Lore about Dogs

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In Celtic lore, stories of great heroes and Gods and Goddesses include hounds accompanying them. The stories of Dogs focus on them as guides to The Underworld, and Guardians of the Crossroads, where they keep a spirit safe and guide it toward a new life. It reflects the Dog Spirit as one that’s a loyal and honorable companion even in the afterlife.

Norse Dog Beliefs

When you look at Nordic art, you’ll see warriors with dogs at their sides. The more Dogs you owned – it became a status symbol of wealth.

Greece Dog Symbolism

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The main meaning of Dog in Greece was protection. Rhea, Zeus’ wife, sent a golden dog to watch over Zeus as an infant. After Zeus reached adulthood, he honored the Dog by creating Canis Major, the Dog constellation.

The Odyssey tells us of Odysseus returning to his home after 20 years. In his absence, other men tried to take over his house and wife. To get more information, Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar. Nonetheless, his loyal Dog Argos knows him immediately.


Egypt 1200x630

The most prosperous families in Egypt had Dogs. Owners were obsessed with what might now be called “bling.” The creature’s collar figures precious stones. When the family pet died, everyone shaved their head as a show of mourning. The Dog’s remains were mummified to join their owners again in the afterlife.

Africa Dog Folktales

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There is a story in African folktales explaining why humans are not immortal. Apparently, the Divine beings sent out two messages. Toad was to tell humans, “Death has come.” Dog was to send the message “life has come.” But the Dog became hungry, stopping to eat. Toad arrived with its message to humanity first, which is why we do not live forever.

Persia Dog Perspective

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Persians believed Dogs were part wild Canine, part Human, and came to humankind as a gift from the Gods. Persian used Dogs to help with the hunt, herding, and for safety. Nonetheless, there was a deep abiding relationship with Dog. The Avesta speaks of the importance of treating Dog well, like a family member. Should one harm a Dog, they faced punishment in the afterlife.

China & Japan: Dog Portrayal

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The Chinese consider Dog a fortunate Animal. Having a stray come into your home meant good luck would soon follow. In Feng Shui, Dog represents faith and devotion. If you put images of Dog facing out from your doorway, it accomplishes two things. Dog intimidates those with evil intent while also greeting those with positive chi (qi) into the house

One breed stands out among the rest, namely the Pekingese. This breed originated in China, and found favor in the Imperial court, where they could be nearly an accessory to Noble laps.


In Japan, people see dogs as great defenders. Dog has magic, and it can withstand malevolent spirits. Images of Dogs appear at the gates of cities, its spirit frightening off thieves.

Of all Dogs, the Chin Dog stands out as sacred. It’s a Spaniel with mystical powers of protection. The Chin Dog bears joy and mischief while always remaining dignified. When owned by influential people, the Chin Dog might receive its own personal servant or doctor.

Dogs in Britain

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Archaeological evidence suggests that Do was an integral part of life in Britain when it was under Roman occupation. Dog represented swiftness and strength. Nehalennia, the Goddess of shipping, sailing (along the Rhine), trading, and horticulture, has artistic renderings of her with Dogs at her feet.

Mesopotamia: A Glimpse at Dog

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There were Dog cults in Assyria and Akkadia. Sometimes, prognosticators would observe a Dog’s behavior for signs and omens. One temple in Isin dedicated to Ninisina, the Goddess of physicians and healing, illustrates Dog reverence as it is called the, “Dog House.” In general, Dogs symbolize health and protection.

Aztec Representations of Dog

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Both the Aztecs and Mayas had respect for Dog Spirit. It was Dog’s task to carry the dead to the afterlife safely. Xolotl, the God of the Underworld, also guided souls. Art shows him with the head of a Dog.

Buddhist Perspectives about Dog

Some Buddhists feel that animals, including Dog, are part of the wheel of reincarnation. If the Canine receives proper burial, blessings, and prayers from a monk, the Dog can return as a higher lifeform.

This reverence may have come from a legend about Buddha. As Buddha traveled he had small dogs with him. When he could no longer walk from weariness, the Dogs became Lions and carried him.

Zoroastrian Dog Meaning

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Zoroastrianism is an ancient faith where Dog is virtuous. Just a gaze from such a creature drives demons away. It is said that Dogs guard heaven’s gateway. Practitioners are charged with caring for all Dogs, both as pets and those they come across randomly. As an interesting aside, Zoroastrianism holds Otter (water Dogs) in high regard, too. So, their care is also edict.

Hindu Dog Symbolism

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Hindu tales speak of the Death God, Yama as having two guard dogs. Their names were Sabal and Syama. The Canines had four eyes, and judges souls as they reach the afterlife.

Two other Beings ride Dogs. Muthappan who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Siva in one. And Bhairava, a powerful manifestation/avatar of Shiva. It is a common belief that kindness to Dogs helps a soul get to heaven.

Inuit Symbolic Meanings for Dog

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Sled Dogs were an integral part of Inuit culture. These Dogs helped not only with transportation, but also hunting and finding the way home. The qimmiit sled dog could sense when travelers were on unsafe ice. Here, Dogs represent resilience, intelligence, loyalty, safety, protection, and a deep abiding connection with nature.

Dog Dreams

Dog Dreams 1200x630

Dogs barking or showing aggression in your dreams indicate trouble and may warn of betrayal from someone close to you. You will no doubt feel your generosity and loyalty misused.

Single Dogs in dreams often represent the dreamer’s overall sense of loyalty and generosity in daily life.
Seeing a Dog with Pups represents your nurturing nature.

If you are with several Dogs in your dream, you are either looking for or have recently found your pack. Should the Canines fight, you may need to assert yourself to find your spot in the whole.

The color of the Dog in your dreams has significance too. Black dogs are your negative feelings. They may also portend bad weather. Brown pups speak of your friendships. White Dogs are a sign of obtaining spiritual peace.

When you cannot find a Pooch in your dream, the Dog represents something within that remains elusive. When you find the Dog, should it be injured, a struggle is on the horizon. Or, should the Pup try to bite you, there is conflict in the winds. Actually being bitten indicates you feel attacked by someone.

When the Dog in the dreamscape chases you, there is restlessness in your soul. Fear is starting to take hold, and you want to escape.

A Puppy in your dream has ties to your inner child and your need to relax and play. If there’s a whole litter of little ones, count them. Each represents one month until a personal dream or goal manifests. When the pooches are a little older, it reflects your relationship with siblings or extended family.

Sleeping Dogs represents delays. Should the Dog wake and chase its tail, it’s likely those delays won’t end any time soon. On a happier note, if you see a Canine winning a race in your dream, you’ll enjoy good fortune and harmony.

Repeated tricks by a pooch in a dream suggest you are just going through the motions with a situation or a person. Ask yourself if your energy is really worth it.

A happy Dog means a full recovery. One having its belly rubbed implies a very trusting relationship. Walking a Dog indicates productivity leading to success. Traversing a field with dogs is an omen of achieving your goals. Being gifted a pup in your dream means you have a guardian angel watching over you.

If that weren’t enough, the breed of Dog you encounter also has meaning. For example, the Dachshund says victory will be yours, but it will take longer than you hoped. The German Shepherd makes you aware that you must remain attentive and alert. Golden Retrievers are mirrors of family relationships, so watch their interactions.

The Pug nudges you to laugh more. Siberian Husky portends a new and wonderful friendship. Bulldogs can mean stubbornness in yourself or others. The Yorkie stresses moving forward, leaving what you don’t need behind, while a Rottweiler lets you know you are protected.

A wandering Border Collie suggests you have lost your way; return to the path. By comparison, Sheepdog encourages you to “own” your words and actions.

Learn more about Dog Spirit by reading Dog Dreams Meaning and Symbolism on!

Dog Astrological Sign

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Dog is the 11th sign in the Chinese Animal Zodiac. People born under this sign are just as dedicated and service-oriented as the Dog. It’s common for them to put other people’s needs first in life due to a strong sense of duty. They are diligent protectors, too.

If you know someone born in the Year of the Dog, you’ll notice they sense danger long before it arrives. If they say “move” trust them. They’re rarely wrong.

Dog-born individuals are wholly real. They are as transparent as you can get, which inspires trust. Their personality is warm and generous except when they see injustice brewing.

By the way, never lie to a person born under this sign. They will rarely forgive or forget. Should you pick a fight with a Dog person, be prepared. They don’t stand down easily. If you purposely hurt them, anticipate a fierce retort.

In relationships, Dog is sexy and humorous. Once one opens up to you, there will be understanding and encouragement in abundance. Most Dogs want a family unit that’s stable and loving.

In Asian cultures, Dogs are symbols of good luck and, of course, protection. Visit my sister site Building Beautiful Souls to read all about the personality, traits, and characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Dog & Year of the Dog.

Dog Quotes, Idioms, Proverbs

Dog Quotes, Idioms, Proverbs 1200x630

“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” – Gilda Radner

“The capacity for love that makes dogs such rewarding companions has a flip-side: They find it difficult to cope without us. Since we humans programmed this vulnerability, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our dogs do not suffer as a result.” – John Bradshaw

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” – Charles De Gaulle

“Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.” – Dean Koontz

“When an 85-pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.” – Kristan Higgins

“Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billing

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” – Mark Twain

“There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog” – Konrad Lorenz

A dog is a man’s best friend.

He is a dog with two tails.

Let a sleeping dog lie

It’s a dog-eat-dog world

Working like a dog

Its bark is worse than its bite

Barking up the wrong tree

Being dog tired

The dog has four feet, but he does not walk on four roads at the same time. ~ Haitian Proverb

A grateful dog has more worth than an ungrateful man. ~ Arabian Proverb

Ho loves me loves my dog. ~ Latin Proverb

To a dog a bone has more value than a pearl. ~ Filipino Proverb

One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him. ~ Chinese Proverb

Do not call to a dog with a whip in your hand. ~ Zulu Proverb

The dog barks, the pig eats. ~ Corsican Proverb

The good dog never gets a good bone. ~ Martiniquais Proverb

Beware of a man that does not talk and a dog that does not bark. ~ Portuguese Proverb

A dog with a bone is always in danger. ~ African Proverb

The best thing about a man is his dog. ~ French Proverb

If you must be a servant, serve the rich; if you must be a dog, let it be a temple dog. ~ Laotian Proverb

Even good dogs have fleas. ~ Russian Proverb

A dog shows affection even to a poor family. ~ Chinese Proverb

A dog that barks all the time gets little attention. ~ Argentine Proverb

A dog that barks much is never a good hunter. ~ Traditional Proverb

No good dog barks without reason. ~ French Proverb

When a dog has money, he buys cheese. ~ Jamaican Proverb

For every dog, there is an appropriate stick. ~ Mexican Proverb

Dog Days

The Dog Days of Summer occur as Sirius (the Dog Star) rises and sets with the sun for about 40 days. Hellenic astrologers knew that high, oppressive heat and thunderstorms would follow, along with fairly grumpy people. The everyday use of the phrase “Dog Days” started in the 1500s.

Dog Superstitions

It is said that Dogs can sense if a person is good or bad.

Dogs eating grass is a sign of rain.

Being followed by a black Dog suggest there is trouble ahead.

Should you meet a black and white Dog on the way to a meeting, your negotiations will succeed.

If you see a Greyhound with a white spot on her head, she brings serendipity.

When a Dog walks between two people dating, they’re going to quarrel soon.

