Monday Symbolism and Meaning

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Monday’s Symbolism & Meaning

There’s no denying it; Mondays get a bad rap. When the first day of the week unfolds, many of us cringe at the thought of the day ahead. Heck, some of us start sweating Monday’s arrival on Friday! The idea of having to start a long, tiring, work week all over again after a few days of downtime, gives Mondays direct symbolic ties to chaos, fatigue, and the blues. But, an in-depth look into the rich symbolism and meaning of this much aligned weekday might be just the thing you need to see the start of every week in a far more favorable light!

Monday Symbolism & Meaning

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“Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your entire week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier & healthier life.” –Germany Kent

In ancient cultures, people named the days of the week after celestial bodies. The Ancient Romans identified each day thoughtfully. They used the sun, moon, and the five known planets as inspiration. Monday receives its designation from the moon, which was “diēs Lūnae” to the Romans, or “Day of the Moon” . The Old English word “Mōnandæg,” shares the same meaning.

While people in Western cultures often place Monday at the start of the week, this custom is not always the case in other parts of the world. Ancient Hebrew tradition, for example, places Sunday as the first day of the week. Monday is the second, and so on. The term “יום שני” or Yom Sheni translates as “Second Day”.

On a personal level, many people find Monday challenging, not just because the weekend is over, but because of the moon’s association and energetic influence. The lunar sphere stirs up our emotions, making you moodier than usual. So, one of the most critical parts of Monday is starting the day with positive thoughts. Little things you can do on Mondays for keeping your outlook upbeat include:

  • Pray to your Patron or Patroness.
  • Meditate to still overwhelming thoughts.
  • Visualize bright, motivational life pouring into your aura.
  • Stretch before you get out of bed; it’s good for your body and decreases stress.
  • Breathing: Take three cleansing breaths from deep in your stomach.
  • Don’t rush (if possible). Hurrying exasperates anxiety and muddles focused thinking.
  • Use your Mondays as motivation days. Launch yourself forward into a glorious week.

Religious Views

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In Christianity, the Eastern Orthodox Church sets aside Mondays for commemorating angels. In the monastery, Monday is a day for fasting because monks strive to live their life in a way that follows the angels’ model. The Mormons often designate Monday evening as family night for religious study and prayer.

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Islamic tradition encourages fasting on Monday because the founder of Islam and Prophet Muhammad was born on a Monday. The Jewish people, likewise, feel fasting on certain Mondays is fortuitous; regarding the Hebrew Calendar, the custom takes place on the first Monday during the eighth ecclesiastical month and the second month of the civil year.

In Shamanic cultures, full and new moons are a vital component in yearly rituals. Grandmother Moon grants powers, including boundless energy and nurturing love. She revitalizes, inspires awareness, and improves one’s perception of natural cycles. New Moon rituals focus on honoring the past and building toward the future.

Monday & The Moon

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As you move through the month, the moon appears in different phases: New, Waxing, Full, and Waning. Every moon phase has a distinct energetic signature, and the entire span of phases represent the stages of your life. When doing spiritual work on a Monday, consider the current moon phase and what it represents: Doing so allows you to maximize the vibrations supporting in any endeavor.

New Moon

The New Moon signifies the infant phase of life, one full of potential and vast possibilities. Because the New Moon is not visible in the sky, it represents the stage between death and rebirth. You are on the fine edge of a fresh beginning. From now, going forward, the Moon’s intensity builds.

Crescent Moon

A Crescent Moon represents youth full of exuberance and optimism. The phase corresponds with the Maiden aspect of the Divine Feminine and new beginnings. In Latin, the word for crescent, “crescere”, meaning “to grow,” offers germinating energy.

Full Moon

The Full Moon symbolizes adulthood, along with the maturity and fertility associated with this middle phase of life. In some pagan circles, when the moon reaches its zenith, it is pregnant with power, meaning the moon’s energies are most influential during the full phase. The same moon phase signifies the Mother aspect of the Divine.

