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Snake Totem

As in all astrology systems, Snake people are psychic, sensuous, and secretive. Within their spirit, Snake people hold ancient wisdom and unearthly knowing. Those born with the Snake totem are charismatic to be sure. But they can also be a bit scary because they seem far more powerful than most mere mortals.

Snake Birth Totem Overview

In the Native American Zodiac the mysterious Snake appears between October 23- November 21 for those born in the Northern Hemisphere and between April 20 – May 20 for those born in the Southern Hemisphere.

This corresponds to Western Astrology’s signs of Scorpio and Taurus, both of whom are resistant to change. This is very different from the sign of the Snake who sheds their skin for on-going transformation.

Snake has strong masculine overtones.

People born under this Zodiac Sign have a habit of hiding their feelings and not trusting easily. More positively they have keen insight and rich imaginations.

The Snake’s spiritual path seeks always for balance and a means of expressing what they feel intuitively.

The symbolism of Snake appears in many traditions from the Christian story of temptation to the rod of Hermes (messenger to the gods) and Staff of Asclepius (the god of medicine and healing).

So it’s not surprising that Snake is a zodiac animal sign filled with some dichotomy.

Snake people can be passionate or disparaging, sensitive or arrogant – it all depends on how they apply their Medicine.

Those born under the Native American Zodiac Sign of Snake are likely to struggle with what their body desires vs. what their heart tells them.

Snake will experience definitive cycles in their lives where everything changes. Snake very literally will find themselves in whole new situations, relationships, etc.

This transformative process is akin to living many different lives within one lifetime.

Throughout this process the negatives of Snake’s past must be purged so they may embrace the new wonders before them.

As they release the past, Snake will discover that elusive “aha” moment of self-actualization and are, then, able to integrate the positive lessons learned and apply them to their “new” life.

One of the key callings for Snake is forging a deep, meaningful bond with another person.

This is not sex or lust, but a relationship in which two spirits become one. If Snake cannot accomplish that with their partner, happily ever after becomes just about impossible.

Snake will slither away just as quickly as they magically appeared in the beginning.

Snake Traits, Personality and Characteristics

The West wind, the direction of West-Northwest as well as the Element of Water all figure into the personality traits and characteristics for Snake.

The water, aligning Snake to the Frog clan, reveals deep running emotions.

This gives Snake empathy, but if they internalize too much eventually that built-up energy will detonate.

The wind and direction both make for a very charismatic, intense personality. Snake must take care, however, that they don’t become overbearing. Let the tender side tame the green-eyed monster within.

Snake people accept change with an ease most people never experience.

In fact, they revel in it.

Any transformation represents an opportunity to learn and get closer to the Truths and Great Mysteries of all existence.

Esoteric awareness is a natural part of your being.

Consequently Chakra meditations serve Snake well, opening each new level within the body (and above) to greater knowledge.

Dream work is also very helpful to Snake people – consider keeping a Dream Diary for yourself as your inner visions can and will guide you.

Snake’s season is one of frosts and transformation.

While some associate this with death, for Snake it is simply another turn of the medicine wheel into the next exciting cycle.

Snake’s sacred stones are Malachite and Copper, the first of which supports the Snake in on-going change and the second of which provides energy and strength.

These two stones together may help Snake overcome the tendency to bide their tongue and let true feelings out. This combines with Snake’s flower – the Thistle that heals and protects.

Snake Totem Love Compatibility

If you enter into a relationship with Snake be prepared for a lot of complexity.

There is no question snake has intense sex appeal and can seduce the pants off a rock!

In bed Snakes can last, and last …aaaannnnd last (did I mention last?). 😉

You will find that Snake as a partner likes a little mystery, and intimacy is essential.

Do not break trust with a Snake, you likely will never, ever, ever, E.V.E.R. be able to undo the damage. Snakes understand jealousy as well as they do sensuality so keep that in mind.

The best partners for Snake are Brown Bear, Snow Goose, Wolf, and Woodpecker.

Snake Totem Animal Career Path

Snake people are hard workers because they crave strong financial foundations.

Many Snakes are background players rather than being in the lime light. This positioning gives them an effective means of utilizing their Higher Senses to ferret out hidden matters including misguided motivations among co-workers.

That ability may leave Snake working alone a lot (it makes people nervous).

However as long as the career Snake chooses fully engages their sharp minds, they’ll be quite content.

Research is an excellent choice for Snake as are many scientific fields.

Snake Totem Metaphysical Correspondences

  • Birth dates, Northern Hemisphere:
    Oct 24 – Nov 21
  • Birth date, Southern Hemisphere:
    Apr 20 – May 20
  • Corresponding Zodiac Signs:
    Scorpio (North), Taurus (South)
  • Birth Moon: Freeze Up Moon
  • Season: Month of Transformation
  • Stone/Mineral: Copper & Malachite
  • Plant: Thistle
  • Wind: West
  • Direction: West – Northwest
  • Element: Water
  • Clan: Frog
  • Color: Burnt Orange
  • Complimentary Spirit Animal: Beaver
  • Compatible Spirit Animals: Brown Bear, Beaver, Snow Goose, Wolf, Woodpecker

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