Should your Dog lick your baby upon introduction, the child will always heal quickly.

A Dog staring at apparently nothing intently means there’s a ghost present.

Meaning of a Dead Dog

Seeing a dead Dog is often uncomfortable. Nonetheless, even in this form, Dog has messages for you.

One possibility is that someone around you is being disloyal and betraying your trust. Or, you may feel this is true and have a sense of intense vulnerability.

Like other dead creatures, the Dog may signal change. Your life is on a threshold, so prepare for adjustments, professionally or personally. An old pattern goes away. You don’t need it. Move forward.

Sometimes the dead Dog may act as a reminder of your commitment to family and friends. If you haven’t paid enough attention to this part of your life, it’s time to shift your priorities.

If you’ve experienced a loss recently, the dead Dog speaks of closure. Move through your grief and begin focusing on the spiritual element involved. Take care of yourself and show yourself grace.

A dead white Dog is a reassuring message filled with positive energy. Take a breath and be grateful for your blessings. Now is no time to pick petty fights or make risky financial moves. For artistic people, your time of being “stuck” is coming to an end.

By comparison, a dead black Dog illustrates loneliness in your life. You are struggling with mental torment and are not taking proper care of yourself. Self-care matters. It will help lift the darkness.

Should the dead Dog suddenly revive, this is a powerful omen. Renewal is about to explode in your life. You’ll get a new start through perseverance.

Your encounter with a dead Dog might be a signal that it’s time to release the past. Stop repeating the same old cycle. You will never move forward by clinging to old guilt, anger, or bad habits.

Dog Tattoos

Many Dog lovers get tattoos of their beloved Dog. It is a tribute to that special relationship. It is a way that their “fur baby” is never forgotten. An alternative to the Dog itself is paw print. Then too, a Dog’s favorite toy is useful as a memorial tattoo. Thinking of your Dog playing brings a smile. Other ideas include Dog tags, collars, or leashes.

There are various designs for you to consider in a Dog tattoo. For example, you might just go with a silhouette (outline) to save money and for simplicity. Tribal-style Dog tattoos are ideal for larger breeds. This approach whispers of the ancient relationship between humans and Canines. Or, you could have the Dog in a frame with a name embellishment.

Symbolically, growling or barking Dogs warn others of a person’s aggression and willingness to protect those they love. A playful Dog ties to a person’s inner child. Dogs sitting at attention represent loyalty and devotion.

Protecting Dogs

The rate at which Dogs enter shelters in the US is an astounding 3.3 million annually Close to 700,000 end up euthanized. If you love dogs, you can seek an organization to support the protection of Dogs. Here are just a few:

Dog Trust

The Dog Trust rescues dogs in distress. They then work toward finding them a forever home. The Trust also offers rehabilitation assistance and advice for difficult pups.

Humane Society International

The Humane Society works for animals around the world with a focus on humane treatment. With Dogs, they seek to end animal fighting and rescue Dogs in crisis.

Sochi Dogs

This international organization rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes abandoned and stray dogs throughout Eastern Europe and South Korea. They also focus on community education and offer low-cost spay and neutering. Other Eastern-based organizations include Animals Asia, Animal Aid Unlimited, and the Soi Dog Foundation.


A highly recognized organization, as the name implies, the ASPCA believes that animals should receive respectful treatment and protection.

Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Animal Legal Defense Fund files animal-oriented lawsuits fighting against animal cruelty. They also support protection legislation and offer ongoing resources.

167 thoughts on “Dog Symbolism & Meaning

  1. Mary says:

    What does it mean when there’s a dead dog in a dream? I’m guessing it’s the loss of loyalty, love, and protection. This is true in my real life.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Mary;

      Sounds like you’re going through a tough time. With your permission, I’ll send you tons of good energy!

      You are correct. Dreams about dead and dying Dogs do have the symbolism you mentioned. These types of dreams can also be interpreted to mean that you are in a period where your own natural instincts are “dying” – all dying animal dreams include this symbolic meaning.

      All that said, it’s important for us all to remember that when we are being treated poorly by others we must make sure that our own hearts don’t shut down. So, search your heart and make sure that the “loss of love” is not happening inside you. Make sure that someone else’s poor choices are not causing you to love yourself any less, OK?

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Roseanne says:

        I went around my church to walk my dog and there stood a huge muscled thick collar pitbull standing like it was a nobleman protecting the church ready for battle. I got so scared I thought it was a new statue but it was not and it was not a stray because it was just sitting upright as if a protector or warrior.
        What does this mean that I saw this.
        Pitbulla do not look like this. He or it looked so muscular n huge like something out of a movie.
        I ran with my dog back to my car. Nobody else was there.
        What does this mean?
        It is my church St. Jude

  2. Mohua says:

    Just wanted to share a unique incident happened on Sunday. I was entering home through a small passage , suddenly I looked back there was a unknown dog following me .It was surprising and shocking for me that where he came from , as when I was entering there was nothing ; even in that passage no dogs were sleeping or resting . He was following me till my gate as if knowing me so well..his tail was continuously moving just like the way dogs do when they see there known person OR master . He started loving me and started searching something and I was continuously talking to him saying have nothing to offer him with love and affection yet felt sorry for the same . He tried to climb up and wanted a hug which surprised me more as if he behaved like my family dog . later my dad opened the door and I entered but the stood still and starring at me till I was entered completely .

    I felt bad that I could not offer him that day .. and now I am looking for him everywhere he was no where.

    can anybody explain what is this symbolize


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Mohua;

      What a gentle heart you have! Of course that Dog wanted to give you love!

      Maybe the lesson here is to not pass up opportunities when they come to you. When unconditional love comes wagging its tail, we should welcome it with open arms and ask questions later.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Mohua says:

        Hi Bernadette,

        Thank you for your revert .. will remember your kind words

        God bless & take care


        • Bernadette King says:

          Hello, Mohua;

          You are most welcome. Thank you for the blessings. I wish the same for you.

          Stay wild,

  3. Jen says:

    I just lost my dog in this past month and every since dogs are showing up everywhere. I even went to a baseball game and found out when I arrived it was dog day. Someone told me dogs are trying to get a message to me. What would that be?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jen;

      Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss! I’m sending you a big hug right now!

      This is an easy one to interpret. Your pup wants you to know that unconditional love is everywhere and so is his spirit. He is not gone from you. He’s waiting for you just on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

      BTW, did he have an odd treat that he liked? Something unusual for a Dog to like?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  4. Jen says:

    Thank you, Her favorite food was a banana.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Jen;

      That is certainly an unusual treat for a dog. I asked about the unusual treat because I’ve been a professional psychic medium for many years and when I was answering you the other night I got a message that he liked an “unusual treat”. I think your pup dropped in to say, “Hi”.

      Hope you’re doing a bit better.

      Stay wild,

  5. Jen says:

    Hi! I have a yard that will not grow things well and when plants finally get happy either a gopher eats them or something happens then they perish. Today I was thinking that maybe I should bless the land with some tobacco as the area used to be Native American land. A few minutes later a HUGE dog that almost looked like a wolfy/ husky type dog with bright blue eyes came up my driveway and did not want to leave. He was hot so I thought if I squirted him maybe I’d scare him and cool him down but I kept telling him it was time to go home but he just kept trying to hang out. I actually cupped his huge face and kindly told him to find his owner but he didn’t wanna leave. Finally I cleaned up my yard and went in. It struck me maybe it was Spirit sending him to tell me my idea was a good one so I found your site. I’m happy to see so many other people are finding the connection with spirit and dogs here but I was curious if you have any gut feelings or thoughts on my experience. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your response XO

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Jen!

      I’m so happy you found our wild family here at! Welcome!

      Blessing the land is always a great thing! The earth ancestors watch over all gardens, even one’s on the tallest rooftops in big cities! And, of course, organic fertilizer can’t hurt! LOL 😉

      How wonderful that “Wolf” energy showed up for you! Your energy tells me that you put other’s needs ahead of your own. Is it possible Wolf/Dog showed up to let you know that it’s OK to love yourself unconditionally? And, perhaps your land is telling you that for you to flourish and thrive, you have to tend your “own garden”.

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Jen says:

        Hi Bernadette, That’s interesting; I have been practicing metta meditation which basically is sending “lovingkindness” to myself and other people. Your comments on loving myself unconditionally definitely fit as I just finished a book called Radical Acceptance and it’s all about loving yourself fully so you can have compassion for others that they can’t always have for themselves and in that space it allows them to heal. I have also been working on my own “spiritual gifts” and trying to develop them so I need to chew on your email a little longer as well as my wolf/ dog friend’s visit and how spirit has definitely moved to tell me something because I definitely intend to create a sanctuary for my patients…A GARDEN that people can come to and reconnect with the divine through the earth.

        Gratefully, Jen A

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Jen!

          It’s SO awesome to read that you’re working on showing up and holding sacred space for yourself! Go YOU! And, you have to promise to send pictures of your lush garden after its blessed and thriving!

          LOL! If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “That’s interesting because…”. 🙂 I don’t know if you know this but I’ve been a professional psychic medium for many years. So, when I respond here it’s purely channeled info being sent through me to all you Wild Ones.

          If you ever want to check out my psychic work, visit my other site

          Stay wild,

      • Eddie Soto says:

        I have been traveling to Austin TX. Fof some reason I have been wanting to stop at a spring Creek for last seven years. This weekend I finally stopped to see a beautiful spring fed creek . I took several selfish pictures on my forearm there is an emblem of a dog
        No shadows whatsoever. On my way back to my truck no houses nearby. Was a black dog that wasn’t there before. No houses nearby
        Was the one one there
        Just a black dog sitting on the park bench

  6. Ruby says:

    A strange dog showed up on my front porch last night and would not leave. She looked right into my front door and I spent two hours with her waiting for her to be found (we posted all over social media in local groups). Eventually her owners came and she did not want to leave, she also barked when they showed up like she was protecting our house. It was the strangest thing. She just sat on my porch with me and my kids while we pet her. She sat right next to me like I knew her for years. What does this mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Ruby;

      First, I LOVE your email address! 🙂

      Next, well, in my experience animals choose us – not the other way around. Energetically what I get is that you’ve been feeling a bit isolated and she came to cheer you up – to let you know you are not alone.

      What a wonderful heart you have to wait with her for a couple hours! Thank you for doing this!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  7. Casey says:

    Hi Bernadette –

    I had a dream the other night, that involved a pack of baby elephants coming out of a neighbor’s house that I was trying to go see, but as I stepped out of my house and started to walk down the sidewalk a copper pitbull mix with golden curious/sweet eyes was just sitting and watching me. I continued to walk and wanted him to find love and the next image he was following an man who he seemed happy with. Any ideas what this could mean?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Casey!

      Baby Elephants! LOVE this! That said, Elephants as Spirit, Totem and Power Animals are all about the loving and loyal support of family – even if it’s our soul family rather than our bloodties. Maybe take a look at this article – Elephant Symbolism and Meanings. Dogs, of course, are all about loyalty and unconditional love as well.

      What makes this dream even more interesting, and clearly focused on giving and receiving love – is that you describe the Pit Bull as copper colored. They elemental alchemy symbol for copper is also the planetary symbol for Venus. Venus – the Goddess of what? LOVE!

      Now, Pit Bulls are incredibly loving dogs. In fact, in Victorian England, they were bred to be companion dogs specifically for children. Again – a family and child reference in this dream.