Waning Moon

A Waning Moon represents wisdom, eldership, and the Crone aspect of the Divine Feminine; the moon phase corresponds with endings. You can see the moon decreasing in size, which represents release and reflection. Monday’s Waning Moon is a perfect time for house cleaning. Declutter personal spaces, so energy flow is smooth and uninhibited.

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Elemental Correspondence for Monday

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Monday’s namesake is the Moon, and the Moon’s associated Element is Water. Around the world, creation myths speak of primordial oceans giving birth to all life on Earth. The Moon not only influences the ebb and flow of tidal waters; there’s some evidence it affects animal and human behavior. Humans are sixty percent water, so the Element has a significant impact on our daily lives. Water represents wisdom, emotions, transition, metamorphosis, purification, and renewal.

Monday’s Metal

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The sheen of Silver looks strikingly like the radiant moon. Silver represents receptivity, feelings, psychic awareness, and personal knowledge. Elders often have silver hair, illustrating graceful maturity and sagacity. As a precious metal, Silver attracts wealth. As one of the seven base metals for alchemists, Silver corresponds with the Divine Feminine and symbolizes purity.

Monday’s Numerology

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The numbers one, two, and seven vibrate with Monday and the Moon. One represents unity, the power of creation, and the Monad, and has associations with Monday when one views the day as the first day of the week. The number one, in a visual sense, represents the individual, standing tall and strong. Like the Waxing Moon, one is at the forefront of any genesis. It grows, slowly improving, just as all living things.

Two corresponds with Monday when viewing the weekday as the “Second Day.” In numerology, two represents duality. Numerology puts two under the Moon’s dominion. Two helps you harmonize within and without by weighing your Monday decisions before taking action. It reflects sound planning, partnerships, communication exchanges, and judgment.

Looking at nature’s patterns and global writings, the number seven appears with great significance. Consider that each phase of the moon lasts approximately seven days. Here, seven corresponds with Monday’s because, in western ideology, it is the first day of a seven-day week. The lunar influence of seven includes slowly manifesting thought forms, curiosity blended with intuition, and the power of dreams.

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Monday’s Color Correspondences

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There are three dominant colors tied to Monday and the Moon. First is white or silver, signifying purity, goodness, illumination, sincerity, simplicity, and faith. The color white implies a clean slate and going into your week refreshed. Silver calms, removes blockages, and inspires spiritual gifts.

Second is pale blue, a color of peace and tranquility. Light blue has associations with credibility and dependability, something you can take into your Monday efforts, perhaps by way of a clothing accent. Light Blue has connections with innocence and your inner child but also has a calming effect psychologically.

In China and Thailand, the third color with symbolic ties to Monday and the moon is yellow. The color signifies power, prosperity, and leadership. Yellow adorns Buddhist temples while representing freedom from worldly care. In Buddhist traditions, practitioners consider yellow an emblem of Monday.

Sacred Stones & Crystals

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There are several crystals and stones associated with Monday, the Moon, Water, or sometimes all three. Coral is one such stone, which the ancients saw as a magical gift of the sea. Coral’s watery domain causes it to symbolize happiness, mysticism; its energetic influences help open a path for communicating with your Master Teachers.

By its name alone, Moonstone earns a spot in the list of sacred stones and crystals corresponding with Monday. The Roman Goddess of the Moon, Luna, holds Moonstone as sacred. The Romans trusted the opalescent semiprecious stone for prosperity, wisdom, and love. Wearing Moonstone on Monday brings you enhanced luck.

Opal is the third gemstone under the influence of Water and the Moon. The precious gem represents hope, security, devotion, and prayerfulness. Opal balances your karma, calms the spirit, attracts good fortune, and fosters the best version of you for Monday morning.

Finally, the Pearl, which looks like a glistening, white Moon, corresponds with the moon, the Water Element, and Mondays. Pearls vibrate on the same energetic wavelength as the number seven, the lunar sphere, and the sign of Cancer. The stones serve as tokens of love, luck, and gentle affection. Pearls symbolize abiding faith, integrity, loyalty, and sincerity.

