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Insect Facts

What’s bugging you? Perhaps you’ve recently discovered that your Power Animal, Totem, or Spirit Animal is an insect. Most people aren’t necessarily thrilled with that prospect. While other people have Horses, or Lions, or Dolphins… you are faced with an Insect.

Before you get totally discouraged about this partnership with the creepy-crawlies, remember that insects are a very valuable part of the eco-system, including for pollination (networking in spiritual terms)! Insects are nearly everywhere on earth. Scientifically these critters have a three-part body – their abdomen, head, and the thorax. In humans, this correlates to our three-part nature – physical, spiritual, and intellectual. They also have antennae to hone into their surroundings. I know more than a few people reading this probably wish they were better at that skill. Let your Insect Guide help you!

In nature, Insects are the most prolific and long-lasting creatures known to number somewhere around 9 million species. Part of this success comes from two factors – their size, which allows them to hide more effectively from predators and their ability to eat almost anything. When you feel overexposed or lacking in sustenance, Insect Medicine can be a great helpmate.

Interestingly enough, Insects do not live in the water; they are wholly terrestrial creatures, giving them a strong connection to the Earth element. Let’s look at some specific examples from nature to put things in context.

Beetles make up nearly ½ of all insects on the plant (talk about over-achievers). It is very hard to get rid of these guys compared to other Animals. So if you’re looking for a symbol of durability, Beetle is your go-to Insect. This characteristic may be why the Ancient Egyptians held the scarab Beetle as symbolizing regeneration, renewal, and rebirth in the afterlife.

Ants are long-lived creatures, often reaching a mature age of 30 years. Within a habitat of one square mile, an ant colony can cooperatively work together to move literally tons of soil. From a spiritual perspective, this Insect represents longevity but also the power of group effort, sometimes consisting of as many as 500,000 members. Go, team! And, since ants far outnumber humans in this world, they’re not a bad ally to have on your side.

Dragonflies were here before the dinosaurs. While they start as nymphs near water, eventually, they take to the skies. Sadly these youthful dragonflies often end up as food for other creatures (watch your kids, folks). As adults, however, dragonfly not only sees more colors than humans, but they are very flexible in flying, being able to turn on a moment’s notice. Here we have an insect associated with keen insight and maneuverability.

These are just a few examples of how our Insects teach us lessons and can become partners in our spiritual endeavors.

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