      All this said, I’d wager your dream is about needing the family to gather around you at this time.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  8. Jimmu says:

    I was away from home for a couple months working and recently returned home. I have three dogs and my neighbor a commercial location had to dogs which where really friendly with me. One of them would even get mad when I played with my dogs. There are two new dogs which approached me and let me pet them through the gate like I would do to the older dog. When she finally approached as she usually would a left my hand there to pet her and she bit me. Can someone interpret this for me.

    • Jen says:

      Maybe she was mad at you for being gone so long? Just a thought.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Jimmu;

      As Jen said, Dogs do not take kindly to their humans “leaving them”. What many folks don’t understand is, that humans are the leaders of the pack because they are responsible for bringing the food and keeping the other pack animals (pet Dogs) safe. So, when we leave our animals it causes them tremendous distress. See, they don’t understand that we will return. All they know is that their leader is gone. They perceive this as a threat to their very survival. So, when Dogs totally freak out it’s because they are terrified they will starve and no longer be part of a pack.

      However, she might have bit you for any variety of reasons and jealousy could be one of them. However, when there are so many Dogs around they will all start to vie for dominance.

      Just give your pups lots of love and attention. Talk to them the same way you would any human you love and care for. They will simmer down and peace will return to your pack.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Jeremy Mitchell says:

        Hi Bernadette.

        After reading this reply, I think you might’ve just explained to me why my own dog would trash my entire kitchen after I left to go to my cousin’s house for a few hours.

        Complete Story: It was around Christmas time. My family and I were getting ready to go to our cousin’s house for our traditional Christmas party. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take my dog because they had two bigger dogs that don’t treat smaller dogs kindly (Note that my dog is a Pitbull Mastiff hybrid while my cousin had two Pitbulls that were about twice her size).

        We left the house after feeding her and telling her we’d only be gone for a few hours. We get to our cousin’s house, we have a nice time at the party, and a few hours later we come back home. I open the door, and she’s right at the door, ready to try and run out of the house like somebody was after her. I ask her what’s wrong and look up to find everything knocked off the kitchen table, the garbage can knocked over, her food bag ripped into with her food everywhere (she’s smart enough to pretty much feed herself, I just setup a little rig to feed her food at specific times of the day), and multiple water bottles with the caps chewed off.

        After reading the previous comment to Jimmu, I think my dog was pretty ticked off that we left her for so long.

  9. Shruthi says:

    Hi Bernadette,
    Just read about the article and i am so much connected to you. I am commenting from India. I have one daughter(7 yrs) and one son (2 yrs). I am compassionate about dog but unable to afford one because of complete responsibilities of my kids, my husband is always on and off. I am going through troublesome time. My kids are very attached to dog and always hold a soft toys with them, recently my son sometimes has started to act like a puppy, nudging, nipping and barking with lovable voice. I understand that dog animal spirit is standing beside me. But what is trying to make me understand with the present tough situations. Please help me to understand and also let me know how to connect more with the animal spirit

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Shruthi!

      From India! That’s so wonderful! Welcome! My prayers are with you during your troubled times. Sure hope things get better right away! India is such a beautiful country. So deeply spiritual! I think maybe Dog as a Spirit Animal has come to let you know that a person can still demonstrate unconditional love and, at the same time, be the ultimate protector. Meaning, Dogs are one of the most loving animals on earth. But they are also the ultimate protectors of “the pack” as well as home. During this time, stay compassionate but don’t be afraid to stand your ground and growl if you need to. Dog energy is there to support you. Additionally, Dogs have an uncanny sense of direction. If you feel lost, ask Dog Spirit to guide you “home” to safety.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  10. Matthew says:


    What does it mean if you have a sense that a dog is beside you, and you can hear it drinking from a bowl of water? I keep having this sensation.

    Many thanks, love and light,


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Matthew;

      I had to really think about this one but it seems to me that since Dogs are messengers of unconditional love and the Water Element symbolizes our deepest feelings and emotions, perhaps the sensation you keep getting is asking you to “lap up” or “drink in” all the unconditional love you can. Remember, Water makes up 72% of our human body so perhaps you’ve been “running dry” in the unconditional love department – whether it be giving or receiving.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  11. Scg says:

    I had a dream that a dog was chasing me trying to bite me and it bit me in my left hand firmly but it didn’t go through. I shook the dog off and was hiding from it in the dream. Any suggestion s as to what this means?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Scg;

      Dogs are symbols of unconditional love and loyalty. Is there a person or circumstance that you are afraid of committing to? And, are you sure the Dog was trying to bite you? Or was the Dog trying to take your hand and lead toward love?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  12. Leisha Nepomuceno says:

    Our dog passed away almost a month now. He had a Chronic congested heart disease and was having diuretics to make him pee. At night time we placed wee-wee pads for him to urinate when he needs to. Sometimes he peed/urinate under the table or in our bathroom leaving a lot of his urine due to medicine his been taking. My husband will diligently clean it or anyone else in the family. He was our first dog in the family,loved by everyone and popular with my kids friend. Very playful and loving dog. He and my hushand developed a bond that he understood what our dogs need by just his actions or just a look on his eyes. He passed out in our trip then went to sudden death. He did leak my husband face manny times,make a little noise and hugged him tight before passing out and he let go. We were distraught, cried so much,brought his body home and burried in our backyard with our kids and other 2 dogs around. It was a sad, sweet goodbye. Up to this moment, he keeps visiting us, leaving us his trademark urine in places where he used to do it. My husband still see him on and off,and also hearing his grawling sound at times. If ever he do that, we told him to take a rest now and we will be fine. I know that dog spirit comes back but it seems our dog is hanging out everynow and then. What does this urination means in places where he used to do it?? We all miss him a lot. Even the mailman cried whe he knows he was gone. He really did leave us a SPECIAL place in our heart. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Leisha;

      Please accept my condolences for your family’s loss. When our pets cross over the Rainbow Bridge it can be incredibly painful. With the kind of bond your family has with your Dog, it makes perfect sense why he is still staying close to his ‘pack’ – even from beyond the veil.

      As for the urine spots – I’m unclear if you are seeing wetness or if you are smelling the urine. If you are seeing wetness then that’s a very, very big paranormal incident. It is a common thing for pets who’ve passed over to ‘come back’ and leave their “trademark scents” around their home. Animals will still mark their territory whether here in this reality or in the next.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  13. Nathan says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Today I was driving a very busy freeway from the middle lane. A beautiful older golden mix burst on to the hwy from the right side. Probably jumped a fence. Everything in the moment slowed and I could see his collar, tags, and smile as he ran in front of traffic. All the cars to my right and left slammed the brakes in time but the SUV directly in front of me struck the dog who died on impact. We slowed right past him. I could hear cars skidding and saw the car directly behind narrowly miss me.

    It was unsafe to retrieve the dog and I felt incredibly guilty the further away we drove. I drove slowly home which wasn’t far still in shock. Our family dog was a golden who died in 2012.

    Once I got home and started taking out the garbage cans a very pregnant woman and her big pit mix crossed my path. I asked if it was ok to say hello to her dog and she seemed surprised and even more shocked when her dog came up to me wagging her tail and offered her head for a nice pet. Her name was Mammas.

    It would be awesome if you can shed light on the significance of these two tied events.

    Thank you so much!


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Nathan;

      You are most welcome! It’s my pleasure to help folks as best I can.

      I can feel how deeply the event with the Golden affected you. These are the messages from Spirit which most breaks our heart and, conversely, offers the biggest wake-up calls.

      Golden Retrievers (mixed or not) are golden solar symbols. Pit Bulls are about strength but they were originally bred to be companion dogs for Britain’s children in the elite/ruling class. At their core, Pit Bulls are some of the most gentle, loving, and protective Dogs on the planet.

      So, perhaps witnessing the death/rebirth of Dog “energy” all in one day was intended as a wake-up call that if anything (perhaps money/job/career?) are ‘dead on the vine’ at the moment, a re-birth is coming. This rebirth is calling for you to stand in the seat of your own power but always remember that true strength lies in our ability to remain hopeful and compassionate.

      The solar energy of a Golden Retriever speaks to creative energies and abundance. So, if you’re going through a scary time or downward spiral as regards abundance, reach out to the Universe and ask for your own internal fire (Solar Plexus Chakra) to be reignited. Also, ask the Universe to help you become more comfortable with taking small risks.

      If I may, of all things you could have chosen to do right after these incidents – you chose to take the garbage out. That is a metaphorical cleansing and clearing if ever I saw one so maybe take a few minutes to meditate on exactly what you needed to immediately clear from your energy field after those very emotional moments?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  14. Adriana says:

    Hi, last night i couldnt sleep my dogs kept barking. I finally decided to go see, and there was a beautiful white female pit, i took her inside. I feel a bond with her. Does this mean anything?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Adriana;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      Our Spirit Animal(s) can show up any time, anywhere. Since there is so much controversy going on about Pit Bulls (especially in Canada), perhaps she showed up to let you know that it’s time for people to see who you really are. Meaning, Pit Bulls are an incredibly misunderstood breed. During the Victorian era, because of their sweet and gentle nature, Pit Bulls were originally bred to be companion dogs for children of the elite class. They are not ‘who’ people make them out to be.

      Also, the color white symbolizes peace and love. So, maybe you currently need some of this energy in your life.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

      • Adriana says:

        Thank you, for your input. I was a little worried cuz of the kind of breed. Yes i do need peace and love in my life right now. Your response helped me, thank you. I was thinking of giving her away, but im getting attached.

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  15. Abby says:

    My spirit animal is a dog… or at least I’ve thought that for the longest time. Anyway, when I was a kid, I was always drawn to dogs and wolves… so recently, I’ve started becoming more drawn to the wilderness. I looked it up and all that comes up is the wolf spirit animal. So does that mean that my spirit animal is like a wolf dog hybrid or something? Or does that even happen?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Abby;

      Well, Dogs and Wolves do share ancestral lineage so it makes perfect sense that your Spirit Animal can be a hybrid. Or, maybe you have two Spirit Animals, which is very common.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  16. sian says:

    the universe certainly is a capricious being at times! my beloved eko had to be put down in 2002. i grieved so much it took more than 10 years to think about another. i now manage a complex in socal where pets are NOT allowed, but i have been wanting another dog for about 2 years. yesterday, a tenant was moving in ad a beautiful pup appeared out of nowhere and wouldnt leave her side. she brought him to me. all shelters in my area were already closed for the weekend and i know some shelters here are kill zones. ive already fallen in love with him. turns out he is a blue heeler and he answer to my prayers, being the hermit that i am…but i dont know what to do…as manager, i cant break my own rules and it would be hard for me to tell my owners the job has me so depressed/streesed out/overwhelmed i need a service animal.
    in less than 24 hours my life has changed from being house bound when not at work to going out with him every few hours. ive bought him new toys, great food etc. i hate to think of giving him up. hes smart so MAYBE has a home, but we have many homeless and tweakers where i live its hard to say. he wont leave me side for an instant and even dealt with a a bath after the dog park today.
    i know im not asking a question per se, but when i saw your responses that you also do psychic work, i thought you might be an excellent person to reach out to…
    any tips/thoughts/suggestions?
    it truly feels to me the universe has sent him my way…i sure could use a forever friend as much as he seems to want one also

    • Inanna says:

      Sian…do you still have the puppy?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Sian;

      Please accept my apology. I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. 😉

      Please accept my condolences on the loss of your Eko. When someone grieves for 10 years and, then, can open their heart to love fully again – that is very, very powerful. I would encourage you to keep the dog because, yes, the Universe has sent him to you. Though what I’m about to say next might seem ‘over the top’ – maybe the Dog came to you because it’s time to get job you enjoy more. Meaning, if keeping that job means you can’t have your new soulmate around – well, is that job worth it? Maybe there’s something better for you out there. Or, maybe the Dog came to help you be a catalyst for change and convince the owners to change their policy on pets.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  17. ha says:

    I had a dream were first I was naked with others didn’t feel uncomfortable I then put on a towel out of respect I think for a lady. Was part of some tour and looking for all our possessions clothes included. I then was outside with clothes on and saw several large dogs (Great Dane size) when I approached them they had human heads, different races mainly white but definitely a black one or two. Anyone have a meaning?