Monday’s Deities

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The Gods and Goddess for Monday are those with strong associations with the Moon, including:

Heng O (China)

A lovely Lunar Goddess, Heng O, is the embodiment of Yin. She appears radiant, with her colors being silver and white, like the Moon. Heng O, corresponds with purity, fidelity, insight, growth (and manifestation), and relationships. Her Animal Aspect is a Rabbit.

Khons, Thoth, Yah (Egypt)

In Egyptian writings, there were three aspects of the moon. Khons was the new moon, Thoth, the full moon, and Yah, who personified the moon in its entirety. Thoth, besides his lunar aspect, oversees matters of magic, science, writing, and arbitration. He mediates between the powers of good and evil. Thoth’s Animal Aspects are the Ibis and Baboon, with the Great White Baboon being an emblem of the “Man in the Moon” image.

Luna (Roman)

Luna’s counterpart in Greece is Selene. She is the enchanting embodiment of the moon, and a female counterpart to the Sun God, Sol. Luna presides over peaceful intent, art, and literature. Her Animal Aspects are Oxen and Wolf.

Monday’s Angelic Associations

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The Archangel Gabriel oversees Monday. Gabriel sits at the left of God, with Michael (the Sun) on God’s right. The angel’s focus is on helping you maintain your divine connection, not just Monday, but every day. Call on Gabriel on a Monday for getting messages out and having them well-received.

Monday’s Chakra

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You can start your week by focusing on the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is the energetic center for foundations, physical needs, and security. Meditating to clear your Root Chakra aids in making new beginnings with strong “roots.”

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Monday’s Animal Symbols

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All water-dwelling creatures have links to the Moon and Water, but there are others. Bats, guardians of the night, broadcast strong family ties and excellent communication. Bat Medicine works on releasing fears and negative thought-forms. The Bat instructs you to journey inward and trust your instincts; they will bring you good fortune.

Or, there are Cats, sacred to the Egyptian Goddess Bast and Isis, both Divine Beings with strong lunar ties. In China, Cat represents clairvoyance and all the attributes of the Moon. Cat Spirit is the Guardian of the Occult and Spiritual Knowledge; the creature blesses magical efforts.

Frogs appear in Egyptian myths, too, symbolizing Water, fertility, and renewal. Wearing Frog amulets brought good favor and fertility. Meso-Americans saw Frog similarly, associating it with a Goddess of childbirth and conception. In China, Frog embodies the Yin force, who appeared as a Frog’s face on the Full Moon. Frog Spirit grants luck, fertility, and spiritual growth.

Owls enjoy connections with the Sacred Feminine, the night, the Moon, and magic. They are the bearers of ancient knowledge. Athena has an Owl, the Goddess of Strategy, as one of Her companions, helping her to see the total truth. Owl Spirit attributes include spell work and psychic skills.

Then there’s the Wolf: In Greco-Roman myths, Zeus, the ruler of all the Gods, sometimes shapeshifts into the form of a Wolf. The animals are a symbol of fertility, protection, and happiness. The Celts considered Wolf a source of lunar energy, perhaps because they appear to howl at the moon.

Plant & Herb Symbols

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In Medieval Times, newlyweds received cabbage soup on the first day of their honeymoon for enduring love and fertility. The ruling planet for cabbage is the Moon, and its Element is Water. Gardenia, likewise, shares connections with the Moon and Water. Gardenia’s magical properties include love, healing, and tranquility.

Besides being ruled by the Moon and Water, lemon comes under the dominion of Diana, a Moon Goddess. The lemon’s metaphysical associations include long life, refreshment, clarity, friendship, cleansing, and fidelity. Meanwhile, the turnip’s associations include the moon and the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Pisces. Turnips appear in charms for love and peaceful sleep. Use it Sunday night under your pillow, so you awake fresh and ready for the day on Monday.

