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Animal Dream Symbols and Meanings

Animal Dream Symbols & Meanings N-Z

Dreaming of animals? Find out what it means! Learn to interpret and analyze them by discovering the dream meanings and symbolism for hundreds of animal dreams!

Penguin in Dreams Interpretation

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the penguin is well adjusted to environmental conditions that, let’s face it, many of us would shun! Very few of us like the arctic cold…when it comes waddling into your Dreamtime narrative, might be telling you that you will need to be more flexible in a situation in your waking life, or you need to adapt to new conditions with grace and poise.

What Do Pig Dreams Mean

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Consider sayings like, “if pigs had wings,” or “when pigs fly,” and it becomes easy to see how these animals might sometimes suggest something so difficult to achieve it seems like it is impossible. If you see a pig flying in your dream, it means you will overcome, what you thought were insurmountable odds, and challenges will readily fall away making way for your success in an endeavor.

Dreaming about Possums

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Possums are typically loners, but sometimes they will remain together and live in the same burrow or other location. Mind you they will not actually build their own home to often and much prefer using whatever might be vacant or long since abandoned by other animals. That being the case, the dream message of the possum might point to your resourcefulness in your waking hours.