  18. kaveri says:


    Kaveri this side,23,Indian.

    For years I have had very repetitive dreams of dogs. I see such dreams once every 4 months.
    so mostly i see dogs barking at me, or running after me, howling at me. i feel shit scared after seeing such a dream. and in this dream I am usually somewhere near my home (Mostly in my colony only)

    PS: I do not have any pet animal, though I play with a pet dog at my granny’s place. And the dog really loves me. and i love it too. I do not fear dogs at all.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Kaveri;

      Especially because you’re Indian, this is an unusual dream. Indian people are, for the most part, gentle and loving – just like Dogs. So, having a repetitive Dog dream that scares you in a big omen. Now, the Dogs are just howling, not biting or attacking. So, it might really help to ask yourself exactly what is scaring you – especially since in your waking life there is no fear of Dogs.

      Maybe visit my sister-site take a look at some of the symbolism of Dog Dreams.

      Hope that helps!

      Stay wild,

  19. Lucy says:

    Hello Bernadette,
    I’d appreciate your thoughts and if you would shed any light on my situation. It’s a topic which I don’t feel I can talk to with anyone I know in-case they think I’m nuts! Hence, I am glad to have found your site.

    This time last year I did a meditation/ hypnotherapy to meet my spirit guide, at a time I was experiencing difficulty at work. So I was looking for answers no insights. I kept an open mind and honestly didn’t know what to expect. My guide that showed up I recognised to be St Joseph. I looked further into this and found that he is the patron saint of workers, (among other things), and his feast day celebrates the worker. I felt this was very apt and coincidental.
    Fast forward a year, I have since left that particular employment and spent a few months over Summer re-grouping, gathering my energy with a view of starting my own business. I did a meditation/ hypnotherapy session yesterday, again to meet my spirit guide. St Joseph showed up and also a beautiful white husky dog with blue eyes.
    Please tell me, Bernadette, what I can make of this?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Lucy;

      Welcome to the Wild Ones tribe! We don’t think you’re crazy at all!

      Oooo, a white Husky dog with blue eyes – how beautiful and ethereal! First, I LOVE that you are considering opening your own business! That energy feels really great for you! So, you know what Dog symbolism and meaning is all about so let’s focus on the colors – blue (eyes) and white (dog). I think reading the Color Meanings article on my sister site ( could help shed light on why this particular type of Dog showed up as your Spirit Animal Guide. However, white and blue! Colors don’t get very much more divine than that so I think spirit is letting you know that it is there to support your beautiful new business!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

      • Lucy says:

        Hello Bernadette,

        Thank you so much for your response and positive insights – it really does mean a lot to me. I totally agree with Katrina – you’re websites are really special.

        Keep up the great work!
        Regards from London.
        Lucy ?

        • Bernadette King says:

          Hi, Lucy;

          How very kind! Thank you so much! Let me know if I can help in any other way.

          Stay wild,
          ps – my DREAM is to spend a year in England! I’ll let you know when I make it across the pond! 😉

  20. Katarina says:

    Dear Bernadette,

    first of all,let me thank you for this wonderful website!

    Only very very recently I started getting interested in animal spirit guides and generally recognizing my connection with the nature,sloooowly waking up from the coma that I was spiritually in.

    Few days ago a friend from Poland linked your website and I looked it up out of curiosity and….I got hooked.What you created here to share with us is very very special.

    I’m pretty reserved,I keep to myself,also as far as online activities go but something urged me to post a message.Yesterday I couldn’t sleep and I came across a short meditation by Denise Linn about spirit animals and to my utter surprise,especially that visualising is not something that is easy for me,I actually SAW a Husky.It surprised me so much that I couldn’t really focus to follow through with the meditation as I was pondering whether it’s “real ” what I’m seeing and I was still wondering whether it’s a Husky or maybe a wolf (for some reason I have negative associations as far as wolves go so that threw me off a bit).It was a very moving experience but I have no idea what it meant.

    Today when I came back from work the first thing I wanted to do is to skype my Mum to tell her about that and once I said that I saw a husky in my vision her jaw dropped and she told me that that night she had a very real dream in which she was looking into the eyes of a Husky

    I was trying to google some information that would perhaps alow me to understand all that and I was brought back to your website and here’s Lucy’s post…..that’s how I knew I had to write this message.

    I would be very grateful if you could shed some light on that experience.

    All the best to you and the people who were brought to this place

    Warmest greetings from Lausanne,Switzerland


    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Katarina;

      Oh my gosh! All the way from Switzerland! How wonderful! Welcome to the Wild Ones tribe! Also, congratulations on waking up! 🙂

      It’s really awesome to know that you and your mom are connecting in the etheric during your dreamtime. What great adventures you ladies must have!

      Husky Dog symbolism is all about ‘the journey’, being free-spirited, and working in teams. So, it doesn’t surprise me that given your new-found ‘journey’ of spiritual awakening that a Husky would show up for you. See, spiritual awakening in about attaining true freedom. As you become more aware of everything being connected, you’ll understand what ‘team work’ really means. See, since we are all connected, what we do to ourselves we do to everyone. Conversely, what we do to others we do to ourselves. This concept is on the most macro level of macro levels. It’s the Butterfly Effect to the ‘nth’ degree.

      Since most Huskies have blue eyes, I would say to take a look at the Blue or Throat Chakra – the Chakra of communication. This might shed some light on your vision as well.

      Sure hope that helps!

      Thank you for the generous praise as well as visiting and commenting on

      Stay wild,
      ps BTW, LOVE Denise Linn. I took a past life regression seminar with her once and it dramatically changed my life!

  21. Marcia Mauskopf says:

    HI Jen ~
    Last night i found a dog claw in my bed. I only have one dog and i checked her paws this morning to find that all her claws are intact. Is there a message in this?

    Thank you.

    • Jen says:

      Hi Marcia! You might be meaning to write to Bernadette. Sorry if my email got mixed in somehow by accident!
      Love, Jen

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Marcia;

      If you meant this only for Jen I apologize for jumping in. If you meant it for me (Bernadette) – when you say ‘claw’ do you mean a whole claw or the shell that sometimes comes off of cats/dogs?

      Stay wild,

  22. Anna says:

    In my meditation my spirit guide (shaman) appeared and told me my old name which was “a barking dog”. Is there a meaning behind it?
    Many thanks,

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Anna;

      Dogs bark for many, many reasons. To discover the true meaning of your ‘old name’, it might help to keep a journal of times and situations where you feel most compelled to speak. Maybe you can find a pattern there. For instance, do you speak most when you’re nervous or feel threatened? Do you speak most when you see injustices or feel like more loving words of kindness are needed? Once you discover the pattern, you’ll know why your shaman appeared to remind you of who you once were.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  23. Keith M. says:

    Back in 2009 I was in Yellowstone and I was fighting with my wife on the phone who was berating me for taking a trip with my father and brother and law. While I was arguing with her that evening a white wolf/dog ran across the old faithful geyser field directly in front of the Yellowstone lodge about 75 feet in front of me. I recall it very well because there was something about the wolf that made me feel special and good like I was lucky to have seen it. Now in 2016 I have moved away from my family and I live with my wife and our three children somewhere else. We have had a really rough go of things lately fighting and infidelity have left me and my wife at our wits end. I am trying to make the best of things but it only seems to be getting worse and worse. the other night I was at work 11-7am in the morning and I have a camera that faces the door of the building I work in. I work at a water plant and it is out in the middle of no where near the everglades of Florida. So I catch something moving on the camera and it is the white wolf I saw in Yellowstone approaching the door to the building I am working in. Initially I am caught of guard but then go outside. It is all white with shaggy hair like a German Shepard I call to it and it runs away. What does this mean? I am at a crossroads in my life where I am about to give up on my marriage but I stay for the kids. What is this wolf/dog trying to tell me?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Keith;

      First, I’m truly sorry you’re going through such a rough time. With your permission, I’ll send healing energy your way.

      Infidelity in a marriage is one of the hardest things for a relationship to come back from. Since you saw a Wolf/Dog at, of all places, “Old Faithful and the Wolf/Dog you saw in both locations was White – the color of divine and unconditional love.

      Now, the origin of the domestic dog stems (according to scientist) from Wolves. So, when we see or dream about Wolves/Dogs it can have many of the same connotations – except Wolves are the purest form of the symbolism. Meaning, man hasn’t (for the most part) tamed Wolves. Take a minute and read about the Wolf Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal.

      Wolves and Dogs definitely teach us about unconditional love and loyalty. However, that love and loyalty extends to our self. Wolves teach us about personal power. And, Wolf as a Power Animal can help us reclaim our home as a sacred space.

      As regards your decision about divorce, perhaps ask yourself if it is time to stand your ground. See, leaving a marriage does not necessarily mean we are giving up. Often times it can mean we are fighting for and moving toward creating a better life for our self and our ‘pack’.

      Hope this helps.

      Stay wild,

  24. Peter says:

    Bernadette, I’ve noticed that when I meditate I see and feel several dogs nuzzling me and licking my face. My dog passed away 7 years ago and I would see her in my dreams sometimes. Would these dogs that show up in my meditation be spirit guides?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Peter;

      Absolutely these dogs can be your Spirit Guides! How awesome! You have a whole pack of animal spirit guides!

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  25. deanna says:

    Hi I wanted to know what it meant me n my family were driving to the city n on the right side of the road there was a big white fluffy dog looking like a wolve kinda n it was like it waited for us then at a certain point n it came after us like it was going to attack then I pulled the wheel a little so I wouldn’t hit it. We don’t know what this means can u plz help us or give is an understanding thank u so much

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Deanna;

      The first thing I can offer is to think back and try to figure out why you thought the Dog might be coming to attack you. Are you sure? Is it possible that the Dog might have been trying to get some help? Next, white is the color of peace, purity, and divine love. Whenever we see a white animal it’s a sign that now is the time to call in enlightenment. What kind of spiritual awakening do you need or want at this time? What divine path will serve you and the rest of the world best?