Regarding the Celtic Tree Calendar, if you were born between April 15 and May 12, you fall under the rule of the willow sign. Willow is sacred to the moon. Sorcerers used willow bark for conjuring spirits. In a metaphysical sense, willow inspires poets and safe keeps all secrets.

Monday & Astrological Associations

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Cancer the Crab: In Western Astrology, Monday is the sign of Cancer, and people born between June 21 and July 22 fall under its rule. Cancer characteristics include sensitivity, intent, and instinct. If your birth sign is Cancer, Monday is an outstanding day for meditation, nature walks, and brainstorming.

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Sign of the Tiger: In Burmese Astrology, people born on Monday come under the influence of the Tiger, who governs the Eastern Quarter of Creation. If you were born on Monday, you have impressive intuitive skills and a keen mind. People who take advantage of others irritate you, as does anyone who exhausts your time without good cause. You’re ethical, living within the laws of the land, and remaining responsible for your words and deeds.

Monday-Born Personality Traits

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Individuals born on a Monday are modest, flexible, and nurturing. They have close maternal relationships and equally close bonds with most women in their lives. The Monday-born can spot a lie a mile away and get “in tune” quickly with unfamiliar people.

If you were born on a Monday, you readily enjoy hands-on work. You’re great with money and would do well in entrepreneurial efforts. You are not afraid of long-term goals. Success follows you everywhere.

Dreams & Superstitions

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There is a saying, as Monday goes, so goes the week. So, why not follow a few beliefs for keeping Monday lucky? Do not enter your back door on Monday or give away money or goods. Meanwhile, Monday is an auspicious day for starting a job if you want it completed quickly.

If you dream of Monday, it means you are looking toward a productive time. Work opportunities await you, and you’re ready, willing, and able. Monday dreams, particularly if they happen on Monday, predict success, and improved family relations.

Monday Tarot Symbolism

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The Chariot: The Tarot places the Chariot under the rule of Water, with an association to the Astrological sign of Cancer. In the Chariot’s imagery, you find a waxing and waning moon on the charioteer’s armor. The Chariot’s message is achievement and mastery come through self-discipline, willpower, and staying focused, all great attributes for making an exciting, fruitful Monday.

Two of Swords: A Waxing Moon appears over the image of a person seated with two swords crossed over their heart. The card, when upright, suggests the onset of new beginnings. When in reverse, the Two of Swords suggests an ending to indecision. Trust in symbols coming to you from beyond physical realms, but balance it with sound thinking. Watch for signs and omens on Monday.

Eight of Cups: The Eight of Cups shows a person looking toward Water, which is slowly disappearing. The card represents moving away from a negative situation or personal indulgence that is drying up your inner well. The eclipsed moon appears overhead in the card, signifying a time for listening to your Higher Self and looking to the world, relationships, or events through a spiritual lens.

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The Takeaway

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Monday is a time of expectation and ramping up for the days ahead. Don’t get off track with dark-and-stormy anticipation about what Monday holds. Get in touch with your intuitive inner self and psychic senses. Embrace the start of your week with all the potential it brings into your reality. Set your sights on Monday with your intentions aligned with positivity, productivity, and happiness.

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Monday’s Key Symbolism & Meaning

Heavenly Body: Moon, All Moon Phases
Element: Water, Emotions, Purification, Psychic Work, Dreamwork, and Compassion
Metal: Silver
Colors: White or Silver, Pale Blue, Yellow (China/Thailand)
Numerology Correspondence: 1, 2, 7
Sacred Stones: Coral, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl
Deities: Heng-o (China), Khons, Thoth, Yah (Egypt), & Luna (Roman)
Angelic Associations Gabriel
Chakra: Root
Monday Plant & Herb Symbolism: Cabbage, gardenia, lemon, turnip, and willow
Monday Animal Symbolism: Cat, Bat, Frog, Owl, and Wolf
Astrological Associations: Cancer–June 21 to July 22 (Western Astrology), Sign of the Tiger (Burmese Astrology)
Tarot Associations The Chariot, The Moon, Two of Swords, & The Eight of Cups

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