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Mammal Facts

If a Mammal continually crosses your path – be it physically, in advertising, on television, etc. it may well be a Spirit Guide or Totem. Examples of Mammals include dogs, horses whales and even humans. Logistically that could mean visions or dreams of old Uncle Joe might be something more than just a memory. However this section of our website focuses on critters vs. people.

All Mammals share certain attributes from which we can draw meaning and symbolism. For example, Mammals have spines that provide support and bodily structure. So, working with Mammal medicine also means working with your own sense of pluck and inner strength. Consider how far a Giraffe’s spine extends. What a great ally when you literally have to stick your neck out!

A secondary characteristic in Mammals is that they are warm blooded. This allows the creature to regulate their internal body temperatures according to their environment except for extreme conditions. When a Mammal gets too hot, they breath heavily or sweat to adjust and their fur keeps them warm. Symbolically this correlates with your ability to adapt to changing situations (even when you’re sweating it a bit).

The third commonality of Mammals is hair (or fur). For some it may just be a few strands while for others it’s a full coat of fuzziness. This is true of water dwelling Mammals too, which have such fine hair that you need visual aids to see it. Among humans, hair has often been a sign of beauty or pride. Shaving one’s head represents an offering or act of faith.

There are three types of Mammals recognized in zoology, categorized by how they give birth. The vast majority of Mammals have live young, including humans. There are Marsupials that carry babies in a pouch like the Kangaroo, and a few egg-laying Mammals like the infamous platypus. If your Mammal Spirit has a pouch, perhaps you need protecting in some manner until you are ready to handle the “real world.” Egg laying Mammals may represent transformation, fertility and renewal.

Mammals are very intelligent and working with Mammal medicine means using your head. Every day scientists are discovering that Mammals are far more intelligent than once perceived. Some of the brightest lights in this group include dolphins, gorillas and pigs (of all things).

As with all other Animal Spirit groups, focusing on your personal Animal Guide will greatly enhance your relationship. However, these generalities give you a broad picture of how Mammal energy may impact your life one you start walking this Path.

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