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  26. Rose says:

    Hi, been dreaming about dogs lately. My son is not with me atm he doesn’t get along with my husband. I want him to come live with us but my husband doesn’t want him here. Anyways had a dream get came here and get brought our dog from back home but the dog escaped and ran away and I was so upset. That’s all I remember of this dream it really bugs me

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Rose;

      Dog symbolism (especially in dreams) is all about loyalty to family and protecting the home. As a mother, the natural instinct will always be to protect your child. So, perhaps your spirit is telling you that loyalty to and protection of your son is needed at this time.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  27. Rose says:

    Couldn’t edited it’s supposed to say he* not get sorry

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hi, Rose;

      No worries! I understood what you meant. 🙂

      Stay wild,

  28. Fish says:

    Hi, sorry this is long, but when I was in highschool I was walking home and while heading down my street I froze, to my right crouched in the shade of my neighbor’s hedges was a dog, the dog looked unlike any dog I had ever seen, until just now. I read a story about a “Pale Pack” of African Wild Dogs, my heart leapt out of my chest as that was exactly what the dog I saw in the shade looked like! only a little smaller ears.
    The dog stood crouched in the shade, I felt overwhelming fear, I stood there for a few minutes, afraid the dog would attack. After awhile i started to cry, the dog was so menacing, I took a photo of the dog with my phone, I began side-stepping at turtle speed so as not to startle the dog and ’cause an attack, It took forever with fear growing as with every step I took the dog watched me even closer.
    Once on my side of the street I began backing up, not taking my eyes off the dog. I backed up further and further and he slowly started to crouch towards me as I got futher. I backed up faster until the distance was great enough I felt I could get to my gate, then turned and bolted- the second I started turning I saw the dog rip off at lightning speed towards me. I got to my gate and threw it shut and turned around and- nothing. The dog wasn’t there. I looked around and over the fence and down the street and there was no dog. After collecting myself inside I sat down and looked at the photo, nothing. I had taken a photo of shady hedges on my road, with a large blank spot where the dog should have been.
    I’ve never done drugs, or smoked or drank, and I’ve kept very quiet about this as, clearly, it’s not normal to suddenly hallucinate such an incident. It was so real, the dog was there, I felt it’s presence I saw it breath I watched it’s alive eyes,

    What does it mean that I hallucinated this? so vividly? so realistically? I’ve never hallucinated or had visions since, it was like a mini stroke or something I’m still bothered four years later by the feeling of looking at that photo and seeing there was no dog in it. Why did I hallucinate an African Wild Dog? I’m assuming I must have seen it on a national geographic or animal planet documentary and not taken note, which is why I couldn’t find the dog when I googled it. During my googling I treated it as real, not a vision, so I disregarded anything with AFRICAN in the name, of course, as I live in forrested-mountain Northern California.

    What could any of this mean?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Fish;

      Sounds to me like you had a vision! So, you might be crazy but not because your animal spirit guide appeared. 😉

      To be upfront, I’m a professional psychic medium and I see dead people and animals all the time so having a vision of ‘something’ that later turns out to ‘not be there’ is what I do every day! LOL Now, I’m not making light of your experience. However, terrifying as it was for you I breathed sigh of relief for you! Though there’s no way to prove it, my opinion is that African Wild Dog was your animal spirit guide and very possibly saved you from some harm.

      The reason I think this is because I’ve heard countless stories of folks ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ animals who blocked their path – only to later find out they would have been involved in an accident or crime if they had continued on their path. In fact, I was driving in the Ocala National Forest with a good friend of mine. There was a hill in front of us and all of a sudden I ‘saw’ a pack of animals in the road and screamed at him to stop the car! He looked at me like I’d lost my mind. I explained my vision and he thought it was funny but I was panicked. I told him if he didn’t slow the car to a crawl I was getting out! He was annoyed but did as I asked. Then we went over the hill and guess what? There was a ginormous momma bear and two cubs right smack in the middle of the road! Yeah. My friend didn’t think it was funny anymore. LOL

      It shook him up pretty good and, over the years, we’ve talked many time about why and how a pack of animals appeared to me in a vision. He is only just now coming to understand how animal spirit guides ‘work’. We were in a small car and if we had hit those bears (especially ‘big momma’) we would have been seriously injured or killed. Not to mention harming the bears! And, worse, there was no cell reception there. We were deep in the woods and no help would have come along for hourrrrssssss. So, I’m all about the visions!

      Sure hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  29. Snowdrop says:

    In a meditation, I saw a large dog like a German Shepard with a think ruffle of light coloured hair and a body of black and browns. He came as soon as the garage door was raised. He was jauntily coming in and as I lay on my bed he came up and lay beside me placing a paw on my stomach.

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Snowdrop;

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on In the next couple weeks I’ll be posting my animal dreams dictionary so, if you want to learn more about your Dog Dreams check back in by the end of the year.

      Stay wild,

  30. Tammy says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    Today I was on a snowmobile ride with my husband, our son and a few others. As we were driving up a country road to join back onto the trail, we saw a dog just walking along the side of the road. We pulled up and got off of our sleds (myself, my husband and son). Everyone else remained on their sleds. This poor old girl had huge cysts all over her body and looked as if she had had many litters of puppies in her lifetime. My husband took her paws and warmed them. We had to continue our ride as we were with a group. We said goodbye to her and she continued on her way. There was someone walking his dog up ahead so we hoped he would know where she lived.

    I can’t help but wonder if she had a message for us. I have been thinking about her all day.

    Thank you for sharing any insight you may have.


    • Ruth says:

      I mean when I was younger, about 8 years old as a girl, I was playing with this kids across the street close to where I live, I was so terrified by this dog that came out of nowhere and licked my feet, I practically felt his tongue on the skin of my feet and I got terrified. I am scared of dogs and very indifferent about them. Please what does this mean.

    • Bernadette King says:


      Apologies for delay in response – was on vaca!

      What wonderful hearts you and your family have! Thank you for stopping to help Momma Dog! Her message to you is that you can only do what you can do in that moment – and it is enough. However much we want to save them all, we can’t. But, what we do for critters (and humans) like Momma Dog matters.

      Actually, I think her message is, also, for all who read this comment thread. Truly, I think you are an open vessel for Spirit and Spirit worked through you and Momma Dog to let all who visit know there is ALWAYS time to stop and offer kindness to those in need.

      I honor your beautiful soul and thank you for the lightwork you gift to the world.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  31. Ruth says:

    As a child that is afraid of dogs, what does it mean when a dog licks her leg in a playing way.

  32. Debise says:

    On Christmas, I had a dream that my husband’s dog and my dog were playing, then his dog walked away,. He went into a room and my dog followed. I woke up feeling sad cause I miss my husbands dog so much.
    The day after, my husband (we are separated) told me he bought a new puppy.
    Often, I have dreams that I don’t understand but my grandmother used to interpret them. I dream when someone I know is pregnant and I have been able to tell them the sex of their baby. So far, I haven’t been wrong. I don’t have confidence in myself. I was told that I had shamanistic powers that I should develope. It scared me because I don’t understand it. Now, I feel more ready and am researching it. I’m still very new to this and very lost.
    Is there a way to be sure I’m doing the right thing?
    Thank you!

  33. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    I had a dream years ago and it is coming to mind again . In the dream I am walking along with a German Shepard dog either side of me, when they rise up onto their hind legs and we continue to walk along, the dogs walking like a human and they start a conversation across me telepathically . I don’t know what they are saying and I don’t feel any fear. If you can share your thoughts on this dream I would appreciate it. Thank you .

  34. Caleb says:

    hello, driving few minutes to midnight on new year eve. I had to slow down to avoid hitting a brown with white stripes on its neck dog standing in the middle of the road, five minutes later had to slow down to avoid hitting another dog, this time a black dog with white stripe on its neck. five hours later on my way back home, that’s early this morning….the new year….when almost home, slowed down to avoid hitting a third dog…this time a brown dog….don’t know if this mean anything

  35. Sheila says:

    A stray dog came to our front door and died. Young man run door bell and said the door was hit by car. Was he just needing help. Why our house?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Sheila;

      In my opinion, there are no coincidences. The dog was led to your home. It might be that someone in the home is a healer, thinking about being a healer, is deeply spiritual or very connected to animals. Sometimes, when we see dead animals, it can be a call to move on from outdated ways of thinking and being. For instance, Dogs symbolize unconditional love and loyalty. If there’s a situation in your home where that love and loyalty aren’t being shown, is it time to move on? Dogs are not afraid to use their voice. Does someone in the household need to let go and speak their truth? Only you will be able to know what symbolic meanings Dog tried to present to you.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  36. Donna says:

    Had a couple of dreams about my recently deceased dog. In the dreams I’m really upset. I keep saying my dog is trying to tell me something but I don’t know what. I get so frustrated & angry. My heart races then I wake up.

  37. Jeanette Durston says:

    I’ve had a dream this morning when in my dream a short haired German shepherd (traditional Black and Tan coat) and an Australian Shepherd (mottled brown and cream short haired coat) come trotting in my bedroom. In my surprised daze I thought they were the two huge huskies from next door and my concern goes directly to my dog and fearing the worst, before my realisation that they are the two breeds I have just described to you. Phew!
    The German shepherd squats as if about to mark her (although I sense both are male) territory. I tell the dogs to go out of the bedroom, before the dog christens the carpet, as I’m getting out of bed to get them out of the house because I did not understand why they were in the house and I feared for the safety of my pet dog. As I’m leading them down the stairs towards the front door, I look further down to the next floor and my dog is unharmed but quiet considering there are two stranger dogs in the house. I do not reach the front door as I wake up.
    The things I noticed about both dogs were that they sort of trotted with purpose and so much energy – I could feel their strength and was cautious with them being unknown to me. They were very healthy, friendly, obedient and did exactly what I told them to do, and they trotted by my side as if they were my dogs. In hindsight I wish I had not cut the dream short because I may have received more of a message and the purpose of their visit.
    I would appreciate your interpretation on my dream.
    Thank you

  38. Jeanette says:

    I’ve had a dream this morning when in my dream a short haired German shepherd (traditional Black and Tan coat) and an Australian Shepherd (mottled brown and cream short haired coat) come trotting in my bedroom. In my surprised daze I thought they were the two huge huskies from next door and my concern goes directly to my dog and fearing the worst, before my realisation that they are the two breeds I have just described to you. Phew!
    The German shepherd squats as if about to mark her (although I sense both are male) territory. I tell the dogs to go out of the bedroom, before the dog christens the carpet, as I’m getting out of bed to get them out of the house because I did not understand why they were in the house and I feared for the safety of my pet dog. As I’m leading them down the stairs towards the front door, I look further down to the next floor and my dog is unharmed but quiet considering there are two stranger dogs in the house. I do not reach the front door as I wake up.
    The things I noticed about both dogs were that they sort of trotted with purpose and so much energy – I could feel their strength and was cautious with them being unknown to me. They were very healthy, friendly, obedient and did exactly what I told them to do, and they trotted by my side as if they were my dogs. In hindsight I wish I had not cut the dream short because I may have received more of a message and the purpose of their visit.
    I would appreciate your interpretation on my dream.
    Thank you

  39. VijayaSurya says:

    Morning 6am to 6.30am
    In my dream a dark brown dog jump on my body suddenly I shocked and freazed.
    Ama so sad and so afarid….

    Give me a solution…

  40. Julia says:

    This morning as I looked out my kitchen window,checking on our dog,I saw a large black dog, like a black ghost,moving swiftly in our woods,about 5 feet behind the first line of trees,our dog was watching it too,but the plants,brush,etc.did not move,this shadowy black ghost dog seemed to go thru it i read the celtic legends,they dont match description,no fur, like a ghost,eerie, although its not first case of strange things in my life any clue if friend or foe?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Julia;

      Apologies for delayed reply. Was away at a master mediumship development workshop with the incredible Janet Nohavec!

      If your own Dog didn’t react in an aggressive or protective manner then I say the “ghost” dog was a friend. Because you saw this black Dog ‘on the fringes of your consciousness’, I’m wondering if you’re quietly considering a new home or reviewing the health of a relationship? Perhaps you’re working through trust issues at this time? When Dogs hang back and don’t come right up to give and receive love, it’s because their trust has been damaged – and that takes a great deal because Dogs are naturally trusting animals.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  41. Jana says:

    It will be a year in April that I had to make the decision to put my 14 year old golden retriever to sleep. I always think about her and miss her so much but these past couple of months has been worse. I am thinking of her constantly and crying more than when she first passed. It seems my grief is worse now than before. I have a 4 year old (that we had a couple years before Sugar passed) and she seems to be a bit more on edge lately. Could there be any meaning in this or is Sugar just trying to tell me to let go and let her rest?

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Jana;

      Apologies for delayed reply. Was away at a master mediumship development workshop with the incredible Janet Nohavec!

      Please accept my condolences. With your permission, I’ll send you tons of healing energy. In my experience, animal spirits will never work through a child to cause them discomfort, agitation, or negativity of any kind. My guess is that your 4 year old is picking up on your grief. This energy can cause children to feel unsettled.

      Over the years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of folks who decided to put their animals to rest. Even when they believe it was a humane act and approached the decision from a place of pure love, feelings of guilt added to their grief.

      My suggestion is to enter a meditation. Ask your Sugar to send you a sign that she’s OK and happy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. In all the years I’ve been working with animals, their humans, and doing animal communication, every communication has been one of comfort and pure joy. Once we (humans and all other living beings) shed our earthly body, sickness and pain are gone. We spend our time on the other side learning and growing as souls and doing the things we love to do.

      I trust Sugar is having a great time beyond the veil. But I bet she’ll happily send you a sign to help ease your hurting heart.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  42. Qweku says:

    What does it mean to find a dog always attracted to you on a feeder road . whenever i pass that stretch of road which is almost a kilometer it always come closer.This has not happened once but on several occasions

  43. Madelon says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    I was a bit shocked today. I was on my way home and the train I was sitting in hit a dog on the rail. The dog was dead off course! I felt so sad the rest of this afternoon. What could this mean?

    Thank you so much!

    • Bernadette King says:

      Hello, Madelon;

      Apology for delayed reply. I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus. 😉

      Oh gosh! I’m so sorry you experienced this. Seeing dead animals is particularly traumatic for those of us who love and honor them. When we see a Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal who has died, we can decipher the message by looking at a few things:

      • Look at the symbolism of the animal. In this case – Dog. Unconditional love, loyalty, home, hearth, and family.
      • Look at the symbolism of the area. In this case – Train. Travel, goals, movement.
      • Then, ask yourself which parts of the symbolism are relevant to you at this time. Are you thinking of moving home, career, relationship? What parts of your life, of yourself are you not showing ‘loyalty’? Is there someone who is not being loyal to you and it’s time to let the relationship ‘die’ (die is metaphoric for an ending – a transition – it is not literal).

      Maybe jot down your experience and the symbolism. Meditate on it. See what Spirit Animal comes to you with the answer.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  44. Krystal says:

    For the past few days I’ve noticed a dog in the middle of the road before heading to work. Last night, I saw it again I was on the phone with a guy friend and I began to tell him about the dog seems to “want to get hit by a car” because he stands in the same exact spot in the road and clear enough there the dog is again On my way home. Shortly after, I pulled into my drive way and my son began to whine because he wasn’t ready to go home simply put he loves to ride in a car. So I back out the drive way, I took the same road to go get food while traveling the road the same dog jumped out and hit the dog.. I was shook by it all! I’ve never had this happened. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me something. I stopped to see the dog and it was gone…. I had to say a prayer for the both of us.

  45. Tara says:

    Hi so I’ve been having strange encounters with a dogs for 2 days now. I generally am not a dog person but a cat person since dogs kind of scare me because they chase & bite people sometimes. So the other day when I entered the school gate I saw a stray but friendly looking black dog (lets call him Sirius) who seemed to follow me after I greeted him ‘Oh, hello there’ in my mind earlier that morning. Then I went to the audio/visual room to attend a lecture. When it was done and as everyone headed towards the exit EVERYONE noticed a dog was able to get inside the room and it was the SAME dog I met earlier.

    Then that afternoon while hanging out w/ classmates at the lobby I saw that black dog again from a distance. I finally told myself and my friends that THAT dog had been following me throughout the day and it went away. And when also when I opened my FB account the first post that showed up was a photo of someone’s dog.

    The next day on my way to school I encountered 3 black dogs, the first 2 were other stray black dogs and the 3rd was the dog who stalked me the day before, waiting at the entrance gate. I went past Sirius and he pretended not to notice me but when I turned back I saw him stealing glances at me. I continued on my way, looking back every now and then and I noticed Sirius got up and somehow ‘followed’ me discreetly. I attended another lecture and when it was done I still saw a black dog from a distance but I was not sure if it was still Sirius.

    Any idea what this means? Thanks.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Tara;

      My humble apology for the delayed reply. I’m working hard to personally reply to all comments on both my sites – and I’m finding that having two hands is not enough and I’m looking into getting surgery to become an Octopus 😉

      Gosh. I’m really sorry you’re afraid of Dogs. 99.9% of the time, an encounter with a Dog is a magical experience full of love and playfulness.

      Also, naming a black Dog Sirius is very telling about you. Sirius walked away from his family because he didn’t not agree with their ‘true blood’ beliefs. Eventually, he was named Harry Potter’s godfather – a sacred honor and tremendous responsibility. Even after he was murdered by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius still found a way to help Harry from beyond the grave. Sirius was loyal and loved Harry and his parents so unconditionally that he incarnated to help Harry as best he could – even as a discarnate.

      Perhaps Dogs scare you because of their capacity for unconditional love and loyalty. Maybe these are not emotions that you ‘trust’ others will have or are capable of. To believe in unconditional love and loyalty – that we can and will receive it from others – requires that we open up our heart and that makes us vulnerable. Maybe this is what scares you.

      Of course, your fear of dogs could just as easily be caused by a happening in your youth or in another life.

      Bottom line – when that many dogs of a particular color show up, it’s time to pay attention. Maybe read about the meaning of colors in Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal symbolism and meaning.

      Hope that helps.

      Stay wild,

  46. Patria says:

    On Christmas Eve my husband & I were at the dog park with our dog, Buddy. He was running around playing with his dog pals & then they ran passed us but one of the dogs ran straight into my husband & knocked him to the ground. She was a big dog, so hubby went down like a sack of potatoes! Turned out hubby fractured his tibea just up by hisleft knee! He had to have an operation to have a metal plate put in it. He’s on the mend but will be on crutches for awhile still. So then about 10 days ago while I was doing my volunteer shift at our local dog shelter, I was walking one of the dogs back to her kennel & she got jumpy at another dog in a yard. She went one way & I went the other, tripping up & smashing down on to my right knee. I’ve sprained a ligament so both hubby & I have knee/leg injuries after incidents with dogs. Opposite legs but similar areas. Can you enlighten us on any message this could be from Spirit? Our friends are all laughing & just saying we shouldn’t be around dogs! That’s not our take on it though.

  47. Ruth says:

    The first time I saw these white dogs I was 10, over the years I sensed that I had company during times I felt alone, then about ten years ago I went to a chaneller guide just to sort out stuff and as I was listing to the taping of the sesssion, she brought up the two white dogs sitting next to me. I’m now in my 50’s and even though I have faith in the Lord I still see these two in dreams or if I am in a state of meditation they are a strong presence to me. The only time a physically saw them was when I was ten. I just had to share

  48. Keazzi says:


    I recently purchased a large piece of Amethyst, I have been working with it for a few days sleeping with in under my pillow etc, this morning after meditating with it, I noticed a large dog standing on it;s hind leg as if it is communicating with me, as i continue looking into my Amethyst i could also see an smaller puppy dog but only it’s face, I now know that it is my spirit guide, the large dog stands out so clearly it is awesome…can I get some feedback…thank you xx

  49. Jade says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    I stumbled upon your page after having an unusual simbolism in a recent dream. And this website was the most comprehensive so far in providing meanings to forms and expressions of dogs as spirits. If I may share it here, could you advise on it’s meaning?
    It was a starless, timeless night, I was in a river… in clear fresh water, but flowless. A dog appeared on the shore. It was of bluish opaque glass. It was looking for something, sniffing in the water. I dived head full to see what was it sniffing for, I saw its glass paws and nose. And I was fascinated by this glass dog. This was the end of dream sequence. He might have been looking for me, but I didn’t have that certainty in my dream as a spectator.
    What do you feel it might mean?
    Thanks a lot for any thought on this.

  50. kasvi narula says:

    these days i have a really strange experience as and when i sit for meditation/pooja there comes a pure black dog running from one end to the other and within a blink of an eye its gone.
    can you help me with this as in what dose this explains what dose this symbolises?

  51. Abby says:

    Hi! I was just wondering, can someone have more than one spirit animal? Because I’ve always been one to doubt whether an animal was/wasn’t my spirit animal… I really think that the dog is my animal, but I also like other animals like cougars and other non domesticated animals. I am thinking that dog is my animal because my imaginary friend as a child was a dog…?

  52. Leg says:

    Hey i just had a crazy dream about my past life..and got a glimpse of my future..i had the tendency not to go to the future..because of uncertainty..i was still listening to my meditation music..then i heard the sound of a Big Dog walking around its 15 guy here..then all of a sudden he/she stuck its nose up my armpit.when i got dog..i stay in a church..

  53. Melody says:

    Hie Mary wat is the meaning of dreaming a white and black spotted dog and a brown puppy playing the dogs were happy in the dream

  54. Kelli says:

    I saw an Alaskan Shepard wolf looking dog driving next to me on the highway. It’s owner let it stick it’s head out the window of his white mercadez benz. I was on my way to look for my missing son in another city. When I passed the car I yelled out “Hey puppy, puppy!” and the dog began to howl. In the evening I drove home and parked my car in the apartment parking lot and as I was walking up to my front door a wolf looking dog came out of no where and started wagging his tail and sniffing me. It looked exactly like a wolf so I was scared at first. He wanted to come into my apartment but it would have scared my cats so I just shut the door. What does this all mean?

  55. Rachel says:

    My healthy and beautiful dog was brutally killed by the nighbors half wolf and half German Shepherd dog,in my own back yard while he was going potty. The nighbors were inconsiderate and rude. They eat defending themselves instead of showing any sign of responsibility or remorse. I am sad beyond belief.

  56. Rachel says:

    My loving dog was/is a 5lb Chihuahua. What does this mean spiritually for a dog to go the way he did. He was my sole companion for the last 11 almost 12 years. I am crying as I write this….help.

    • spiritanimals says:

      Hello, Rachel;

      Please accept my condolences. With your permission, I’ll send tons of love and healing energy.

      The spiritual meaning of loosing a loved one (fur baby or human) in such a violent way has been a question on my mind and heart for almost two months. See, a dear friend of mine – owner of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses – lost two of their precious miniature therapy horses due to a dog pack attack. Like you, their neighbors showed no remorse and have refused to take responsibility. It’s been heartbreaking to say the very least. Perhaps reading through their Facebook page might help support you during this painful time.

      Also, I see you posted your question at 1:11AM. This is very significant in numerology and the spiritual meaning of numbers. You can read a brief description about this here. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that 1:11 is considered an angel number and you posted asking for help at exactly that time. In my metaphysical and spiritual opinion the synchronicity means your angels are already answering the call for help.

      As for the folks from Gentle Carousel – so much incredible good has come from this tragedy. That doesn’t make it any easier for them, personally. But they have been amazed at the public and media support which has led to so many positive events.

      Perhaps it’s time for you join in a group that does good deeds. Maybe a pet rescue organization? Or reading to children?

      All that said, I earnestly believe all souls choose when to incarnate as well as pass over to the other side. I also believe we choose the manner in which we pass on whether it be natural causes, accident, cancer, murder, etc. This has to do with my belief in Sacred Contracts and personal responsibility (free will). When tragedy happens, these ideologies can seem completely ridiculous. After all, what soul would choose to pass over in such a manner? But the very most loving and selfless souls know that, for now, humans tend to come together most during these times. Once together, we can do great things. It is my belief that the most evolved souls are the ones who choose this path.

      Your little Chi was by your side for 12 years. Never mistake he is still with you and will be with you always.

      Hope this helps.

      Stay wild,

  57. Tanumita says:

    It often happens with me that unknown dogs come near me and either keep wagging their tails, walk with me, look straight into my eyes with affection and I enjoy their company always. I feel a strong unspoken connection with them whenever they are around. I went on a vacation and met a stray dog in the resort grounds. He stayed right outside my room all through the night and when I opened the door he stood up and looked at me. I was so surprised by this act. He did not even enter the room when my door was kept open. I shared my morning biscuits with him. When we left he followed us till our car. I was feeling very sad to leave him but couldn’t help. Another day near the roadside a few puppies ran and started climbing up my feet when I was passing by. At another instance i saw a little puppy at a petrol pump, when I went closer to him he lifted his hand and held mine. These are a few instances when I felt so peaceful and happy with dogs and all of the were mere co-incidences. Thought of sharing this here, perhaps you can enlighten me the reason why dogs behave this way with me.

  58. margherira says:

    Hi last night upon retiring to bed i was lying and doing my nightly stuff …sudenly i could see a terrier type dog, curly golden hair, tail wagging, i stroked it. Felt lovely. (i miss not having a dog, am an animal person, dogs cats horses rabbits you name it we w had them) has this dog come as a warning or as a guide?

  59. Trevor A Trebotich says:

    I was driving home the other night and i seen this white sheep dog jogging along I240 in OK and today I have seen the exact same dog walking that’s 105 miles from where I seen him/her last how is this possible??

  60. Jill says:

    I have a good friend who has been bitten twice by dogs! Once on the chin and needed major surgery a few years ago and last week was bitten on the leg by a dog. She was walking her own dog at the time and the dog only went for her (not her son, friend or dog). What does it mean to be bitten by a dog? And twice? I feel like the universe is trying to tell her something. Her name is Kristina!

  61. Liz says:

    Good Morning,

    Today I was sitting on the beach watching the sunrise. As I made my way to go, a lady came up to me and share that I had a cool dog – it was so wonderful that it sat next to me so quiet; the only thing is, there was no dog with me. Interestly enough, as I watched the waves and the sun, the song in my head was “Calling All Angels” (by Train) and there is a green orb bathed in pink light in many of my pictures.

    Do you get a sense of why the dog chose me today?

  62. Cindy says:

    During a reiki sessions, I had a vision of a golden dog looking either out or in a window framed in gold. Any idea on the meaning?

  63. Jessica says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    I just took a nap in the afternoon and had a dream that three times I went to close my car door and got a dog’s nose caught in it. It happened on 3 separate occasions with in the dream and 3 different dogs. I barely remember the first time, the second was with a brown and black medium sized dog. The last time was with a black dog that was about 50 lbs. and I had a hard time opening the door again.

    Do you know what this means?


  64. Sharona says:

    Hi Bernadette

    I constantly get such dreams where dogs talk to me. This time I dream that my dog was in the living room with me then my dog said to me that my late family members that have died have been killed by a woman I know and my dog mentioned the name of the woman it then said I should kill the woman, I asked how, and it said I should take gold and ask the elders, they will guide me.

    Kindly tell me what this dream means


  65. joselito vinluan says:

    I think I have a Dog Totem as I have been dreamt of a Dog whom looks like a labrador but was a similar form my Red Nosed American Pitbull who was stolen form a as years ago In that dream I hugged the Dog and My Mother who past away 12 yrs ago was also there and the setting was in our House where i grew up, and prior to that i have dreamt of puppies from the same house. I have been an animal advocate and been promoting love and respect to all living be it human or animal, i have been a Vegan for 4 yrs now.
    The dog traits are similar to my characteristic with regards to loyalty and unconditional love, in the zodiac world i am a Leo and in chinese horoscope i am a fire snake. Namaste

  66. Nitin says:

    Dear Bernadette,

    Today something very strange happened. One golden stray dog with skin disease perhaps entered our home and headed towards our bathroom and probably peed in our Indian toilet. What does this signify?

  67. Ashley says:

    Hey! I was wide awake and just finished meditating with my Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Aragonite crystals when a cute gray dog with human like eyes appeared at my feet and watched me in a playful and relaxing manner. I was calmed and safe in its presence. Before this I dreamt of a coyote and werewolf walking alongside me as I hiked n a mountain trail. In one hand I held fire the other water.

    I never felt threatened or afraid in any of my experiences but I’m unsure as to what it all means.

  68. liv says:

    Hi, I keep having different dreams of my dog being injured and/or dying, and I keep trying to save and comfort him. It makes me really worried and sad; is there any meaning to this?

  69. Jennifer says:

    Hi Burnadette,
    I just had a chihuahua show up at my driveway. I took her in and noticed her long nails and ribs slightly showing as though she’s been lost for a while. She has clearly been someone’s pet as she is housetrained and seems to understand basic household activities. The funny thing is..she is the same color as MY chihuahua.
    I’ve recently lost two of my close friends via separate circumstances (one moved and one is fighting depression and not wanting my help). Also, I’m very concerned over possibility of losing my dad who has cancer. Seems everywhere I turn, I’m losing someone close to me.
    Could this chihuahua showing up be a sign from spirit? Maybe that I’m not as alone as I sometimes feel? Anything else? Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  70. Jason says:

    My companion (dog) chose me. I went to help rescue some lil pups who were abandoned in a cage..I decided to keep one and picked a lil black pup..but when I was about to leave because a lot of people was there to rescue, a lil blonde pup who could only crawl, crawled on my foot and started whining…I picked her up and looked into her eyes and I just knew.. she is still with me for 5 years and spoiled rotten. My question is;
    Does this mean she is my totem or spiritual guide? I’m new to this path and I always knew she was meant to be with me, but I don’t know the why?

  71. SarahRuaPanther says:

    Hi. Just wanted to say something here. I took a drive a while ago to clear my head while I was chasing my tail a bit on some financial issues upcoming. Decided (as I usually do) to take a certain circuitous route through the countryside. While on one of the roads, this dog appears in the middle of the road. I slowed down and he pawed at my door, all friendly and tails. I drove on a bit, thinking he’ll get by his house and run off. He didn’t. He kept following my car. After a bit, I slowed and pulled over, got out and he came right to me. Found his tags on his collar. Asked at the house I was outside of if he knew the dog and they said no. Asked for directions to the address and they pointed me in the right direction. I loaded him in the back, rechecked the address and drove him home. His name, on his tag, was Russell and he was a wirey little guy. Quick on his feet and happy. It was my little mini adventure that brought me here. This is a really nice site, I wanted to say. Glad I came across both Russell and this place. We met at that point for a reason and I was searching for that reason. I think I might have found it, and I wanted to say thanks. 🙂 Thanks!

  72. Kaitlen says:

    I had an experience at work today.

    I was walking out to my car to head for lunch and a husky was standing by my car drinking from a puddle. I went to walk around my car to grab him, there is a pet store next door and I thought maybe one of their customers had lost their dog.The dog was gone! NO where to been found. In that split second he dissipated. I looked around to see if he took off running maybe. And still no dog. I checked under the vehicles in the parking lot to make sure he wasn’t trying to cool off under one of them, and still nothing.

    I have never experienced this before. What does it mean?

  73. Irvin says:


    While i was walking my dog earlier today,i was following the path i usually take.Upon entering this path,i saw a black shepherd in the distance,without a leash and no owner to be seen.
    As i noticed the dog i stood still,i caught the dog’s attention,he stared at me and my dog for a while,then the dog took one of the paths on the side and dissapeared.I didn’t follow the dog or anything,but as i continued along that same path my eyes fell on a black and white feather that was standing up straight inbtetween two small blocks of concrete.
    I took the feather home with me.

  74. Madi says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    My dog Vinny just passed away a week ago June 20th. It was so sudden, he all of a sudden stopped eating one day and 4 days later he took his last breath. That night I will never forget, I was with him alone waiting for my husband to get home, he was not moving his body was dead weight, not as alert so I decided to sit with him on his bed until my husband came home. I put his head on my lap and sang to him, then he heard my husbands motorcycle he perked up on his own just to move his head to the door, he saw my husband Erin, I was telling Erin we should make that appointment, long story short 15 minutes later after we both were by his side giving his drink of water, he took his last breath. This was so hard, I felt like I did not do enough. I should’ve done this and that. I also felt like he knew he was going but wanted to wait for Erin to get home and we all be together. He was my rock I went through alot of trauma and he was my rock. I want to know if hes ok, if he found his way on the other side, and if he visited us.

    I miss him.

  75. Lisa Janes says:

    Earlier this year our one of our dogs passed,. 6/28/17 before I left the house i saged the house. My husband returned from work yesterday and as he opened the door he said he saw Tucker enter our house. For my husband to say this is not normal. Do you have an explanation for this. Thank you.

    • Sara says:

      I can relate. One morning I woke up and apparently my dog Rudy had a heart attack earlier that day. Later on my family was having a cookout and this is where it gets strange. My mom told me that she saw a dog like being that looked like our dog Rudy who died that day. Sadly I didn’t get to actually see the ghost of my dog and I wish had because I never got to say goodbye.

  76. Mariah carrico says:

    I truly enjoyed reading and learning all of this beautiful information here along with the wonderful stories that were shared.

    Just last night as I was falling asleep dreamed of a white pup that was sitting in the lap of someone I know. This person doesn’t care for animals lol.

    The next thing that relates is the name Jeff has been shared through messages for me so I decided to meditate and attempt to receive information on who Jeff is and a message. Surprisingly the only thing I received was the clearest image I have ever seen in my mind, was a huge white Dalmatian lying down proudly as if a show dog next to food dishes.

    This is when I decided to do some research and found your page.

    Any information you could possibly share or advice you may have concerning this??

    Thank you so much!!

    Always Love & Light!!
    (Divine Perceptions, Etsy)

  77. Maria Genco says:


    Thank you for this link. I dream a lot so it’s nice to be able to go to try to make sense of my dreams and to read other people’s experiences.

    This week on two different nights my dreams have been about many dogs surrounding me. All shapes, sizes and breeds.

    The first dream I enter a house (family house) and I am greeted by many dogs. I am Ok with this although My deceased grandmother is not too thrilled about this situation and complains about it.

    Second dream. There are many dogs again outside my house. I don’t let them in as there are too many. They are all friendly natured and playful but I am weary!

    The interpretation may be obvious but I can’t see it.


  78. Beata Gorodess says:

    I was just on vacation in Dominican Republic and one morning took a walk along the beach. There are no dogs allowed on the resort beaches, which was even more surprising when I sat down for awhile and a stray black dog just came over and lied down next to me. He was covered with sand but otherwise looked ok. I patted him and he sat there till I got up and had to go back. He than went disappeared (left). Is there any meaning to it? I read a lot of negative “meanings” about black dogs, but I would like to believe that it was a positive sign…
    I love animals, ALL animals. In facts I was very sad they used dolphins for pictures with people and exploit them this was for money.
    I would appreciate some input.
    Thank you,

  79. Jjjgg says:

    I found my dog dead after coming home from work the other day ,is been really tough for us since he was such a good dog. He was a good health dog and yet he passed so suddenly.

  80. Kumara says:

    Recently I have dogs come and bark at sniff something and bark at me then it will leave. This is not in dream and in reality. Why is it so ? Is there any meaning behind this ?

  81. gitanjali jena says:

    What is the meaning of seeing a dog in my dreams , a dog’s nail caused some scratches on my feet for which I was bleeding.kindly let me know any it

  82. Maria says:

    What does it mean when a dog has bright blue eyes?

    • Maria says:

      What does it mean when a dog has bright blue eyes?

  83. Jennifer Hecksher says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    About once every year or so, a small, white poodle mix type of dog runs out into the road while I am driving. I always stop, get out to try to help it and locate the owner but it always runs away from me and then disappears. So strange since it is always a similar looking dog even though it has occurred in a different place every time. I don’t understand the message. Please help! Thank you!

  84. Fran says:

    I am a dog lover, who at the moment, am a cat parent. Found out that cats are similar to dogs in terms of loyality and love. They just got a bad rap.

    About my dream… I dreamt I was a passenger in a car, going home, when the driver swerved to avoid running over an injured dog lying in the street. I told him to stop and I got out to look at the dog. It was a medium sized dog, black fur on the back with tan belly fur. Male, I think. It was in pain and I picked it up gently and carried it back to the car. Told the driver to take me to the nearest vet ER. .

  85. Ria says:

    But, a dog maybe can be danger

  86. Carol says:

    Our 10 year old English bully passed a few months ago. Yesterday on the way out of our neighborhood a beautiful English bully was standing in the middle of the road on a very cold morning so I pull over and get out. the dog comes to me and I look at the collar for ID none. So…. I’m thinking ok I can’t leave u here so I’ll just take u to work with me and have one of my boys pick you up. Also thinking I’m going to be late for work and my boss will not be happy that I’m bringing a dog to work. He brings his everyday. About the time I’m about to load him up a little girl comes out of a house to claim him.
    This morning I wake up to a kitten meowing outside. I go look he runs away. I get home today there is a cat in my drive that runs away.
    Just kinda weird all of a sudden these animals are appearing. Does this mean something?

  87. Lane says:

    Hello, I’ve got a weird problem.
    My whole life dogs were everything for me. My spirit animal is a dog. But last year a dog I was very close to died. She was the main reason i stood up in the morning. Also I had a hard time and she was my hope. And since then I feel pain every time I see dogs. It gets better after these 3 months, but still it is a weird feeling. I actually feel abandoned and forsaken by my spirit animal. It feels like a hole.

    Sorry if I sound weird.
    Best wishes.

  88. tom says:

    Hi I had a dream that I rescued a very small white puppy who had a large head from what i can only describe as some kind of strange sex place . I got him or her out under my shirt and with a little fighting etc just wondered what you thought it could mean I cant think what . I am very into spirit animals,An I am sure that hawk is my main animal as i see them all the time I see 5 to ten just on way to town Thanks so much love your web site

  89. Sky says:

    lol, (sex place) Ahem anyways im kinda like tom over here but a lot different except mine was opposite color it was a black wolf… in front of my house, walking up to me and ( 19 cat tail lengths away) and howled( scenery, it was nighttime and a half moon was setting and the sun was rising with a dark forest by me and that’s all i can remember from my scenery (or the wolf could be dark gray)

  90. Sky says:

    but it aint no joke that is just, mmmm nice :T :P) at least it wasn’t in real life then that would be weird and im rambling on know, it happends..!


  91. Kelly says:

    Hi, I’ve been listening for guidance and asking for a specific answer around to whether keep believing that a relationship will work out, or to let it go. Today I kept seeing pairs of dogs including two which were toys both barking that I couldn’t get away from – like they wanted me to know I was there and notice them. What could this mean? Thank you

  92. Fran says:

    Listen to your guts.Go with your instincts.

  93. Laredo Herrera says:

    I saw a large white beautiful “sheep dog ” walk down the church aisle during service this morning.What does that mean?

  94. Sharron Davies says:

    omg its so right and weirdly enough on the first of january 2018 my friend and i picked up a beautiful rescue blue staffy up and he lives with me and it turned out to be related to my friends dog who passed away a few years ago

  95. Rosie says:

    Thank you Thank you I have a beautiful dog as a wallpaper on my phone and he is there for a reason. And now I know why I love you all May love and light be with you Rosie

  96. Sara says:

    I continually had visions of a white dog yesterday when thinking about where to go next re my career. What might this mean?

  97. Stella says:

    Please help. I dreamt my house was haunted and I left it running away at 2 am at night. I saw a man with four pit bulls surveying the night. I stood still and the dogs approached me in the friendliness manner, hugging me and playing. The owner asked me why I was unafraid of anything but wandered at night and I said my house was haunted and I was going to get help at the gas station.The night watch man said in a friendly tone, we will meet again. On my way, I met a strange man sitting on a hill, he approached me and gave me money to hide for him from the night watch man with the dogs which I did. I was climbing a heel to get to the gas station, the night watchman approached the stranger and I, then left but as soon as he left, the stranger took his money and held my leg while I struggled to make it to the gas station. I said to the night watchman, “Papa, please help me” he released the biggest of his pitbull dog which attacked and devoured the man and I woke up.

  98. Kelly says:

    I have had paranormal activity in my house since August 18, 2017 right before Hurricane Harvey – 10 month. Yes I live in Houston, Tx. Right after the Hurricane in September things got really crazy! I keep hearing clicking noises going over our metal threshold from the living room to the sunporch. At first I thought it was my Yorkie but it wasn’t! AND I hear a dog shaking off like after it has gotten wet! On our sunporch. My Yorkie was outside with me on the sunporch the other day and he heard it too! I’ve also woken up to a dog howling and a dog crying beside my bed. Again – I thought it was my Yorkie but it wasn’t.
    I have had several Paranormal Investigators out here. The first team told me that our house was haunted? I don’t know. Something is definitely wrong here. No one has been physically harmed yet but something is making my Yorkie sick And I have become physically I’ll over the last 10 months. Maybe it’s just a coincidence? It’s my mother’s house and I would move if I could afford to.
    I know that there’s an animal spirit HERE! My dogs don’t like it. Is this s bad sign???
    I also experienced Paranormal activity when I was a child. And I had visits from my dogTina after she died. Not sightings but Sounds! It scared me to death because I didn’t understand. I was only 7 years old.

  99. Martha Hardwick-Wrenn says:

    I dreamed of my Sissy who died a year ago, she was just sniffing around a store I was in shopping. I remember calling her name to call her back. My granddaughter just died could she be showing me something

  100. Jan says:

    My granddaughter and great great grand daughter and my self were out for a drive in the back country no traffic and this big beautiful old dog was lying down smack in the middle of the road won,t move so we had to drive carefully around we had a chuckle just wondering if it has a symbolic meaning I felt peaceful…

  101. Peggy says:

    My dog baby. A stratfordshire terroir. Black in coloring. Is now gone. She’s been gone 7 months now. But I still see her. And feel her. I got another pup and he was sitting in her chair and I saw her face on his I said baby and tried to touch her face and hug her. It’s so strange. When I put leftovers away I see her shadow in the kitchen. I swear the other dogs see her sometimes. I’m wondering how long her spirit will live on? I love that I see her sometimes.

  102. Emmy says:

    This is actually quite funny, as I had a dream about a dog turning around and barking at me. I woke the next morning and later that night, I learned that someone I cared for had been talking shit about my other friends. When I confronted her, she blocked me from ALL her social medias. Guess they were right about the betraying part.

  103. obisesan olasunkanmi segun says:

    Dogs are quite interesting animals. the last time i saw dogs, i was passing in the midst of many dogs. they were not barking, i was just passing gently. pls what does this mean

  104. Maria says:

    Saw tall man with a pointer dog twice today during my walk with my chihuahua. Both times they disappeared the man was extremely tall

  105. Alyce-Hannah Golderer says:

    I’ve had dogs figure prominently in my life since before I was even born. My grandfather was a world-renowned field dog trainer. Every dog I’ve had as a companion has simply shown up at my house. I’ve never purchased or looked for a dog, they always find me. When my daughter was born we got a star named after her. Through “random” chance, her star is in the Canus Major constellation – Big Dog. When my current two dogs came to me, one, a huge red pit bull who’d been used for fighting, everyone said was a danger and should be put down. I saw in him what no one else did and refused to do what everyone else thought was best. A few months later that dog saved my life when I was attacked by another dog someone had released. My old man’s name was chosen by someone other than me. His name is Big Dog. I was born in 1970, the Chinese Year of the Dog.

  106. George says:

    Hi, im George and i like dogs and cat. But like chicken nuggets dipped in hot sauce.

  107. June says:

    Who is George? Well… dogs are better than cats. I love dogs and beagles the most.

    • Kayleigh says:

      everyone has their own preferences dude.

  108. Jemima says:

    My family have a black labrador retriever puppy called Winnie, who is the gentlest/friendliest dog in the world. For some reason I saw here in my dreams last night, where I was walking in the park and there she was. Just as she appeared is in real life with all the usual qualities! I do not get how this happened but maybe she is one of my Animal guides? i also see our old Jack russell Gertie sometimes too.

  109. Chris says:

    I miss you Zeus! I love you always, RIP BooBoo!

  110. mishell says:

    i often call my new dog pudding cup however i call my new dog sweet pea and those are the nicknames i had for my dearly departed, harley davidson lebeau. i always making a presence or visiting. what do you think of this? my spirit name is medecine women and am a metis artist, i have a little angel namrd pawka………love and light,,,,,,,,,mishell

  111. Jakee Harrison says:

    I was out walking & a family with a small dog passed by then the dog turned & tried to bite me but luckily just scraped my leg. They said it had never done that before. Can you interpret it?

  112. Jess says:

    Dear Bernadette,

    Thank you for sharing this information and website. I found it very helpful. One of my dearest companions, Boomer, passed away shortly after I got married. I felt like my entire world had fallen apart. He was my best friend. I felt his spirit with me for a couple of days, and for his own good, I told him he could go and continue on his journey. I didn’t want to be selfish and hold his spirit back. I felt him leave and have imagined him joyful and full of life, but I no longer feel his presence like I did the first couple of days after he passed on. I miss him every day. Throughout my life, I have constantly had dogs appear to me. I even have neighbors’ dogs who run away from their homes and come to my house. Many jump the fence and want to hang out with me and my other dogs. I’ve had to take them back to their homes numerous times. Does this mean anything? Thank you.

    Love and peace,

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